Man Arrested For Assaulting Sixth Grader At Yu-Gi-Oh! Event

A man is arrested for throwing his cards at a child during a card game in Japan

Earlier this month, a 29 year old man from Kyushu was arrested for attacking an 11 year old boy at a Yu-Gi-Oh! card game held in Dazaifu. The man won two games but was unsatisfied when his opponent left the table, proceeding to taunt him. The boy became agitated and flung the cards onto the floor. This incited the man to grab him by the collar and attack him physically. It is not clear how he attacked him, but his official charge describes ‘scratches on the face’. He was arrested and held until December 10.

From Sponichi:

Unemployed 29 Year Old Male Arrested After Injuring Sixth Grader At Yu-Gi-Oh! Event

An unemployed 29 year old man was arrested and held until December 10 at the Chikushino Police Station in Fukuoka for attacking an 11 year old competitor he encountered at a collectible card game event.

The charge against him is that, at 2:55pm on December 9, he grabbed the sixth grader by the collar and scratched his face at a card shop in Dazaifu City.

According to Chikushino police, the two were playing a card game based on the popular anime ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!‘ and the man won twice.

It appears the trouble began as the boy started to leave. He flung all of the cards off the table as the man jeered ‘Oh, are you running away?’

A Yu-Gi-Oh! card tournament in Japan

A Yu-Gi-Oh! card tournament in Japan

Comments from Itai News:


Jobless dudes are the toughest.


‘An unemployed 29 year old man’ wwww


‘It’s said the trouble began as the boy started to leave. He flung all of the cards off the table as the man jeered ‘Oh, are you running away?”

He was pissed!

ベンガルヤマネコ(チベット自治区)[Responding to above]:

He didn’t need to react to the provocation the same way the kid did. Do you have any idea what type of person a 29 year old man who plays Yu-Gi-Oh! with grade schoolers is?


Normally, I’d understand if the losing person would not want to let the winner quit while he’s ahead, but did he really want to continue racking up wins on this sixth grader that badly?


The unemployed 29 year old won the Yu-Gi-Oh! match, but the winner of the real fight was…?


Don’t go all out if your opponent is a kid w


He’s 29 and playing Yu-Gi-Oh! with kids at a card shop. If I were him I’d kill myself out of shame.


This is the current state of Japan.


Are you running away from reality?


He’s winning at Yu-Gi-Oh!, but losing at life.

From Bakusai:


Unemployed people. Virgins. Non-students. Gamers. Koreans.
Do they have any reason to live?


The fact that this guy is playing games with 6th graders is strange in itself! If he’s 29, these kids are probably not even the same age as his kids! I’d like to see the face of such a guy.


If you’re playing cell phone games, you’re mainly playing with 30 and 40 year old men.


It’s not everyday that a card game crosses over into a match in real life.


‘How many times do I gotta say this shit!? I’m not jobless! I’m a professional Duelist'[Note: Yu-Gi-Oh! players refer to themselves as ‘Duelists’]


If a 29 year old said to a kid “Hey, let’s duel,” I think it’s okay to arrest him.


As expected of a kyuushuudanji . Too childish! [Note: ‘Kyuushuudanji’ is the term for strapping young men from Kyushu Prefecture]


So the guy wins twice in a row and then says to the crying kid who’s getting up to leave: ‘Oh, are you running away?’ And then….and then…..what the hell is this crap? This is too much.


The kid sucks. The guy sucks. The cards are the way of life to a duelist. Start playing like civil people.


I’d laugh if the guy who was arrested was older than the kid’s parents. w

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  • Ruaraidh

    I think this is summed up beautifully by the comment; ‘He’s winning at Yu-Gi-Oh!, but losing at life.’

    It’s funny how some people seem to lack a fundamental sense of self awareness.

  • The unemployed 29 year old won the Yu-Gi-Oh! match, but the winner of the real fight was…?


  • Anonymous

    Why is it that even in an article with no relation whatsoever to Koreans, some smartass had to make a snide, mean-spirited remark to insult them?

    • G$

      Because…they’re Japanese? Hello, have you not met old world Asians in Asia?

    • ‘Unemployed people. Virgins. Non-students. Gamers. Koreans.Do they have any reason to live?’ lol

      Come on you have to admit it sounds pretty funny written up like this!

  • YourSupremeCommander

    If you are a MAN and attending a Yu-Gi-Oh! event, you need psychological help.

  • Kate

    When I was in 6th grade, I went to a Pokemon tournament at a mall and there were quiet a few 30+ there pokemon battling 7-12 yr olds. I’d poke fun except when I was in college, I wasted 1 yr playing WoW 30+ a week, raiding and doing all kinds of shit….and the only diff is one has cards, the other doesn’t. It just makes him a bit loserish to pick a fight with an 11 yr old.

    • Ruaraidh

      There was a guy in school who got obsessed with warcraft, it consumed so much of his time that his parents gave him the ultimatum that he had to choose either school or warcraft… Much to their horror he actually chose warcraft.

      • Kate

        Smart kid, probably saved him $40,000 in college debt and unemployment.

        • Ruaraidh

          I heard that in then end he did go back and finish school, and went on to uni. He literally took a year out of his life for warcraft, which is hilarious.

    • Gerhana

      I knew youre a nerd. Well, Im a nerd too, I experience all kind of emotion with mass effect trilogy and dragon age trilogy. Its an interactive opera =)

      • Kate

        I’m a huge nerd dude. I play Diablo 3 all the time and PS3. I watch a lot of asian horror movies too.

  • ChuckRamone

    Whoa, this guy needs some kind of outlet for his energy other than Yu-Gi-Oh. He could become an Internet troll or start constructing a female robot in his basement.

  • Quentin

    Korea is like Godwin’s law for the Japanese

  • PixelPulse

    This is both very sad and very funny.

  • the ace of books

    “I am not a loser, and I’ll prove it by challenging you to a children’s card game!”

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Huh so Japan also has its share of weird adults taking a card game too seriously…

  • G$

    I love the comment that presumes that he already has kids because he’s 29… so Asian. That and the scratching of his face aside…let the man do what he wants as long as he’s not harming you, who cares?

  • lonetrey / Dan

    The guy shouldn’t be made fun of for playing Yugioh. It’s just the assault that puts him in the wrong.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Seito Kaiba is a millionaire (and a grown man) and he still plays Yu-gi-oh so why don’t people make fun of him?

  • Isaac

    No surprise. Masturbation to cartoons is prevalent over there too.

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