Korean Comfort Women Posters Put Up at Japanese Universities

Professor Seo with the poster he designed
The issue of forced military prostitution by the Japanese army during WW2 has long been a contentious issue for the Japanese government, particularly in its relations with Korea. Many of the women, known as ‘comfort women’, are thought to have have been Koreans; however, records and testimonies reveal that Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and even Dutch women were forced into prostitution.

While the Japanese government has created funds for compensation and apologized to the comfort women at various stages, beginning in 1965, when Prime Minister Murayama issued the first apology to Korea for the war, including an apology for the comfort women, the issue remains problematic.

The situation was exacerbated by former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in 2007, when he announced that despite Japanese apologies, there had been no evidence that these women had been enslaved as prostitutes. Although the government later issued an official apology for his remarks, some Japanese revisionist historians have also denied that forced prostitution occurred.

This recent article details the efforts of a South Korean university professor to raise awareness of the issue of the comfort women within Japanese universities, and has attracted considerable attention on the Japanese internet. The reactions of Japanese netizens are also translated below.

From Yahoo!News.co.jp

Comfort Women Posters in Forty Japanese Universities, Korean Professor Posts Ten Thousand Posters.

On October 29, Seo Kyoung-Duk, a specialist in the promotion of Korean history and culture and a professor at South Korea’s Sungshin Women’s University, explained why he had posted ten thousand posters about forced military prostitution in over forty major Japanese universities, the South Korean media has reported.

The posters hung by Professor Seo have the message ‘DO YOU REMEMBER?’ written across them in capital letters, designed using a photograph which shows former German president Brandt apologizing in Poland. The poster carries the message that the Japanese government ought to apologize to the comfort women in the same way as Germany [apologized in 1971]. It is the same design as a full page advert about the issue of the comfort women that was printed in the American newspaper The New York Times in May of this year.

The poster created by Seo on the wall of a Japanese university.

The poster created by Seo on the wall of a Japanese university.

Professor Seo and fifty Korean exchange students displayed the ten thousand posters over a period of three weeks on notice boards, in canteens, dormitories, and in language schools for foreign students throughout Japan. Professor Seo stated that both the Japanese government dialogue and general awareness of the matter remain insufficient, explaining that ‘I wanted to convey to Japanese university students, who will play a major role in the future of Japan, the actual conditions of the forced prostitution carried out by the Japanese military [during WW2], and to create public debate.’

The number of universities in which the posters were displayed has climbed to over forty schools, including the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Okayama University, Osaka University, Nagoya University, Kobe University, Takushoku University and Rikkyo University.

Comments from Yahoo!News.co.jp


It’s a crime to post illegal posters without consent or permission. They should notify them at once and arrest the Korean students. (Very angry).


Seems like it’s OK for them to harass and interfere with Japanese domestic affairs.


Do us a favour and stick to brainwashing your own country


[Imagine if] a Vietnamese professor posted ten thousand posters in forty Korean schools about the assault of Vietnamese women


Why the hell would we remember a made-up incident fabricated by you lot? Anyway, why don’t you think back to memories of the Yi Dynasty when you were living like primitive humans or whatever.


Ahem, did you receive permits for these from the faculty and administration of each university? If you go around sticking posters everywhere as you please and without permission, then aren’t you much worse than the middle core faction of the communist league and the democratic youth league? Or perhaps, is it that in each of Japan’s universities, there are these dubious North Korean fall-guys. You lot are just parrots. Plus, going is around convincing university students, that is, trying to make the Japanese government act through university students, your ulterior motive with this? Do you think that Japanese university students these days are so stupid as to be fooled by this?


If they really stuck those up inside schools without permission then the universities should sue them.


Korea in the eyes of Japan only appears as a nation that harasses us. It really is a horrible country.


Even if they ask ‘Do you remember?’, I mean, the whole thing never even happened anyway.


Don’t advertise for North Korean whores in universities!!!


They kick up a fuss and cry ‘Terrorism!’ even when someone puts up a picket, so [these posters] must be indiscriminate terrorism by the Koreans.


Makes you think that the Koreans are a people who bring up the comfort women issue as soon as the territorial dispute [over Takeshima/Dokdo] suffers drawbacks.


Banish all the resident Koreans in Japan! Quickly break off diplomatic relations with South Korea!


If you notice one of these posters, I want you to burn them. Then, they should make all the resident Koreans wear armbands that say, ‘Korean’ on them. [The term used here for ‘Korean’ is ‘chousen jin’ which was the word used to refer to Korea before 1945, and refers to the entire peninsula, including North Korea.]


You can’t brainwash the Japanese with such posters.


The Japanese government should immediately make posters that say, ‘There is no proof that the comfort women were forced into prostitution, who do you believe?’, and stick them next to the comfort women posters.


Japanese people really must be complete idiots. Why would they permit Korea to do this?


Don’t let them put up the posters.
Take them down.
Burn them!!


Did they really put them up? And if for argument’s sake they really did put them up, then I don’t suppose it’s on official noticeboards.

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  • Getrealson

    Chinese and Koreans need to get over it and Shut up! Plan for the future not whinge about the past. Nothing better to think about?

    • dim mak

      We can’t move into the future if we don’t resolve these past problems
      It’s up to Japan to own up to their comfort women first before we can all move on

      • boom

        shut up chink. some of the people here making such slanderous comments here have not even experience WW2. So what do they know about comfort women other than what was fed to them in schools? nationalistic much?

        • dim mak

          I don’t need to experience it myself to know it’s a roadblock between our countries, and I haven’t said anything slanderous

          I am quite nationalistic though, thanks

        • helloworld

          You are vile. dim mak lived in Japan for a couple of years, and in the last post she was defending Japan as consisting of mostly good people, and you call her a ch***?

          If you want first-hand account of what happened to some of those poor comfort women, here: http://foreignaffairs.house.gov/110/ohe021507.htm

          ‘When I was 19 years old in 1942, Japanese troops invaded Java. Together with thousands of women and children, I was interned in a Japanese prison camp for three and a half years. Many stories have been told about the horrors, brutalities, suffering and starvation of Dutch women in Japanese prison camps. But one story was never told, the most shameful story of the worst human rights abuse committed by the Japanese during World War II: The story of the “Comfort Women”, the jugun ianfu, and how these women were forcibly seized against their will, to provide sexual services for the Japanese Imperial Army.

          ‘I had been in the camp for two years, when in 1944 high ranking Japanese officers arrived at the camp. The order was given: all single girls from seventeen years up, had to line up in the compound. The officers walked towards us, and a selection process began. They paced up and down the line, eyeing us up and down, looking at our figures, at our legs, lifting our chins. They selected ten pretty girls. I was one of ten. We were told to come forward, and pack a small bag, as we were to be taken away. The whole camp protested, and our mothers tried to pull us back. I embraced my mother not knowing if I was ever going to see her again. We were hurled into an army truck. We were terrified and clung to our bags and to each other.

          ‘The truck stopped in the city of Semarang, in front of a large Dutch Colonial house. We were told to get out. Entering the house we soon realized what sort of a house it was. A Japanese military told us that we were here for the sexual pleasure of the Japanese. The house was a brothel.

          ‘We protested loudly. We said we were forced to come here, against our will. That they had no right to do this to us, and that it was against the Geneva Convention. But they just laughed at us and said that they could do with us as they liked. We were given Japanese names and these were put on our bedroom doors.’

          I’m quoting this because I noticed that this little tidbit isn’t in the Japanese Wikipedia.

          S. Korea may get many things wrong about Japan (and vice versa, I suppose), but statements about how many comfort women were abused as sexual slaves is NOT one of them. Even the Japanese government acknowledged these crimes (in the 60s-early 2000’s, at the least, until Abe), why can’t you?

          • chucky3176

            S. Korea may get many things wrong about Japan? Nothing is more funnier than a Chinese saying this when China hasn’t been actually a stellar example of exemplary civilized behavior. Oh lord, that’s a good one.

    • fsun

      Happily, Japan is killing itself with an economy that hasn’t been out of the doldrums since the 80s and an incredibly low birth rate. Planning for the future should entail an invasion of the islands in 2050 when Japan is nothing more than an island nursing home.

      • dk2020

        You don’t think there is something wrong in wishing for an extinction of another race/people?? In my lifetime I haven’t heard of that happening to anybody, so I don’t think that will happen to Japan.

        • fsun

          Nobody’s forcing the Japanese to not have children or limit immigration; if they want to destroy their own nation’s future, the rest of Asia sure as shit isn’t gonna do anything to save them.

  • A Lu

    Those comments are really shocking. If they represent the majority of the japanese people I kind of understand the chinese and korean point of view on Japan.
    Hope I’m wrong

    • chucky3176

      “Shocking”? ha ha ha ha ha….
      That was funny.

      • A Lu

        Yeah, “shocking”, coz none of the japanese I’ve met in China and during my travels have never said anything so disgusting.

        But again, most expats and travellers think quite differently from the compatriots who never leave their country.

    • henryezra

      Yasukuni Shrine is still has those WWII heroes you know … They are heroes, not war crime in the mind of all Japanese people, not some, but ALL! (unless a few people which is very little)

  • Kristy

    While I don’t think the Korean professor should be putting up posters if he didn’t have prior permission, I am appalled by the Japanese netizens’ blatant denial of the comfort women issue. What an insult to the victims!

  • Ruaraidh

    All the Japanese comments aggregated into one: ‘Some Koreans are accusing Japan of having done awful things in the past! It’s all a lie, and just to prove it we should force all ethnic Koreans in Japan to wear armbands.’ The irony of it all is pretty high.

    I suppose if the education system tells you it’s a fabrication, you’re more likely to believe that than what you’re told by a bunch of foreigners. That’s the risk of bringing propaganda into education, it doesn’t let a nation forget the shame and move on, rather it just sets up a new generation to carry on the conflict.

    • helloworld

      These netouyo people are more likely to *doubt* their textbooks, though. http://school.jp.land.to/

    • JB

      Let’s not forget Japan is not a functioning democracy but a thinly disguised imperial monarchy ruled by the same families that committed the atrocities of WW2.

    • john

      Sounds like what the Nazis did to the Jews. Your just like the rest of the people who endorse radicalization.

  • besudesu

    So, the comments on this article are the most up-voted comments out of several thousand entries, so they represent the opinion of some web users but not the whole of Japan, and I think it’s important to point that out. This article did attract considerable attention, but then internet comments the world over always reveal some pretty extreme viewpoints. It can still make it pretty uncomfortable to read some of these comments, though.

    One thing I think this article has created is a Japan vs Korea situation as regards the ‘comfort women’ issue, and I’m not sure that’s helpful at all. We often forget that forced prostitution is a global issue, even today.

    • chucky3176

      “but not the whole of Japan,”

      Then why don’t you put up alternative Japanese comments then, that show a different side?

      That is, if you can find any that aren’t buried and voted down.

      • hun

        actions speak louder than words, it’s online, of course there’s going to be stupid shit said but compare it to the actions to the verbal opinions of people which countries are still worse? China, Japan, or S.Korea? Please don’t bring up a 70 year old war also.

        • chucky3176

          In terms of behavior in real life? Honestly? Right now China is the worst by far. But pretty soon China could be rivaled by Japan.

          The coalition of right wingers of Hashimoto, Abe, and Ishihara could turn Japan into an unrecognizable country by next year when they’re ruling the country. These campaign promises have been made by these men, it was in the Japanese media.

          1) Hashimoto has said what Japan needs a strong leadership, and he actually said Japan needs a dictatorship. He wants a radical overhaul of the political system in Japan that will reflect decidedly an authoritarian stance centered around a strong central leader. He also proposes to phase out the stationing of US military in Japan.

          2) Ishihara not only advocates a strong Japanese military that’s capable of projecting itself beyond mainland Japan, he also proposes Japan acquire nuclear weapons.

          3) Abe has considered joining forces with the Hashimoto camp.

          4) All three wants Japan to rearm to the teeth, eliminate the peace constitution, get nuclear weapons, and all three deny any Japanese wrong doings in WWII. And at least one of them advocates a dictatorship in Japan. If all three join forces together, they could make a potent combination of right wing forces in a country that has never fully come to terms with their mistakes in WWII. At worst case scenario, we could end up with a heavily militarized aggressive Japan with a quasi dictatorship. I’m sure the anime lovers won’t be able to recognize the country by the time the right wingers are done with completely overhauling Japan.

          By that time the tune will change and people will be stop with the Japan apology, but it will be too late.

          • Zfilter

            Damn that is scary. The japanese leaders can never be given the benefit of a doubt by the chinese because they are first on the list now for sure.

      • besudesu

        Chucky, read the FAQ. We’re not here to editorialize. Wherever available we chose the most up-voted comments. But anyone with a modicum intelligence must realise that even the most popular comments are still only popular amongst a minority; not all Japanese people use the internet, and of those who do only a tiny percentage comment. Take a percentage of that tiny percentage. And there are the percentage of people who write and upvote extreme comments. Does that sound like the entirety of the Japanese populace to you?

        • HaakonKL

          Or rather, a representative cross-section of the Japanese populace.

          And you can always do the same for any domestic web page, and cringe as the retards throw buckets of e-poo at each other.

          I’m just happy there isn’t a NorwayBang or something. That would be embarassing.

    • helloworld

      Hi. Is it possible for you to translate this video and its comments? http://youtu.be/6IGmq-P4GbE I’m finally seeing some anti-netouyo people there, ha ha.

      I’d love to help, but unfortunately I need to focus on real life. ^^;

    • helloworld

      Also! This http://youtu.be/2bcxhW2DFy8 is a very good introduction to understand how netouyo is perceived by mainstream Japanese society. No comments on that one, unfortunately, but it says that netouyo is a reaction to the left-wing mainstream media.

    • helloworld

      I’m so sorry for spamming this thread, but this http://youtu.be/dHq0uXJgHso is a solidly left-wing video with solidly left-wing comments. If you had the time to translate all these, I’d be extremely happy . . .

    • Comebackkid13

      Why do you think they are so voted up? Use. Common. Sense.

      • besudesu

        I did.

  • Mr. Ed

    These posts are the reason why Japanese people are hated by all the countries surrounding them. When you commit well-documented war crimes, for God’s sake have the common decency to apologize for them. And for people who say “get over it” or “time to move on,” you are just as despicable as the Japs. Try going up to a Jew and telling him to “just get over” what the Nazis did to them. And yes what the Japs did are on the same level of evil.

    • wahnwhaaa

      The Nazis fucked the Jews two generations ago. Yes, we can get over it, and yes, most of us have. What many Jews have not gotten over is the possibility that it will happen again, by some other name. The Nazis weren’t the only ones responsible, either. The responsibility also lies at the feet of those people fleeing Jews begged for help and refused (i.e. most of the “Western world”).

      There is a difference between saying “move on”, and saying “shut up”. Moving on isn’t a choice, it’s the future. Japan can wait until all the affected generations are dead, and then blame any complaining on “nationalism”. And Japan will be right, because once the victims are dead, there’s nothing left but a national memory.

      My advice is for everyone to move on, but to never shut up about it. Do not leave the world in silence, or your history will not be your own.

      • helloworld

        I apologize if I’m assuming things from the Internet, but I thought that Israelis were afraid of the Holocaust happening again and that’s why they want to go into war so badly with Iran (allegedly, they said that they wanted to wipe Israel off of the map, because the Israelis oppress and suppress Palestinians, etc.)? http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4293150,00.html

        >The torah tells us “chamooshim yatzoo mimitzrayim” Maaseh avot siman lebanim- Only one FIFTH of Am Yisrael came out of Egypt. Even some of the ones that did get out missed the onions and fish and “good life”‘ – We pray for all to awaken from a slumber of thousands of years and recognize our true identity- Chodesh Tov! (S/he is saying that all Jewish people should move to Israel)

        >Just as Israel is not that important in that vital nor important in the lives and consciousness of american “Liberal ” jews ,so likewise their opinions are equally unimportant and irrelevant in our lives, the lives of those of us who reside in Israel .We would do well to remember this.

        >Liberal Jews who support Obama are also supporting the destruction of the USA, as well as Israel.

        >”It is quite naïve for Jews, who are so educated and knowledgeable about their own Jewish history of persecution….” What? Most American Jews, esp. the Obama-supporting type, are not educated and knowledgeable about any aspect of Jewish history or any aspect of anything Jewish.

        >only sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, seem to be an burden on the vast majority of liberal Jews in the US – although this is not the case in Canada!! – which reminds one of the way German Jews in the US perceived their brethren of Eastern Europe during the end of the 19th century and all the way to the Second World War. The German Jewish community of the US, therefore, did nearly nothing to save the millions who were eventually slaughtered at the hands of Hitler’s men. And, one begins to develop the strong sense that liberal Jews in America would do nearly nothing should Israel, with its six million Jews, will be under an immediate existential threat. And, since this is the case, why oppose Mr. Obama, they say, whose attitude toward Israel and its people is, at the best, one of tolerance.

        >Once, we were all sons and daughters of Israel, Israelites, or in modern grammar and useage: Israelis. This idea that a Jew is one thing, and an Israeli another, is unhistorical, relatively recent, and destructive to us all. “Jew” at best was a synonym for Israelite in the remnant state of ancient Judea. But Judeans were Israelites, more than just of the tribe of Yehuda, Binyamin, and some Levites and Shimonites. A Jew in America is an Israeli who doesn’t live in Israel. For whatever reason. Using the word “Jew” as a way to separate children of Israel at home, from those in the Exile or Diaspora, is convenient, but not accurate. So Jews in America pray as Israelites, but otherwise identify with a recent, secular legal concept of citizenship for their actual identity????

        >Once upon a time in Germany we thought it could never happen, but now we know how pathetically wrong that belief was. The same will hold true in America. Soon enough people will see there is no place on earth safe. They will be hated just as much as an IDF sabra

        Great, so the USA is both anti-Semitic and part of the Zionist conspiracy now, according to the Israeli and Arab conservatives . . . (anti-Zionism is considered anti-Semitic by some http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Zionism#Anti-Zionism_and_antisemitism Apparently, some US Jews criticizing Israel gets labeled as an anti-Semitic by the Israeli conservatives. It’s funny how my perception of Israel reminds me of both S. Korea and Japan (recent shift to right-wing due to Internet and perpetual ~I’m a victim~ mentality). Correct me if I’m wrong, though.

        • wahnwhaaa

          I’m afraid I do not understand the relevance. All the commentary you provided is rife with assumptions, generalizations, and geographic bias, and is in specific reference to Israel. Along similar lines, a person might draw parallel conclusions from observing debates within any ethnic or political community. Any group of people can get trapped by a victim mentality or cycle of violence. My observation is still the same: move on, but never shut up.

          To which specific ideas are you responding?

          EDIT: “zionism” can mean a whole bunch of different things, and therefore so can “anti-zionism”. If you interpret “anti-zionism” as merely critique of the actions of the Israeli government, then it is not anti-Semitic, although anti-zionist statements are sometimes used as a cover for anti-semitism. It doesn’t mean that the two are synonyms.

          To attribute the actions of Israel’s government as originating from a single, nationwide fear of a holocaust at the hands of Iran, is extremely reductionist. It does not address the myriad of geopolitical tensions in the region, or the diversity of thought and debate within Israel itself or the greater Jewish community. It isn’t incorrect to assume that Jewish communities are generally wary of anti-jewish trends, as “never forget” is pretty ubiquitous. One must be careful when drawing that pathos out to concrete political decisions made by Israel.

          • helloworld

            >I’m afraid I do not understand the relevance.

            I was replying to your assertion that

            >Yes, we can get over it, and yes, most of us have.

            I understand that the Palestinians are not completely innocent, and neither is Iran, but my understanding is that the Holocaust is often used as an argument that results in an action that often worsens the situation between Israel and Palestine / the other Arab/ Middle Eastern neighbors. I understand that Zionism does not necessarily entail mistreating the Palestinians, and I do believe that Israelis have the right to their country, and I’m aware that there are many liberals in Israel as well. My impression simply was that ‘most of’ you haven’t gotten over the Holocaust (understandably so), and that’s why there’s such a conflict with the Palestinians. I hoped that the comments I mentioned somewhat demonstrated that.

            And now the Palestinians seem to have the victim mentality, but…

            Anyways, I get the impression that most countries won’t ‘get over it’ until they commit something evil themselves and become conscientious about it – hence why I don’t see Japan-S. Korea-Chinese relations to improve any time soon. Or US/Middle Eastern/North African/South American relations, for that matter.

            I mean, Southeast Asia apparently has a good opinion of Japan, probably because they’ve had colonizers other than Japan, so they’re an exception to what I said.

          • wahnwhaaa

            I see. I’d ask that you again read the sentence immediately following that one 😛

            >What many Jews have not gotten over is the possibility that it will happen again, by some other name.

            Jews are not fighting anyone out of revenge for the Holocaust. There is no one to revenge against. Many Jews are genuinely worried that the rest of the world will let them be slaughtered again. It’s difficult to understand that kind of paranoia unless you’ve experienced that same kind of senseless prejudice, and unfortunately it’s something many Jews still need to escape, IMO. I do not think anyone is realistically worried that China/Japan/Korea is going to engage in wholesale slaughter and rape. It is a battle of revenge and saving face. Quite a different situation, politically.

            My original point is that I feel there is a strong difference between “getting over something” and “moving on”. Everyone has to move one, even though it sometimes takes 3 generations. “Getting over it” implies not talking about it anymore, which is the very thing that allows history to repeat. Even those Israelis who persecute their Palestinians do not really openly talk about the holocaust, as much as they try to control talk about the holocaust. Any REAL discussion of the Holocaust would show quash any argument for the persecution of another ethnicity.

            If you want to debate/ exchange idea about Middle Eastern geopolitics, Iran, Palestinians, Lebanon, etc., I’d be more than happy to do so via email ([email protected]), but I personally have no desire to talk about it here, since it’s a bit distracting from the very sad topic at hand.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I don’t pretend that I don’t know the fact that not all Japanese netizens are like this. However, the fact of the matter is I really detest fools like these.

    They should be sold as a sex slave, and then forcibly raped up ALL their orifices. Then see how their opinions change.

    Many of these translated netizen comments reek of ignorance and lack of sympathy for those without the same freedom that they enjoy. Take that away from them and see how they like it.

    edit: sorry for being angry. I’m not normally like this. This is an issue that I take extremely seriously.

  • Momo

    don’t believe in korean lies about comfort women.

    • dim mak

      And believe some shitty homemade video instead?

      The evidence is overwhelming, the academic consensus is global
      It’s time to accept the truth and take responsibility

  • elizabeth

    If it never happened, the professor could be taken to task with a defamation suit. If nothing happens to him, it’s pretty easy to arrive at an alternative conclusion.

  • dim mak

    Brainwashed people calling other people brainwashed

    The Japanese are still stuck in some timewarp where they believe comfort women is a debatable historical issue and that China/Korea are just using it to attack them
    There should be international pressure placed on them until their government acknowledges it and compensates the victims in civil courts

    • helloworld

      *Points to Wikipedia*

      ‘In 1965, the Japanese government awarded $364 million to the Korean government for all war damages, including the injury done to comfort women.[52] In 1994, the Japanese government set up the Asian Women’s Fund to distribute additional compensation to South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, the Netherlands, and Indonesia. [53] Each survivor was provided with a signed apology from the then prime minister Tomiichi Murayama, stating “As Prime Minister of Japan, I thus extend anew my most sincere apologies and remorse to all the women who underwent immeasurable and painful experiences and suffered incurable physical and psychological wounds as comfort women.”[54] The fund was dissolved on March 31, 2007.[55]

      ‘Three Korean women filed suit in Japan in December, 1991, around the time of the 50th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, demanding compensation for forced prostitution. They introduced documents found by history Professor Yoshiaki Yoshida that had been stored at the Japanese Defense Agency since their return to Japan by United States troops in 1958.[56] Subsequently, on January 14, 1992, Japanese Chief Government Spokesman Koichi Kato issued an official apology saying “We cannot deny that the former Japanese army played a role” in abducting and detaining the “comfort girls, ” and “We would like to express our apologies and contrition”.[57][56][58] Three days later on January 17, 1992 at a dinner given by South Korean President Roh Tae Woo, the Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa told his host: ” We Japanese should first and foremost recall the truth of that tragic period when Japanese actions inflicted suffering and sorrow upon your people. We should never forget our feelings of remorse over this. As Prime Minister of Japan, I would like to declare anew my remorse at these deeds and tender my apology to the people of the Republic of Korea.” and apologized again the following day in a speech before South Korea’s National Assembly.[59][60] On April 28, 1998, the Japanese court ruled that the Government must compensate the women and awarded them US$2,300 ($3,280 in 2012) each.[61]’

      These netouyo people can go DIAF, though.

      • linette lee

        Well, japan can argue saying koreans were sold by their own parents into prostitution. What about Chinese in Nanking during the rape of nanking? Those victims most of them died raped to death. Where is the compensation for the Chinese? There are photos everywhere on internet and on textbook. What excuses do the right wing japs have? No way the japs can get off easy on this horrific war crime. The right wing japanese politicians should stop talking garbage and spreading hate against the Chinese. Denying wwII war crime ever happened it’s just so wrong and hurting the relationship between those countries. I will say the japanese right-wing politicians are causing a lot of conflict between these countries. They need to shxt up.

        • helloworld

          >I will say the japanese right-wing politicians are causing a lot of conflict between these countries. They need to shxt up.

          I knowwwwww I swear left-wingers exist, though.


          From http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/29/world/asia/29japan.html?_r=1

          ‘Local news media have dubbed these groups the Net far right, because they are loosely organized via the Internet, and gather together only for demonstrations. At other times, they are a virtual community that maintains its own Web sites to announce the times and places of protests, swap information and post video recordings of their demonstrations.

          ‘While these groups remain a small if noisy fringe element here, they have won growing attention as an alarming side effect of Japan’s long economic and political decline. Most of their members appear to be young men, many of whom hold the low-paying part-time or contract jobs that have proliferated in Japan in recent years.

          ‘Though some here compare these groups to neo-Nazis, sociologists say that they are different because they lack an aggressive ideology of racial supremacy, and have so far been careful to draw the line at violence. There have been no reports of injuries, or violence beyond pushing and shouting. Rather, the Net right’s main purpose seems to be venting frustration, both about Japan’s diminished stature and in their own personal economic difficulties.

          ‘“These are men who feel disenfranchised in their own society,” said Kensuke Suzuki, a sociology professor at Kwansei Gakuin University. “They are looking for someone to blame, and foreigners are the most obvious target.”’

          >Well, japan can argue saying koreans were sold by their own parents into prostitution.

          . . . No comment. /Will research about this later

          >Where is the compensation for the Chinese?

          From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People%27s_Republic_of_China%E2%80%93Japan_relations#Japan.27s_compensation

          ‘However, Chiang Kai-shekwaived reparations claims for the warwhen the ROC concluded the Treaty of Taipei with Japan in 1952. Similarly, when Japan normalized its relations with the PRC in 1972, Mao Zedong waived the claim of war reparations from Japan.[37]’

      • Andrew Dale

        Thank you for posting this information. (Actual facts, amazing! Too bad so many people are voting you down for your factual content).

        It is, as you note, really annoying and frankly a bit disturbing to see people denying the reality of comfort women. But the fact remains that Korea and China have both received public government apologies, signed treaties forswearing further claims against Japan, and been paid compensation.

        It is very clear that in China the resurgence of anti-Japanese feeling is in large part due to the CCP’s decision to encourage nationalism via education beginning in the 80s.

        With Korea, I’m not as sure of the reason, but it does seem strange that after all the treaties and compensation and public apologies, many Koreans act like they’ve received nothing from the Japanese (it is hardly necessary to point out that monetary compensation and an apology remain insigificant compared to the suffering of the victims, but what else can one do?).

        My only guess is that it stems from the actions of prominent Japanese who contradict or deny what the government of Japan has said and done. This, plus the fact that apparently most of the money given to Korea in compensation for harm to individuals was actually spent by the ROK on various other projects. Which might explain why the Koreans feel like they didn’t receive “enough”.

        Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_on_Basic_Relations_between_Japan_and_the_Republic_of_Korea

  • Zappa Frank

    i can’t belive what i see in those comments… and someone really think that japs reactions are far way better than what we use to see on chinasmack? they’re keeping on deny..they don’t even know what happened, they don’t have any doubts.. nobody. Pitty

  • EZ

    I am appaled by their ignorance. Comfort women do happen. I have seen evidence of Japanese war crimes in the museums of Singapore and Malaysia. I also have a friend from Phillipines whose relatives had witnessed the terrible things done by Japanese soldiers.

    However, we can’t simply point fingers at all the Japanese as not every Japanese soldiers commit such crimes. There are also good Japanese soldiers who helped save lives and there are also bad ones who were sadly brainwashed in the military to commit these terrible crimes.

    The younger generation Japanese should acknowledge such histories do happen. Nonetheless, they do not have to bear the shame of the crimes committed by some of their ancestors. What is done bad in the past should be paid with kindness. An apology is not about admitting the shame of the crimes you didn’t or never commit in your generations, an apology is to serve an opening of hearts and melting away the pain.

    Likewise for Korea, the victimized mentality needs to be handled carefully. Terrible past experiences by some of the victims should not be beared by the younger generations. Passing the grudge from one generation to the next will only build up more tension and hatred to fill in their lives which they don’t deserve.

    • dk2020

      I totally agree with that .. I feel Koreans and the Korean government uses the victimization role, the bitterness and anger as motivation to try and strive to be better than Japan in everything .. that’s why i think Korea will never truly accept an apology from Japan.

      • doma

        Are you actually Korean? Or just a troll trying to pose as a Korean? Look at all these 日本人병신새끼들 trying to say these things never happened. Maybe you should reconsider ever saying your are Korean and go join some 토코야끼enthusiast groups.

        • dk2020

          I’m gyopo .. Korean American, I can’t change my ethnicity babo yah .. I don’t play victim or believe in the bullshit politics .. I don’t give a shit about what the right wing nationalists or racists say .. they believe what they want.

          • Mr.Noright

            Korea government isnt playing as a victim. You are pretty cruel to say that. Its because the bad history which must be ended up is not. No apologize, no regrets.. My english isnt that flyent to express my thoughts- so please understand, but its not only the sex slaves that korea are asking japan. But since sex slaves who were raped by japan soldiers are now old granmas and they are all passing away. There arr so many evidence but since japan government did not do it by their name, they used japan company or others name to find sex slaves. Of course they would have find leople in that time as “workers – such as in factories in making weapons or nurses but actually most were sent as sex slaves and most were killed by japan soldier after japan were losing war (in WW2). By the way, koreans are eagerly be true friends with japan when they stop fabricating their historys and put the REAL their past historys too on their textbook. They claim they are the biggest victims in W2 by us atomic bomb but they dont write how they killed many people from many asian nations. They even say WW2 era was the best era.

    • hun

      agreed, i just dont get why todays korea is blaming todays japan for what past japan did to past korea. although some of the japanese peoples ignorance of the whole issue is mind boggling i dont think forceful awareness and demanding compensation is any better. both are wrong imo

      • JB

        I disagree. I’d like to hear you say that to someone who is Jewish and upset over the fact that Nazi’s still exist in South America.

        It’s actually not the Korean government’s fault in standing up for it’s people. Japan is the only colonial power who stupidly decided to colonize their OWN NEIGHBORS!

        About victimhood, it’s interesting because this is the official position that most japanese citizens take regarding ww2. They believe they were the victims. That’s a bit laughable don’t you think? The only people who might feel sympathetic towards this are Americans (seeing as they dropped the bombs).

        I think the Japanese government needs to stop trying to pull a fast one on the rest of Asia. Just own up. The world will be a safer place for it.

        Instead we have angry racist right wing japanese politicians who are pouring salt on everyone’s wounds and trying to start a fight who the largest country in the region. Relax!

        • John Snow

          I agree, all politicians are right wing extremist. And do you know why? Its inheritance. Only the rich and powerful keeps the power. And people with power abuse it.

          Majority of diets in Japan are right wing extremist. So to gain more power and money you just need to rub the backs of these extremely powerful people. To make citizen support you is easy. Brain was them with media. We still see this sort of brain washing done in many countries around the world.

          USA for example the whole electing GWB not once but fuking twice.

          and Switzerland controlling their birth rates by making porn freely available on national TV after 9pm. Then banning it when population is too high.

          Japan is in this position because most people dont want to be the nail that stick out. If your Dad is a CEO of a company. I guarantee you will be the CEO of the said company. Regardless of your education. (Although you will get a decent education anyway because the title of CEO is forced upon you since day 1) I mean if you have and already easy life set out for you why go against it?

          Take Theon Greyjoy for example, I really hate the guy but he is a close friend of my (half) brother Rob. He would have been the head of the house of Greyjoy if my father didnt take him into custody.

    • royaljester

      No rational person is trying to blame all Japanese or all Japanese soldiers. The issue is more about Japan’s unrepentence for this as a policy. Nobody blames modern Germany any more because they’ve apologized in no uncertain terms and even their victims have directly acknowledged the sincerity of the German government.

      Yes Korea has a victim mentality. It doesn’t help that Japan has just an ignorant mentality. The two countries can go fuck each other for all eternity, or maybe I dunno decide to settle and put this behind them which the Germans and Jews have done.

    • Whirly Pop

      🙂 well-said. my country also had comfort women and although it’s a bitter past, everybody tried to move on and forgive. when i read korea also had that kind of past and even dragged it on today, i can’t understand.

  • Adrianojapan

    OMG… not again!! (some) koreans = 被害妄想

    • dk2020

      you know the guy in your avatar is korean .. i met him when i was a little kid ..

      • Adrianojapan

        so what? I’m not anti-korea or something, to tell you the truth I LOVE Japan / Korea / China, already speak japanese/chinese and just started korean. And of course, follow all the sites ^-^v

        But there are some truths that cannot be denied.

        If you just take a walk around the museums/cultural centers of Seoul you see how much they want the japanese to look bad, kinda brainwashing its own ppl, and I’m talking about SOUTH Korea.

        I’m yet to see any anti-korea poster walking around Tokyo for instance.

        • dk2020

          I know that .. being Korean American and having a bunch of Japanese and half Korean/Japanese friends, we don’t believe in any of that crap from both sides ..

        • dk2020

          There are the right wing nationalists in Japan, I forgot what they are called .. that do stage protests against Koreans and foreigners ..


  • Hokit

    What was the intention of this campaign? The professor was quoted as saying that it was to identify awareness and stir debate, but if the sample of the netizen reactions are anything to go by it’s only really succeeded in causing irritation and encouraging a perception of harassment.

    Maybe a less aggressive and in-your-face approach could do a better job in tugging at the heart strings? A more realistic bet might come from a grassroot level instead of targeting the government, but that would require preconceptions on both sides to be let go of which I think is much harder to get over.

    • chucky3176

      How about do nothing? Wouldn’t that be more effective?
      Can you teach a pig to fly? Can you teach a monkey to talk?
      Can you teach the zebra to hide its stripes?

      It’s useless banter and waste of time. As far as I’m concerned, there is no point to all this.

  • MidniteOwl

    First…WTF? It’s like all those war crime deniers… no, the German concentrations camps never happened nor did the massacre of Nanjing… After reading those comments, I am truly disappointed by the general mentality of these Japanese commentators for their disregard for evils of the past.

    To move on, perpetrators must admit wrong doing, a sincere apology must be given, and an action must be taken to ensure this never happens again… for some there are still lingering emotions. history is just that, it’s emotional and it lingers and it manifests itself again in the future. It’s a vicious cycle if one continues to ignore it.

    For a peaceful world and for the greater good of humanity, why is this so hard to do?

  • Zappa Frank

    i wonder why such a big difference with germans?

    • Ruaraidh


    • henryezra

      Germans punished their own leaders from WWII, Hitler was announced as a war-criminal. Japanese didn’t punished the Emperor of Japan (which is actually active in the decision of the war) and celebrated all of WWII war-criminals as heroes! Yasukuni Shrine is not only a shrine but also War Museum that showed that WWII was not Japan wrongdoing.

  • GhettoBoy

    The first step of healing war-torn-wounds is admission. The Germans have done it but the Japanese have not, and that’s why the majority of Asian Pacific countries hate them.

    • helloworld

      Well, the US could also apologize to Congo, Iran, Indonesia, Egypt, most of South America, Central America, etc. for having the CIA indirectly or directly overthrow their democratically elected presidents with dictators. It puzzles me how Obama was labelled as an apologist by the conservatives in this country.

      • GhettoBoy

        Wow, MASSIVE SHIFT in subject at hand. Nobody stated USA hasn’t wrought any wounds. Not sure how USA politics got thrown into this. ; ANY healing of strained relations (personal or political) starts by admission of the wrongs.

        • helloworld

          The US is in a position to say things like this because most of its citizens don’t feel guilty about these things, because most of them (except the 70’s hippie generation and the current left-wing Internet generation) don’t know about all the crap the US pulled during the Cold War. We don’t learn about the only US colony, Phillipines, in our textbooks (this happened in the late 1800s / early 1900s so it doesn’t count as recent event). Apparently a lot of Mexicans hate us for taking a chunk of their land under Polk. An English person I met online says that their schools doesn’t really teach that much about the ~British Empire~ (correct me if I’m wrong).

          Japan isn’t the only country that could improve their knowledge of history. These netouyo people are vile, don’t misunderstand me, but there’s a lot of things I wished was better about US history education, too.

  • Kate

    Well I’m going to go post posters about the atrocities committed against Americans by the British army during the American Revolutionary war. We demand an apology!

    • linette lee

      yes..yes..yes…..hahaha….British=American. They are the same people though. hahaha…lol.. 😉

      • We are not the same people. None of my ancestors have ever stepped foot in Britain.

      • DeDeMouse

        What a dumb comment lol. American are not British. Learn history plox.

    • fsun

      Yeah, the Stamp Act = forced prostitution.

  • GhettoBoy

    IF mutual hatred persist and lead up to WW3 (I hope not), which country will be the Wei, Shu, and Wu of the NEW Romance of Three Kingdoms?

    • fsun

      Noda can be Yuan Shu

  • How many civilians in South Korea feel guilty or responsible for the horrific atrocities committed by the South Korean military in the Vietnam War? My guess is “nil”.

    • dk2020

      President Kim Dae Jung formally apologized to Vietnamese leaders for atrocities committed in the Vietnam war back in 2001 .. the difference is I think the Vietnamese accepted the apology.


      • Exactly. The Japanese have made a hell of a lot more than merely one formal apology (in fact, about a dozen between 2001 and now). The difference is that the Vietnamese graciously accepted it and moved on, whereas South Koreans evidently aren’t going to be satisfied until every last Japanese citizen personally commits seppuku out of personal guilt for their ancestors’ actions.

        • dk2020

          Yeah, I know, I think Korea wants the Japanese emperor to bow to comfort women like when the German Chancellor Willy Brandt apoligized to the Jews .. I don’t blame the Japanese people I blame their government .. but hey that’s saving face in East Asia.

          • helloworld

            Well, if it makes you feel any better no Japanese emperor has visited the Yasukuni Shrine since 1979, because they seriously heeded Chinese/S. Korean criticisms.

          • dk2020

            actually that does .. thanks for the info ..

          • helloworld

            The person who stopped visiting Yakusuni Shrine in 1979 is Emperor Hirohito, btw, who reigned Japan from 1926-1989 – aka he reigned over WWII.

  • chucky3176

    LOL.. yeah, this proves Japanese are sorry and that they apologized.


    Why am I not surprised at the totally expected responses?

    I do agree with the Japanese on one thing though. That Korean is an idiot. What’s the point of putting up posters like this? As if that’s going to change Japanese minds.
    This only works in places that actually have some consciousness and guilt. And Japan ain’t one of them. Frankly, Japan is a total waste of time. It ain’t worth anybody’s time to waste on. Just laugh at them and move on, is my attitude towards them.

    Anyways, Japanese are welcomed to beat the crap out of that idiot Korean. He’s an idiot.

    • Guest

      ok Tojo…

    • dim mak

      Not really, the comments here and what I said in that other thread are simultaneously true, that was the point

      You can’t just pick one or the other as full representation

      Besides, their yahoo is a lot like the english yahoo – full of old people

  • Well my true feeling about this issue is, that Koreans are using this for political reasons alone. While comfort women issues are dark side of war, Koreans are claiming that Japanese government FORCED Korean women into prostitution but there are no recorded fact about this. I guess some unfortunate girls were sold by their parents into comfort woman but J-government did not force them. Yeah Japanese used these comfort woman but at the same time Koreans are to be blamed for selling their own people for money.

    • chucky3176

      “The world is slowly understanding that comfort woman is propaganda by you kimchis”.

      Akira, based on what, do you claim the world is slowly understanding that it’s Korean propaganda, and not propaganda by you fish head eating sushi’s?

      “but there are no recorded fact about this.”

      Yes there are, in the form of 2 dozen old women who have been protesting outside the Japanese embassy, everyday for almost 25 years, while dropping dead of old age, one by one.

      • Guest

        ok Tojo…

        • chucky3176

          Actually, the old Japanese saying goes like this. If you repeat a lie a hundred times, it will become the truth. I learned that saying in Japan, from the Japanese.

          • What a bunch of BS, chucky.

            That saying came from Joseph Goebbels. Not Japanese.

          • JB

            Whoever it’s from, sounds like what the japanese government is trying to do to its people

      • Well I am sorry that some of my fellow country men put their penis into some of your countrywomens vagina. Im sincerely sorry for that. Was it your grandma?

        • chucky3176

          On the contrary. “Sincerity and Japanese” just don’t match. The two faced back stabbing buck tooth coke bottle glassed “Japs” that were depicted in WWII posters in America were not that far off from reality. Remember Pearl Harbor. It’s a crying shame America had to apologize for internment of Japanese spies in America.

          • Hey you guys were “Japs” too during ww2. Do you not know your own past. You guys fought Americans dude. You guys took part in the war cause you were Japan. Why hate on Japan? Are you guys jealous that you guys never had a real country in the past?Before Japanese occupation, you guys were Chinese satellite state…

          • chucky3176

            You know what the Japanese saying is, repeat a lie a hundred times, it will become the truth.

          • The only reason for hating on Japan is because you guys are insecure about yourself. Occupied by Japan, before that .. a Chinese Satellite state.. Is the truth! Just man up and face the truth! Had enough of this bickering BS by Koreans to be honest!

          • chucky3176

            Truth? You don’t know what the truth is. You’re Japanese.

            Great but lame come back, though.

          • huh? You Koreans do not even know you own history! LOL. Your grandfather was Japanese too for short period of time in his life too but now you are a brainwashed right winged kimchi.

          • chucky3176

            huh? My grandfather wasn’t Japanese. You seriously equating a colonial status and third class citizenship on paper which was canceled after 1945, with real citizenship? Get real.

          • Hate is not the answer! Love is the answer!

          • chucky3176

            Yes I know about karma. The karma is what you got with Fukushima. Someday you guys will need big help. I hope you guys get your real karma then. I’m done with you, before the mod shuts this down.

          • The difference between chucky 3176 and Akira is that chucky 3176 would never make a comment like this:

            “I actually like Japanese people except for anti-Korean type. So what I wrote in my comment was only geared toward you and not the good type of Japanese people. I do not feel comfortable saying bad stuff about any country because it creates hate.”

            That alone is the fundamental difference between them.

          • besudesu

            Insensitive and illogical. Glad to see you’re growing as a person. I don’t mind you expressing your version of fact, but this kind of thing isn’t appropriate.

          • chucky3176

            Akira, what happened to all your comments?
            They’ve been replaced by robot commentary?

          • I actually like Korean people except for anti-Japan type. So what I wrote in my comment was only geared toward you and not the good type of Korean people. I do not feel comfortable saying bad stuff about any country because it creates hate.

          • chucky3176

            Let me be clear on this. I do not hate Japanese people because they are Japanese. Many Korean people may dislike the country of Japan and what it stands for, but they do not hate Japanese people. Like you’ve already stated your opinion on the comfort women as prostitutes. You will notice that right away as soon as you step out onto Korean streets where Japanese tourists are very much welcomed. I do hate Japan the more I read Japanese people’s comments, and their views of history though. I suppose everyone has their own views of history so we must accept them. But that doesn’t mean I must pretend to like them.

          • You won’t find much Korea-friendly netizen on Japanese internet. They are usually very racist against Koreans but most people in real life aren’t like that. So what you read online should not be the deciding factor on what you think of Japanese not that I care about what you think of Japanese people. I am Japanese myself and I question the sanity of Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and the whole East Asians mind set. I think there are too many BS in Asians mindset and paradigm. Like why do you think of yourself as representing Korea? Why do some random Japanese guy think the same way you do in terms of defending their own country? It’s all brainwashing!!!! Us Asians are all brainwashed. Chinese for selfish reasons, Koreans for nationalistic reasons and Japanese for group reasons.

          • Sillian

            I don’t entirely agree with you on the ‘comfort women’ issue but I support you on this. You should keep up the spirit though refraining from making stupid remarks yourself. I’m Korean and I have Japanese friends irl and they are some of the dearest people. I would never wish anything bad on them including insensitive insults from some angry internet guy. We can debate and resolve differences without all that asshattery.

        • Is that you Chucky?lol

          • chucky3176

            Nope. It’s not me, and that’s not my style.

      • Guest

        By the way, since Koreans were Japanese during ww2, you guys committed war atrocities according to your own history. You were us.

    • athpio

      This is exactly the kind of comment that gets people ticked off

  • Mandy

    While I think the Japanese are not very considerate and can be very ignorant towards this issue, the South Koreans are not making this any better. You have to realize that this hostility towards the Koreans stems from many issues, like the recent and constant fight over the Dokdo Islands, Korean groups guying up Japanese media, and the comfort women issue brought up up every opportunity. They not only held protests in Japan but also in New York and posted in the NYTimes to address this issue.

    The issue of the comfort women is very saddening and serious, but I feel that this issue is being used as a political tool and quantified. Quite frankly, the Japanese have become immune and hostile towards it.

    Also people from 2ch are very conservative in their way of thinking and you can’t take them as a representative of all Japanese people.

    • Mandy

      Also, what is the point of posting this at Universities? Maybe the grandparents of these students are guilty of the crime but why do you have to harass the younger generation like this? If you want an apology from the government, go to the government, cause as far as I know, most Japanese, especially the younger generation, are very removed from politics and that’s why guys like Ishihara Shintaro get elected.

      People need to learn to let go of the past, the current generation in Japan will not and cannot(due to demilitarizing) restart this problem. Why are they stirring up more hatred? The guilty is dead or dying and this does not help better relations between Japan and Korea.

      • chucky3176

        Like I said already, Japanese are welcome to beat him up and kick him out. He doesn’t represent anyone other than himself.

  • Lovely

    Why demand an apology for people who are clearly unapologetic about their past? Just treat them like enemies for all eternity and move on.

    • B

      I completely agree with you! I think it’s time to move on. I think your second sentence is *key*. Japan is NOT SK’s ally or friend. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Japan is somewhere between a really bad rival and an enemy – I think closer to enemy. Of course, the US is constantly trying to convince SK that they are allies – pressuring SK to get into mutual military intelligence/security agreements. I think for the sake of inner peace, SK should just accept that there will never be any kind of respect from the Japanese, start avoiding anything having to do with the Japanese government (no military/political cooperation), and move on.

      • chucky3176

        +1. Finally someone who gets it! Korea should move on. But no military/political/economic cooperation with them.

  • helloworld

    Oh hey, I found an 2012 January opinion poll on the Japanese public’s feeling towards S. Korea from the Japanese government: http://www8.cao.go.jp/survey/h23/h23-gaiko/index.html

    4. Affinity towards S. Korea

    Number of people interviewed: 1912

    Feels affinity (Feels affinity + Rather feel affinity): 62.2%
    Don’t feel affinity (Not that much affinity + Feels no affinity): 19.8%
    Don’t know: 2.5%

    Interestingly enough, the Feels affinity category was consistently above 55% in all categories, except for men between 21-29 (51.8%) and women above 70 (48.6%). Interestingly enough, Feels affinity was 72% for women between 20-50.

    I do read a lot about how these netouyo people hate how some people ‘shamelessly listen to K-Pop’, though. I guess that young/middle-aged women like K-Pop . . . ?

    I *hope* this means that these netouyo people is a very, *very* small minority.

    • helloworld

      >Don’t feel affinity (Not that much affinity + Feels no affinity): 19.8%

      Omg what a typo! Should be 35.3%.

      • chucky3176

        The answer is quite simple really. Young Japanese men hate Koreans, but the young Japanese women who are kpop lovers want Korean boyfriends.
        The love hate relationship is divided along the sexes.

        • helloworld

          Seeing the light that the Japanese Internet doesn’t represent Japan, are we?

          • chucky3176

            Where did I say that? I said that their opinion is divided along the sexes.

  • PixelPulse

    Saying that theres no proof of forced prostitution happening is such a weak strawman. That being said, Japan has apologized repeatedly for the comfort women issue but some nut says something offensive in regards to topic and Korea is in an uproar even after a formal apology. Insult to injury with the fact of Japan never really covered the issue in school textbook which can lead to this crap thinking in the comments. Japan should discuss it more and Korea should stop playing the victim role so damn hard.

    • chucky3176

      The “some nut”, are Hashimoto, Abe, and at least half the Japaense cabinet leadership, probably way more, . lol… jesus

  • expatrick

    Japan has pretty much raped all of Asia and non-Japanese have good reason to ahte them. I’m glad we nuked them twice – they deserved it!

  • Guest

    Look at those comments!!! (Japanese netizens)
    I want to know what would Japan apologist has to say now! Silent Majority in Japan is still Right Nationalist, I’m afraid.

  • henryezra

    Japanese considered all of WWII Generals and officials as Heroes, so I don’t really surprise at all with all those comments and reactions.

  • henryezra

    For those who still don’t understand why Japanese is still hated by Asians:

    Germans punished their own leaders from WWII, Hitler was announced as a
    war-criminal. They admitted of guilt and shown every moment of remorse. They didn’t allowed right wings to take a stage on politics.

    Japanese didn’t punished the Emperor of Japan (which is actually active in the decision of the war) and celebrated all of WWII war-criminals as heroes!

    Japanese though that the Emperor status, once a Son of God of Sun, to be announced as a mere human being, was already big punishment for them!!!!!! FACT!

    Yasukuni Shrine is not only a shrine but also War Museum that showed that WWII was not Japan wrongdoing.

    Meaning: Japanese allowed for right wings to take control of the politics. They allowed those War Criminals has a status as heroes, not a war criminals. They could banned it, they could denounced it, but they wouldn’t.

    And you wonders why Koreans, Chinese, South East Asians, still hated them.

  • someguy

    Not surprised by this at all. I was expecting these kinds of responses. I’ll just sit back and wait for all the people who defended Japan as a polite and civilized nation while badmouthing China and Korea as barbarians’ responses… that is, if any of them would actually come and comment here (which I doubt), LOL!

  • Hattori

    it is stupid to drag this on any further so that the younger generations have to bare the tension and conflict that the older generation have caused. Japanese prime ministers have apologized before, in numerous occasions, and have also sent compensation to the Korean government after the war under the Potsdam Declaration. However, the Korean government failed to adequately distribute the compensation to the actual victims of comfort women because it was used for civic projects within the country.

    denying forced slavery is as stupid and ignorant as denying that the Holocaust ever happened but to keep bringing back the past at the price of the current/new generation is only going to increase tension, and nothing will be resolved. I, as a Japanese apologize for my ancestor’s wrong doings but it is time to move on. the prime minister should just apologize to defuse the situation but, I also highly doubt that the S. Korean government will be satisfied regardless.

    • Sillian

      You don’t have to ‘apologize’ for anything as long as you didn’t do anything wrong personally. We can feel ‘sympathetic’ as fellow human beings though. There’s no difference between us. Too much psychological burden and guilt in the personal psyche can actually make people aggressive beyond a critical point. Let’s leave this as a government-to-government issue. We still don’t completely understand the 1965 treaty. Both governments haven’t revealed all the documents about the treaty. Let them deal with it.


      ‘Look at me. I’m an activist. I’m doing something.’ is all I get from Prof. Seo. I don’t see anything he can achieve by what he’s doing. What he should do instead is organizing academic forums to exchange thoughts.

  • TSDown

    Ignorance, huh. Wonder how much any of us know of the suffering in different parts of the world at this moment. We can’t be ignorant, no. Couldn’t be us.

    What does this professor hope to achieve by plastering posters around universities? Does he think Japanese students will succumb to a sudden pang of guilt and kneel over in shame? Oh, I’m sure atrocities have happened but why is trying to guilt a entire generation of Japanese for deeds committed by the imperial army of the past? Despite that smug look on his face, what does he hope to achieve? Is comfort women the only moral issue when it comes to war? Playing to sentiment and emotions is part of the reason why people – nations by extension – go to war.

    Instead of just putting up posters asking people to remember, why isn’t the professor offering to hold a symposium or a forum for a factual, intelligent discussion on the subject? How is this helping anything? From the translated responses it seems to have sown resentment and sadly, more hate.

    This is why I do not agree with what the professor has done. Does he think the Japanese people cannot do their own research if they wanted to? Does he think the history books outside of Japan make no mention of comfort women?

    And does he honestly think the families who had relatives related to war crimes would be content even if the entire nation of Japan knelt in apology?

    Look at the Chinese. Seems like almost every single year there’s a new movie about the atrocities Japanese soldiers committed in China. Raise awareness? Sure, why not. Yet why do adults encourage their children not only to remember but to hate? Where are the movies about Japanese and Chinese or Koreans or people of other ethnicity working together?

    No wonder peace is just the absence of war. Some people just can’t stop hating each other.

  • All I know is that Japan is surrounded by a lot of countries with long memories.

  • royaljester

    He’s trolling, but they have no right to complain either.

  • royaljester

    As others have mentioned, most of the responses are from netuyos and hardly represent the views of the Japanese. You might as well ask 4chan or sankaku and expect their views to represent the US. It’s a running joke on both sides.

    Most Japanese don’t care, one way or the other – they don’t deny it happened, they just care more about their daily lives than the past. Many are sorry about it, but there’s literally nothing they can do under the current political system. The same can be said about any country and its past crimes, the main difference here being that the Japanese government has done little to address the issue and only made it worse. Hence people’s anger.

    • I agree. And blaming young people for past atrocities and trying to make them feel guilty about something that happened decades before they were born, is ridiculous. Make the young people like me want to learn about history; but don’t make them feel guilty. It’s been nearly 70 years since WW2. Many people weren’t even alive at the time, and even those were alive, may have been just babies or little children at the time. Asking current generations of university students or 20 somethings to feel guilty and putting up posters like this in such an in-your-face way, is not going to convince the younger people to be more aware of history.

  • Nampa

    The Japanese with the support of their government, immigration officers and yakuza are still trafficking women from China, Thailand, Korea, Colombia, Philippines … to please the average, brainless salaryman unable to talk to women unless they are totally drunk let alone having sex without paying for it!

  • Fire

    I remember a story of my grandfather, unrelated to comfort women but related to Japanese soldier. He was in a train about to leave, then a few Japanese soldier board the train and were looking around. Perhaps they were controlling who can and cannot leave the place. If they found my grandfather, they might kill him. So he hid in a compartment. One Japanese soldier open the compartment and found him. Instead of arresting him, he make a sign for my grandfather to be quiet and he close back the compartment and walk away. My grandfather then manage to arrive at his destination safely.

    I dont know why my grandfather was on the train or all the detail, but this is the story that was told to me. It must have mean alot to him to pass this story. If that soldier had arrested him, who knows what would have happen. He might be dead, and I might not even be here. I wonder if that soldier is still alive, does he have a family member? maybe grandchildren that are my age, perhaps I have interacted with them without knowing. That little thread that decide people’s fate. How a small ripple could cause a big wave. Not all people that belong in a group that have done evil things are evil, I suppose this is what he wanted to say.

    • Elf Queen

      Thanks for sharing!

    • a_rat_i

      after reading your grandfather’s story, i felt like sharing one of my grandpa’s story from my town…

      He fought in Burma/Myanmar against Japanese in WWII and was taken in as a prisoner of war when his platoon lost. And of course, prisoners of war treated horribly. But the grandpa from my town said that he (grandpa is an asian btw) and other asians were treated better by the Japanese guards than westerner prisoners. For example, their cells were less crowded and he used to joke about how they got a single blanket with holes to share between 3 people during winter; and that their winter nights were filled with the battle of tug of war of who gets the most of the blanket. Whereas, the westerner prisoners hardly got any blankets and were made to work harder.

      Similarly to your grandfather’s story, there was documentary, where some British people were hiding Jewish children to take them out of Germany by train. The train was stopped in a station and was being inspected by German soldiers (nazis). One young soldier found infants hidden in baskets. But he lied to the people above him assuring that everything was fine in the train. If he hadn’t had lied, those children and the people trying to get them to safer place would have been shot to death.

      Yeah, you can’t group all individuals of a nation in one lump. i’m sure there are japanese people who do acknowledge Comfort Women and believe they need the apologies they deserve by the Japanese government.

      This little documentary isn’t about Comfort Women but its sure is nice to see that one individual japanese man decided to apologise for his past crime. And it was even more overwhelming to see the chinese people emotionally taking in his apology. Now only if the japanese government and many other japanese people wouldn’t be so reliant on blatantly denying these kind of crimes or comfort women… ;(

      • thank you for sharing your grandfather story. Are you from Burma?

  • expatrick

    Japan>Korea anyday!

  • Drake

    I’m reminded of the attitudes of France towards its own culture minister who was allowed to remain in office in spite of openly bragging about his patronage of young boy prostitutes in Asia, only to later claim opposition to paedophilia and sex tourism (on the part of others apparently).

  • Guest

    The Evolution of Taekwondo from Japanese Karate. By Eric Madis


  • Drake

    Taekwondo is Japanese

    During the Korea annexation by Japan, Funakoshi Gichin (Karate master) from Okinawa-Japan trained Koreans, and these korean successors had their own gyms. Today’s Koreans say “We are victims. We are survivors of asian Auschwitz.” but strangely Koreans could learn Judo, Karate, Aikido….and could have their own gyms. After WW2, Koreans denied the facts. Koreans distorted the origin of culture.

    Steven Capener, has two PhDs from S Korean universities.

    “The fact that t’aegwondo was first brought into Korea from Okinawa-Japan in the form of Japanese karate around the time of the liberation of Korea from Japanese colonial rule, and the way this fact has been dealt with in Korea has left many serious inconsistencies in the way t’aegwondo has been developed within Korea and propagated abroad.” Source: http://www.americanmoodokwan.com/Capener_Essay%28W-95%29.pdf

    Koreans who led the popularization of taekwondo of mid and late part of the 1940s, such as Master Yi Wong Gwok, the founder of Seitokan, mastered karate in Japan (mainly Shotokan-ryu karate, since, from the name ‘Seitokan’ the influence of Shotokan is obvious.

    Other Korean like Choi Hong Hi also learnt Karate from Funakoshi Gichin and other Japanese Karate master. But after WW2, they had changed the name of Karate into TKD because of Korea’s-ultra nationalism and the dictator, Syngman Rhee.

    Japan had built many school and college including Seoul University and abolished slave system. So Korea’s horrible lives had been improved. (The lifespan of Koreans before the japanese annexation was only 25 years old but in 1940, the one was 45 years old. And the population had been decreased before the annexation but it had doubled since 1910-45. And 2 million Koreans had emigrated to Japan.

    The kimchi regime killed more than 1200000 of their own people in bodo massacre. Go and eat your kimchi.

  • Drake

    And the continuous invasions from Japan??? In 1905, U.S. recommended Japan the annexation by Taft-Katsura Agreement. Japan refused but ex-Japanese prime minister was assassinated by a KOREAN terrorist. So Korean ruling party, Iljinhoe promoted this annexation, Japan got approval from all over the world and annexed.

    No countries opposed and criticized this annexation. Korean party, Iljinhoe asked and promoted it and Korean government agreeded and signed Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty in 1910. U.S, UK, Australia, France, Denmark, Russia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, China…..all countries approved the annexation. Unlike Hawaii’s annexation by USA, Japan had got approval from all over the world.

    In the last Yi Chosen Dynasty before annexation of Japan, Korean population decreased by 4 millions in 140 years It proved how bad politics were done there. But under Japanese rule, Korean population doubled from 13 million to 25 million, the life expectancy, from 24 to 50.

    I recommend you to read “The Comfort Women: Sexual Violence and Postcolonial Memory in Korea and Japan” written by Sarah Soh, a Korean American professor of San Francisco State University. In the book, she is accusing Koreans saying that they are distorting this issue.

  • Drake

    Who kidnapped Korean girls? When? Where? And if Japanese soldiers kidnapped and raped Korean girls, what were those Korean men doing?

    Why more than 800,000 Koreans volunteered in Japanese soldiers during WW2?

    This is the truth that Korea doesn’t teach. Korea was a sex slave of the Mongols and Chinese and sent forced labor to China for more than 1000 years.

    Korean society was very poor at that time, so many parents sold their daughters without asking her to the brothels recruitment people, they were Koreans. Also when the recruitment people kidnapped these ladies, they did not treat them well. Comfort Women problem was caused by Koreans, and Japan has been accused wrongly by Koreans. In short, Comfort women were prostitutes or who were cheated by Korean guys and their parents.

    Korean News articles said the Korean police caught 39 people who worked for a law suit group in May 2011. The group established for comfort women, who serviced sex to the Japanese soldiers during the war, for obtaining compensation from Japanese government. 30,000 Korean women were cheated by them. Criminals explained, “You can get much money from the Japanese government.” Also criminals said, “We don’t care you were real forced sex by the Japanese, and you were a prostitute or not.”

    According to the document of United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime, even now rape criminals happened in Korea 13% and Japan is 1.78%. Also, LAPD official said some 70-80 prostitutes were arrested every month, and 90 percent of them were Koreans.

    On the other hand, the New York Times on Jan. 8, 2009 said Korean prostitutes put U.S military and Korean government on trial. They complained about having been forced into sex with Americans in Korea and 50 000 Korean prostitutes is flowing into Japan.

  • Drake

    Paik Sun-yup 백선엽 (92) a retired South Korean military officer who served both Manchukuo and South Korea, the latter during the Korean War, accused Korean government of fabricating history, saying that Korea should stop the distortion of history.

    Lee Yong-hoon, Korean professor of Seoul National University claims that Korean Comfort women’s stories are made up and bullshits and they were just prostitutes.

    Seoul University, Korean professor 李栄薫 also claims that Comfort women are just paid prostitutes just like todays’ millions of Korean prostitutes working overseas illegally and arrested !

    If you are interested in this issue, please read “Comfort Women” written by Sarah Soh, a Korean American professor of San Francisco State University. You will know that the real Comfort Women were a bit different from what has been told by Korean activists.

  • Drake

    The truth about South Korea:

    #1 Prostitution rate in East Asia
    #1 Rape crime rate in East Asia
    #1 Homicide rate in East Asia

    (UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Homicide Statistics)

    Atimes.com – The Cambodian government has prohibited Cambodian women from marrying S.Koreans on March 19, 2010 because many Korean Human traffickers have raped Cambodian kids and women and caused a lot of troubles. http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Southeast_Asia/MD02Ae01.html

    Nobody denies comfort women actually existed. But evidence shows that, in most cases, Korean womens were swindled and kidnapped by Korean brokers. Also South Korean Army introduced the same system (comfort women) during the Korean war. If Comfort Women issue was such a tragedy for Korean people, why did they introduced the same system soon after the Gwangbokjeol in 1948?

    Korean brokers are actually bringing tons of Korean young women to Japan to be fucked. If you don’t like it, just do something to solve the current problems instead of whining about false stories about what happened 70 years ago.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      This doesn’t really matter when concerning the point about ‘comfort women’.

      Korea’s hand would be stronger if they included all, and not just Koreans, who were subjected to being comfort women (as you can see in the article, even Japanese women were used). It is an issue that affects many nationalities.

  • Drake

    Rape and massacre of Vietnamese civilians by the Korean military.


    “Allies called Koreans : A report from VIetnam” by Diane and Michael Jones, Koreans enjoyed shooting Viet kids’ heads at close range or cutting pregnant women’s stomachs off.

    S.Korean soldiers raped and slaughtered more than 300,000 Vietnamese kids and women. So today there are more than 50,000 half-Korean-Vietnamese orphans called “LAI DAIHAN”. Korean government has given medals to those Korean rape criminals. Of course, S.Korean government has never ever paid compensation nor apologized to those victims. Even now many Korean human traffickers are running across China and Vietnam or other South Asian countries. Currently Koreans are accusing the Japanese government and STILL demanding for apologies thru advertising to the whole world.

    Go Dai Massacre (Korean unit “Tiger” raped and killed 380 kids and women)

    Thai Binh Massacre (Korean soldiers raped and killed 8,000 kids and women)

    Ha My Massare (Korean unit “ROKMC= 대한민국 해병대) raped and killed 135 kids and women)

    Atimes.com – The Cambodian government has prohibited Cambodian women from marrying S.Koreans on March 19, 2010 because many Korean Human traffickers have raped Cambodian kids and women and caused a lot of troubles. http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Southeast_Asia/MD02Ae01.html

    Koreans haven’t acknowledged the true history like your nice quotation. They are insanely brainwashed by fake stories and made-up history invented by Korean government.

    • linette lee

      So sad.. 🙁 I heard about the massacre in Vietnam before. I never really research it. So sad. War crime is so wrong. USA and korea did a lot of damages to vietnam.

  • Well I’m a Filipino and my grandma always talking to us, her grandsons and daughters about the horror of the past. She keeps telling us of the horror she had been in the long lost years, yes Comfort Women do exist. Even she was subjected to be one of them and yet my grandpa was once a slave for the Jap army back on those days. Well even you keep telling yourself that they do not exist but sooner or later it will reveal to everyone unexpectedly. Well Korea has to forgive its past and move on, but unfortunately in China, well it seems like the war just ended yesterday, well i traveled to China last 2011 and i can see places even restaurants prohibiting Japanese people to enter, they don’t still forgot yesterday. :’-(.. Well why not reconcile? Christmas is coming?!

  • DisqusUsername

    American here. Why do so many Japanese people doubt the war atrocities they’ve committed?

  • holdingrabbits

    This is an issue of how some Koreans tend to hurt their own arguments. The extreme personal interest in a fact or opinion often makes people wonder if they aren’t hiding something. Like with the fierce mantra of “Dokdo is our Land.”Of course it is, but if you defend it like it’s up for debate, then the argument is confusing. There are some Koreans who would only be happy if Japan simply decided to wipe themselves off the face of the earth as penance…and even then, they would still talk shit about them. The comfort women issue is heavily documented, but acting like a nut and posting thousands of flyers at Japanese universities is not how you disseminate objective information. When I think of flyers that try to “inform” me about something, I think of things that are almost certainly not true, such as cults or conspiracies. It’s never stuff like “Spain is a sovereign nation” or “Fish live in water.”

  • In Truth

    Sex, Lies, and Comfort Women (Book 2)


  • Franz

    Japanese people are very racist. Everybody can tell, you can stop pretending you are a modern country now. Greetings from Germany (not your friends)

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      Germans are pretty racist too. Heard about that woman, stabbed to death in a German court room because she was Muslim and not from Germany. Everybody stood and watched as the culprit did it.

  • c

    oh my god, the comments in the article and on this board are frightening – from the Japanese denial and revisionists to the justifying and defensive comments. Korean comfort women exist! And that deserves an apology and recognition from the japanese people. not only from the government but from the people as well. so some might say that only the government should respond (although the citizens should respond as well)? they’re following the same logic that responsibility follows a succession. thus, the following generation should respond and make amends because guess what – it’s the right thing to do. and ya know, there are no time travel machines in existence.

    Korean people ARE victims… (along with others affected by war crimes found around the globe) because they were VICTIMIZED. duh. and they will continue to feel victimized and be victimized until they recieve an appropriate apology. and do they have a victim mentality? well of course, because they’re still victims. there is severe hurt there. how would you feel if your mother was enslaved as a prostitute – or your grandmother? can you just blame it onto someone’s silly, aging grandpa for the pain and misery that it’s caused your family and the extensive, extensive trauma? why are people so inhumane? i’m sure it’s because some of you believe that the japanese are somewhat racially or culturally superior, judging by the passive aggressive comments. or perhaps you somehow are watering down the severity of the situation in your mind and empathizing with people who should apologize (japanese society as a whole in this situation or at least the major political representatives) because… a)you have stockholm syndrome or b)it’s too painful to think of all the victims of war crime in the world and thus, you’ve decided to downplay it… in which case, i understand why but i also feel sorry for you.

    how can you tell Korean society to shut up and ignore the reality of this trauma? Yes, other countries commit crimes against each other but this issue and article at hand is very simple and doesn’t involve anyone else or any other problem (ie. dokdo). baby steps. it’s true that some koreans are even more outraged because of the dokdo/takeshima issue. BUT- where does it say that the professor and his students were influenced by this? people can care and voice frustration about one issue intelligently and passionately, it’s possible. (personally, i don’t mind the illegal postering because strong activism is often illegal and it wasn’t harming anyone. btw can’t believe the people who bemoan the postering but are saying enforced prostitution should be forgotten. get yer priorities straight). and it’s possible to do it all without having critics to PATRONIZE them and MINIMIZE the situation by saying that they are simply… confused about what they really want or why they are angry. (yes, that’s what many of you are doing.) that is so disrespectful to anyone who has been affected by war crime and a society that has been traumatized by it! i’m from canada, our government has apologized to japanese internees of ww2 and during elementary school trips, we were taken to museums to learn about this sad part of history. i felt like i gained from this knowledge. is it that difficult to make such an effort and if commenters on this wall will reply with such stone-faced NO’s… i’d really like to know why.

    the people on the board voicing that the younger generation is disconnected from past issues and that these people who put the posters up are biased – are also biased themselves. just because you love japan, doesn’t mean you can’t acknowledge that a wrong took place. what an extremely insecure black and white world you must live in. and those randoms who say that not all japanese are bad – that’s not what’s being said or what the issue even is. geez- y’all need hand-holding. the posters are trying to spread awareness because people are taught revisionist history and many people do not even believe in it. please repeat twenty times.

    the point is that this whole denial thing (not only by japanese but by a lot of people who aren’t japanese probably posting on this board), y’all are holding back global peace and understanding. for real.

  • Mathpop

    Dude just shut up, I can tell you are a Japanese nationalist… “Drake” what a joke

  • Charlie

    As an American who has been WW II history enthusiast since he was a little boy, I am extremely disappointed at the flat-out denials of forced military prostitution by the Japanese. I was hoping the extent to which the Japanese government has revised their history books was overblown, but judging from the recent comments of Japans’s general populace concerning this issue/current events, apparently not.

    I have some really bad news for all the Japanese out there: every other educated country clearly documents in their history books the atrocities commited by the Japanese Imperial Army in China. There is clear evidence that millions of women were raped, many of them killed during the process. Those who survived their unpseakable ordeals were left with terrible physical/mental scars. Many commited suicide. Until Japan recognizes this atrocity AS A WHOLE (not just one or two politicians), the relations between China and Japan will never be repaired.

    Do you think Germay would have been able to intergrate back into Europe if they didn’t admit to the holocaust?

    It’s really simple, guys. Stopping running away from your own history. It’s been over 75 years. Admit your mistakes and move on.

  • hjn

    hahaha what a joke. congratulations, got a great laugh out of this bull.

    • Youwha

      He’s presenting evidence, why are you guys just dismissing without a single thought? Is everyone here Korean or something?

      He’s got a few valid points, I’ve been to Korea and there is so much prostitution, rape and assault from entitled Korean males that it makes anything the Japanese did in Korea pale in comparison.
      But they are far too proud to admit it. They also parrot like crazy, shouting the same old fanatical crap about Dokdo and Comfort women over and over. There’s still commie influences in South Korea.

      We americans are far too trusting to auto-assume Korea s totally right all the carefully crafted shit they come up with.

      • ddy

        but you know what? A bunch of japanese men have been to korea for buying women. Shame on you guys….look at the truth and study about the real history!

  • Maybe I’m arguing over semantics, but one thing I’ve noticed is the phrasing of ‘Do you remember?’. It doesn’t make any sense to ask a university student of today, born decades after the event, if he/she ‘remembers’ the events. Even if a student was a history fanatic and didn’t deny the events, they still wouldn’t literally ‘remember’ it either way, because they wouldn’t have been alive at the time.
    If the guy wanted to put up posters for awareness among young Japanese people in their teens/early 20s, he should have asked ‘Have you heard of this. If so, what do you know about it?’ or something like that instead of ‘Do you remember?’

    Even for students who don’t care much about the issue, asking them to ‘remember’ something that happened decades before they were even born, is unreasonable. Maybe more students should learn about it, but demanding them to literally remember it is a bit strange. It’s like asking an American kid today ‘Do you remember slavery?, when that happened decades before their birth; they can only learn about it, but because they weren’t alive in the 1850s they cannot have a direct living memory about it.

    And I hope he put up those posters with permission from the universities…if that wasn’t the case, then he shouldn’t have been putting up posters anyway.

  • Sarah

    you japanese students or what ever your age is, is terrible. Your fuckin defending your own country, when your suppose to be thinking of every person as equal. Fucking, retards. Go back to your History class, and relearn everything from chapter 1. They weren’t pointing fingers, read the fucking full sentence, before you spit something out of your mouth. They are creating awareness of this, so this time won’t make the same mistake and learn from the past of wrong-doings.

  • john

    Wow, Im not surprised with all the comments above that the Japanese still have the World War II fascist attitude, theirs a reason why you were defeated because of your ignorant ways, how about getting along with your neighbors or stay ignorant and refuse to change your ways.

  • Healing dog

    I am an American in my mid 40s and have Korean heritage. My Wife is a Japanese and I have many Japanese friends.

    I don’t care where you are from or which ethnic background or nationality you have. If you are my friend, then you are my buddy.

    However, I do regret that many here have no idea what actually went on and what kind of hardship Koreans had to go through during the colonization..
    I am not talking about what Korean government says or propagate.

    If many of you young Japanese have opportunities to listen to the first hand experience from old Korean folks, I don’t think many of you will lash back out to the sentiment some Koreans have toward what Japan has done to Koreans in the past.

    I am a service dog trainer and live to have smiles in my face everyday. If I can help to put smiles and happiness to some else’s, that’s even better.
    I am a true advocate of ” why can’t we just all get along?”
    Too naive? Maybe…

    Having said that, when I got into this discussion forum and saw many here are cursing, arguing, blaming and renting between them, I felt rather sad that I was witnessing this undeniable aggression we all mankind poses.

    My grandfather had only 3 fingers out of 10 and also missed two big toes which were amputated by severe torture by Japanese police and military during 36 years of Japanese colonization of Korea… He was a teacher during that time.

    When Japan forced Koreans to teach and Forbid teaching Korean to children, my grandfather protested and ended up spending 6years in jail and lost his digits and toes by tortes , poking bamboo sticks under his finger & toe nails .
    Some really nasty barbaric stuff they did. Sorry for being too graphic.

    There are still many old Korean folks around who lived through that era.
    You may close your eyes and turn your back from it but No one can deny the terrible experiences they actually had.

    It’s not just Koreans that have similar sentiments toward Japan.
    How about Chinese? Or many other Asian countries?

    If you ever watched Asian movies, many will depict Japan or Japanese in that era as evil entity. Why do you think that is? Are they all making up some BS stories?

    I am not being accusative or renting.
    I am suggesting, you all need to calm down and restraint your language and approach.
    No needs to be so defensive and argumentative. Only the weeks do that.

    So… Anyhow.
    You can only imagine what my parents reactions were when I told them I am marring Japanese girl. That’s like a Jew marrying a German or Palestinian marrying Israeli.:)

    Man, that was the longest writing I ever done with my poor texting skills.


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