‘Japanese Don’t Age,’ Netizens Respond To Foreigner’s Views

A thread on the Reddit ‘subreddit’ r/Japan earlier this month concerning a train advertisement with a mother and her son garnered quite a lot of reactions from Japanese netizens. A Japanese-language translation was posted on media translation site Honyakusitem, emphasizing the foreigners’ astonishment that the mother did not seem to age in the 14 years between the photographs.

This served as a catalyst for netizens to talk about the differences between Asians and other races, as well as celebrities who seem to defy the aging process.


From Honyakusitem

‘Do Japanese Ever Get Older?’ Foreigners React To Bullet Train Advertisements

2012 Bullet Train Campaign Poster


Reactions from foreigners who’ve seen the poster:


Is she a clone?


More proof that Japanese women don’t age at all.


All those centenarians didn’t die, they just ascended to higher forms.


They do [get older], but in their own way.



This repost never gets old for me. So true. Most of them just melt.


She clearly has aged quite a lot. The signs of aging are different in Asians, so I’m not surprised you missed them. Look how taut her skin has gotten, and how the skin around her eyes is starting to sag.


I really wish she had been holding him in her arms in the second photo.  Would have been awesome.


This is amazing photoshopping.


It’s real.


Do we know if the photos were indeed taken 14 years apart?


To close the debate, the posters were created by simply asking people to send their old family pictures in front of a shinkansen, some were selected and the current version of the pic was taken.


I actually really love this campaign. There’s also the poster of three kids (two girls, one boy) then and now, and it’s hilarious. The girls grew up to be cute and poised women, and the boy is freaking goofy as hell.





Interesting. Are there more posters?


There’s this one of a sister and a brother. She’s got her family with her in the later one


Comments from Honyakusitem:


That’s a nice mom in that last one.


They’re all nice. All of these posters.


I know this is just mimicking memes from overseas, but they really didn’t need to go as far as wearing similar clothes.  It seems too contrived. That’s the only part that doesn’t fit well.


Oh, and how would you feel if it was even more contrived? w


You wouldn’t be able to tell who’s who if they didn’t wear similar clothing. Advertising is a game of momentary impacts. I think it’s classy that they didn’t spell it out with ‘Then’ and ‘Now’. Are there any advertisements that aren’t contrived?


Japanese also get older, but our heads are big, we have low nasal bridges, and it’s said that we are slender, so it’s just that foreigners can’t tell our ages because of our inherent childlike characteristics.  In addition, we look a little bit different from Northern Asians like Mongols and Koreans because our faces are a bit round, furthering the childish image.  Southeast Asians are also very young looking. Anyway, someone wrote something like ‘The girl is hot but the guy looks like am idiot’ about the second picture and that really made me laugh.  But, you know, nice people usually are like that. Also, the third picture cracked me up because the brother’s hairstyle didn’t change at all.


Caucasians have dirty skin.Japanese have clean skin. That’s why Japanese appear younger.


Koreans are the ones with the big heads, aren’t they? w


‘Isn’t it common knowledge that yellow people have bigger heads than white people? I think it’s in bad form to say anything bad about Koreans, particularly.’if I said that you’d call me a Japan-born Korean, eh? w


Nah, I don’t think you’re a Japan-born Korean. Compared to blacks and whites, the heads of the yellow races are wider and therefore seem bigger. However, amongst them, Koreans’ heads appear especially larger, hence they must actually be big.


Having a big head is nothing to be ashamed of in Europe and America. A while ago, Nakai from SMAP complemented Madonna saying she had small face, however, she got angry and said ‘It’s not small!’ In Europe and America, having a small face or head means that you have a small brain (=not very smart). That’s why Madonna got pissed.


No way! The mom in the first photo is so old! You must have bad eyesight if you can’t see that. The one with the brother and sisters is good. The girl on the right did the same pose to a tee. w These kinds of pictures just warm the heart.


Foreigners get obese when they get older so it’s easy for us to tell. w


Foreigners pretending to be Japanese and trolling other countries is really coming into fashion on the net in Japan, isn’t it?


All citizens of Japan should be assigned their own IPv6. If they do that, everyone would get a unique IP making their country of origin known. However, we’d lose the ability to be ‘Anonymous.’

From TekitouJournal:


The first thing I noticed was the cool, good-looking husband in the sixth picture. I’m not gay, though.


This 50 year old that I know is unbelievably cute.They don’t look a day over 35.Sometimes there are people that really amaze you.


Before you go to bed at night, use moisturizing cream. When you wash your face in the morning, use moisturizing cream. Change up your afternoon face washing by adding more moisturizing cream. I’m a 45 year old man but I pass for 25.


It’s because we Japanese are eternally 12 years old.


Even abroad, photographers and designers make creations using the techniques of mimicry. I guess they were just adopting those techniques. Like this:



It’s because white people’s appearances get older terribly quick. Black men start to look like old men in their late teens. Black women also start looking like old men.


Depends on the person.  Emma Watson has done well to preserve her youth.


You’re right. She’s turned out to be quite the handsome man.


Araki Hirohiko looks young because he uses the ripple technique. [Note: The ‘Ripple Technique‘] is derived from Araki Hirohiko’s manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It is used to preserve appearance of youth among other things]


Check this, too.

[Note: Actor/Comedian Katsumata Kunikazu]


Hasn’t changed a bit! w w


This cute little girl grew up to be…


Amazing w. I thought at the end he’d look at his daughter in a wedding gown and contrast her with when she was a kid, but I didn’t see that coming!w


Aww, I thought this was an Araki and Komori thread…She’s 51.

Komori Manami still keeps young

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  • ChuckRamone

    Asians tend to have fewer pores and tauter skin. A lot of that has to do with physical adaptations to cold climates, which is where many East Asians’ ancestors originated. That’s probably what accounts for the youthful appearance in photos. Asians can usually tell each others’ ages though, and if you got up close to any of these people, you’d see signs of age. Photos are deceptive.

    • I’m Asian and I approve of this post.

      • Paul M

        I’m a post and I approve of this Asian – sorry couldn’t resist.

    • TrickyNishidake

      Yeah, I’m not really ageing myself. But there will probably be this day where I just go fat and old overnight. Not really looking forward to that.

    • sonm

      > A lot of that has to do with physical adaptations to cold climates

      I don’t think that’s it. Like one of the Japanese commenter said, Southeast Asians don’t age very fast either.

      • Schmidt, custodial engineer

        The genetic ancestry of Asians dates back to the ice age, it was pretty cold, also it depends on migratory patterns.

        Asians are descended from humans that left Africa hunting herds of animals up into Europe, the first Europeans had some cross breeding with Neanderthals and still retain some of their DNA.

        The group that would become Asians split off from europeans traveling across eastern Europe into Russian, this land was covered in snow and had mountain ranges. During this time, Asians eye folds developed possibly as a useful genetic adaptation that helped combat snow blindness as they hunted mammoths in the heavy snow of the ice age.

        When they reached areas around Mongolia and China there was also cross breeding with another group of extinct close relatives of homo sapiens called Denisovans that added a small amount of DNA still present.

        Subsequent human migrations of different ethnicities would continue to occur so the arrival of new genetic information and departure of others could add to the equation and would have happened multiple times over thousands of years. There are a lot of variables. It also depends on if men or women are the carrier for this gene.

        Could be a lot of reasons, genetics can get pretty messy.

        So, in the spirit of messiness, I’m now going to speculate…

        As tribes competed with each other for limited resources, they became more insular due to warfare, divergent dialects, or rivalry. Desirable traits in certain cultural groups would be passed on more often leading to distinguishing physical attributes unique from their neighbors. At one point humanity was down to roughly 2000 reproducing females in the world. Isolated groups in low population could spread a desirable or unique trait to the whole in a shorter timespan in such a case.

        The youthful adaptation present in the continent would have had to

        occurred early on when the population was relatively small to be spread homogenously throughout the whole.

        It could be, if a female stayed young her mate would not leave for a younger more fertile looking female and thus breed more children with her, passing on genes that retained youth.

        A woman who remains youthful into older age might also reinforce monogamous mating strategies on average, making the male more likely to maintain close relationship with one woman and caring for children. The nuclear families formed in this strategy would be more efficient in areas where male attrition rate was low and fairly equal numbers of men to women existed. High death rate in males resulting from warfare wouldn’t occur if the first groups in asia were more isolated their counterparts in other areas.

        If male attrition rate is high, polygamous strategies would be needed to rebound the populations numbers quickly. still, youthful appearance would receive more attention if multiple partners can be selected from as it is subconsciously seen as being a sign that the woman is fertile and healthy, which therefore more sexually desirable for appearing capable of producing healthy offspring as well as having a longer time to produce offspring until old age occurs (might be why some women lie about their age to seem younger).

        Though if this is true it should then have occurred in other continents independently as a universal tendancy, which may mean this trait is from a unique mutation early on in the first ancestors settling asia, which would then spread fairly quickly through out a small group. This may have to have occured before the population began to rise as the climate warmed and glaciers melted allowing for better farming conditions which, would lead to the population to rise as humans clustered in stable farming communities.

        Though, it may be possible it a youth gene could have occurred with a sole male progenitor with a youth gene more efficiently, by having children with multiple partners while the population group was small, though it would seem male youthfulness in older age would provide as much of a desirable trait to women as strength, intelligence or productivity, unless he was highly permiscuous casanova or lucky for some reason, spreading the gene by sheer volume exponentially by his offspring.

        In early settlements, if some farming communites tended towards matriarchy, (I think I remember hearing last names in china were matriarchal up until the shang dynasty, to me it would seem that woman had a larger influential rank in hierarchal power dynamics for farming societies) females then may find a man who retains youth to be attractive as he would appear to be in his prime for a longer period of time. an initial lone male could spread a gene with a much higher rate of efficiency than one woman, if monogamy was not a priority, though I don’t see why a matriarchal society would choose polygamy over polyandry or monogamy, in smaller societies wouldn’t polygamy lead to inbreeding if one male produces a disproportionate amount of offspring, uh I grossed myself out…

        Alright, I’m done, I’m not an expert or anything, this is just off the top of my head and I haven’t slept in two days. Sorry, ultra long post, I was bored…

        • mei jou

          No, I think it’s neoteny, asians are more neoteny, thus look younger.

          • Schmidt, custodial engineer

            Yeah I know. I like fun theories though to mess with backwards logic, where I come up with an answer and then work backwards, honestly it seems like a lot of people do that, but hey I’m a war vet janitor what the fuck do I know

  • You can definitely tell that the mother is older in the second picture, but I think it IS true that it’s easier to see signs of age in white people.

    I wonder if the fact that the mom in both pictures has a similar short haircut. If she had long hair in the first pic and then short hair in the second, I wonder if people would see it differently?

  • chucky3176

    LOL, they bring out the Koreans again to take more pot shots…. in a subject that has nothing to do with Korea. It’s what I call obsessive stalking. Every day there’s something new in Japan to reconfirm how much better they are than the inferior Koreans.

    • “They”? It was one guy. At most, two.

      And one of the three posts was this:

      “I think it’s in bad form to say anything bad about Koreans, particularly.”

      You may as well say they’re stalking Emma Watson, since she was brought up by a whopping one person, and a whopping one person responded to it.

    • I’m not sure they’re the ones doing the obsessive stalking here Chucky…

    • You are a paranoid loser.

  • Zappa Frank

    is true enough. but when olds whites, blacks, asians all are pretty the same… so what happen? do asian people get old all of sudden around 60?

  • The son has clearly aged. He must not be Japanese…

  • Kate

    I dunno, after living in Korea and seeing asians everyday all day, I could tell ages pretty well. They just age slightly different but I rarely saw a 30 yr old man/woman in Korea that looked considerably younger, most look 30 give or take a few yrs when you are use to seeing them. The better skin I don’t believe ether, Seoul was very bad air pollution and it was horrible on skin. I saw lots of young people with acne and acne scars and large pores or girls wearing thick foundations to hide blemishes and imperfections. People are similar everywhere.

    The first pics are bad quality and lighting, which easily hides age, if you did an up close portrait you would see ageing.

    • the ace of books

      This. I used to think my Filipina friend looked about ten years younger than her age, but now I’ve lived here in the Zhongguo a while I’m able to see her age better. I don’t mean that rudely, just that I know where on the face to look for what signs of age.

      Also, I’m pretty good with guessing people’s ages – within a year or two – and weight – within a kilo or two.

      • jahar

        I used to be really good at guessing the age of people in canada. when i first came to asia, i wass terrible at it here. now 5 years later it’s all reversed.

  • 3ayo

    “It’s because white people’s appearances get older terribly quick. Black men start to look like old men in their late teens. Black women also start looking like old men.”

    This is BS. Black people generally age gracefully. As we say, black don’t crack. I’d say just as great if not better than Asians due to our darker skin which delays noticeable aging (in face and neck) by as much as 15-20 years depending on person.

    It’s just bad eating/living (smoking, drinking, etc) habits among too many that tarnish their looks in time. Eat healthy and take care of yourself and a black man/woman can be in their 60s/70s not looking a day older than 35-40 (I’ve seen this personally with strangers and family).

    • liquidcream

      ya. asians and blacks age really well. I saw on a tv show a black woman who was 50 years old, she looked like 30

      • 3ayo

        True though usually I try to say anyone can if they just take care of themselves, and don’t screw their skin up either from too much tanning or bleaching. I just wanted to correct that obviously wrong netizen. 🙂

        • Lovely

          that netizen wasn’t trying to be correct, he/she/it was doing what all asians do, which is to take a shot a black people. They seem to have an obvious inferiority complex when it comes to whites and therefore need to feel “superior” to someone else to make themselves feel better about their pathetic place in the world.

          • When in reality if truth be told they are the ABSOLUTE last race of people to look down upon and critisize black people let alone any other race of people in the heiarchary of things…If anything from what I can see they do thier absolute DAMNEST to try and COPY and EMULATE Black people and Black culture in Japan……ever hear of Ganguro girls!!! Those pale pasties aren’t fooling anyone!!! SEJUTSO MATANE!!!!

          • Lovely

            everybody emulates black culture then try to rip us in the next breath. it’s so pathetic. i can find so many unattractive qualities about whites, asians, essentially anyone who isn’t black. To my eyes, black men are more attractive than any other race of male and most women of other races seem to agree. So it is completely fine to me that these effeminate emasculated races of men find black women “masculine” or male-like. In essense, black women would never look at them anyway since most of us are not lesbians. .

          • Watch your language Lovely. Having a preference for black men is fine, and some people do, but calling all other races of men “effeminate” and “emasculated” is not only spiteful, but it will not help your cause.

          • Lovely

            just a preference sweetie. I’m just saying that black women look like men to the average pale emasculated effeminate non-black males. these same non-blacks even go so far as to insult the intelligence of black men because they fear the black male, because of his physical dominance, strength. Thus, it is their way of ‘leveling’ the playing field. they resent black women for propagating the black race. Black women on average have bigger breasts, rounder rear-end because of an overload of estrogen, and other hormones that leads to us being plumper. However, small, effeminate men do not like how small their penises appear next to a woman the size of the average black woman, thus, preferring smaller, skinnier, women the size of pre-pubescent boys because obviously, next to someone skinny, their phalluses will appear much larger. Only a black man is suitable for a black woman, and can properly satisfy her needs. Most are simply weak.

          • Jennster

            LOL 🙂

          • Hello Lovely….What you stated was the ABSOLUTE LOVELY TRUTH!!! Thanks for the compliment…… I’m flattered…….I don’t discriminate but I will call people out on their BS when need be. So whats your ethnicity if you don’t mind me asking ^_^

          • mormollio

            I’m not a lesbian and I find asian guys super attractive….admittedly I do like pretty boys which very much contributes to my aversion towards men of my own race…and other black chicks like asian guys too…

        • liquidcream

          :O she doesnt look her age :p

    • Yeah my grandmom had very lovely skin for her age and my mom doesn’t look 50 but she lets it get to her head a bit too much.

      • Lovely

        she should. why not have confidence? Lord knows if we don’t love ourselves and compliment each other, we have to listen to bullshit. I encourage all black women to be as overconfident as they like! 🙂

    • PixelPulse

      Its the melanin in our skin, Indians generally look their age but have dark skin so whats up with that?

      • 3ayo

        Lol yeah I forgot many South Asians are just as dark, and many even darker, than black people.

        • PixelPulse

          It probably has to do with the undertone but Im still stumped on the fact that they age regularly with all the melanin,

      • Lovely

        harsh climate and too much exposure to the sun can seriously damage skin. the reason i look much younger than 38 is because, I stay out of the sun religiously and wear sunscreen even though I am a black woman. This has kept me from getting wrinkles.

        • PixelPulse

          That may be the case in India where the wealth gap is huge but I was mostly talking about American Indians, I use to live in a neighborhood with a lot of Indians and you can still pretty much tell their age and look their age.

          • Lovely

            Yeah i live near an indian reservation herein the States and native americans do look pretty harsh, because they are exposed to the elements, and do live in extreme poverty.

    • ggoma

      I think blacks age the least. Dunno why, but they always appear younger and they have the best skin, IMO.

  • dk2020

    I’m in my dirty 30’s and most people say I look younger .. I wish .. lol @ yall mad at the stereotypes ..

  • I look like a black dude.. *sighs*

    Guess ha foreigner didn’t see hose famous sisters who have all ha plastic surgery… there’s always exceptions~

    • Lovely

      You don’t need plastic surgery to look beautiful.

      • Where did I state about being beautiful/ugly? They just look very very old for their age. Besides, many people feel like they need it to look beautiful so…. some may need it, some don’t… but that wasn’t what I was implying in the first place.

        • Lovely

          I’m sorry, who are “they” and who are these “sisters” you refer to?

  • the ace of books

    Love that cartoon, because it’s true. ~MENOPAUSE!!!~

    Dear “I’m not gay, though”: Newsflash: You don’t have to be gay to find members of your own gender attractive! Hell, I I think that husband is pretty damn well-set up myself.

  • PixelPulse

    The women in the first picture is noticeably older then the before one, the image is too blurry to point out where shes aging but you can definitely see it. White people would look younger if they stop getting tans and wear more sun screen, it’ll help them a bunches.

  • Nilerafter24

    “Caucasians have dirty skin.Japanese have clean skin. That’s why Japanese appear younger.”
    “Koreans are the ones with the big heads, aren’t they? w”
    “Foreigners get obese when they get older so it’s easy for us to tell. w’
    ”It’s because white people’s appearances get older terribly quick. Black men start to look like old men in their late teens. Black women also start looking like old men.”

    Wow. Look at all these experts. I’m sure they all have PhDs in biogerontology. Superiority complexes rear their ugly head.

    • Gerhana

      superiority complex or pride? discrimination or preferences?

      • It’s not hard to tell the difference Gerhana.
        A superiority complex will usually be expressed in negative comparisons, whereas pride rarely compares at all (and when it compares, it’s usually positive or neutral).
        Discrimination is evidenced by disparaging remarks about a race, a group of races, or all races except one, whereas preferences (in the narrow meaning) are usually expressed by the positive selection of a race, often in the context of positive attitudes toward other races.
        None of the comments Nilerafter highlighted show any pride or preference. Some do, however, show a superiority complex and discrimination. Your point has application elsewhere where this topic is discussed, but certainly not in the quotations cited by Nilerafter.

        • Gerhana

          my point is that people use it to put them in the better light, racist will call it preferences and nationalism as pride despite your clear definition. Ask Jennster if shes discriminative or she just have preferences.

      • Lovely

        I think it’s just white peception of minorities in general. In america they say “black don’t crack” because we have fewer wrinkles, etc. I’m in my late 30s but people often confused me with being in my late 20s until maybe last year. As I near 40, I still don’t look my actual age and still don’t have a wrinkle. I can tell those Japanese who said black women look like old men have not been exposed to many black women or have only seen africans living in harsh dry environments. Same with black men, who on average look younger than men of most races. Not sure about Africans who tend to look a pinch older. With comments like the ones the Japanese made, It only exposes their homogenzied society. Kinda sad that people actually still live with such ignorance of the world. To me, Asians, especially asian men look particularly old after the age of maybe 35. The asian women look quite and fresh though depending on their style.

        • Gerhana

          its not just white perception, yellow and brown perception too. Even black can be discriminative. But not all of them. Just those retarded one. The same way people say white cant dance or white cant rhyme. Or yellow cannot see and brown are a lazy brute. People of every kind are view negatively by others, and black have it worse, its a pity that the world is self-centred and superficial. We can approach this intellectually, but really the mass is move by emotion not intellect. And emotions are illogical.

          I am also asian, but not all asian worship white, in fact, there are also those in asia region that hate whites and have derogatory term for them. Mostly east asian worship white, even then I would not say its the majority.

    • Raminess

      I was actually baffled at the statement that black men start to look like old men in their late teens. That isn’t true at all. Although many of the black men I know looked like fully grown adults in their mid teens, the aging process seems to halt between the ages of 20 and 40. Especially for black women. The receptionist in my office is Jamaican, and I thought she was in her mid 40s for a long time. She’s actually in her late 60s. She doesn’t have many wrinkles at all. I mean, there’s a reason for the saying, “Black don’t crack.” Darker-skinned people typically don’t wrinkle as early as fairer-skinned people, and retain the appearance of youth longer.

      • Do blacks crack any less though? With us whities, our flaws are easily visible due to our lighter skin tones. Its a lot easier to see wrinkles and lines in lighter skin tones than dark skin tones.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps tangential, but for some reason or other, youth, naïveté and puerility have long been associated with the Japanese people in the Western mind. Notably, the same associations are not held for the Chinese. For instance, Rudyard Kipling wrote during his travels a century ago:

    “As in Nagasaki, the town was full of babies, and as in Nagasaki, every one smiled except the Chinamen. I do not like Chinamen. There was something in their faces which I could not understand, though it was familiar enough.

    ‘The Chinaman’s a native,’ I said. ‘That’s the look on a native’s face, but the Jap isn’t a native, and he isn’t a Sahib either. What is it?’ The Professor considered the surging street for a while.

    ‘The Chinaman’s an old man when he’s young, just as a native is; but the Jap is a child all his life. Think how grown-up people look among children. That’s the look that’s puzzling you.’

    I dare not say that the Professor is right, but to my eyes it seemed he spoke sooth. As the knowledge of good and evil sets its mark upon the face of a grown man of Our people, so something I did not understand had marked the faces of the
    Chinamen. They had no kinship with the crowd beyond that which a man has to children.

    ‘They are the superior race,’ said the Professor, ethnologically.

    ‘They can’t be. They don’t know how to enjoy life,’ I answered immorally. ‘And, anyway, their art isn’t human.’

    ‘What does it matter?’ said the Professor. ‘Here’s a shop full of the wrecks of old Japan. Let’s go in and look.’ We went in, but I want somebody to solve the Chinese question for me. It’s too large to handle alone.”

    A more recent expression of this mindset is contained in General MacArthur’s famous quote likening the nation of Japan to a 12-year-old.

    Contemporary Japan’s culture-wide fascination with all things ‘kawaii’ has certainly not done anything to weaken these associations in present times.

  • Jennster

    I’m 25 but look 19-21

    I think Asians look younger due to their features and skin. Blacks due to their skin and whites look old due to their protruding features, bad skin, fatness and crows feet on eyes and forehead when 24+

    • 3ayo

      High cheekbones and slanted eyes prevent aging? Black people also have these features. It’s common among Nilotes in East/Central Africa, and Khoisan in Souhern Africa. I have seen it among West Africans (seen Nigerians – mostly Yoruba so far) and blacks in the diaspora as well.

      • Jennster

        I think it’s the rounder faces and smaller noses. I think only Cantonese and Mongolians/Koreans have high cheekbones not Chinese as we’ve never heard of that b4. Chinese has rounder faces.

        • 3ayo

          Ah gotcha. 🙂

        • chucky3176

          Cantonese are not Chinese? That’s the first time I’ve heard of that nonsense. lol.

    • Kate

      Well I think asians look like they are ether aliens or have down syndrome due to their features and skin. Slant, small eyes, flat noses with wide nostrils, high cheek bones, and are as physically developed as an 10 yr old.

      We are being racist and stupid in this post right?

      • linette lee

        ……………..they are ether aliens or have down syndrome due to their features and skin. Slant, small eyes, flat noses with wide nostrils, high cheek bones,……………….

        hahhaha…those are called koreans before plastic surgeries.

        • chucky3176

          Chinese singer Jay Chou, before and after plastic surgery.

          Here’s jealous Jay Chou, calling on all Chinese fans to boycott Korean pop because according to him, Chinese-pop is better. lol..

          http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-d … 06929.html

          I don’t get it, if Taiwan/Chinese singers are so much better, why does he need to call for a boycott of Kpop?

          Chinese woman gets sued by her husband for fooling him into thinking she was beautiful. But she wasn’t, she didn’t tell her hubby she had plastic surgery done.

          • Elf Queen

            Whoa,the woman in the second video,just whoa.If I would look like that originally of course I would do plastic surgery.

          • Kate

            I know right? I thought she looked like the Chinese version of Gollum. Can you imagine that kid when it gets older and ask its dad why he divorced mum, ” well because your fucking ugly kiddo” or growing up and seeing how beautiful mum is and not figuring out why you’re so much uglier? That poor baby, two fucked up parents.

          • linette lee

            she is not pretty anyway even after plastic surgery.

            That woman deliberately lied to her chinese husband. She should know what will happen when he finds out she is not natural beauty. She knew chinese men pay lots of money to marry natural beauty chinese women. They believe if the mom is pretty they have higher chance of having pretty kids.

            He is so shallow anyway.

            I won’t be surprised if she send her daughter for plastic surgery at age 12.
            The crazies deserved each other. Poor kid.

          • linette lee

            Jay chou surgery?? you funny.

            The only difference is in his teenage photo he wasn’t smiling. Jay chou looks very serious and a bit mean when he doesn’t smile.



            And those rich chinese men they look for natural beauty wives because they want better looking kids. That’s how chinese men think. I am not saying it’s right or wrong, but that ugly chinese woman should just told him the truth from the beginning. They both are crazy.

          • chucky3176

            It looks like Jay Chou did over-surgery on his abs to bring on the six pack, but forgot to do something about his scrawny thin arms. It doesn’t look right, and he looks out of proportion. LOL..

          • linette lee

            What’s an over-surgery? This is the first time I hear this. You mean there is surgery for abs? You mean koreans do over-surgery commonly too? wow..you koreans have surgery for everything. ahahha.

          • Jennster

            Hey u two get a room about Ur Korea Taiwan issues *rolls eyes*

          • Do you have any clue how muscular development works?

            All that “proves” is that he worked his abdominal muscles more than his biceps and triceps.

            Disproportionate musculature is proof of disproportionate exercising, not surgery. -_-

        • chucky3176

          Broken link about jealous Jay Chou calling on boycott of KPOP, fixed here.


          • linette lee

            Jealous? Jay won awards best male singer on that beijing music show. Where is the kpop? Jay said don’t Gangnam Style no more. Gangnam Style is fun but chinese style is cool. He was teasing. That was his acceptance speech while he got awards. They played gangnam style song on tv.

            I love how the koreans pay so much attention to chinese. If the chinese make one little joke about them they start to go nut.

            Jay chou also said support mando pop music after the show.

            I hate gangnam style too. It’s just rip off version of national party anthem lmfao. Imfao will tell you no gangnam style no more. Stop copying.

            ON the chinese internet they were talking about Jay. Majority of the chinese say stop gangnam style. funny.


          • chucky3176

            LOL. I thought you weren’t going to reply to me anymore? What happened?

            This is what Jay Chou said (read below), and it doesn’t sound like he was joking to me. What’s even more funnier are the sarcastic comments made by the Singaporean net users, on Jay Chou. They are right, if Chinese music is so much cooler, why does Jay Chou have to try to convince them?


            BEIJING: Taiwan singer Jay Chou urged Mandarin music stars to “unite” and stay ahead of the Korean wave during an awards ceremony in Beijing on Sunday, reported Taiwan media.

            “All artistes should unite and don’t ‘Gangnam Style’ anymore,” said Chou.

            Chou described “Gangnam Style” as being quite humorous, but said Mandarin music is cooler.

            He added that Mandarin music fans should support Mandarin music, and not let the Korean wave get too strong.

            Interestingly, Chou sported a head of blonde hair when he made his
            statement, a look that resembled those sported by Korean pop stars.

            However, Chou dismissed allegation that he had copied their look, and said that he dyed his hair blonde to match his killer abs.

          • linette lee

            I always feel like wasting my time talking to retard like you. You koreans don’t read or write chinese, no way to get on chinese internet to read what’s going on in the chinese internet. Learn how to read chinese so you can get on weibo and read what the chinese are saying. Jay chou attracted close to 100 millions chinese netizens on the chinese site. Why does he needs to care what the koreans think? He is just like Prince from USA. Prince say whatever he wants to say about music and don’t give a fxck. Majority of chinese don’t care for kpop anyway. Why are you so sour and stalking chinese?
            On weibo chinese internet.

            ……………….On December 4, Jay Chou won numerous awards at the Baidu Awards, and during his acceptance speech, came to suggest that celebrities stop dancing to Gangnam Style.

            As soon as he made the statement, it immediately made issues on the Chinese web. Weibo has even been hosting a netizen vote on the matter.

            Weibo uploaded a poll asking users whether they agree with the statement, with the two choices being, ′Chinese music is stronger. I agree′ and ′Is there a need to go so far? I disagree.′

            90,781 netizens have voted up to the morning of December 6. Out of that total, 73,240 people have said they agree, while a mere 17,541 have said they disagree.

            The poll, in the meantime, has gathered more than 100 million comments from netizens in a hot debate…………………….

          • chucky3176

            LOL.. that only confirms my point. Why does Jay Chou have to urge his fellow Chinese to stop listening to Kpop? Second, that self poll only tells us what happens when nationalism mixes with delusions of pride. LOL.

          • linette lee

            “don’t gangnam style no more. Gangnam style is fun, but chinese style is cool.” Those were the exact words of jay during his acceptance speech. You can interpret it which ever way you want. I took it as a funny joke. You koreans should be happy Jay chou mentioned gangnam style on the china awards show watched by billions chinese across the world. Jay chou just gave you koreans kpop free promotion. Jay a musician/composer who’s net worth US300 millions would really care about the scrawny little kpop plastic idols who lied about their height and weight all the time. Please..

            Maybe you have reading comprehension problem. The chinese news on weibo translate into english said….majority of the chinese netizens agree chinese music is stronger(among chinese). That was one of the choice on the poll. That only confirm my point that chinese watch and listen to their own chinese entertainment industry on their own entertainment network. Kpop what??? Jealous much?

          • Jennster

            No one uses youtube or western sites either albeit being blocked. Their mentality is eventually for world to follow what they use not other way around.

          • chucky3176

            Here’s another article that says Jay Chou is a Kpop copy cat:


            Taiwan’s popular artist Jay Chou is currently being criticized for making contradictory statements.

            When Jay Chou received an award at a recent awards ceremony, he gave an acceptance speech and mentioned PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” and spoke against the Korean culture. However, local Chinese media outlets noticed that he also imitated 2PM‘s Wooyoung in recent promotions and therefore, criticized his remarks.

            Jay Chou received the Most Popular Male Artist from the Chinese
            portal site, Baidu. He gave an acceptance speech saying, “‘Gangnam Style’ is very funny but Chinese music is better than that,” and “We should not imitate Hallyu anymore. All of the celebrities must unite and never do ‘Gangnam Style’ again.”

            However, the Hong Kong media reported that Jay Chou’s words contradicted his actions

            The report stated, “Jay Chou’s most recent album jacket cover has
            almost the exact same fashion as 2PM’s Wooyoung. Even his hairstyle seems the same.” They continued, “It’s contradictory for Jay Chou to copy a K-Pop artist but then proclaim that everyone should stop following Hallyu.”

            This news is similar to Jackie Chan‘s remarks about Hallyu in the past. In 2005, Jackie Chan attended a party to celebrate the success of the film, “Endless Love – The Myth,” which also had Kim Hee Sun as part of the cast. At the party, Jackie Chan stated, “I’m not having fun. I’m not satisfied with this amount of success. The people of China must come together and compete against Hollywood and Hallyu.”

            At the time, the local Chinese media similarly reported, “Jackie Chan is the one who scouted Kim Hee Sun, who played an important role in the success of the film but his remarks about the trends and cultures is contradicting his actions.”

      • Jennster

        I don’t think Asians are inferior why would I be sensitive about it lol. Get over it.

        • Kate

          Oh I think your racist and mean remarks toward white people show that you clearly have an inferiority complex. Get over it.

    • Gerhana

      Didnt you say you like that blue eyed guy a long time ago? Some kind of love hate stuff? this is just your way of flirting with white isnt it? Why is it necessary for you to disrespect them all the time?

      When they make one little unintentional mistake, the whole world critisize, like the case with Vincent recently. When black, brown or yellow say something negative about them, its all right. Give it a break.

      • Jennster

        1. Because they disrespect my country, culture, people and our internal affairs. simple as that.

        2. Don’t take my comment as racism. all asians around me say the same thing. i didn’t use ‘whitey’ or ‘yangguizi’ or ‘pigs’.

        • Bo Dynasty

          You’ve just disrespected your own people and dumbing them down to utter retarded level

      • linette lee

        No problem with white or black or yellow or brown people. They are all humans. But however I find one thing very annoying too. The white men seems to have superiority complex when compare themselves to men from other race. You see how they always make fun of Asian men calling them weak and ugly. How Hollywood portray asian men as uglies. Our chinese entertainment industry don’t do that. They put really good looking tall athletic chinese men on our TV and dramas.(and they are 100% naturally without plastic surgeries okay). The chinese movie industry don’t put fat ugly white men on their screen to make fun of them. So what is the problem with white men with this superiority complex? That is just ignorant.

      • Jennster

        Nah that is just some random laowai who starting to talk to me whilst I was waiting for the bus in Australia. Lmao

    • ChuckRamone

      Good lord. Why are all the comments sections like this? It’s true though what Kate said. The original term for a person with Down Syndrome was “Mongoloid” because their features were said to resemble that of an Asian’s. A lot of people still use Mongoloid that way, though I think it’s inappropriate in a formal or scientific context.

      • Jennster

        You can call me or Mongolian races whatever you want my point is I wouldn’t care because IMO only those who are ugly or think they are inferior will get offended. Doesn’t stop me from being attracted to a lot of my fellow Asians. Ta

      • Jennster

        Btw the Chinese call white/British people “bai pi zhu” because they resemble these due to lower evolvement. But I acknowledge Europe looks are diverse than British. 😀

  • Zero Divide

    Chinese in Shanghai


    Koreans, Japanese and Chinese may look the same to non-Asian people; however, Asians can distinguish ourselves in most cases.

    This is possible by observing their physical appearance, facial expressions, outfits etc.

    • Zero Divide

      Chinese faces are particularly difficult to distinguishing in youtube… better watch in high definition (Full HD)

  • asdfasdfsf

    I am 25 but look 16-17. My grandparents are in their 90s but they look like they’re in their late 70s/early 80s. It sort of sucks though when someone mistakes you for a teenager/high schooler. I met a distant relative who I thought was maybe a college student, turns out she’s 40 and had KIDS in college. LOL. Well, anyway, I think it’s all in the genes. There are plenty of asians out there who look the appropriate age or who even look older than their true age. Same goes with people from different cultures/ethnicities. I think that probably the biggest factor that contributes to this is mostly the ability to compare. In the US there aren’t a lot of asians so when I compare a 40 yr old asian to a 40 yr old caucasian, the white person looks older and the asian person might look younger. But if I can compare a 40 yr old asian with another 40 yr old asian, I can probably start to see that they are around the same age. Asians also tend to be shorter and smaller than other races and some people associate height with age esp if you look young. So a 5′ asian might be 25 yrs old but someone might mistake him as 14 years old since the only 5’ers they know are growing teens.

    • Jennster

      Haha I get called 16 when in china but 20 when in west in Asian communities. Wonder why.

  • I’ve never had a problem guessing the age of most Asians, as long as they’re not wearing an inch of make-up. Non-Asians, on the other hand, I have a more difficult time with. That may be due to familiarity though, since I have probably seen more Asians in my lifetime than all other races combined. Most Japanese that I know think this idea about them aging slowly is a funny bit of business, but they don’t see it the same way.

  • Lovely

    Technology has given us a very interesting study.

  • Ember

    Those that say Black women look like old men have obviously never laid eyes on Sade. The woman is 50 & looks no older than 25. There’s actually a running joke that she’s really a vampire.

  • Andy

    Ahh, the subconscious racism of honky. The implication being that all Asians look the same. Anyone who has lived in China or Japan will know that the topic of this story is ABSURD ! Asians age every bit as badly as non-Asians, and often worse. It’s just that you are can’t see the signs because you don’t see many Asian faces (and banana-Asians in the USA DON’T count).

  • mormollio

    Black people actually age slower. The guys might look like grown as men by the time they’re 15, but not old men…I’m 18 and most people think I’m 12.

  • Virago

    Wow… Don’t they ever upgrade their trains?

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