Teens Cause Havoc in McDonald’s With 60 Orders of Fries

Sixty orders of McDonald's fries eaten by Japanese teenagers

One of the most popular stories circulating on the Japanese internet this weekend came from a tweet that went viral when some teenagers decided to take advantage of a McDonald’s promotion, in which any size order of fries cost only 150 yen (~1.90 USD). The teenagers decided to order sixty large servings of fries, proceeding to eat them over a period of three hours. Below is a screenshot of the tweet, which had already been re-tweeted over ten thousand times but is now deleted:

The tweet that went viral when the teenagers ordered 60 servings of fries

The tweet by “伝説の\(^o^)/” (@tsukann2435) reads:

Some of us are at the 2-floor McDonald’s in front of Okayama station, challenging ourselves to eat 60 large servings of fries! Come over everyone! And please re-tweet us! pic.twitter.com/au0nddz1

The teenagers, from Okayama city in the Chūgoku region, purchased the fries and then poured them out onto the table, much to the dismay of the restaurant staff.

Sixty orders of McDonald's french fries dumped out onto a table ready for eating!

Japanese netizens reacted to the teenagers’ antics in huge numbers, a range of their responses translated below…

Comments from 2ch.net


Aren’t they all 150 yen right now?


They’re just crazy people who want to stand out.


The way they’re eating them is disgusting. That’s at about the same level as chucking ramen on the floor and eating them.


I mean, I guess they’re at the age where everything seems funny. I’m pretty envious, kids get crazy over the slightest thing.


Still, it’s not exactly forceful obstruction of business w


The three sacred treasures of the idiot.


They don’t have enough ketchup.


What the hell were the staff complaining about afterward…
The ones most at fault are you guys, who didn’t warn them at the time. They were a bother to other customers? Of course they were, because you lot didn’t deal with them immediately. The bastard staff who still let them sit there for three hours are just too inept for words.


Whatever. The bastards who bought them to show off are stupid, they knew it would end up like this didn’t they? Refuse to sell the fries!


People do this kind of thing so McDonald’s will stop doing the special. If they’re school kids, I want them to be expelled.


They’re just losers who want to be talked about.


They could have done it in the middle of the night [instead of causing trouble during the day].

Comments from Itai News

Posted by :

Why are the staff acting like retards??? If you dislike it that much then refuse to serve them!

Posted by :

Well, we can hardly laugh at the Chinese, there are loads of these idiotic brats in Japan.

Posted by   :

Well, no matter how you look at them they’re middle-school students, so I guess it’s just youthful exuberance. Well, once they become high-schoolers, they’ll become adults and realise how stupid they’ve been, and they’ll start wishing they were dead.

Posted by   :

I blame TV. They really should stop all those TV programmes [that show people eating as much as they can].

Posted by 柊 :

If they use Twitter and Facebook, have they learned that this kind of stuff is cool? No matter who reads Twitter, or the re-tweets, these kids are only going to looks stupid…They make their own personal information public themselves, don’t say anything when you get caught up in some crime w

Posted by マータロー(スペイン) :

The things they’re doing really are on the same level as the Chinese and Korean natives…

Posted by   :

So stupid. It’s just a cheap need for approval.

Posted by   :

There’s this pattern where they seem to be under the impression that if they pay they can do whatever they want. If they’re disturbing the other customers it’s usually alright for the staff to ask them to leave, isn’t it?

Posted by :

Someone I know works at this McDonald’s. My condolences.

Posted by 名無し :

In the McDonald’s near where I live, at one point they were doing stuff like ‘all you can drink’, but trash came in and kept getting refills and just sat there all day, so they soon stopped the promotion. Then it was 50 yen for a refill, but idiots who were getting cups out of the trash appeared, so that stopped too.

What do you think?

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  • ddd


  • Germandude

    Oh man. Mc Donald’s fries don’t even deserve being called fries…

    • redgirl

      True, Fried sawdust comes to mind whenever I see them.

  • dim mak

    I guess this passes for “havoc” in old grey Japan… 60 isn’t even a lot.
    An American McDonalds probably churns out that many every half hour

    • Agreed.

      “Well, we can hardly laugh at the Chinese, there are loads of these idiotic brats in Japan.”

      Somehow, I think the “havoc” in China is of a slightly higher caliber…

  • Ryoma

    Bored high school kids doing a harmless prank. But because there are so many copycats, I hope it doesn’t become a fad.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Ahahahaha, holy crap. That’s a lot of fries…. I’m rather impressed that he ate them all.

    Maybe I just have a small stomach.

    • Max K

      1 large fry at McD’s is easily 4oz, likely more. 60x4oz=120oz for each of the two…that’s like 7-8lbs of food minimum…Not many people can eat that much without a few trips to the local vomitorium in-between…

      • RocKStaR

        Your doing it wrong!
        A vomitorium is a passage situated below or behind a tier of seats in an amphitheatre or a stadium, through which big crowds can exit rapidly at the end of a performance. They can also be pathways for actors to enter and leave stage.[1] The Latin word vomitorium, plural vomitoria, derives from the verb vomō, vomere, “to spew forth.” In ancient Roman architecture, vomitoria were designed to provide rapid egress for large crowds at amphitheatres and stadiums, as they do in modern sports stadiums and large theatres.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Ah, adding onto what Rockstar said, it seems to be a myth! I personally thought it was true as well before researching it 5 minutes before this post!


        • Max K

          Sorry guys…I was totally off…I just thought the McDonalds bathroom was a vomitorium(place to vomit, duh)…I was only speaking from personal experience, My bad!

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    I don’t understand how this is “disgusting” or “crazy”.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Consider what goes into McDonald’s food. Then yeah it might be considered disgusting.

  • Kate

    1.90 is cheap for fries in Japan? What does a large fry normally cost in Japan? In the US a large MD fry is like 1.80.

    • Don’t forget the yen is stronger than the dollar. When I was in Japan in 2008, the dollar was a bit stronger so that would’ve been less than $1.50

  • the ace of books

    ITT: people overreacting @ teenagers having fun. “The internet made them do it” and “TV made them do it” already mentioned, but in b4 “their parents didn’t raise them right”.

    • anon

      In the original twitter message it asks “Please retweet this message”,
      so yeah they’re doing it for attention

      • the ace of books

        “doing it for attention”

        AKA half of teenagers’ motivation since the dawn of time

  • ThinkBlue

    Looks like something I’d want to do once before I die.

  • Adrianojapan

    Once in Korea, I got amazed how ppl eat french fries there. It seems they pour just ANYTHING onto the table.

    • dk2020

      LOL this story is about Japan .. but somehow Koreans are worse huh? aiiish .. waakano bakaro?

  • besudesu

    I think it says something about teenagers in Japan that they think eating as many fries as they can is rock ‘n’ roll…they’ll learn. There are better things to spend 9,000 yen on ($113).

  • Paul M

    I wish rebellious teenagers in my native country would limit themselves to antics like this.

  • Alex L

    It’s really not any different from American teens in the 1950’s seeing how many people they can cram into a phone booth or car, or people flagpole sitting. And those things were before the internet. Sure it’s for attention but for fun too. It’s not like anyone is getting hurt. Kids should be kids everywhere.

  • Hyusa

    Why would someone get worked up about this?

  • chucky3176

    Even something stupid as this, Koreans are brought up. It seems you can’t have any negative news in Japan without someone bringing up Korean.


  • 3arlyBoy

    Too many fries!!!! Though they should’ve asked for BBQ and sweet and sour sauce alongside the ketchup. Might as well spice up the sauce variety if you’re going to down that many fries.

  • MissFalling

    What was wrong with this exactly?

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