‘Is it Trendy to be Right Wing?’ Asks Article, Netizens React

The Japanese Flag Before 1945

A recent article in the Japanese tabloid newspaper Nikkan Gendai garnered considerable attention from Japanese netizens through asking one provocative question: Has it become trendy for young Japanese people to be right wing?

At a time when tensions in East Asia are high, the newspaper asks whether increased numbers of visitors to the Yasukuni Shrine, which commemorates all Japanese who died in service to the Emperor between 1867 and 1951, are indicative of right wing tendencies. The Yasukuni Shrine remains at the centre of controversies with Korea and China, since the souls enshrined therein include those of class A war criminals. In recent years, members of the Diet who visit the shrine have found themselves facing criticism from several corners, with many perceiving these actions as unnecessarily antagonistic.

This new wave of youthful pilgrims brings new questions about political tendencies among younger Japanese. Netizen responses to the claims made in the article are also translated below.

From Nikkan Gendai

Increase in Japanese Youths Visiting Yasukuni Shrine; Nikkan Gendai Fears Nationalism Being Treated Like a Fashion Trend Could Be Dangerous

★ Not Only Members of the Diet; Japanese Youths Increasingly Paying Their Respects at Yasukuni Shrine.

Last week, members of the National Diet, including the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Abe Shinzo, visited the Yasukuni Shrine. The foreign media has repeatedly criticized this act as being a reason for deteriorating ties amongst Japan and its neighboring countries. One Diet member said: ‘I was surprised to see so many Japanese youths in their 20s and 30s visiting the shrine.’

About 6 million people visit the Yasukuni Shrine each year, and recently the number of young visitors has increased. Actually visiting the shrine, we saw several youths (mostly in pairs or groups of three). We assumed that they were just there as tourists. However, when asked the purpose of their visit, their responses were quite serious. They said ‘being Japanese we must visit once’. It is not a matter of concern what motivates a person to visit Yasukuni shrine, since it is within one’s right and freedom to do so. Yet it does raise a concern, when you hear news of Japanese youths becoming more rightist in their views.

We can surely not ignore the influence of the Internet. It is the extreme rightist comments by ‘Internet right-wingers’ that attract the most attention online. Nowadays it is no longer the newspaper, television and other sources of media that influence the way the youth think. Many rely on Yahoo News. The access count for the site is 10 times that of most newspaper sites. With Yahoo News presenting many articles from the Sankei Shimbun [a newspaper known for being right-wing and conservative] you can not ignore its influence.

Not only Yahoo News, but also the information on the Internet is generally one-sided. IT journalist Inoue Toshiyuki states: ‘It is not a matter of the quality of what you say, but the number of people who say it. It gives the youth a false sense of feeling that everybody is thinking that way. On the Internet you will find many youths, especially young women who clearly support rightist views. There is a strong wave amongst the youths towards nationalism. It does not surprise me to hear that there are greater numbers of youths visiting Yasukuni Shrine. If they are visiting Yasukuni with the mentality of it being like a fashion trend, this is something very dangerous.

Comments from 2chbiyori


The idiots are growing in number


It’s all thanks to the Democratic Party of Japan


It really is as if visiting the Yasukuni shrine is a bad thing


It’s more abnormal to consider visiting the Yasukuni shrine as strange.


Does wanting to protect our own country mean we’re becoming more right wing? Then is betraying one’s country an act of liberalism? Both right and left-wing are too extreme. Wanting to protect your own country should be a natural emotion for all nationals. The media say stuff like it’s still a crime even if ‘patriotism is innocent’ which is the same kind of thing.


I teach my children that we exist now upon the sacrifices of many lives. Japanese politicians should visit the Yasukuni shrine. Given the opportunity, go pay your respects.


If it’s fashion, what’s the problem?


What is so dangerous, and how?


Are all the foreign tourists that come to the Yasukuni Shrine fascists?


My grandfather’s brothers died in the war, so as kids we always went there to pay our respects. In the 80’s many politicians went because they too had family members there. What are they fussing about?


So it’s wrong for Japanese people go to a Japanese sacred place within Japan to pay respects for people who died fighting for the benefit of Japan. This is the opinion of self-professed ‘decent’ Japanese.


The result of young Japanese who followed the trend of Liberalism is our politics now w


If you think about it, at the Yasukuni shrine you will not meet Chinese, North Korean or anti-Japanese foreigners. It is so peaceful. It is a holy sanctuary.


It is just a matter of people who want to go should go..


Paying a visit to your family grave is a rightist act.


Japanese youths are ignorant of their history, and that’s why they can do things to anger the Koreans and Chinese, like visiting the Yasukuni shrine.


Becoming more right wing? We are just becoming more normal.

Dual Identity(通名)は日本の誇る文化、1億全市民に通名許可を:

Youth are supposed to be this way. Old ones think back to when you were young. 90% of you guys rebelled like it was the fashionable thing to do, like it was a party. Compared to that, now it’s a lot better. People watch the news and each individual has a political stand and is able to voice this. Makes me feel the maturity of Japanese democracy.


Right wing tendencies becoming fashionable…If we resume mandatory military service, I bet those youths would love that. How about for 3 years from the age of 24?

(  `ハ´ ):2012/10/25(木):

@79 Well, as long as their actions don’t correspond to it, who cares if it’s nationalism and belief that’s not just for fashion w. No wonder it’s talked about as being a fashionable trend. For the most part, their actions don’t accompany [their beliefs], so I guess that’s why it’s being ridiculed as fashion.

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  • Fire

    To Japanese netizen, internet is a laughing matter. www.

    • helloworld

      Are you Japanese?

      • Fire

        Hello helloworld, I am not Japanese

        • helloworld011191

          Aww. 🙁 I want to ask more Japanese people what they think of their Internet.

          • Fire

            Ive seen a few Japanese netizen commented here, you may ask them, they seem friendly.

  • Ruaraidh

    Don’t Japanese fashions tend towards the bizarre and somewhat temporal? It’s probably just a natural reaction to the recent hype over territorial disputes. If you build up a conflict then people are bound to get a bit absorbed into it. Most likely when cooler heads prevail and the international sabre rattling subsides, so will any upsurge of right wing trendiness.

  • Ruaraidh

    Oops, what’s happened now. Could a mod delete the above?

    Edit: Thanks mod!

    • besudesu

      You’re welcome Ruaraidh!

  • As a Malaysian, i tend to notice that Malaysian and Singaporeans are becoming left-wing whereas the opposite is happening to Japanese and Korean youths.

    I used to be a conservative, but now i am quite left-wing and supportive of leftists policies and it’s more evident by the Malaysian government’s absurd reactions to the acceptance of homosexuality in the country (Many Malaysian youths including the Malay Muslims are getting comfy with homosexuals compared to the last decade).

    Why is this? Is it easy exposure to Western politics thanks to the English language? Does language and exposure affect how politics and ideologies evolve? Will Japan become more liberal if exposure to liberal ideas becomes easier to understand?

    • royaljester

      Probably has little to do with it. Politics is extremely cyclical where many left wing and right wing views completely switch sides over time. The current situation also changes people’s views back and forth. There will always be right and left wing groups as long as there are Boston and Yankee teams to root for.

  • AngryCanadien

    “So it’s wrong for Japanese people go to a Japanese sacred place
    within Japan to pay respects for people who died fighting for the
    benefit of Japan. This is the opinion of self-professed ‘decent’

    This is ridiculous! War memorials in other countries are about remembering the victims of war and the soldiers who fought to defend their homeland. But in Japan, it’s bizarro world, where war memorials are dedicated to the war criminals who invaded and caused unbelievable suffering to innocent people. scoff.

    • Butsu

      It is not “dedicated” to any war criminals, they have been enshrined there with a hell of a lot other people, like normal soldiers and so on. You can’t “unshrine” them so to speak. And to be fair, the US have these people, who all did war crimes, buried at military cemetarys:
      Brigadier General Samuel M. Whitside, who commanded the Wounded Knee massacre.
      General Jacob H. Smith, who had ordered the killing of everyone ten years old in reprisal for attacks on US marines in the Philippines.
      General Curtis Le May, who ordered the firebombing of Japanese civilian populations and the carpet-bombing of Vietnam and Cambodia.
      Major General Hobart Gay, who gave the orders to fire on refugees during the Korean War that lead to the No Gun Ri massacre.

      So I’d say it definatly goes both ways. Just look at some other recent wars, where a person can be one country’s hero, and a war criminal in the other. I personally think, a lot of people put too mouch thought into this.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Well the thing is, Americans aren’t the ones that hate it. It’s the Chinese, and the Koreans.

        Koreans because of the whole Japanese occupation, and Chinese because of the Nanking massacre and the Three Alls policy. Japanese are probably nervous because China being anti-Japanese(after visiting there in August, I’m inclined to believe it) and the Japanese probably think this will just upset them even more.

      • royaljester

        Exactly, and nobody is as dumb to say that when you visit a national cemetary, you’re actually going their to pay homage to the war criminal General Smith et al.

        • henryezra

          Let’ssay, there are people goes to (if existed) Hitler tomb, with all of Nazi soldiers, you considered this as?

      • henryezra


        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          Heck no, he was Austrian. I’m German…partially.

    • royaljester

      Yasukuni isn’t dedicated to war criminals. A section of it is – the vast majority of people are actually visiting their dead relatives and could care less about the issue and don’t even think about it being there. That’s the conflation that the two ignorant sides are fighting over. One side says everyone is visiting a shrine dedicated to war criminals to pay homage to them, which is disingenuous and a blatant lie. The other side says what’s wrong with burying people who happened to be war criminals those trials weren’t fair anyways – which is equally disingenuous and ridiculous. This circle jerk will continue to the day they die.

      • henryezra

        The fact that there is a section of war propaganda and apologist in the shrine. Why?

    • cb4242

      We know that, but tell that to most Japanese, they would always look at themselves as being the total victim and think that there is nothing absolutely wrong with visiting Yasakuni Shrine.

    • Drake

      Rape and massacre of Vietnamese civilians by the Korean military.


      “Allies called Koreans : A report from VIetnam” by Diane and Michael Jones, Koreans enjoyed shooting Viet kids’ heads at close range or cutting pregnant women’s stomachs off.

      S.Korean soldiers raped and slaughtered more than 300,000 Vietnamese kids and women. So today there are more than 50,000 half-Korean-Vietnamese orphans called “LAI DAIHAN”. Korean government has given medals to those Korean rape criminals. Of course, S.Korean government has never ever paid compensation nor apologized to those victims.

      Go Dai Massacre (Korean unit “Tiger” raped and killed 380 kids and women)

      Thai Binh Massacre (Korean soldiers raped and killed 8,000 kids and women)

      Ha My Massare (Korean unit “ROKMC= 대한민국 해병대) raped and killed 135 kids and women)

      Even now many Korean human traffickers are running across Vietnam and other South Asian countries.

      Koreans haven’t acknowledged the true history like your nice quotation. They are insanely brainwashed by fake stories and made-up history invented by Korean government.

      • zappa frank

        i don’t understand how a korean crime of war (and i’m sure there are) could make japanese 2°worldwar’s crimes a lie.

  • chucky3176

    This does nothing to support the favorite theory that gets bantered about every time, that only a very few weird Japanese online are making extreme comments.

    I do notice one significant change in pattern in both Japan and Korea. News about Korea seems to be flooding the Japanese news, while the opposite is happening in Korea, where consciousness about Japan is reducing. Now a days, if a Japanese politician does something to anger Korea, there isn’t the same jumpiness and emotion like there it used to be. Now a days, young Koreans hardly bat an eye. It wasn’t like this before, but the attitude amongst the population in these two countries towards each other seems to be reversing.

    • besudesu

      Yes Chucky, that’s a really interesting phenomenon. I also noticed this from writing on kB. Stories about Japan in Korea don’t seem to attract as much attention as stories about Korea in Japan. I think significant numbers of stories about Japan are still published in the Korean media, but they don’t attract netizen comments like they do in the opposite case. ネットウヨ (nettouyo) culture is famously right-wing and anti-everyone, so it’s consistent with the idea that one sector of Japanese society is increasing online popularity of particular articles. Thinking of it, if we see the nettouyo as a political group, then it becomes worrying. What do you think?

      • TrickyNishidake

        That’s actually a pretty interesting phenomenon. The internet generally fosters a wide variety of opinions, but in Japan it’s doing the complete opposite. I wonder how it relates culturally to the Japanese.

        • helloworld

          My impression from searching ネトウヨ on YouTube is that mainstream media made a number of programs portraying the netouyo as crazy, conspiratorial, anti-foreign, jingoistic group of people who especially hate the Chinese and Koreans and who will call anyone provocateur them as 工作員 (spy, covert operative, agent provacour, etc). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHq0uXJgHso http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bcxhW2DFy8 Those who usually do weird protests are usually netouyo, too, like the one against FujiTV for playing too much S. Korean dramas on the station because they think that FujiTV is in S. Korean government/business pockets or something, or these ones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOodgejzBig http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=343VqANirG0 or this one weird high school netouyo kid who wants to fun for office http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xd9JtXXrAgQ&feature=BFa&list=WL3ED2C5BC24FAF6B0

          My impression is that most people see the Internet as this weird place full of crazy people, so they don’t really go on it to read news, comment, etc. like Westerners do, and rely on TV instead, or they keep their thoughts private on mixi or something.

          • chucky3176

            Those are your impressions but that’s about it.

            Japanese have long held a deeply routed prejudice against Koreans and that ain’t going away any time soon. The roots are deeply entrenched, and they come out in the form of internet commentaries. Of course, most Japanese are too polite to say what they really think in front of anyone’s face. This can give a mistaking impression that Japanese are kind and respectful toward all nationalities. It’s what I consider a fake. Once you start learning their language and dig deeper, the truth comes out.

            For instance, have a look at this news site which is not a traditional Japanese media. But nevertheless they are very popular with the youth.

            This article is about two South Korean guys who are deeply in love with Japanese culture. So much so that they say they want to become Japanese.


            Normally imitation would be considered a form of flattery, and in normal cultures those two Korean guys would be considered strange but looked on positively. But the venom toward these two guys based on their Korean roots by the Japanese commentators, was all but predictable. You’ll have to register and login to view all the juicy comments.


            Looking through the same site, I noticed that out of ten top news stories from abroad, four of them has something to do with Korea (while three stories had something bad to do with China). Of course, all of them have negative stories pertaining to Korea. They are:

            #2) Apple reinstates the name Takeshima.
            #4) From America, PSY is the most anti-American person.
            #5) Korean professor: Japanese are pathetic
            #8) Attempt by Korean military to hide prostitution discovered

            And it doesn’t get much better from other news sites. They’re all pretty much 99% negative toward Korea. About 1% which are positive are dedicated to Kpop fans who are mostly Japanese women.

          • Hmm

            U don’t have to register to read the comments. Also the comments are not as bad as u say. There’s one bad one that says “Don’t come, you Koreans are a different race from us”, but otherwise it’s typical 2ch netuyo “resigned sarcasm” stuff like “I acknowledge your bravery in showing your face and saying this , f you don’t keep it a secret you will get stabbed by your Korean brothers”

          • chucky3176

            You have to register to read all the comments. You only read a small portion.

          • helloworld011191

            *Sigh* I don’t have enough time for this.

            >Those are your impressions but that’s about it.

            You think that it’s possible for 60% the Japanese people to feel some kind of “affinity” towards S. Korea according to a January 2012 poll, if their Internet represents the entire Japanese population? You accuse *me* of being biased? Look, I’m not denying that the Japanese news sites are full of ultra-nationalists douchebags. I’m just saying that *not everybody is as anti-S. Korea as these people are*. In fact, the majority of the Japanese people are *pro* S. Korea, as that poll I mentioned indicates.

            Look, I even asked a person who I know is living is Tokyo about what he thought about the netouyo:

            ‘As I showed through a link to an academic article in a previous comment you left, Net Uyo only amount to a tiny percentage of internet users in Japan.

            ‘Japan’s mainstream media (aside from perhaps the Sankei Shimbun) is not sympathetic to the views of the right wingers. So non-right wingers don’t need to go onto the internet to vent their views anonymously. They can read and hear the non-right wing perspective on a daily basis on TV and in the newspapers.

            ‘The net uyo turn to the internet because they are marginalized, angry, and ignored by the mainstream. All they can do is spam web forums and comment pages of news sites. (Some scholars have argued that marginalized groups are more likely to embrace internet technologies because of something called “Outparty Innovation Incentives”)

            ‘Non-crazy people does not need to use the internet to vent their political opinions because they are not desperate and angry.’

            Look, it seems that you can speak Japanese fairly well. Why don’t you just give this program http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHq0uXJgHso a chance – here, they do a reporting on the netouyo, and invites one French, one Chinese, and one S. Korean person living in Japan to discuss about the crazy Internet. In fact the Chinese person jokes that the Chinese Fenqing won’t lose to the Japanese Netouyo.

            Besides, here’s a Japanese hippie anit-war indie music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTyNr7fQiv4 that I got recommended from a Japanese person I currently know online, and this http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=815346 is a S. Korean person living in Japan, whose artwork is received pretty well in the community, especially because this person explains Korean history in a fun and interesting way.

            I mean, ask anyone who’s *actually* living in Japan and they’ll tell you that the Netouyo is a fringe group that’s looked down upon. In S. Korea and China, their Internet may reflect real Japanese society somewhat, but it’s the complete opposite for Japan.

    • royaljester

      They got tired of it, what’s the big surprise. North Korea threatens total annihilation of the south every year and they don’t even bat an eye. What do you expect it’s human nature.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Is it trendy to own the Senkaku Islands?

    • linette lee

      no, diaoyu belongs to the Chinese.

      • A Lu

        Diaoyu belong to Taiwan. If China wants them it should get Taiwan back first. Cus yes, currently Taiwan is not a chinese province.

        • dk2020

          LOL .. Taiwan isn’t even in the conversation .. I would think they are on Japan’s side since many Taiwanese is pro Japan ..

          • You clearly have not been following chinaSMACK…

      • rollin wit 9’s

        just wanted to say i didnt down vote you linny. you usually provide food for thought!

  • expatrick

    All I know is that American right-wingers are all inbred redneck idiots!

    • Such powerful words coming from a racist moron.

  • linette lee

    If the japanese is smart, they should take down Yasukuni Shrine. Those wwII criminals should not be treated like heros.

  • Peter

    Thank you so much for creating JapanCrush!!!

    I don’t so the issue. Shrines for those killed in war are in every country. As long as their purpose is respect for the dead instead of respect for war (regardless of whether your country won or lost), then there is no harm done. As far as I have heard, Japanese don’t go to Yasukuni to remember ‘the good times’.

    • henryezra

      Shrine for heroes in usual in any countries. But War criminals as heroes only happened in Japan. Hitler is not celebrated as a hero in Germany.

  • Sillian
    • chucky3176

      Well that site just about sums up Yasukuni. As a Korean it’s just outrageous seeing all the bull shit crap. For those Americans and others who may not know what they contain, it could ridiculously peaceful and may think what’s all the fuss is about.

      But this type of propaganda cannot be just ignored. Read this garbage:

      “But it was necessary to fight to firmly protect the
      independence of Japan and to exist as a peaceful nation prospering
      together with the surrounding countries of Asia”

      This is definitely not just another ordinary war memorial. It’s a Right Wing propaganda center for Imperial Japan.

      Shame on those Japan apologists to try to pass this off as something normal because they think Japanese are cute polite people with a cool culture.

      • Sillian

        The shrine can certainly work on straightening their ideology. What visitors have in mind and what the shrine promotes might not necessarily be the same though.

  • henryezra

    For westerners:
    Imagine that Nazi party is still exist in Germany. And German politicians went to Nazi soldiers shrine (there are also Hitler and all Generals and officers) every years. What would you think about it?

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    It’s trendy to be right wing in Japan just like it’s trendy to be metrosexual in Korea.

    • dk2020

      i thought there were metrosexuals in Japan too .. didn’t the feminine style come from Gackt? Reminds me of the emo/hipster style in the states ..

  • ddd

    The Japanese are trying to match the stupidity of the Chinese and Koreans

  • tanaka Kimura

    If japan does not ditch yasukuni shrine, japan will keep being isolated for its neighbors. Ignoring asia was possible for japan a century ago, but its not possible today and it will only function to decline japan deeper/isolated.

  • Drake

    Taekwondo is Japanese?

    The Evolution of Taekwondo from Japanese Karate. By Eric Madis

    During the Korea annexation by Japan, Funakoshi Gichin (Karate master) from Okinawa trained Koreans, and these korean successors had their own gyms. Today’s Koreans say “We are victims. We are survivors of asian Auschwitz.” but strangely Koreans could learn Judo, Karate, Aikido….and could have their own gyms. After WW2, Koreans denied the facts. Koreans distorted the origin of culture.

    Steven Capener, has two PhDs from S Korean universities.

    “The fact that t’aegwondo was first brought into Korea from Okinawa/Japan in the form of Japanese karate around the time of the liberation of Korea from Japanese colonial rule, and the way this fact has been dealt with in Korea has left many serious inconsistencies in the way t’aegwondo has been developed within Korea and propagated abroad.”

    Koreans who led the popularization of taekwondo of mid and late part of the 1940s, such as Master Yi Wong Gwok, the founder of Seitokan, mastered karate in Japan (mainly Shotokan-ryu karate, since, from the name ‘Seitokan’ the influence of Shotokan is obvious.

    Other Korean like Choi Hong Hi also learnt Karate from Funakoshi Gichin and other Japanese Karate master. But after WW2, they had changed the name of Karate into TKD because of Korea’s-ultra nationalism and the dictator, Syngman Rhee.

    Source: http://www.americanmoodokwan.com/Capener_Essay%28W-95%29.pdf

    Japan had built many school and college including Seoul University and abolished slave system. So Korea’s horrible lives had been improved. (The lifespan of Koreans before the japanese annexation was only 25 years old but in 1940, was 45 years old. And 2 million Koreans had emigrated to Japan.

    The kimchi regime killed more than 1200000 of their own people in bodo massacre. Go and eat your kimchi.

    • Guest

      Lies have short legs!

    • Drake

      The South Korean government has never apologized or paid compensation to Vietnam.

      Koreans are devils?

    • henryezra

      LOL and Karate is from Shaolin Kung Fu, rumored has it that Indian monk brought some ancient martial arts to Buddhist Temple in China. The Buddhism (plus the martial arts) then spread to Japan and Korea.

      What so fuss about Karate, a mediocre Japanese martial art. Ninjitsu, Juijitsu could trace their origins from Shaolin Kung Fu. LOL

      • Drake

        According to ancient Okinawan legend, Karate had its beginnings in India with a Buddhist monk named Daruma.

        But karate was developed in Okinawa and spread to Japan where it would grow into an international art practiced today in many countries all over the world.

        In the same way, according to Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, football originated in China. “England didn’t even invent the game, according to Blatter. Apparently China did.” And nowadays the best football team in the world is Brazil.

        There is a Chinese player playing in the Brazilian team called Corinthians, he became the biggest clown of Brazilian football.

        China is a dirty country, chinese players should realise by now that China’s football is dirty, corrupt and full of shit. Chinese are the scum of the earth.

        • henryezra

          DAruma is Dhamo monks that came to China LOL not Okinawa! LOL You are just some stupid GOBLOK TOLOL idiotic Japs! So you manage to eliminated that fact huh (Daruma/Damo/Dharma monk went to CHina and spread the Shaolin Kung Fu), well you Japs are the best when doing revisioning your own history, no wonder LOL. So where were your Kanji letter came from? LOL. Once upon a time you Japs was called Wa people, Wa means: dwarf, LOL

          • Drake

            Confucian confusion

            What about chink? Chink is a term that originated from? Or we can just call Chinese people yellow pigs? Actually chink is a chained pig. Chinese are the Scum of Asia!

            From time immemorial, the Chinese have considered themselves culturally and racially superior to all other nations. Chinese believe that to act with arrogance and ignorance is a stronger and more face-saving act than to actually be intelligent. The Chinese people have always been very poor, ignorant, and dirty. lol

            5.000 years to become a developing country.

            That’s China!

            One of the most insanely stupidest nations on earth. They can become a powerful country but will never be respected. The Chinese people will never be exterminated because are very profitable for the World. Are good bitches, killing one another to save a few bucks.

            We cant blame the Chinese. It is in their blood, their nature, their spirit.

            And you won’t see this anywhere else but in china:


            As for cannibalism, it’s a complex issue. Indeed, most of these stories seem to have come out of Guangdong, given the reputation of the people there, who are known to eat all kinds of exotic things (some have said the reputation has been exaggerated). But it’s hard to know what is true and what is not true. But ancient Chinese considered ingestion of firstborns, aborted fetuses and placentas as part of a mother’s flesh. An unborn child has no personhood of his or her own. Hence, mothers believed that they were theirs to reabsorb to create a new, healthier baby. This type of belief is common in societies practicing cannibalistic infanticide. Many China people still don’t have access to good education. This is why they believe in superstition and old myths.

            This is just more of the same bullshit that Chinese are so well-known.

            The same disregard for life.
            The same disregard for morality.

            The same disgusting habits.
            The same disgusting tastes.

            The same ignorant customs.
            The same ignorant thought processes.

            China is NOT a developing country.

            Eating dogs and cats? What sort of a nation has this as a tradition??!!!they should be ashamed and disgusted with themselves.

            If Chinese were civilized, they wouldn’t be called names. No wonder Japanese propaganda claimed they were bringing civilization to the backward animals of China during the opium wars and WW II… they had a lot of proof to back it up and still do today it seems…The trafficking of opium was carried out with participation of Chinese secret societies (Triads).

            There are many reasons China should never be allowed to become a world leader, this is just one of them. Scum of Asia!


            Average height around the world

            Japan 1.707 m (5 ft 7 in)

            China 1.663 m (5 ft 5 1⁄2 in)

            Jackie Chan, Kung Fu, Ching, ching, chong. Blah blah blah

          • Drake

            It is obvious that there are similarities in the Karate and th martial arts of China. But, we must assume that the Karate developed from trial and error of fighting experiences into a different and UNIQUE martial art. http://karatedo.hakuakai-matsubushidojo.com/history.html

          • Jennster

            don’t forget their architecture (chinese jiangnan style influenced), kimono (han fu influenced), language (wu chinese influenced), kanji (han chinese influenced), sashimi (han chinese food culture influenced), ninja (han chinese assassin influenced) and more.

  • Drake

    And the continuous invasions from Japan??? In 1905, U.S. recommended Japan the annexation by Taft-Katsura Agreement. Japan refused but ex-Japanese prime minister was assassinated by a KOREAN terrorist. So Korean ruling party, Iljinhoe promoted this annexation, Japan got approval from all over the world and annexed Korea.

    No countries opposed and criticized this annexation. Korean party, Iljinhoe asked and promoted it and Korean government agreeded and signed Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty in 1910. U.S., UK, Australia, France, Denmark, Russia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, China…..all countries approved the annexation. Unlike Hawaii’s annexation by USA, Japan had got approval from all over the world.

    In the last Yi Chosen Dynasty before annexation of Japan, Korean population decreased by 4 millions in 140 years It proved how bad politics were done there. But under Japanese rule, Korean population doubled from 13 million to 25 million, the life expectancy, from 24 to 50.

    I recommend you to read “The Comfort Women: Sexual Violence and Postcolonial Memory in Korea and Japan” written by Sarah Soh, a Korean American professor of San Francisco State University. In the book, she is accusing Koreans saying that they are distorting this issue.

    • Guest

      Bad Argument

      Against facts, there are no arguments.

    • Guest

      Bad Argument

      Against facts, there are no arguments.

      • Drake

        Eat more dogs, kimchi and rice idiot

    • Drake

      Korean army massacred more than 300.000 civilians in the Vietnam War. Korea refuses to apologize or compensate the Vietnamese Lai Dai Han. To make matters worse, South Korea is engaged in human trafficking of Vietnamese women.

      More than 300.000 Vietnamese people were massacred
      More than 200.000 women were raped
      More than 35.000 children of mixed race were born by the brutal rape of the Korean military

      The South Korean government has never apologized or paid compensation to Vietnam.

      South Korea is a outrageous country

      Koreans are devils?

    • Drake

      I’m not Japanese, but in this case support the japs. You Koreans are disgusting and barbaric. Eat more dogs, kimchi and rice idiot.

  • Sillian

    There you go. We have a fine example of obsessive netouyo right in this comment section. He was shitting on kBang too.


  • henryezra

    What’s funny actually to see some redneck defending Japan as if they are a Japanese themselves. Or, probably some right wing Japanese disguised as a white man LOL. Well we all know there were a lot of Japanese spies infiltrated countries all over the world then, and probably still now. For example in South East Asia at WWII, you could guaranted that every Japanese owned store or merchants were undercover spies. And they were targeting overseas Chinese there (Indonesia, Malay, Singapore, Philippines, except Thailand, their collaborator)

    • dim mak

      That’s pretty absurd

      • He’s right. Look up “Sook Ching” in Malaysia and part of Japanese intel in Pearl Harbor was achieved that way. Well to be fair the japanese spies in Hawaii were not American citizens…they were tourists from Japan proper who hung out with Nisei etc

  • dim mak

    Nothing wrong with being right-wing as long as it’s based on reason and not knee-jerk emotional faggotry

    It’s like you can’t be for civil rights and rational discourse unless you’re also a softheaded liberal traitor, why?

  • chucky3176

    More Koreans in 2012, (or 16% of Koreans) do not like Japan. So says the BBC poll.


    Probably all those anti-Korean protests in Japan, all the nasty Japanese netizen comments, and fight over territorial and historic issues didn’t help. Sixteen percent of Koreans who don’t like Japan is the highest number in years, as it went from 9% to 11% in 2010 – 2011. In 2010, 36% of Koreans said they liked Japan, but in 2011, it was down to 33%. The article also says the interest in Japanese culture and Japan, from Koreans have waned over the years, as Japan in the minds of Koreans, becomes further and further out into isolation. One Japanese language school teacher says he gets questions from Koreans, what’s the point of learning Japanese when it’s only useful in Japan? You would never have heard that from Koreans ten years ago.

    • dk2020

      Those 16% of Koreans can jump off a cliff, bunch of ignorant racists .. if they want isolation they should move to North Korea but the juche mentality hasn’t worked out too well. What about the zainichi in Japan or mixed Korean Japanese folks, how are they supposed to feel? LOL, dumb ass nationalists in both countries want regression instead of progress ..

    • Jennster

      i thought it was +36 -58 japan from koreans in 2011

      +16 -63 japan from chinese in 2011

    • helloworld011191

      Interesting. If that’s true, then the Japanese Wikipedia is wrong about 71% of S. Koreans “disliking / rather disliking” Japan in 2010, sees Japan as the second most dangerous threat to national security next to N. Korea, etc. http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%8F%8D%E6%97%A5%E6%84%9F%E6%83%85#.E9.9F.93.E5.9B.BD.E5.9B.BD.E6.B0.91.E3.81.AE.E5.AF.BE.E6.97.A5.E6.84.8F.E8.AD.98

      Chucky! You should see the twitter comments to this YouTube video! The YouTube comment section is full of netouyo people, but the Twitter comments are really nice for the most part. http://ceron.jp/url/www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXqWJNOAX8M Plus this article got ~14,000 tweets, which means that this video was very popular.

  • With respect

    To my japanese friends, face your past like men and this will not be a problem any longer. Continue on like little boys and the chances of further isolation in your own backyard will increase. As much as the westernization/modernization of Japan is admirable, you will forever remain in NE Asia. Playing victIm in the face of victims will never work. Why not try and earn the respect you deserve by facing the past with humility and honesty. Why not see the honor in that?

  • mormollio

    Paying respects is fine, but being right wing isn’t. Be right wing all you want but I better not see your asses on the internet(invented by us), dying your hair blonde and brown, eating at mcdonalds or any other gaijin establishments, wearing western style clothes, you wanna be right right wing put on a kimono don’t be a fcking hypocrite. Also no korean bbq, right wings aren’t allowed to have korean bbq :l

  • Star

    Maybe people are only tired of foreign countries thinking it is any of their business where anyone in Japan chooses to worship. In a country that cannot legally go to war with anyone and where even flying the national flag is considered controversial, I do not think right-wing extremism is a major problem.

  • Barney

    Anyone whos done their research wanna comment on the credibility of Nikkai Gendai?

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