Japanese Youth Increasingly Losing Interest in Sex, Reactions

Japanese youths are losing interest in sex

This well-known article made huge waves when it first appeared in Japan in 2011. Discussing the increasing problem of Japanese youths’ disinterest in sex, it gave rise to popular terms such as ‘sexless’, that is people who do not want to have sex with a partner, and ‘herbivore men’, referring to men who prefer not to have sex at all, focusing on other pleasures in life.

Interestingly, netizen comments reveal that there is some support for those youngsters who choose not to have sex, while other netizens deride the choice as a waste of youth. Additionally, the article shows increasing awareness but also fear of STDs, with some speculating that more detailed sex education has actually frightened people into not wanting intimate relationships with others.

From CNN.co.jp

A Sexless Trend Among Japanese Youth: Will the Falling Birthrate and Aging Population Grow More Rapidly?

Hong Kong (CNN): While Japan faces the serious issue of a declining population, there is an increase of Japanese youths who show no interest in the other sex. A survey has revealed that among single men (with no marriage experience) 60% have no intimate relationship with a women.

According to a survey taken by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, questioning Japanese aged 18-34, 61% of men answered “not in a relationship” Comparing results from 2005, the numbers have increased by 9.2 points. 51 % of Japanese women responded “not in a relationship”. Among single men, 45% stated they are not interested in having a relationship.

One out of every 4 Japanese in their late 30s responded as to having never had sex. 86% of men and 89% of women responded they would like to get married in the future. As for the reason of not being married, 40% cited lack of financial security.

According to a study by the Japan Family Planning Association announced earlier this year, among young people between the ages of 16-19, there was an increase of 19 points among men and 12 points among women who said they are not interested and find sex repulsive. The results support the claim that there is an increase in so-called ‘herbivore’ men who are not interested in sex or love.

The birth rate in Japan is 1.34, one of the lowest in the world, and Japan is an aging society where one in every five is over 65 years of age. To increase the birth rate, the Japan Economic Foundation has ordered 1,600 companies to encourage married workers to return home early. However looking at the data, the situation is not improving.

Comments from Itai News:


It can’t be helped. Women are filthy inside out.


So they say, but the virginity rate amongst high school guys is definitely lower than in the past. They are getting action for sure.


Can’t be bothered. Masturbating is a lot easier.


Highly doubtful..Isn’t this the age when men are hungry for sex?


We should have more men like that. Thanks to them, I’m 37 but still getting action from young chicks w.


Are they not the same youths staying away from alcohol and cigarettes? Kids learn about abortion, AIDS, STDs when they are just elementary kids, No wonder they feel disgust and anxiety towards sex.


When I was 19 and a university student, I had already slept with 3 girls. Sex is just tiring and I can’t be bothered. Old men, we give you all the entitlement to sex.


As kids you get to see all the uncensored porn you want online. How do you expect them to feel the need to have sex.


It’s easier to do it alone.


16-19, that’s when you want to shag like monkeys. Japan is doomed!!


It’s not that I’m a clean freak or that sex disgusts me, it’s just that there are things more fun than sex. I don’t find it a priority.


Too many high quality Eroge [games containing erotic content.]


Soon enough people are going to start blaming 2D Anime as a cause of the declining birth-rate.


Virgin: FUCK, I don’t have the confidence to chat up a girl…
Right! Just cover it up by saying sex is dirty!
Virgin: Sex is dirty! I don’t wanna fuck.


It is not a lack of interest towards sex, it is just that relationships are a pain.


We are too well informed about STDs. It gives the image of sex being scary. There was a time when I thought I had STDs, even though I was a virgin.


Sex is for after marriage!


Already satisfied by beautiful porn stars. With masturbating, I can quickly move on to doing something else.


It’s not that I am not interested, but every time I have a date, I end up having to spend so much money. Sex is just not worth it.
It surprises me that there are guys who really like it.


Nothing to worry about. It is more unnatural for this small island country to be populated with people,
Our population should decline.

What do you think? Are Japanese youth actually losing interest in sex? Or is it just an excuse? If it’s real, what’s the cause?

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