Uniqlo Reports Comparative Losses After CEO’s Senkaku Remark

Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo's store on 5th Avenue

Uniqlo, a major fashion retailer in Japan headed by Japan’s richest man, Tadashi Yanai, posted comparative losses for the second month in a row in October.

Many netizens took this as an opportunity to voice their opinions of the company following a controversial incident regarding the Senkaku Islands, as well as the general evaluation of the brand as something to be embarrassed wearing.

From Nikkei:

Existing Uniqlo Retail Stores Report 2nd Consecutive Month Of Losses With A 2.2% Decrease in October

Fast Retailing’s ‘Uniqlo’ brand of specialty clothing stores showed a 2.2% decrease in sales for October compared to the same same sales period last year. It was the second consecutive month that the company failed to reach the previous year’s records. The demand for Autumn/Winter clothing like down jackets (¥5990) was low due to high temperatures continuing through the middle of the month.

While the results of their four day consecutive sale (10/26 – 10/29) to attract customers were also low, they increased their number of customers by 3.8%. However, with many people buying sale items like down vests(¥3990), the average amount spent by customers decreased sharply by 5.7% compared to the previous October.

Comments from Netouyonews:


I don’t need (their clothes).
Die in China.


Good luck in China.


They ought to become an underwear-only store.
Just underpants, HEATTECH and socks.

白(responding to above):

That’s exactly what I use them for.
I buy a lot of their socks and underwear because they feel nice and are cheap.
Because HEATTECH is warmer than you can imagine, it’s a must for outdoor activities in winter.
I’m making do with zozo because outerwear is something you don’t mess around with.

パンパスネコ (responding to two posts above):

Also fleece that you can only wear around the house.


Due to Senkaku and the interactions afterwards, I’ve made the decision never to buy any of their stuff under any circumstances.

マープルキャット (responding to above):

The thing with Senkaku seems to be from the advice of the authorities saying their store was in the path of the demonstrators and they should put up a sign. The circumstances seemed to have changed from when the first employee did it on their own.


That’s cuz I actually bought something last year!


The president of Uniqlo is even licking the balls of Xi Jinpingw


I wear Uniqlo from head to toe. I don’t know where else to buy clothes.


The prices aren’t really that cheap, are they?
Don’t they have a lot of products with bad quality compared to the prices?
I haven’t ever bought anything there, though.

アジアゴールデンキャット (responding to above):

The quality used to be really good…
Probably about 8 years ago.
I still wear clothes I bought back then.


I’d be too embarrassed to wear anything other than inner-wear, so I don’t buy anything else.


Specialty clothing retailer world ranking 2011:Sales H&M ¥1.231 tril.
2) Inditex ¥1.388 tril.
3) GAP ¥1.115 tril.
4) Fast Retailing ¥820 bil.
5) Limited Brands   ¥794 bil. (~)
6) C&A ¥667 bil. γ´⌒`ヽ
7) Shimamura ¥466 bil.
8) Next ¥414 bil. ( ´・ω・)  But being 4th in the world is great!
9) Primark ¥366 bil.
10) Arcadia ¥323 bil.

エジプシャン・マウ (responding to above):

Shimamura being 7th means they really be doing well w
By the way, is Shimamura doing business overseas?


Stop trying to be mediocre high-class.


It’s gotta be that the value of ¥3000 to Uniqlo’s president and the value of ¥3000 to the average person has been different for a few years now. Even if they add new features, the prices are still ¥200 – ¥500 too expensive, aren’t they? Oh well, I haven’t shopped there in a few years.


Too big!
Their clothes are about 2 sizes too big.


I bought a light down jacket. Sorry, everybody.

リビアヤマネコ (responding to above):

You’ve gotta be embarrassed wearing that out.


Foreign brands = Cool. I want to buy them, even if they’re expensive.
Domestic brands = Awful. I won’t buy them, even if they’re cheap.


The ‘Designer Collaboration’ series is pretty good.
Especially, last year’s +J with Jill Sanders.
Since that line went away I haven’t even looked at their site.


By the way, I have no idea why Uniqlo was selling well at all.

マープルキャット(responding to above):

They’re the Japanese GAP.
They’ve even modeled their commercials after GAP’s from overseas.


Last year’s Heat-Tech is still wearable.
That’s why people aren’t buying a lot this year, right?


Even people in Yamagata Prefecture [Note: very rural part of Northern Japan] are ashamed to be seen wearing Uniqlo.
It’s got to be even worse in the city.


I went to the convenience store and saw a gross dude wearing exactly the same shirt as me.
I quietly went outside.

And threw it away.

Sorry, everyone.

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