Man Asks School Girl For Directions, Police Issue Alert

A man was reported to the Aichi police for asking a Japanese schoolgirl for directions

It was recently revealed on a Japanese public safety information site that an alert had been issued by the Aichi Prefectural Police for a man who had asked a high-school girl for directions to the station.

When the alert was reposted on, it soon caught the attention of netizens. Despite having only been posted yesterday, December 4, it has already attracted thousands of comments and thousands of tweets.This is the latest in a series of incidents where men have been reported to the police without having committed a specific offense.

The alert issued by the police is translated below with a selection of netizen comments. Do you think the man had an ulterior motive? Or is he actually the victim of the story?

Man Who Asked A Female Student ‘Which Way is the Station?’ Reported to Police

Patonetto Aichi Suspicious Individual Information

■ Time of Incident
7pm December 3 2012

■ Location of Incident
Komaki City, Horinouchi 3 choume

■ Situation
A man asked a female student on her way home from school ‘Which way is the station?’

■ Suspect(s)
A man, around 30 years of age, approximately 165cm tall, slim build, short black hair, wearing a black jumper with a hood, and trousers that appeared to be black jeans, riding a bicycle

■ Information Distribution
Komaki Police

The police alert issued for the man who asked the girl for directions in Aichi

The alert issued by the police

Comments from


※So nothing happened.


It’s pretty audacious to ask someone a question knowing that it’s a crime to even greet someone.


It’s unusual for the guy to be of slim build and not a bit of a chunker.

ジャガランディ(やわらか銀行)[in response to comment above]:

He was wearing black though. That says it all.


How could anyone be so diabolical as to purposely target a school-girl to ask the way.


Well, if you’re asking the way, you have to ask a man or an old woman. And when you’re complacent about telling people the way, you could even end up getting kidnapped and bundled into a car.


Alerts like this are the norm now.


I don’t like living in suspicion of people like this>_<


His face must have been life-threateningly disgusting.


Damn girl, just employ a chauffeur to pick you up and take you home!


With this kind of momentum before long there’ll be alerts about men breathing air from the same region as a girl…..


Well, if you really want to know the way you wouldn’t ask a bloody girl. Look at a map or something. Anyway it seems like a place where there would have been a lot of other people around at 7pm.


So is this a crime in the first place?


Seems like even a father walking with his own daughter would get reported.


Come on, it’s suicide to strike up a conversation with a high-school girl.


So even the slim guys are getting done over, huh….


You’re a suspicious individual if you don’t have a smart phone or GPS in your car, then..?

Comments from Itai News:

Posted by あ :

I think it’s crazy that a 30 year old man doesn’t know the way. Is he just a wandering fool?

Posted by   :

There are pervs who pretend that they’re asking the way though. They usually ask the way to a place that you couldn’t really miss, and you answer politely even though you think it’s a bit strange. There are times when I’ve been pissed off when it turns out the guy is a weirdo, and he just says something obscene after I’ve told him the way. Once, someone asked me the way from inside their car, and I was almost dragged inside. Scum who abuse people’s goodwill can just die.

Posted by 名無しさんによるSTF :

Guess it depends on the person, but this guy that spoke to that girl must have been a fugly bastard. If he’d been hot there’s no way he would have been reported.

432. Posted by   :

Get involved with a woman and your life’s over.
How can anyone find love in this kind of society? They say that in recent times men aren’t very forward, but these days there’s always the possibility that if you even speak to a girl you’ll get reported and arrested, so why the hell would you talk to one? The advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages. But women seem to think that they’re so great that men will be prepared to take the risk. They think they are worth more than the man’s life.

Posted by :

So high-school girls are not only untouchable but un-talkable to?

Posted by あ :

Everyone, let’s be careful! Get close to one of these precious women and you’ll get reported! If one of them comes within a 5m radius of you, run away!

Posted by あ :

The other day, I asked a Korean university student the way, and they answered be very kindly. That’s pretty rare in Japan.

Posted by あ :

It’s not so difficult to understand, is it? If it was usual for an adult male to ask a school-girl the way, then it wouldn’t have been reported, but the reality is that there are people who’ve been flirted with, been victims of crimes or whatever after that, so there’s nothing for it but to be suspicious of a man who asks Lolita the way. I’m sure she only told the police to be on the safe side.

Posted by あ :

I’ve heard stories about guys who’ve been treated as molesters just for picking up a handkerchief that a girl had dropped and handing it back to her w. Ultimately, women only see what’s on the outside, and they crush people’s goodwill without a second thought. No matter what happens, it’s better to approach girls with caution.

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  • Gerhana

    kinda retarded. Pretty sure someone will come and defend this as if its a good thing.

  • Paul M

    I have to admit I’ve long stopped asking anyone remotely female for directions in case people start thinking I’m hitting on them. Once I had this guy glare at me the entire time I was getting directions to a post office from a female 20-something, he didn’t stop until I had walked away – guess I must have looked like a rapist or something.

    • KrZ

      I was walking on the beach and a small girl ran in to me, running around playing. I said, “Are you ok? You bumped your head pretty well.” Father started shouting at me, called his daughter back. Pedophile paranoia. Sucks being assumed a criminal because of my chromosomes.

      • Warren Lauzon

        Probably the same daddy that puts his daughter up in that Toddlers with Tiaras show, a pedophiles delight.

      • suu

        Kind of similar but not really the pedophile part… I was at Tokyo station and this girl was crouched down like she was in pain. So I went to ask her if she was alright… and she looked at me as if I was sooo crazy to talk to her… (I’m a girl) -___-

  • Morricane

    This is ridiculous. Reporting a crime when there is no crime constitutes a crime in itself punishable by law. I forgot the correct term for that though.

    • Thanh Phú

      Defamation, calumny, vilification, traducement, slander, libel?

      • HaakonKL

        Wasting the public’s time and money?

    • In most countries, a report of suspicious behavior can be used in criminal proceedings, and when reports are used, they are often the most compelling pieces of evidence. For this to be entered into the police record is evidence that Japan is over-criminalizing its residents. Not that we didn’t already know that.

  • Kate

    Maybe the guy was being pervy/creepy about it like the one netizen said. Men don’t have this happen, but women do, guys who pull up pretending to need help when really they are being weird/perv/ulterior motive. I was walking across a street once and a guy stopped to ask me directions and then tried to get me in his car. This girl felt threatened for a reason.

    • the ace of books

      Could be, but then it ought to be mentioned. Otherwise you get people like above, asking “what’s the big deal?” Could’ve been a big deal for the girl if the guy was an ass or a creep about it — but then she should mention that, and so should the police in their alert, otherwise people won’t take it seriously.

    • The difference between the creepy ones and the not-creepy ones is just social skills. 9 times out of 10, they both have ulterior motives.

    • Butsu

      He might have been, but stuff like this has been happening and reported on in Japan for years now, it’s getting really ridicoulous.

  • ChuckRamone

    Based on the police report, you can only conclude the police were alerted because a man asked a schoolgirl for directions. There’s no other relevant information. Everything else is extrapolation.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    IF he was drooling with looks of erotic desire all over his face while asking for the directions… then yeah, he’s a perv. IF not, he’s just a regular Joe that was lost.

    • You’d be relying on the girl to make that assessment. Girls of her age have a habit of viewing the world through the filter that any guy they’re not attracted to who comes up and talks to them is a drooling rapist. They may very well recall details that didn’t even happen. Nothing against girls, it’s just one of those quirks of nature. Blame evolutionary psychology.

      • Gerhana

        Yes, and it is a big problem with eye-witness testimony. Their self-constructed memory becomes believable to them that they can pass the polygraph test, despite the memory is actually distorted. They are not psychopath but they are able to pass the test just like psychopath. One is in believing the distorted memory and another one is the lack of guilt.

      • the ace of books

        Getting pretty close to implying it’s only girls who do this, bro. Believe you me, dudes are just as capable at accidental self-deception. So I’d call it a human trait, caused and characterised by extreme emotional involvement/impression in a situation, or maybe just by emotions being filtered into social expectations.

        • Guys certainly do something similar, but I wouldn’t say guys normally think that a girl they’re not attracted to is an existential threat.

    • mr.wiener

      Say what you like about pedos, at least they drive slowly past schools and park playgrounds.
      I am soooo going to go to hell for that one 🙁

      • the ace of books

        ………………………………….(covert high-five)

      • Gerhana

        Mr. Wiener, it is time, for you to embrace the darkness

        unfold and stretch your jet black wings
        unleash at once the devil within
        you leap and fall with no regrets
        then you, the world will not forget

  • I feel bad for the guy to be honest. However the girl did the right thing if she really felt threatened.

  • the ace of books

    “man around 30 years of age, approximately 165cm tall, slim build, short black hair”

    They’ll never find him.

    • HaakonKL

      He’s 165cm low.
      How can they not find him?

  • Alvin B.

    It’s not just Japan. I’ve heard similar stories in Texas on the news at random times. You have to be extremely careful what you do or say in public for fear of being accused of something.

  • AngryCanadien

    Maybe he was asking for directions on how to get into her pants? That’d constitute as sexual harassment, yes?

    • the ace of books

      irl lol’d XD

  • Skaftafell

    If you go to Sankaku Complex, you would see this type of stuff all the time.

  • Jiji

    Many schoolgirl make money in the prostitution and probably the girl felt offended as if the poor guy were trying to pick her. Anyway, there’s nothing more dirty minded and evil than some japanese schoolgirls.

  • This kind of bullshit happens all the time the US… welcome to liberal nightmare hell where you can’t even ask for directions w/o being accused of harassment.

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