Japanese Grandmother and Her Cat Capture Netizens’ Hearts

Japanese grandmother with her cat

Photographer Ihara Miyoko has been photographing Granny Misao (88) for the past twelve years. Then, eight years ago, Misao started to keep a cat, who she named ‘Fukumaru’, meaning that the gods of fortune (Fuku no kamisama) would come, and everything would be completely peaceful (Maruku osamaru). With his white fur and differently-coloured eyes, Fukumaru certainly seems to live up to his name.

This series of photographs, portraying the lives of Granny Misao and Fukumaru as they go out every day to work in the fields, has captured the hearts of Japanese netizens, earning thousands of tweets and Facebook likes, as well as hundreds of blog entries. While Ihara has also released a photo-book of their life together, netizens are thankful that these beautiful pictures have been freely shared online.

From Hamusoku.com:

Granny and the cat sit together in the Japanese-style room

Fukumaru sits with granny and her friend

Comments from Hamsoku.com:


Our cat only gives me any attention when he’s hungry or sleepy (´;ω;`)


Maybe it’s because I’m getting old, but I just couldn’t help crying. This is the first time I’ve ever felt like this because of a photo series.


That old woman is disgusting.


I cried. This is so lovely…


So wonderful.
Cat and Granny, I hope you’re always this happy!


Granny’s happy, smiling face, and Fukumaru being at Granny’s side…I just started crying and didn’t know what to do! I want both of them to live for a long time.


Misao-san is just too cute!


This is such a lovely article~ My eyes started to burn. I hope you two are always friends.


I remembered my grandmother who died, and almost started crying at work. I wish I’d taken photos like this.


If you live with another living thing, no matter if your partner is a human or an animal, then at some point you have to face a situation where one will die first and leave the other, so I think that people who say that older people shouldn’t have pets are really horrible…(´・ω・`)

藤岡亨 :

I agree.


This is the worst kind of stealth marketing. I couldn’t stop crying. Hamsoku should apologise!


I enjoyed looking at the colour photographs more because the cat has different-coloured eyes. The cat is so cute and fluffy. I’m so jealous that they can always be together! Seems like most people like photograph number two, but I like number three. It’s also nice that the cat is like ‘I love you Granny!’ and all affectionate and friendly.




This was also on some other blogs. I guess you guys have no content these days?


I was reminded of my grandmother who died last year. I wish I could have made her smile like that more often. I’m so sorry for being such a crap grandchild…Seriously, you guys should treat your grandpa and grandma as precious. It’s too late once they’ve gone.


Go check out Ihara’s website. There are great pictures there…there are tits〜tits〜


I suppose my cat is like this with me? Mine is also affectionate. Cats, it’s good to be friendly!


These two are great together, but her grandson’s eye for photographs is really something. Fukumaru is such a cute name! (´ω`*)


I really relaxed seeing this picture collection (*´д`*) aaaaah.

Comments from Twitter:


For some reason I’m crying (T^T) I mean, it’s years since I last cried (^_^;?


That relaxed me…

Rootstock tw:

‘Misao and Fukumaru’. This is really splendid. I’m warmed to the core of my heart.


Tears are falling.


It’s been a while since I saw such a beautiful article on Hamsoku.


This is the ideal way to live with an animal. No greed, no fuss, just blends into every day life. I want everyone to see this. This is also one of the great things about Japan.


Oh I go weak for this kind of thing. ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。


Both the cat and granny are cute.

( ^ω^p小内藤qスラアク使い:

Check this out. This is the historic and correct Japanese way! It made me feel relaxed and nostalgic (*´∇`*)


This warmed my heart.


This is so wonderful. I almost started to cry for no reason at all!

吉田 紘希 (如何に崇高な…):

It’s frustrating that I can’t express this feeling!


I want the photo book! It made me cry!

s u(k):

It think the cat must also be lovely to have developed this kind of relationship with Granny Misao. I particularly like pictures 11, 22, and 23. This little cat, with his white fur and differently-coloured eyes is just magical.

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