Japanese Ex-General ‘Blames’ Victim in US Soldier Rape Case

Former Chief of Staff Tamogami Toshio

The recent assault case on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa has received extensive media coverage in Japan, where an American soldier is accused of having raped a high-school girl in the early hours of the morning as she returned home from working in a restaurant.

Despite the grave nature of the incident and the effects it might have on the American military presence in Okinawa, Tamogami Toshio, the former Chief of Staff of Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force posted a controversial tweet regarding the incident on October 19, in which he questioned why a young girl was out alone at such a late hour.

Tamogami has long been a controversial figure in Japanese society, having been dismissed from his post in 2008 for suggesting that Japan had not been an aggressor during World War II. Unsurprisingly, his recent tweet has attracted floods of comments and criticisms since it was posted, and netizens have expressed a variety of opinions ranging from partially agreeing with Tamogami to complete outrage at his claims.

From Livedoor News

Floods of Criticism for Tamogami’s Twitter Statement, Situation Intensifies

Military commentator Tamogami Toshio has received online criticism for the content posted on Twitter on October 19, which has not only been retweeted more than 6000 times, but has even been summarised on togetter.com.

The content of Tamogami’s tweet was as follows:

“The media is evoking the danger of American soldiers every day in the assault incident involving an Okinawan woman but apparently it was 4am when this incident took place. It also seems that the assault on a high school student in 1995 was at 4am. What were this girl and the high-school student doing, wandering about town at four in the morning? But the media hasn’t reported this at all.”

However because the victim in the assault that occurred in 1995 was actually an elementary school student, and the time was 8am, Tamogami has received floods of comments from his followers, saying things like ‘You didn’t even check something that you’d soon have realised if you’d searched online, only human scum would carry out a second rape’,’The girl in this incident was returning home from working in a restaurant, but you want to turn her into a woman who’s out having fun until late hours?’,’It’s the end of the world when someone who used to be head of the self-defense forces would defend an American over his fellow compatriots’. The situation intensifies.

At time of writing on October 22, Tamogami had since posted four more entries on his Twitter account, but they were not statements relevant to this article.

Comments from Livedoor News:


I guess what Tamogami is trying to say is a moral point about the actions of a girl wandering around alone at 4am. I absolutely do not agree with his opinions, though; even if someone thinks ‘[The girl’s] actions were not morally right,’ for instance, we must not conflate that with the crime of rape. That is definitely a whole other conversation. At the point when both become confused, Tamogami’s logic is bankrupt.


It’s obvious that the assailant is wrong; if rape is a serial crime then then can electronically tag the assailant and transmit warning information. However, since we don’t know who will become an assailant, you have to take the attitude that the only person who can protect you is yourself. Even if you say that the assailant is at fault once you’ve been harmed, the damage won’t be healed.


If you’re headed some place far, there are times when you go out at 4am. This guy is incapable of considering all the possibilities, so he can only think that at 4am someone is out for pleasure.


Coming home from work or working are an excuse for a woman to be out walking at 4am. If someone has taken measures to prevent it, then it can’t be helped, but you have to make an effort to stay out of harm’s way.


I heard that they found an item of women’s clothing and some possessions in the lodgings of the American soldier who is being taken as the criminal. I feel uncomfortable with this. Why 4am? Why did he go to the trouble of taking things that might become evidence? The whole thing is full of doubts.


So if it’s 4am, it can’t be helped even if you’re raped? Isn’t rape a crime? Can nothing be done if you get raped? This is such a pity, Tamogami.


So she said that she had no sense of danger walking around as a woman alone at 4am, this girl who’s the victim. The story was that though she was called over by this American soldier, she ignored him and ran away, right? And she wasn’t even walking around for fun, she was coming home from work. He went after this woman who had run away, attacked her and raped her. Despite this, it makes me want to ask whether it’s alright that people are saying stuff like ‘what’s with the girl?’


I also understand a little of what Tamogami is saying. 4am…had she been out having fun in the middle of the night and was staggering about drunk? Or was she going out early in the morning on some kind of errand? And what clothes were they? If they were revealing clothes, then, you know, you only reap what you sow. But then it’s up to the victim what time they go out and in what clothes. Well, if she was out wearing revealing clothes in the middle of the night, the high school girl is a bitch.


Say a woman was out walking alone late at night, it’s certain that it’s careless, but still, that is absolutely not a reason to make the crime of rape less serious, and if I dare bring it up, if you think about it a bit you can understand that it’s something that will get a backlash from the woman herself and the people of Okinawa. I understand that Tamogami wants to back up the Americans since he’s a pro-American conservative, but this kind of comment backfires.


You shouldn’t really say anything until you’ve investigated a little. I guess at the end of the day he’s not even a social commentator, he’s just a personality.


This rape is an incident that could have been avoided. Anyone can go out without being blamed, no matter what time it is. But, going out comes with risks. How that risk might be lowered is something for the person themselves to think about. Since when soldiers fight they must be prepared to die, they’ll do anything to get away without fighting. That’s not just soldiers; if you’re a parent you’d take care that your child wouldn’t be confronted with any dangers, right? Wouldn’t the first thing the victim’s parents said have been ‘what the hell were you doing out at 4am in that kind of place?’


At the end of the day, Tamogami is also an ‘army man’. It’s not surprising that he has no sense of human rights.


Where’s the proof that ‘Tamogami is defending the assailant’? And is there something wrong with the statement ‘there are problems for a woman who is staggering around drunk at 4am?’ Those of you who can’t help but say bad things about Tamogami and the American army can’t answer these two points.


Mr. Tamogami, I’m so disappointed in you. To think that you made a statement defending the assailant rather than the victim. Do you love America that much? Should the same thing have happened to your family, would you say ‘Don’t be out walking in the middle of the night. It’s your own fault you were raped’?


Yup, the rumour that China paid the two of them to do it is probably true.


Careless! Don’t pick the kind of job where you’re working until that hour! Consider how you might feel if you’d been told that after being raped. And on top of being raped, why must you even be denied your way of life?


The notion that the victim is at fault is simply defence of the assailant. It’s an affirmation of rape. No matter what state the woman was in, when it comes to rape only the assailant is at fault. Give the bastards who commit rape the death sentence.


Even though this kind of incident has happened several times in the past, I’m surprised that a girl would be wandering around alone in the depths of night. It’s no excuse that she was on her way home from work. Why don’t the women of Okinawa learn from the lessons of the past? There have been loads of rapes there. They should take all the more care. They should also be aware that American soldiers can’t be tried in Japan. It’s a mystery to me that they’d walk alone.


There’s no doubt that the American soldier is at fault, but it’s definitely dangerous to be walking around at that time. In some foreign countries you’d be murdered.


If you think that it’s the US state of Okinawa, that the atmosphere is bad, then you should do something about it w

What do you think? Was he blaming the rape victim?

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  • Reading this and the gender inequality article, I’ve never felt this close to Japanese women.

    • besudesu

      Really? In what ways, Noori?

      • You know, Japanese women have to deal with this nonsensical ‘they were asking for it’ kind of comments, just like Korean women(maybe women in general). And even when those figures on gender inequality disclose, both Korean and Japanese men seem so worked up and saying, ‘It’s biased! They have no idea what they’re talking about!’

        Oh come to think of it, the comments seem slightly different from that of Korean men. They would claim they’re the victims of ‘reverse discrimination.’ Maybe things are better for Korean women after all..

        • Kochigachi

          Don’t drag Korean into Japanese discussion, most rumors about Korean men from Japanese society is proven to be made up stories..

  • Kochigachi

    Funny, according to Japanese government any comfort women are fully volunteered prostitutes so by using their logic, there’s no sexual victims in Japan since all women are fully volunteered to offer sex.

  • Ruaraidh

    If you’re a politician and not Boris Johnson, why on earth would you have a twitter account? This sort of thing happens all too often, politicians or whatnot making idiotic comments online. What the fuck was he hoping for when he typed that? How on earth did he think it was going to be received?

  • Oh look, he’s learning from Todd Akin & Richard Mourdock!

    • anonymoushumanoid

      Honestly, I think it might be the other way around. Japanese society has been doing this shit for an awfully long time.

    • Serpico

      True, true.

  • Nilerafter24

    If it’s true that the girl was drunk or skimpily dressed and walking around, in an area that is known for the occurrence of hundreds of rapes, at 4am in the morning, then I’m sorry but she was asking for it.
    You have thousands of horny soldiers that haven’t had sex in a long time, moreover American soldiers, walking around, getting drunk etc. I mean come on. It’s pretty stupid. If you’re working a job so late then it’s better you stay until 6am/7am in the morning and then leave. Or at least carry some form of protection if you know you want to return late.
    As woman, being street-smart is important. There will always be drunks and psychopaths looking for trouble in places where testosterone levels are high.
    Also, the bastard deserves intense punishment (rapists should be locked up 5 years minimum) if he’s guilty.

    • blackflagnation

      …or people should just behave like decent human beings and NOT RAPE. these douchebags would be raping in their home countries because that’s what rapists do. they have no game to court women the normal way

      • donscarletti

        Rapists should be punished and people shouldn’t rape. But while there are rapists out there, (which I would estimate to be until our species ceases to exist), people should take care not to be raped. Bike thievery is wrong too, but if you leave a nice bike lying around in a high crime area without a lock and whether or not someone eventually steals it, you are still an idiot. Blaming the victim doesn’t absolve the rapist, rape is just as wrong nomatter what the victim did or did not do to protect themself. But in this festering hellhole of a world full of scum and villains, you always have a duty to yourself to stay safe and this girl did not do her utmost in that duty.

    • besudesu

      It’s not possible to ‘ask for’ rape. By its very definition it violates the rights of the victim.

  • dim mak

    Oh give it up, China’s not gonna invade you US bases or not

    • With the exception of Senkaku…

      [/quietly steps out]

  • rainy days

    Why do U.S. military base is still there?WW2 and Cold war were over.
    American soldiers are giving a bad impression to Japanese…also
    Japanese will continue to become increasingly xenophobic.Go home yankee.

    • Charliedog1

      Because Yankee will be back when the ants start fighting again…..

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Because the Pact both sides agreed to to allow troops in the country is still in effect. Japan had a chance to repeal it 40 summat years ago, but they didn’t take it. I dunno how much longer it will be before they can vote on it again, but they are more or less stuck with it and the Americans that come with it for a while longer.

      • rainy days

        What?USA should leave from Japan.It’s simple.

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          No, the pact is still in effect.

  • Kate

    Why is it so freakin hard for men to understand that a woman’s body is not for their sexual use? That they have zero rights to ever touch woman under any circumstance ever unless she explicitly consents? I don’t care if the woman is out, piss drunk at 5 am in bra and panties and is known to be a promiscous party girl, no man has no right to even lay a finger on her unless she explicitly states she wants him to do so. Women are not sexual objects to be abused by men under any circumstance ever. Men who justify any violence against women for any reason are just as evil as the men who committ the acts.

    This is right up there with the recent american politicians making stupid remarks about rape.

    I wonder if this man would feel the same way if HIS daughter/mother/wife were brutally raped while walking home?

    • Charliedog1

      Billboards Advertise products. Girls wear short skirts/low cut tops to
      advertise their product. No One is saying people are entitled to rape,
      the question is of personal responsibility for the one raped. I’m sorry
      it hurts girls feelings to be questioned of their actions. As a society
      this is where we are now, we don’t question victims choices.

      Some men/women are thieves to the product being advertised. But when I
      complain the thief shouldn’t have stolen from me, I am questioned on my
      personal responsibility for my stolen property.

      But you can make it about women’s rights or whatever crap. Evil Men, Evil Men.

      Let me GUESS, Taxpayer funded contraception is a right, right?

      • Kate

        Yes, women and men do make poor personal choices but that still does not in anyway justify the crime of rape or touching someone without their consent. This isnt about “women’s rights” its about the human right, man or woman or child, not to have their body violated with violence. A rape victim should not be made out “to want it” just because they were wearing provocative clothing or out late walking home or drank to much alcohol, that is blaming the victim for a crime committed against them by someone else.

        And dont even compare getting an ipod stolen to beig brutally raped. The former means you lose out on money and get pissed off, the latter is soul shattering, debilitating and traumatic and requires counseling to help over come but still victims are often not able to do so. Plus you cant become pregnant or get an std from having your ipod stolen.


        That article pretty much sums up how I feel about rape and the culture of victim blaming, which im not going to type out here. (Im sure if it were men who were the ones being raped all the time, the victim blaming wouldnt even be an issue)

        And as far as contraceptives, well I believe every woman and teen in the world should have easy access to the pill and condoms. If a woman is unable to afford birth control due to lack of health care insurance then she should be given it. The reason I think this is very simple, as a tax payer myself, I would much rather pay for a poor woman or teen’s monthly birth control then to be paying for the next 18 yrs her 5 kids. Easy access for all women of every socio economic and racial background should be a basic right, the control over one’s reproductive system is a benefit to everyone in society.

  • Davey g

    It’s obviously the girl’s fault for not wearing an anti-rape device.
    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-rape_device

  • With respect to the potential for this sort of topic to incite xenophobic rants (i.e., sidestepping the gender equity issue for a moment), I clicked on this, expecting the worst, and was instead pleasantly surprised by how mild-mannered and not-foaming-at-the-mouth the comments were. Incredible that the only “go home yankee” to be found was in this article’s comments section on japanCRUSH, rather than in the translated netizen comments!

    I’m sure, to a certain extent, this is due to the peculiar context of this scenario, whereby the nationalistic position is actually to side with the conservative ex-general’s support of the “foreigners”, and it also plays on the traditional conservative hostility toward feminism, so this may be somewhat of a fluke (e.g., like on koreaBANG when netizens sided with the Chinese regarding the Diaoyu situation).

  • Kim

    American soldiers rape and molest everywhere they go

    • A Lu

      Soldiers rape and molest everywhere they go

  • mekko

    1. I’m aghast that this should happen. It makes me feel ashamed whenever one of our soldiers commits an act such as this.

    2. I can’t help but wonder what the reaction would have been if a Japanese man did this…..oh, wait. It wouldn’t have been reported at all.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Jeez the reasoning is just as stupid as an American Conservative supporting rape pregnancy because it was God’s will or something.

    Oh wait…

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I’m not sure what’s there to debate here.

    No means no, period.

    And a girl’s impaired judgment is an indicator that you may be taking advantage of a girl; be ready to accept the consequences of pursuing any action, otherwise don’t bother nor complain if people start pushing their opinions at your for questionable conduct.

    • elizabeth

      Ah, but some say when a woman says ‘no’, she means ‘yes’…and vice versa.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Ah, I forgot to cover “implied language”.

        What you say is true, especially for this girl I know. Let me tell you of an Epic Fail on my part. I was getting comfy with this girl in my car, and we started to fool around. Then it reached that explicit part and that’s where she said no, and I backed off immediately. She looked disappointed, and I have to say I immediately regretted not trying a little harder to win her over. But I do not regret taking her “no” seriously; otherwise I may have raped her or ended up forcing myself upon her. I didn’t and was unwilling to risk accidentally raping her through miscommunication, and I backed off.

        TL;DR, No means no, and in the cases where the girl is putting up the pretense of saying no but wants it anyways you better know what you’re willing to risk. If it turns out you’re right and the girl meant yes, good for you. If it turns out no ACTUALLY MEANT NO, you’ve got some consequences headed in your direction and “I thought she meant yes when she said no” will not help you.

        Bottom line: I don’t think the risk of raping a friend (or a girl you just happened to meet) is worth sex. Sorry, I like sex but I favor human rights over it.

        … (steps off soapbox)

        • elizabeth

          Good one, considering it’s difficult to exercise self-control or think straight in the heat of passion.

          • Lovely

            only a dog would be THAT overcome by hormones.

    • donscarletti

      East Asian languages are not famous for having a clear word meaning “no” I believe “yamete, 止めて” means “stop”.

      Anyway, anyone who has ever communicated with a woman knows that “no”, “yes” and every other word in a woman’s vocabulary means whatever the woman means at the time, which you better know or you are an insensitive pig. I find the best response to a woman telling me no is “OK, I’ll call you a taxi”, it generally makes them visibly angry but I’ve never been taken up on the taxi offer.

      • Kochigachi

        you mean Japanese language not other east asian language.

        • donscarletti

          I was thinking Chinese as another good example. Chinese has “don’t” 不要, “none” 没有, but no direct equivalent to “no” in English.

          • Lovely

            right but they negate the words to convey what they mean like “not want” which is definitely clear.

          • Jay W

            “不要” literally means “do not want”, not “don’t”. So you do not know
            what you are talking about. I really hope you did not try to put this
            taxi move on a Chinese girl after she told you she did not want to have
            sex with you. Otherwise you are a rapist.

          • donscarletti

            This stuff should be on Chinasmack instead. But since you ask…

            “Do not want” in Chinese is “不用” or “不想要”, “do not need” is “不需要” or “没必要”. “不要” means “don’t” or “stop”. “不“ is a negation particle and “要” means want or need, but put together the meaning changes.

            This is the source of the humour in the famous “do not want” (http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/do-want-do-not-want) translation of Darth Vader’s “nooooo” at the end of Starwars III, it had been translated from Chinese “不要“ as individual characters, not the entire meaning, making the same amateur mistake you are making.

            I will clarify the “taxi move” for you, since I think you need some education in that aspect. A woman that wants to have sex with a man but wants to pretend she does not want to generally will admit she wants to have sex if given the choice between sex or going home. The idea is that a woman who really doesn’t want sex will take the opportunity to leave, before she is assaulted. This is called “game”, it is how sex is obtained in Japan, the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere or anywhere else.

            By the way, since you are so knowledgeable about Chinese grammar then could you translate “我操你妈了个逼,不知道在讲什么狗屁话。你爹就是强奸手,他强奸了一个骚婊子生了那么傻逼的孩子。去死你个王八蛋“ for me please?

  • elizabeth

    It’s should be easy for the police to analyze the data and create profiles of rape victims and their attackers. If such information is available, they should share it with the public to we’ll know how to behave and dress in a manner that would not put us in the high risk category and also be aware of the kinds of men and places to avoid.

    Sometimes, it’s the attacker, sometimes the victim is asking for it. But I think, most of the time, both parties are guilty of raising to the possibility of rape.

    As for women’s right to dress the way they want, I’d say right comes with responsibility.

  • Cleo

    foreign soldiers gangraping a local girl – what’s NOT to love by the Japanese who are in the midst of denying that they forced the Comfort Women?

  • francisludwig

    yankees : go home and rape your own women for a change

    • You make a compelling argument.

  • The Acidic Hasidic

    If this were china smack there would be 40000000 death to america, all laowai are pigs , this guy is a traitor, i once saw a laowai do something completely irrelevant so all laowai are just like this, comments.

    that said this guy is a douche, and so is the guy who raped that chick.

    • dk2020

      wtf is a laowai?

      • wtf is google?

        laowai = 외국인

        • dk2020

          laowai=waegook=gaijin .. got it ..

          • Jennster

            waiguo is more proper

          • dk2020

            LOL, from watching Dragon The Bruce Lee Story i thought the term for Westerners was gwailo or round eye ahahha .. damn Hollywood.

          • Jennster

            guilao in mandarin is that equivalent (racist undertone)

  • expatrick

    We all know Japanese women are easy. They walk around in skimpy outfits and flirt with you. When I was in Japan I had numerous “girlfriends”. It is totally the Japanese girls FAULT – she was just asking for it. I don’t even know why those US soldiers raped a Japanese girl when they can easily get some in Tokyo or Osaka for free.

    • besudesu

      Are you being offensive for attention, are are you genuinely that ignorant?

      • expatrick

        It’s truth. Deal with it.

        • besudesu

          Goodness, your rhetoric is astounding. You’ve convinced us all.

          Seriously, though, if you don’t want to get moderated by me, I suggest that you moderate your nonsensical views, and equally be aware that what you have written above says some uncomfortable things about your own supposed conduct.

          • expatrick

            Most people here agree with me that it’s the women’s fault. I’m sick of these feminazi types who constantly attack White men. Seriously, ever been to Japan? Their national uniform is knee high stockings with short skirts, I’m surprised more rapes don’t happen.

          • dk2020

            thanks for proving my point ..

          • expatrick

            Why do Koreans keep trolling Japancrush?

          • expat: you’ve been reported multiple times, so give it up. Once you start making threats, I WILL report you to the police (I had to do that in the past, and I usually don’t give warnings)

          • besudesu

            Yes, I see everyone agreeing with you.

          • rainy days

            knee high stocking with short skirts=rape is OK?
            What a rapist logic.you are really creepy guy…

          • I see prison in this criminal’s future

          • Reply was to the troll, not RainyDays

          • As a moderator, you should have banned him already. If you bothered to look at his profile, he consistently makes racist comments against Koreans (for the most part) and other Asians. Why bother to moderate if your only interest is to protect “free [hate] speech?”

          • besudesu

            Ed, that comment and my response to expatrick were over a week ago. He was banned immediately after that. Please don’t assume that we don’t moderate people who are persistently offensive. And I think we can both agree that the sole interest of japanCRUSH is certainly not to protect ‘free hate speech’. Do you find any evidence of that here?

          • You asked for evidence- when doing a quick seach for him, you will see that he’s left numerous offensive comments on JC & KB (as of yesterday), unless you removed all of his comments now

          • besudesu

            Ed, I wasn’t asking for evidence about expatrick. He’s been banned. Rather, I was hoping that you find no evidence of japanCRUSH protecting what you termed ‘free hate speech’. It should be clear to you and everyone else that we are simply not about that. At all.

          • dk2020

            Now I have noticed less trolling expats with less straight out derogatory remarks about Asians, that’s why I posts on these sites .. I didn’t want it to turn into another whine/bitchfest like Dave’s ESL Cafe where it’s horrible. Racism should not be tolerated and it’s good to know trolls get banned. Now if only East Asians would admit most of the nationalistic garbage is racist haha ..

  • Drake

    This week I found several interesting articles that I’d like to share


    Benjamin Fulford is a Canadian journalist living in Japan.

    The following message came from the gnostic illuminati who warned us of a terror attack before 311 (Fukushima nuclear disaster and tsunami). They have also issued many false alarms but we still think this message should be taken seriously.

    A Pre-Emptive Strike has now become Inevitable & Imminent.
    Our Primary Target is American Forces Yokota Air Force Base.

    Although it is impossible to predict with 100% Exactitude the Effects of ANY NUCLEAR Detonation, our experts assure us of the Following :

    The Device is 5000 Kilotons and has been strategically positioned deep underground of the Ancient Canal System, which lives on to this day.

    We expect minimal ( if any ) Nuclear Fallout, a Tsunami is NOT Anticipated. Our Main Objective is to Manifest a Sink-Hole in the Western ” Tama ” Area. From the Tama Gawa in the South/SW to the Seibu Dome in the North/NE.

    The ” Evil ” Entity Residing on Land illegally Occupied by the U.S. Forces of Yokota Air Base …. Will Be Consigned to the Hell from which it came.

    We hope to avoid Civilian Casualties and URGE ALL Tokyo Residents living West of Tachikawa to Evacuate Immediately. What we cannot predict is the exact size of the subsequent earthquake which will shake the entire “Kanto” Plain, but it would not be surprising if it exceeded 10+ on the Richter Scale.

    We Undertake this Action in the name of the PEOPLE .… Against Tyranny. There is always risk when it comes to excising a cancer, it cant be helped. But I confidently say that History Will judge us as ” Liberators of Humanity.”

    Are they crazy?

    • David

      Well, one thing is for sure, you are (meant with all due respect).

  • Mika M

    This kind of makes me think of the whole “slut-walk” movement debate in the West.

    Yes, some girls wear provocative clothes and yes, the fact that this girl was out at 4a.m. is a big dodgy, but it is still NO justification for the abuse these women received.

    Dressing provocatively or going out at 4a.m. can be considered morally wrong by some people, but abusing someone IS considered legally wrong by everyone.

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