Man Arrested After Walking Around Tokyo In Women’s Leotard

man arrested for wearing leotard

When a man posted on Twitter that he was about to go outside in nothing but a red leotard, white tights, and a pair of slippers while carrying a yellow children’s potty, he could never have imagined what would happen next.

As tweets appeared confirming that the man had been spotted outside a Tokyo station, everyone was surprised when the man was suddenly arrested. And not by the fashion police.

When the incident was reposted on, a surprisingly large number of netizens jumped to the man’s defense, emphasizing that while he was certainly a little bit strange, he couldn’t possibly have committed a crime.

What do you think? Should a man be free to roam his nation’s capital in a leotard?

From Itai News:

[Pictures] Man Who Was Walking Around In A Leotard Arrested By Police

@赤いレオタードでおまるにまたがります: Today, from 5pm, I will be taking a walk in Shinjuku, in a red leotard, white tights, and slippers, and carrying a yellow potty


@赤いレオタードでおまるにまたがります: Leaving the house now


‏@.*♨めたもん♨*.: LMFAO outside Machida station wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


@(樹`・ω・音´): Guy in leotard being taken away by police



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You get arrested for walking around wearing a leotard?!


Why w Why arrest him?

【沖縄電 – %】 【56.2m】 ◆??? (東京都):

Guess it’s because they don’t like this kind of idiot.


Send him to hospital.


Think of the trouble he’s causing his family, too.


But what’s the crime here?


What’s he a suspect of?
I guess in this country we don’t even have the freedom to go out for a walk wearing what we like..




The important bits are hidden, aren’t they?


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this really.


I mean if you’re looking for a reason to arrest him, I guess it’d have be that the potty is dangerous…


What was this guy’s purpose in the first place anyway!!
How was he going to achieve his goal?


Guess it was all in the plan even up to being taken away by a policeman in full view of everyone.
He’s just an unbelievable perv.
I guess that if a report comes from a citizen about something like this, then the police have no choice but to act upon it.


If this had been a performance by a famous dancer, he would have done no wrong.
Isn’t this about freedom of expression?


It’s not like he was waving a knife around, and it’s funny, too.
In downtown Osaka there was an old man dressed in gaudy women’s clothes, and it’s kind of a fun memory for me w


What was he aiming for?


What was he arrested for?
Not carrying a necktie?


Wasn’t it because the colour of the potty was just hideous?


He was arrested for wearing clothes.


I may be his job, but the policeman probably also thought it was a bit sick.
Takes some guts to question a guy like that.


What did he do wrong?
I don’t see what the problem is if you’re just a hentai.


So this is alright, but a leotard is bad? Is it a question of location?

サイベリアン(家):[in response to above]

Guess it’s because that’s at the seaside.
For example, you’d be arrested walking around in swimming trunks with a naked top half anywhere other than the seaside….or something like that?


It’s because he’s wearing a women’s leotard that he’s bound to be thought of as a hentai pervert.
If it had been a man’s leotard, then the outcome should have been different.


If this is unacceptable then that guy who walks around dressed like a school girl is fucked


Not funny. Go ahead and arrest him.


He hasn’t really done anything wrong.


He’s just your everyday hentai.
It’s going too far to arrest him.


Has the law forbidding hentais finally been promulgated then?

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  • The Enlightened One

    Screw the Yakuza druglords, I bagged me a leotard man today! Where’s my medal of honor damn it!

  • ChuckRamone

    Is this the same dude who was hanging out in the gutter? What if there was a dude laying down in a gutter wearing a woman’s leotard and looking up women’s skirts?

  • Butsu

    He seems like a pervert but he’s fully covered. Therefore I don’t think he should’ve been arrested.

  • Mighty曹

    Jin Ch’in is in Tokyo!

  • John Snow

    Calling him a pervert is exaggeration in my eyes. How is wearing leotard different to cross dressing? Well actually is there such thing as a male and female leotard? Power ranger suit or morph suit is ok? Japan is messed up. The only thing the police can arrest him for is disturbing the peace. But is he really?

    • markus peg

      unrelated to topic but… john snow is my favorite character nice name choice.

      • John Snow

        its actually my real name…. Thanks.

        • markus peg

          That’s your real name!?! That’s even more awesome!

  • Brett

    These people need to walk around Times Square for a few hours. Their heads would explode.

    • BIG

      Really? Japan is by some considered to be the most effeminate country in the world. The new generation of Japanese men are really effeminate. They are all chicken, crickhold, physically and mentally. I am referring to J-pop and others chickens. Gackt is the most feminine male singer in the entire world, at least she is pretty. 80 percent of the Japanese ruling elite are crickhold, pro-American and suck ass! Jap, Chink, faggots, losers. Fuck fucked shima. We must exterminate these despicable people.

      • Flora

        Really? Gackt is the most feminine Japanese guy you could think of?? If you’re gonna troll, man, do your research.

        In that case, never Google Bou Minnisuka or Hiyori Isshiki – your head would blow off your shoulders. On second thought……

        • roo08

          I have no words for the second guy. WTF is going on in Japan?

  • PixelPulse

    He does fits the leotards nicely though..

  • Paul M

    At least he has the figure for it.

  • markus peg

    I dont like what he is waring but its not a crime he shouldn’t be discriminated against. in the past Japan had a tv show about a gay called super gay or something like that, he wore worse and he was looked up to by the general public

    • lonetrey / Dan

      I think you’re thinking of Hard Gay?

      He was a comedian pretending to be a gay foreigner who could get away with things because he’s foreign… probably why they didn’t arrest him too.

      • markus peg

        Ah yes thats the one, hard gay. i didnt see much but what i did see i actually thought was quite funny (wrong or right i laughed)

  • lonetrey / Dan

    A bit weird, this guy, but nothing was showing and nothing was done. Not sure why he was arrested… I mean, what are the charges?

  • master chief

    i cant see how this is bad. just a guy walking around in his skintight clothes. now the visualkei style. those are the people they need to arrest

    • Flora

      Visual kei is awesome. Times infinity.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    If this happened in NYC, half the population would be arrested.

  • mr.wiener

    Where the hell did his package go in the second photo?

  • Flora

    Obviously a dirty, dirty pervo looking to get his kicks by having people stare at him in skimpy clothing, but still within the bounds of the law. J-police seem to be hypersensitive about all the wrong things.

  • markus peg

    The image is a FAKE!

    Here’s the real image:

  • iGleaux

    I thought about the old guy dressed as a school girl too.

  • Daniel Alonso Van Camp

    let the guy be! not doing anything wrong to anybody! you cant just arrest people for the sake of it. those who support that are fascists!

  • Yaminah Jamison

    So a dude wearing a leotard is a pervert but… chicks can wear male clothing and it’s a-ok?

  • doctorshankar

    Be a Japanese while in Japan.

  • KamenTeacher

    Typical Japanese wankers in Tokyo, Japan………….. Japan Bloody wankers………….

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