DNA Evidence Emerges That Japanese Share Korean Blood

The double helix structure of DNA

Recent research corroborates that modern Japanese have a shared ancestry with their Korean counterparts, based on two distinct ethnicities existing in the Japanese peninsula. These are known as the Jomon, a proto-mongoloid people who were the original inhabitants of Japan, and the Yayoi, a neo-mongoloid people who are thought to have come to Japan via the Korean peninsula thousands of years later. This has been common knowledge in Japan for some time, even spawning a popular book, ‘Kimi wa yayoi jin ka, jomon jin ka’ [Are you a Yayoi or a Jomon?], where readers can have fun figuring out which they might be.

The article below shows how new genetic evidence indicates the shared heritage of the Yayoi Japanese with the ancient peoples on the Korean peninsula, and shows how this lineage is still evident in the modern day. When published, the research received considerable attention from the media in both Japan and Korea. Here, japanCRUSH brings you perspectives from the Japanese Internet, although you can find the Korean perspective on koreaBANG.

From Yahoo!News.co.jp:

DNA Proof That Japanese People Have Korean Blood Reported by Korean Media

It been discovered that modern Japanese ethnicity was formed from the repeated mixing of blood between the Jomon, who were original inhabitants of the islands, and the Yayoi, who crossed over from the Korean peninsula. A research team, which comprised researchers from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (in Kanagawa Prefecture) among others, published these results in the digital edition of an international specialist journal dated November 1, which is edited by the Japan Society of Human Genetics. This was reported in quick succession by several Korean media outlets on November 2.

The Korean media has published the news under titles such as ‘The Genetics of the Japanese Mainlanders is Virtually the Same as Koreans’, ‘DNA Proof: Japanese Are Descendents of Koreans,’ and ‘Korean Blood Flows Inside the Bodies of the Japanese’.

Researchers added the DNA data a total of 71 people who were descended from Ainu tribes or who were Okinawans, to the DNA data of of approximately 460 people, chiefly residents of the Kanto region who originated from the main island of Honshu, Chinese, and Westerners. Upon mapping the data, those originating from Honshu were genetically closest to Koreans, and the Ainu peoples were genetically most similar to Okinawans.

While there has previously been research on the genetics of the Japanese people, this research has greatly increased the reliability of the data due to its mapping of up to 9,000,000 DNA variations in each person.

The Korean media explained that along with this new ‘Consanguinity Theory’, the origins of the Japanese people have been set forth as the ‘Transformation Theory’ in which the Jomon people adapted to the environment in each area, and the ‘Replacement Theory’ in which the Jomon people overpowered the Yayoi and settled in certain areas. (Editors: Lee Shin-hye and Yamaguchi Kouji)

Who's cuter? Yayoi or Jomon?

Who’s cuter? Yayoi or Jomon?

Comments from Yahoo!News.co.jp:


So why despite that are we so different from each other?


Those who claim to be the antecedents of the Japanese people have deteriorated rather rapidly [as a people].www


We don’t have Korean blood, we just had a common heritage in part! Now we’re completely different from you fuckers!


This is like sooo wrong, like majorly disgusting. But there, if you go back to monkeys the human race is all the same.


But now we’re totally different though. (笑)


The Jomon, who were the original inhabitants, and the Yayoi, who crossed over from the Korean peninsula

Back then, was there even such a thing as ‘Korean’?


Don’t take this as a chance to list everything. ‘The roots of the sophisticated Japanese people were Korean. But Koreans are also sophisticated.’ Is that it? Sorry to disappoint, but the land on which they grew up are as different as chalk and cheese, so even if the roots are the same, we’re different peoples. Please don’t lump us in with them. Because it’s disgusting.


>’Ainu and Ryukyuwans are Jomon, Genetic Lineage of the Japanese, A Picture That is Corroborated by Analysis of the Genome (Sankei Shimbun). Kicking up a fuss when you see an article like this? Together with the Japanese people, I’d like to make my wishes very clear: I reject this. Do not put the Japanese Hwabyeong people together. It’s unpleasant.


It’s not Korean blood, it’s merely that our DNA structure is similar to that of Koreans. The origins of humanity rose out of Africa and spread out around the world. Of course the DNA is going to be similar. I mean, if you mix water with Calpis, or coffee, or even mud, it’s still completely different, right? Even they they’re all virtually the same water w


Assuming that the roots are correct, then far from Koreans advancing, it actually just proves that Koreans are in decline. In these thousands of years that have passed, they’ve grown apart from Japan.


The thing is that tracing it back to the roots means going back to Africa! Simply because we have blood from a people who came over from mainland China, don’t put us together with Korea, a paradise for rape and assault that was where some of those people stayed. The fact is that you people are the only ones with DNA abnormalities, so don’t try to look away.


No matter what, they just want some links with the Japanese, I guess. It’s really a disgusting country.


This means that we have the blood of people from the mainland who came via the Korean peninsula, not that we have Korean blood. It’s just that strictly speaking Japanese and Koreans partially share their roots. Just as you’d understand from comparing chimpanzees with humans, changing only a few genes creates a completely different being.


The biggest error in all of this is the fact that they’ve been convinced since before the year 2000 that the people who were on the Korean peninsula were ‘ethnic Koreans’. But the original ethnic Koreans are something from after the establishment of a unified Silla. Up until then, even the leaders of the Three Kingdoms of Korea and the Three Kingdoms of China all had different ethnicities. Then, from the classical period, even after the Chinese dynasties and the establishment of a unified Korean state, there were the Han people, the Mongols, the Xianbei, and the Jurchen (Manchu) invaded constantly. Therefore, it’s correct to say that ‘Japanese people are Jomon, and also have consanguinity with foreign tribes that came via the Korean peninsula and the Ryukyu Islands‘, and not that ‘The Koreans are the ancestors of the Japanese’. Furthermore, one important fact is that the Y-chromosome relating to the ancestors of Japanese men is different from that of Chinese and Koreans. Well, no matter what, Koreans who use the vanity of trivial academic research are dipshits anyway.


If so…what are the differences in civilization?

Comments posted via Facebook:

巴 マミ:

Fucking disgusting gooks.

宮村 みやこ:

Damned right.

Ryuu Kawana:

What a load of bollocks…
If you trace it back then you get to Africa, but so what?
‘Japanese people have Korean blood’⇔’Korean people have Japanese blood’. That is to say that the annexation of Korea was ‘justified’ based on ‘blood’! Why limit the comparison of Japanese with Korean genetics in the first place? Makes me sick. Recently, be it Ryukyuans or Ainu, they’re on about ‘genetics, genetics’, but aren’t they just trying to segment peoples through separating out different ethnicities based on genetics? In Greater China, they don’t not permit ethnic self-determination and gradually carry out ethnic cleansing, and in other countries they make distinctions. I guess China just gets on with it. Or perhaps they’re just trying to promote ‘racial discrimination based on genetics’?

Kyoko Ogasawara:

My husband thinks that we’re definitely not mixed with them. He only thinks we’re from Polynesia, and in fact, he’s been mistaken for Polynesian so many times when we’ve been there…Anyway, ‘mansei’ to Korean origins! We’re all from Africa anyway.

Ryuu Kawana:

Your husband has a dark complexion and an air of dignity!w Saying that, it seems that the ethnic roots of the Polynesian territories, (or maybe oceans?) were Taiwanese who liked to travel by boat. But, I guess it looks like the Koreans want to become Japanese quite a bit.

Akira Kaneuchi:

This is a hilarious theory~First of all, Korea didn’t even exist at that time w The present-day Evenks have no relation to modern Japanese, do they~www

Yuki Nakamura:

No matter how much they say we have a common ancestry, it seems to me as though making a direct link between that and words like we have the same blood as Koreans is overly simplistic. Certainly, even if that is the same, Japanese and Koreans are different. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is something else entirely.

Shuko Eaton:

I mean, like how obsessed are you lot with the Japanese?(笑) Don’t put us together with them. Get a life!

Toyo Ohashi:

If you look at ancient history all this is perfectly reasonable! But Japanese and Koreans are different! It just means that part of our DNA is shared! Because a billion years ago the land was still joined together!

Tomoyuki Satoh:

‘Japanese people have Korean blood’
Umm, already knew that….
They say that ‘The genetics of Japanese mainlanders is basically the same as that of Koreans’, and ‘Japanese are the descendants of the people in the Korean peninsula’. Even between humans and chimpanzees, the base sequence of the DNA only varies by 1.2%. Don’t put us together. What’s more, in a book I read before, it said that 70% of Japanese ancestry ought to have originated from China, including South China. Only a small part of those moved to Japan via the Korean peninsula.

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  • dk2020

    LOL, everybody is in denial in Asia ,, foolish pride.

    • chucky3176

      The more I read your drivels, the more I don’t like your drivels. Is it that difficult to leave Koreans out of something that should be a criticism of the Japanese commentators?

      • Brett

        You mean, you “don’t like that someone of Korean descent could be open minded, or see things from different points of view”?

        Also, I think you misunderstood the last line he wrote. He didn’t literally mean “blame Koreans”. He was being satirical.

        • besudesu

          I agree Brett. Japan and Korea have more in common than *some* people care to recognize. I think this research was a way of proving that, particularly in two nations were the idea of ‘pure blood’ continues to encourage nationalist thought.

          • chucky3176

            What commonality do we have, other than some vague concept of genes and chromosomes that has nothing to do with the two countries today? If you go by that theory, then it’s you guys (who are always accusing me of being a racist) are the ones who are racists, not I.

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            The reason for the racism I feel is the whole nature vs. nurture. The genetics only provide half of the puzzle. The rest is upbringing. Korea is situated between the sea and two nations that have historically been more powerful and that have exploited it in the past, allowing them to develop a view of the rest of the world. A skewed view, but one developed by past experience.

            On the other hand, Japan developed as an island nation. As with any nation, they are convinced of their superiority over all others. However, unlike Koreans who had this view dashed very quickly, Japan never had any war with another country to tell them otherwise, leading to a society that viewed everyone else as lesser things, leading to an Empire that saw nothing wrong with the occupation of Korea. Things are different now of course, they are a little more tolerant but it will take many generations to wipe away all that…I don’t want to say hate because it isn’t quite that…snobbishness?

          • Zappa Frank

            come on, you can’t deny that koreans and japs have a lot in common. Or you think koreans have more in common with someone else?

          • Paul M

            You could say they have a lot in common with the Chinese but then you’d have to brace yourself for a shit-storm of equal magnitude to this one.

          • james

            Pure bloods do not exist

        • seungri_92

          haha korean descent open-minded? He’s a kid from k-town in La that’s never left the US. racism and 外人 discrimination? that’s unique to asia? unique to koreans and japanese? give me a break.

          • dk2020

            Whos you homie? You know me? Well I have been out of the city across the US and I have vacationed in Korea and the Phils. I’m not a youngster and I did experience the ’92 LA riots which wasn’t fun for Korean Americans .. what have you been through?

          • hun

            Well..i was a Vietnamese refugee at the age of five, i had nothing except the clothes on my back and family members escaping Vietnam by small boats. We were on sea for weeks almost starving. Not only were we hungry we also had to watch out for pirates that went rapid during that time. It was after a few encounters of pirates that people found and placed us in Hong Kong refugee camps. I lived there with my family for six years, so i only knew Cantonese before moving to America and learning a whole new language all over again. It was even harder on my parents during that time because my mom was diagnosed with a genetic disease. Have you seen the Japanese movie “1 litre of tears”? my mother has the same exact disease. So what i’m trying to say is the whole “what have you been through?” question like it justifies yourself to be any better than someone because you’ve had a harder time is pretty asinine. Believe me, your “hard time” is miniscule compared to what others have experienced. I’m sorry but it just really irks me that you can even question something like that.

          • dk2020

            I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else, but I do have my own opinion and I’ll say it, while you and this guy try to insult me out of nowhere .. if you got a problem with me just don’t read my posts buddy simple as that, I do have sympathy for you being a refugee and what you’ve been through, but who’s really being condescending here, me or you?

          • hun

            of course everyone has their opinions and their right to say so as do i have the right to respond to something that disappoints me also. i haven’t really insulted you at all(maybe thought my sarcastic tone was insulting?), just called you out on your own hypocrisy is all. I’ve read plenty of your posts, some comments are good while the others contradicts your very own statements, that’s why it’s mind boggling for me. See, even in this response, “I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else, but I do have my own opinion and I’ll say it”, but then you also retort “if you got a problem with me just don’t read my posts buddy simple as that”, i dont get why i also cant claim to have an opinion of your opinion instead, you want me to just ignore you.

            “but who’s really being condescending here” i was responding to you because you kind of did ask for it.. even tho not directly at me, still, for you to even have the mindset to explain what you’ve been through without being asked and then to have the audacity to ask a question like “what have you been through?” clearly inferring something along the lines of “ive been through hard times, is yours any better?”. This can only lead to a superiority complex and in some cases where inferiority and superiority complexes go hand in hand.

            Again, my response was different from yours because 1.You asked and 2. No one asked you for your story, u told it without being asked to directly state your “level” to someone.

            “Whos you homie? You know me? Well I have been out of the city across the
            US and I have vacationed in Korea and the Phils. I’m not a youngster
            and I did experience the ’92 LA riots which wasn’t fun for Korean
            Americans .. (what have you been through?)”

            I just wanted to inform you because i can tell you’re a decent guy but it feels to me like you’re stuck in between a road and dont know which path to choose from, just like how other commentators have already addressed and it’s pretty disappointing to see you go down that level.

          • dk2020

            Uh yeah, thanks but no thanks for the psychological breakdown and judgement of me but I was replying to the other guy .. “haha korean descent open-minded? He’s a kid from k-town in La that’s never left the US.” I was just responding to that, and you know what maybe we can share experiences and learn something from each other ..

            I think there is a major difference with the new generation, 90’s and millenium babies haven’t really been through much. So that’s why I was asking him not you, and I didn’t ask for your story either bro. I don’t know what you expect of me but I’m not looking for your approval, it is kinda creepy that you’re taking my posts so seriously, and still it doesn’t change my opinion ..

          • hun

            “I think there is a major difference with the new generation, 90’s and millenium babies haven’t really been through much.” yes yes but isn’t that a good thing? It’s like you want these young people to experience what you and i have suffered just so they would know what it feels like, that bewilders me. Would u really want them to experience what you and i experienced? i expect you to act like an adult and not to look down on other people, races and age included, especially young people just because uh they’re younger than you and haven’t suffered quite like you did. All in all i wanted to give my perspective of you and hopefully change the mindset you carry but i guess it didnt work out as planned. sorry

          • dk2020

            okay, thanks for your concern .. but let me bang bro! lols.


          • dk2020

            Người đã đi đâu?

          • im born in the 90s (1990). bay area inner city korean kid. moved around a lot because of the recession and family financial struggles. 3 yrs ago i happened to land in oakland because of cheap rent and my parents moved to sacramento because of cheap real estate nd job opportunity. because of that, I do not see them often. Because I live in the ghetto (not by choice), i got robbed twice so far, burglarized more times and still trappin just to eat. And trust me, I am not the only one in this situation.

            i agree, there is a difference with our generation and yours. And in all honesty, I respect all old heads no matter color or race who were thuggin in the 90s. But please, dont tell us we haven’t been through much. The recession is still not over and us ‘millenium babies’ are experiencing it just as much or if not, worse.

      • OTTO MOON

        Are all Japanese so hateful against Koreans? It’s funny, I grew up in lily-white America and never knew the hatred that Japanese harbor towards my ethnicity, but just read all the hateful comments made by the Japanese. I feel like spitting on random Japs just for kicks. Japs are nasty and two-faced. Well, I can play that game pretty well.

        Now that I know how they feel, I hate them as well.

    • fk

      simple. jomon age is older than yayoi. all japanese carry jomon blood and DNA, but korean and yayoi korean japanese don’t. some may carry yayoi blood but that is not about origin of japanese. so you can’t deny if we say japanese origin and korean are totally different. and, DNA and culture proof this. clearly korean has no blood of jomon.


      Here you go, you hate mongering Jap Nationalists! Open your bigoted ears, you sawed-off yellow buck-toothed small-dicked natto-stinking Korean-hating Chimpanzees! The Yayoi tribes of Korea have been coming over to Japan even before there was a Japan: https://www.japancrush.com//2012/stories/dna-evidence-emerges-that-japanese-share-korean-blood.html

      And, Koreans came over in droves from Baekje and Gaya in order to bring about civilization and warriors to the Yamato upstarts during the 5th century and beyond. Koreans admixed with short chimp like tribes of indigenous Japanese (Jomon types) to create the mongrel Japanese of today. Your own Emperor has admitted to having Korean matrilineal heritage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pnQaJC8vyU

      Furthermore, the DNA of South-West Koreans are closer to the Japanese than it is to Koreans from the North. It goes to show the origins of Japanese Yayoi immigration as that of being from Korea. If you weren’t a bunch of stinking hating mongrel Chimpanzees, you would be able to see the truth of science and history, but your blind hatred and fear of being just a mongrel Mongoloid race has you up in arms against facts. You fear-ridden Jap Nationals are nothing but a bunch of pathetic lying sacks of Mongrel shit.

  • A Lu

    I thought my the comments had been deleted, then I realized it’s just similar to the post on Kbang…again, we’re all monkeys. Peace

    • dk2020

      You don’t get it because it doesn’t involve you .. you’re white aren’t you?

      • A Lu

        I’m a monkey, same as you

      • Zappa Frank

        i’m white and i don’t get it, what is the difference if it came out that frech and germans share the same DNA? Could you explain me why is so important to have a genetic difference? Does it change what you are?

        • dk2020

          I’m just saying you would probably understand more if you were Korean or Japanese that’s all ..

      • Brett

        Wait, dk, aren’t you an American with very little experience in Korea? Why does ethnicity determine who can and cannot understand?

        • Lillian LeeS

          Sweetie, just because you are white and a supposedly impartial observer doesn’t mean you know anything about the dynamics of what is really going on in East Asia.

          • Brett

            1. I am most definitely not going to take some sort of patronizing attitude from you… you wrote so much, but didn’t say anything.

            2. If my picture was of an Asian person, and my moniker “Lee”, would you have said the same thing to me?

            3. East Asian ethnicity is not some “exclusive club of similar feelings”. Sheesh, its like you think ethnicity has some sort of magical power that allows people with Korean blood everywhere to hate all those with Japanese blood. It just isn’t the case.

            4. dk is an American with limited experience of what it is like to actually live in Korea. Just because his grandparents happen to have been Korean and lived in Korea doesn’t mean he automatically “knows anything about the dynamics of what is really going on in East Asia”. And just because your handle is “Lillian Lee” doesn’t mean you do either.

          • Paul M

            I get frustrated with this issue as well. The fact that some of us of European descent have lived in Asia for a significant number of years counts for nothing against an Asian-American who has only visited Asia on vacation for a couple of weeks. I mean, it’s not as all expats live in an isolated bubble when we get to Asia and don’t read the local news, learn the language and customs and get a sense of the opinions of local people in the time we’re living and working here.

  • During Japanese Imperialism, the Japanese government actually used “common heritage” and “blood kinship” with the Koreans to justify their colonial rule, claiming that the Koreans were brothers who were trapped in a backwards state of antiquity and therefore, needed Japan’s help. So then they “helped” and treated their “brothers” like second class citizens.

    • besudesu

      This is a good point, Cindy. It also shows how damaging a concept it can be; whether it’s been used for including or excluding certain groups of people, history has taught us that ‘racial purity’ or ‘blood kinship’ can be extremely dangerous.

  • elizabeth

    Yes, what’s to point of the study? To keep those researchers employed?

  • BlackOut

    Haha,what’s the point of denying it? Random denial can’t change the fact though, they still share the same root.
    Btw I think Jomon is cuter and I like what she wore lol

    • V

      yayoi girl is ugly.

      • chucky3176

        The girl on the left is not really Jomon. It’s just a Japanese girl with plastic surgery, put up by right wing nationalist Japanese propaganda. Jomon which are Ainu, do not look anything like that girl.

        • besudesu

          Chucky, don’t tell me you’re an anthropologist too? That photograph is just making fun of the supposed differences between Jomon and Yayoi. Neither of them could actually be Jomon or Yayoi, since the Jomon and the Yayoi — stay with me here — were ancient peoples who no longer exist. And it’s not right-wing propaganda, either. I’ve never heard a right-wing nationalist proclaim the he/she was a ‘Jomon’. The Jomon were good at making nice little pots with rope patterns thousands of years ago, and are hardly a convenient argument for Japanese supremacy.

          • chucky3176

            You maybe right or wrong on the origin of that picture, but that picture has been very often used by Japanese on the internet for many years, that they are superior because they are Jomon. So the origin of the picture isn’t the issue, it’s the intent by the people who use that picture to attempt to prove their racial theories.

          • besudesu

            Well, the next time you see that picture crop up, you let me know. I’ll sort them out. Actually, most archeological evidence points to the idea that some of the technology that allowed the ancient people of Japan to advance into more complex societies was brought through the Korean peninsula with the Yayoi. In which case, using the existence of the Jomon to support nationalism is basically shooting yourself in the foot.

          • Kenny

            Most of Japanese history is fake.
            Even your emperor is not a God. Is is made of by your fake government. History maker…

        • dim mak

          Ridonculous, they consider yayoi blood to be “more Japanese”, and Jomon to be savage and inferior

  • chucky3176

    This is the picture of the Japanese circa 1870.


    Jomons were not white people, but closer to blacks.
    This is the picture of the Jomon or the Ainu people


    Despite the claims and desperate wishes by the nationalist Japanese
    that these people were white people, the Jomon/Ainu people do not carry
    the Caucasoid DNA. Instead, the Jomon or the Ainu carry the same genes
    as one of the peoples from modern India.

    Then have a look at the sample picture of the modern Japanese here.


    You can clearly see the admixture of the southern Asiatic influence
    in the Japanese, that we don’t see in the Koreans (who don’t have the
    Jomon stock). With the admixture evident in Japanese, to my eyes, in
    terms of pure physical appearance and physical build on the average,
    they look more like the southern Chinese, rather than the Koreans.

    Going back to the original picture of the two girls, the Jomon period
    girl on the left, and the slant eyed Yayoi girl on the right pictured


    I’m afraid that doesn’t accurately portray the Jomons at all.
    That’s what the racist and nationalistic Japanese want you to see. But
    here’s what they probably really looked like.


    They look like the Australian aborigines, typically with big huge
    protruding lower jaws, very large flat nose, large protruding eye
    bridges, bodies covered in hair, thick kinky curly heads of hair, and a
    darker skin compared to the Mongloid race, but color that’s a shade
    lighter than the modern Indians whom they were genetically related.

    • Jennster

      what genes of japanese caused ww2 massacres?

      • chucky3176

        I know you’re probably Chinese, and not Japanese, but that’s a typical question a Japanese would ask. My reply is, it’s not the genes or race, it’s the culture that allows war like governments. For instance Japanese to this day, often say violent criminals must have Korean genes. But if you look at it in terms of cultural terms, Korea’s Confucianism during the Chosun Dynasty period never really put great emphasis on militarism, wars and conquests. Their value in life was found on hitting the books, not going off on militarism. So much so that, it became a detriment later on.

        • besudesu


      • linette lee

        Jennster, Like you I’m also chinese. Aside from some crazy right wing jap nationalists, majority of the japanese are cool. I like Japanese too. 🙂

        The japs and chinese don’t suffer from middle child syndrome like some country next door and whining all day long making up lies and crazy theories against the Chinese and Japanese. These crazy people from next door country spend the whole day spreading them on the internet and they are not trolling, they really believe their crazy theories created by them. They are delusional. I advise you don’t waste your time or take these crazies too seriously. If you want you can troll them a bit, but there are so many of them on other asian forums. Nothing you can do, these crazies have inferiority complex when it comes to the chinese and japanese. They keep talking about confucianism, but I say they are trying to copy nazism.

        • ChuckRamone

          What are you talking about, exactly? You’re not even addressing her question. And don’t pretend like Chinese and Japanese nationalists don’t troll the Internet.

          • chucky3176

            Coming from a communist country that’s world wide famous for its 200,000 member 50 cents internet army of rumor and propaganda spreaders, paid off by the government well known for its inhuman rights…. I must say, what she said, we must take her stupid comments with a grain of salt, and just laugh at her.

            Didn’t they just go on a savage rampage against the Japanese, burning and looting and killing people who drove Japanese cars because of issue with the Senkakou Islands?

        • dk2020

          Can you feel the love tonight …

        • dk2020

          aren’t you taiwanese? stop taking credit for being chinese lols .. all east asians need to quit thinking they are superior to each other.. racism and hypocrisy going hand and hand ..

          • hun

            This coming from a Korean-American who has an inferiority complex against white people, that is fucking hilarious.

          • dk2020

            since when do I have a inferiority complex against white people? I only called out one dude on white supremacy and all yall get butt hurt .. get over it .. white people ain’t superior to asians either ..

        • Sillian

          I get that your feelings got hurt by chucky’s aggressive or bashful comments but you aren’t making any realistic sense. One can easily say “these crazy people from next door country spend the whole day making up lies and crazy theories against Koreans.” This is JapanCrush. There are multiple people here who can write a book about Japanese nationalist activities. You were even attentive to a Japanese nationalist troll who has no qualms about shitting on Chinese people just because he was making anti-Korean comments.

          Unfortunately flame wars do happen on the internet. No Asian country is free from visible internet hate and trolling. It even spilt into real life in some Asian countries recently but that certainly wasn’t Korea. You should stop seeing only what you want to see.

        • Linette LeeS

          Linette Lee, you are one sad little child talking about things you don’t know. You are the one who suffers who middle child syndrome and whines all day making up lies and crazy theories against “a country next door.” You’re the one who spends the whole day spreading lies on the internet and you’re not trolling either. You really believe your crazy theories created by you. You are delusional. Don’t worry, no one wastes their time taking you seriously. You have an inferiority complex when it comes to the two countries next door.

      • mr.wiener

        That’s not genetics, that’s just being a dumarse, like your comment ferinstance.

    • fu

      Uhh, you need to do more research. First of all blacks, modern Indians, Tibetans, and Australian Aborigines are all in different racial groups. Tibetans are considered Mongoloid, Australian Aborigines and the Andamanese mentioned in the YouTube video you linked are Australoid, blacks are Negroid, and Indians are a confusing mix.

      More importantly, pictures from 100+ years ago aren’t particularly helpful. You say they’re “black”, but I can find similar pictures of Koreans. It’s not because of their skin color, it’s because people back then got really tanned from spending time outside and because they were covered in dirt since they didn’t shower much. How many people are there that look like that in Japan now? I sure as hell haven’t seen them walking around anywhere I’ve been.

      • chucky3176

        I didn’t say they were blacks. I meant if they’re considered ‘white’, then it’s more accurate to say they’re ‘black’. In other post in Kbang, I already mentioned that Australian aborigines are a different separate race. Therefore highly likely Jomon were also a different race similar to that of the Australian aborigines. Theoretically we can say Japanese are partly a bi-racial people (a mixture of mongloid and austronesian, which basically can trace their language roots back to Tamil Indians). based on their Jomon imprints. If Japanese are not happy being linked with the Koreans, would they be more happy if they are linked with the Tamil Indians? Possibly.

        • fu

          This is a possibility, and has actually been explored in the context
          of linguistics by the Japanese scholar Susumu Ohno:

          My parents
          are actually from India and I speak Malayalam, an Indian language
          closely related to Tamil. There are definitely similarities in terms of
          grammar between Malayalam and Japanese (similarities between Tamil and Japanese are discussed at http://japanese-dravidian.blogspot.com/), but I’m no linguist, so I’m not going to pretend to be one and draw scientific conclusions.

    • besudesu

      Chucky, just to be sure, you do realise that these views are also racist, don’t you? It’s not really very logical to call the Japanese racist and then be racist yourself….

  • Cleo

    Poor Koreans (and Fujianese). We all have extended family members who suck. It looks like the worst of the mainland went to Japan and became crazy and distinct and just AWFUL. I feel no responsibility to what my extended family does but I do feel that what my own family has done in not doing enough to save a domestic abuse victim leave her husband is our great family sin.

  • Mr. Ed

    Koreans? Japanese? Who cares? All of them were descended from China.

    • 8fold4noble

      None of them will admit that, lol.

    • Daniel Un

      Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai (as in those of Dai ancestry) and the Hmong people, to name a few, all originated in modern-day China. But that does not mean they descended from the Chinese or Han ethnicity. These people descended from groups located in today’s China. Koreans descend from mainly Northern Chinese ethnic minorities including the Jurchen, Manchurian and Yayoi with a bit of Southern admixture; Japanese descend from the Jomon, Ainu and Yayoi people, who migrated to Japan from the lower basin China’s Yangtze River via the Korean peninsula; the Vietnamese descend from the Luoyue, Ouyue, Dai minorities and the Southern Han Chinese; the Thai originate from the Dai people who migrated en masse South during Mongolian invasions; the Hmong people are somewhat related to the Han Chinese, having occupied the area known as Central and South China for 2000 years.
      So it is not entirely correct to say “All of them were descended from China”.

  • helloworld011191

    It’s interesting how the Yahoo articles that get 2000+ comments only get 300 tweets or so, at the most.

  • chucky3176

    Here are the facts on the Jomons. Jomons/Ainus are really the ancestors of today’s Australian Aborigines. They were originally migrated from India. They class as a totally separate race of people. But it’s probable that the Jomon genes are a recessive Dravidian DNA – or if you want to make this in layman’s term: they were albino Dravidians which made their skin colors whiter than the Indians. They migrated through Austronesia and into Japan, then onto Australia.


    This Jomon gene present in Japanese, is what separates today’s Japanese from Chinese and Koreans.

    If you examine the old pictures of Ainus, they definitely resemble the Australian Aborigines with lighter skin tones (probably due to combination of genetic and climate).


    • Zappa Frank

      i never heard that an entire population could be albinos, albinis is recessive.. although i’ve read the same thing for the rest

    • Ray

      Isn’t Ainus the mixed descendants of Jomon and Yayoi? not just Jomon = Ainus?

  • ChuckRamone

    A lot of these Japanese commentators are making it seem like this research was conducted by Koreans in Korea. It came out of a Japanese institution.

    • besudesu

      Exactly…suggests that some of these netizens don’t really read the article, but rather read the title and then write something inflammatory. Same case the world over I guess.

      • ChuckRamone

        Besides, the only point of this research is to identify genetic similarities. All the political and ideological crap being drawn from it is completely in the minds of the people interpreting it that way.

      • ChuckRamone

        Also, is there a link to the actual research article?

        • besudesu

          The link to the research article was not included in the original article from Yahoo!News, but I’ll see if I can find it.. A lot of this research is actually being used for things like cancer vaccines and so on, to identify groups that share genetic characteristics so that treatments can be more effective etc. Anyway, it’s unlikely to be done for political purposes.

          • dk2020

            Right, like most bone marrow transplants are usually matched from the same ethnic group ..

          • besudesu

            Yeah. Also, certain ethnic groups are more prone to certain cancers, or those cancers act in different ways. Essentially, differences that affect the way diseases function that can’t be put down to environmental causes are often genetic, and the research carried out by the Japan Society For Human Genetics is largely related to this. It’s not a bio-anthropological venture, from what I can tell.

          • Thanh Phú
  • Yokimoto

    Judging by their reaction, the Japanese would rather be anything than Korean…

    • helloworld011191

      You’ll be surprised how popular K-Pop/K-Drama are in Japan.

  • helloworld011191

    Would you guys mind if I translated Twitter comments to a YouTube video a year ago, where a Japanese person was doing a free hug campaign to seek peace with S. Korean citizens? It’s completely off topic, and I can’t submit it here because the video is too old (and I agree), but I promise it will lighten up your mood.

    The YouTube comment section for that video is full of netouyo-type of people, but if you guys are curious I’d translate those, too.

    • dk2020

      you’re talking about koichi? yeah, he’s still going to seoul giving out hugs. there are korean/japanese social groups on facebook. I feel bad for the japanese folks that are truly interested in and appreciate korean culture, the #1 tourists in s korea are japanese ..


      • dk2020
      • helloworld011191

        Yes! Wow, I didn’t know that they were doing more recent campaigns. I only know this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXqWJNOAX8M (the comments here are horrible) and these Twitter responses (~140,000 tweets, and most of them positive – looking at Japanese twitter made me realize that a lot of K-Pop/K-Drama fangirls wrote their Japanese names in hangul in their handle) http://ceron.jp/url/www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXqWJNOAX8M

        But the YouTube video you linked – a lot of comments are flagged as spam or are downvoted to hell, for both Japanese and Korean comments. The majority of Japanese comments are actually nice, too – except for the one that got two upvotes from the crazy netouyo crowd. The Korean comments seem positive, too, from what I can tell on Google Translate (will learn Korean at some point in the future fffuuuuuu).


        • Sillian

          That sounds refreshing. Every Asian mainstream site seems full of hate from idiots these days.

          • helloworld011191

            It really was! If you’re interested, please see my huge wall of Japanese tweets about the video above ^

      • chucky3176

        Yeah I know about those groups. The last time I read that they were under attack by the threats and criticisms from the Japanese public. They got a flood of threats and insults that they’re really not Japanese and/or gook lovers, and that they should go back to Korea and not come back to Japan sort of verbal/written attacks. Let me see if I can find the article in Japanese. It’s been a while since all those protests about KPOP and Fuji station and all that.

        • dk2020

          What are the chances of me running into those idiot right wingers? Most online racist trolls won’t say shit IRL. I would rather hang out with like minded people anyways. I got shikgu in Osaka and Yokohama I ain’t scared if i visit Japan ..

          • besudesu

            It’s true. Plus most of the Japanese general populace is not comprised of people with extreme views. Although I often used to see the local neighbourhood nationalists (alright, it was Tokyo, but still) in their little vans, yelling their racist and xenophobic comments at the top of their voices, most people ignored them and accepted them as crazy. Sometimes, on a boring Saturday afternoon, we used to go and tell them how offensive and ignorant their views were. All they’d ever do is hang their heads, refuse to make eye contact, and ask in the politest, gentlest tone of voice if we would ‘please leave us alone’…

          • dk2020

            I would do a counter protest and do the horsey dance right in front of them ..

          • Paul M

            Ha! That’s hilarious. Sounds like the right wing christian nut-jobs in the US shouting out homophobic nonsense and then complaining about ‘persecution of their beliefs’ when told to shut up.

    • helloworld011191

      Okay, I’m going to translate the Twitter comments just to lighten up the mood. Sorry for the out-of-topic-ness, but I think we could all use a little positivity once in a while. If you don’t want to read, just downvote and the comment will be more at the bottom.

      I’ll mention what the Japanese YouTube comments look like, though. Skip the next paragraph if you don’t want to know.

      There are many positive Japanese comments on YouTube, too, actually, but they’re somehow flagged as spam (probably by the crazy netouyo people). One of the top YouTube comment lectures about how foreigners living in Japan enjoy special privileges (like affirmative action) and how peace isn’t possible without getting rid of those. Another comments claims how idiotic everyone is, trying to get along with a country that hates them so much.

      Anyways, onto something not depressing! Click here for the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXqWJNOAX8M

      There are ~140,000 tweets about this article http://ceron.jp/url/www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXqWJNOAX8M and here are the first few dozens of comments/tweets – to be fair, I included everything, so be warned that a couple of them are tweets from netouyo-types of people:

      tadakata nagasu (11/2/2012)

      Free hugs with South Koreans. I can’t forgive their anti-Japanese education, but it’s best to get along together.

      ピヨカヅオ♪ (10/22/2012)

      It’s not good to be racist without even going to that country and mingle with their people, is it~?

      Koichiro Takahashi (10/20/2012

      This is cool.

      きゃ (10/19/2012)
      ): これはいいな…

      ): This is so good . . .

      シリウスより☆彡 (10/18/12)
      夏に見て号泣。今 見て やっぱり感涙です。(T~T)

      I watched this in the summer and cried. I still cry, watching it now.

      Mana (10/18/2012)
      !!!!やばいな、朝から泣いた(><) These kinds of things are truly amazing! I want to do it, too (;o;)

      mako37 (10/12/2012)

      Wow, this makes me feel relieved as I cry.
      ヨネ8492 (10/12/2012)

      ) 日韓に限らずアジアは団結すべき。

      Asia should unite, not just Japan and South Korea.

      あかねこ(初回限定版) (10/6/2012)
      ) 泣けるpq

      This makes me want to cry p q

      oripachi (10/1/2012)

      This video is good! I want the youths in Japan and South Korea to see this.

      MadamoiselleTJ (9/29/2012)

      Wow, I was annihilated (*_*) One more time . . .

      yossy (9/27/2012)
      1年前のらしいんだけど、見てたら泣けてきたよ… 個々に付き合うと、本当にいいこたちだってわかってるんだけどね… だけどね… 今の状況は辛いな… 私も大好きなのか大嫌いなのかわからないんだよね…

      Apparently, this came out a year ago, but I cried as I watched this . . . If I interact with them on an individual basis, I understand that they are truly good people . . . But . . . the situation right now is difficult . . . I myself don't know if I absolutely love or hate them . . .

      仲原靖雄 (9/26/2012)

      The video makes you feel so happy, doesn't it♪

      生活レジスタンス (9/25/2012)

      Hi, nice to meet you. If you have time, please watch this. My tears flowed out without thinking. I send my heartfelt respect and applause to this young man.

      あきな * 아키나 [Note: I see a lot of these handles on twitter, where Japanese K-Pop/K-Drama fangirls include their Japanese name in hangul] (9/22/2012)

      I'm so moved!! TT

      まどどん (9/21/2012)

      I was moved watching this

      GreenPlanet Hagiwara (9/21/2012)

      I like this, as I thought! My mood became good from the morning.

      なかたく (9/21/2012)
      学生か?すげーな(´Д` )

      He's a student? Amazing! (´Д` )

      ひろっち (9/19/2012)

      I learned about this lovely person from a lovely friend! There's a lot going on between Japan and China and Japan and South Korea right now, but this makes you forget all about it, doesn't it? Everybody, watch it~

      kowoome (9/18/2012)

      I couldn't stop crying

      sasugano sarutobi (9/18/2012)

      Someday! Once again . . .

      Keita Nakayama 中山恵太 (9/18/2012)

      This is beautiful! No . . . I'm jealous!!


      Yes. Let us get along together. My eyes are getting misty as I watch this.

      素敵…本当、素敵(T^T)@lovelovemrq: 日本人男性が韓国でフリーハグをした映像だそうです。涙が出ました。 みんなに見て欲しい。

      Lovely . . . Truly, lovely (T^T) @lovelovemrq: A Japanese man does free hugs in this video. I cried. I wish that everybody would see this.

      @xibenxiu @tosume 日本の男性が韓国でフリーハグした動画です。こういうのを見ると心がほっとします。見てて涙が出ました。

      A Japanese man does free hugs in this video. My heart feels so relieved after watching something like this. I cried as I watched this.

      Rin Terasawa

      This is so moving! (^-^)/ I believe in friendship between Japan and South Korea! (^^)/


      What difference between Japanese and South Korean comments . . .

      [Note: It seems that netouyo types of people pay more attention to what South Koreans say on the Internet than normal people.]

      La Boo hair (美容室)
      ホント! 仲良くしようよ♪

      Truly, let's get along♪


      I started crying as I watched this・゜・(ノД`)・゜・I hope that the world will be peaceful…☆彡

      あんどれ@\衆議院解散総選挙!!/ [WARNING: netouyo]

      There were idiots who tweeted that they "cried so much" while watching this w

      @youtubeから いいね、こうゆーの!フリーハグとかしてみたいー

      From @youtube: These kinds of things are good, aren't they? I want to try free hugs~

      • Sillian

        The recent state of affairs in Asia has been depressing. Very heart-warming to read this kind of comments! =D

        • helloworld011191

          I know, right? :’)

      • redgirls

        Oh my that gave me ..Happy tears :.) ty.

        • helloworld011191

          *Cries with you* TvT

  • Anonymous

    The scientific community has known for decades that the Korean and Japanese were essentially the same race. Why make a big deal out of it now?

  • Aya

    Never understood how much hatred fellow Asian nations could have for each other. I am Ryukuan-Hui, and was never accepted into any of the communities when growing up. We all descended from China, and are all the same race. Why is it only now we are shocked to see we have shared blood?

    • Kuramano

      Because people care so much about their image. They want other people to see their ethnic or nation is unique and superior than other. That’s the society we have today.

    • dim mak

      >we are all descended from China

      Negatory. The Koreans and Japanese are a different lineage more related to altaic speaking peoples

      • turkeyeae


        You must have a reading problem because this DNA study by Japanese scientist proves what anybody with a brain already knows. See the picture / link below


        Early people from present-day southern China => Populated Korea => Chinese / Koreans migrated to Japan and mixed with the Ainu to form the Japanese population.

        • anon

          bullshit, koreans are quite distant from the southern chinese.
          i mean relatively, obviously asians share genes, but ^ stand by that statement.

      • Jennster
        • Artainis

          Actually, dim mak is more correct. In the link you posted, it says the northeast Asian population is closer:
          “The northeast Asian population was phylogenetically closest to the Korean–Japanese Archipelago population cluster, followed by the populations in southern China.”
          Included in the northeast Asian population are the Hezhen, Daur, Oroqen, and Mongolian peoples. They all speak Altaic languages which are spoken by the people dim mak was referring to. There is a lot of ethnicities contained within the term “Chinese,” but most of them have some part blood from Altaic speaking peoples as they were the conquerors who intermarried with the local peoples. That’s why Chinese forms a large percentage in the jref article you posted. But if you travel through China, you will find that “Chinese” people are not as homogenized as Korean or Japanese. The biggest distinction, recognized by Chinese people also, being between the Northerners (北方人) and Southerners (南方人). The reason it’s not an ethnicity in it’s own right is due to political reasons and maintenance of a Chinese national identity.

          • EightNineBall

            Dim mak’s argument to Aya has been sufficiently addressed by both turkeyeae and Jennster. Turkeyeae provided further detail on the link above which has since been removed. While the map he posted is barely readable, it’s contents suggested:

            “Early people from present-day southern China => Populated Korea => Chinese / Koreans migrated to Japan and mixed with the Ainu to form the Japanese population.” (In his own words)

            >The populations in Southern China (Tu, Naxi and Yi) do not refer to the Han Chinese, who are in turn closer to the Japanese than the 4 Northeast populations.

            “These two clusters (Northeastern and Southern) are phylogenetically closer to the Korean and the Japanese Archipelago cluster. In terms of genetic distances, however, some Han Chinese populations (CHB in Beijing and Han-Tw) were closer to populations in the Japanese Archipelago.”

            > The jref article was based on 2 different studies

            1) Research from the NHA

            2) Professor Satoshi Yamaguchi’s study based on Jiangsu specimens

            In both cases, the “Han” Chinese influence was so evident that denial is pointless.

            > Often the lines between Northern and Southern Chinese is so blurred that is is virtually impossible to identify who is from the North and who is from the South. There is just too much overlap. The same applies when trying to distinguish Japanese and Chinese based solely on physical attributes as CIA agents once proved. It should be noted that Japanese can be as varied as the Chinese appearance wise inspite of having a much smaller population. Remember, the infamous Ishihara rejected his own ideas of a homogenous Japan and stated that Japanese are a mixture of “all the ethnic groups in Asia.”

            Likewise, the conclusion of this article was that all these groups are connected and related as a race thus Aya’s original statement holds true.

          • dim mak

            Negatory. Both misrepresentation of sources. There is no historian or anthropologist alive that believes Koreans/Japanese are “descended from China”. Shared DNA != descent, migration order, or influence. The only certainty with such data is genetic drift. The fact that the forum actually categorizes DNA as Chinese or Korean or Japanese shows exactly how little they understand the subject.

          • EightNineBall

            Understandable, but I was referring to the Japanese studies that were posted earlier. These seem to be in line with Aya’s statements of Chinese and Japanese being more or less the same race. From my own understanding, this means they have at the very least connection with the Chinese.

            I believe members of the NHA are still alive since this and many such studies have been conducted not too long ago. I won’t argue with you that our understanding of the concept of DNA is still premature.

    • JB

      Because Japan during the Meiji Restoration also learned some of the darker sides of European enlightenment thinking. Specifically, an old German idea that involves ideas that tie together race and superiority.

      • yeah, of course, the bad nazis

        You mean like US Americans tend to do nowadays?

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  • dim mak

    These studies have been done over and over, it’s nothing new
    What’s strange is that Japan and Korea both continue to believe they’re from different planets

  • ChuckRamone

    The research article is now up, and it’s open access. http://www.nature.com/jhg/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/jhg2012114a.html

    Of course, the headlines about it were sensationalist to get lots of readers. The researchers seem to have concluded that the genetic proximity of East Asians falls roughly on this spectrum: Chinese – Korean – Japanese – Ainu. So, no, Koreans and Japanese are not exactly the same.

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  • OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, THE JAPANESE ARE THE MOST HATEFUL PEOPLE. I really feel sorry for you people. Your statements show how despicable and mean and evil you people are. I know Koreans and they are not as mean as you guys are. I see them reacting more to your hateful garbage than making statements of hate. Japanese people need to foster civility and humanity. It is because of your hate that has allowed the Western nations to dominate you. If you only would be brotherly then maybe you and Korea can foster a relationship that benefits both nations and not be at the dictates of Western nations. I used to admire the Japanese but it seems many of you are trolls and befit that description more so than any other people in the world. Karma has a way of paying back for your hateful attitude but I believe in a Creator and HE will surely punish the Japanese people for fostering childish and inhuman behavior to his fellow man.

  • So much hate in these comments. I gather that Japanese claim superiority over Koreans. I just came because of an interest in dna.

  • daehanmingok

    fucking ignorant jap fuckers calling us unsopisticated. WE HAD FUCKING CIVILIZATION 1000 YEARS BEFORE YOU FUCKERS HAD AGRICULTURE RETARD BUCKTOOTHED FUCKS. Also, its proven that most of your degrading culture originated from Korea such as budahism and confucism especially during the three kingdom era with bakjae. SERIOUSLY JAPANESE ARE FUCKING RETARDED NO WONDER EVERYONE IN ASIA HATES THEIR GUTS. maybe korean and china should team up to fucked them up one more time after hiroshima :p Bitches!!!!!!!!

  • Mighty

    Jomon is cuter. (But I’m sure neither looked anything like in that picture back in those days).

    • chucky3176

      The real Jomon would have a huge lower jaws protruding forward, very eye deep set eye bridges, hair covering their bodies, and none of them would have died their hair or had plastic surgery since entering Japan from the Indian sub continent thousands of years ago.

      The picture of real Jomons.


      They resemble exactly the Australian aborigines of today, minus the lighter skin color, probably revolved due to Japan’s colder climate.

      • Mighty曹

        Thanks for that most interesting piece of info. That’s a very intriguing photo. The men have an aryan feature. The costumes are quite elaborate.

        Btw, the young kid appears to be a product of inbreeding.

  • SkyknightXi

    It doesn’t exactly look like the right-wingers on EITHER side of the Tsushima Strait took the news well. The average translated in-article comment in the KoreaBANG post of the study was every bit as scorn-addled as the average translated in-article comment topside. {desperately hopes this comment won’t show up on the bottom of the list}

    I wish I had some sense of what’s so precious to reactionaries about purity, as though it were a good in and of itself. It sounds like a form of appeal to antiquity–more specifically, a conceit that it’s impossible to exceed anything that was an antecedent to you. So, from this, an idea that change itself is chimeric, perhaps that the only reason to exist is to maintain the semblance of the utmost origin.

    So…what is it that keeps Japanese and Korean reactionaries alike from being able to find worth outside of loyalty to the (alleged) infinite past? Too often it just seems like thirst for glory (no matter WHICH race/lineage we’re talking about; Korean, Japanese, German, British, etc.). And, truth be told, I am not convinced that glory and honor can coexist. And I’m emphatically on honor’s side.

  • James Mafiaw

    Japanese people sound like some racist crybabies lol…. Koreans make better movies, dramas and music, and now i guess cars to;) You should embrace it a little more…..

  • Nuru

    The articles was telling ppl that there had been an inter marriage of korean natives and Japanese natives. Which the Korean natives were the ones to come over to Japan. And since the Koreans had married and live in Japan they decendents are called modern Japanese (becos of the inter martiage). Dun ask if the Koreans were male or female (i wouldnt know) but i can assume that the Koreans are females. Afterall all ethnic takes pride of having a male heir/decendents. But now DnA test can even trace the mother’s dna to know if shes korean or not. But on the bright side. If the immigration of Koreans are few. Chances are modern Japanese are still considered Japanese coz after few generation yoy will still be marrying Japanese.

  • john

    So its funny to say that the Japanese likes to think that human roots originated from Africa, or from a monkey, or from space aliens having sexually intercourse with monkeys vis versa. How about you people do some research and find out what is the real truth with genetics, more than likely you didn’t originate out from a rock on that island. Think about it.

  • LordInit

    One major problem with people who interpret the data is that they confuse physical populations with culture when the two are entirely different! The Korean language and culture is entirely different from Japanese and the reasons are obvious when one looks at the history of the Korean Peninsula. It is because the indigenous Japonic peoples of the peninsula were conquered by ancestral Korean peoples of the inner continent further north! This is shown in Chinese records and even hinted at in Korean records. The entire peninsula became Koreanized with only a few if any traces of the original Japonic language left.

  • sakura kou

    all humans share the same DNA , with differences in genes that come form our parents , but in reality we are all related to one another

  • james

    Rape was done during the colonization of korea by japan. Japanese people raped alot of koreans. Dont feel disgusted since we all have same roots eventually. Its fuckers like you that deserve to be part of hiroshima part2. My blood is mixed with french, german, scottish, swedish, and russian. Back then they akways fought each other and now we are saying who gives a fuck. What make u japanese people so special to be mad. Human beings are human beings otherwise ur an ignorant animal. Bakkayaro. -to all hateful comments

  • KP1North1KP

    Korean DNA is 02b in which 99.9 percent of Japanese carry.

  • Ed Viera, Jr.

    Looks like the xenophobic concept of a superior or master race is alive and well in Japan. Congratulations people. Wherever you think you come from.

  • Naver

    Koreans, Manchurians, Mongolians, Japanese, Asian Turkish are all Altaic groups…. Koreans had Vietnamese immigrants during Koryo Dynasty, Koreans had Manchurian/ Mongolian immigrants during Balhae Dynasty.


    Here you go, you hate mongering Jap Nationalists! Open your bigoted ears, you sawed-off yellow buck-toothed small-dicked natto-stinking Korean-hating Chimpanzees! The Yayoi tribes of Korea have been coming over to Japan even before there was a Japan: https://www.japancrush.com//2012/stories/dna-evidence-emerges-that-japanese-share-korean-blood.html

    And, Koreans came over in droves from Baekje and Gaya in order to bring about civilization and warriors to the Yamato upstarts during the 5th century and beyond. Koreans admixed with short chimp like tribes of indigenous Japanese (Jomon types) to create the mongrel Japanese of today. Your own Emperor has admitted to having Korean matrilineal heritage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pnQaJC8vyU

    Much like the English, who are but the descendants of Jutes, Angles and Saxons from the mainland Europe, the Japanese nobles are the descendants of Baekje,, Gaya and Silla. In fact, the Korean and Japanese languages are so similar in structure and sounds that they are classified in a singular category.

    Furthermore, the DNA of South-West Koreans are closer to the Japanese than it is to Koreans from the North. It goes to show the origins of Japanese Yayoi immigration as that of being from Korea. If you weren’t a bunch of stinking hating mongrel Chimpanzees, you would be able to see the truth of science and history, but your blind hatred and fear of being just a mongrel Mongoloid race has you up in arms against facts. You fear-ridden Jap Nationals are nothing but a bunch of pathetic lying sacks of Mongrel shit.


    Are all Japanese so hateful against Koreans? It’s funny, I grew up in lily-white America and never knew the hatred that Japanese harbor towards my ethnicity, but just read all the hateful comments made by the Japanese. I feel like spitting on random Japs just for kicks. Japs are nasty and two-faced. Well, I can play that game pretty well.

  • Jolly Roger

    Morons. Genetics don’t lie. And the fact that the Korean peninsula is the closest mainland Asian landmass to the Japanese main islands is also an indisputable fact. Humans didn’t just spring up out of the Earth in various places around the world. All humans migrated to where they are now from a common homeland and from a proto-gene pool. The Japanese, Koreans, Han Chinese, and every other idiot group who still think they are “pure” need to rise above ignorance and arrogance. There is a difference between culture and genetics. Too many Asian groups think they are the same thing.

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