‘Hope the Kid Dies’ Tweets Girl About Pregnant Lady On Train

Girls doing their make-up on the train in Japan

Trains in Japan are often crowded, and therefore many people take manners on the train very seriously. In recent years, younger people using mobiles or doing their make-up while on the train has increased, prompting signs from train companies warning them that their actions are inappropriate.

Now, a Twitter user who was reprimanded by a pregnant woman for doing her make-up on the train has caused controversy by tweeting that she hoped the baby died. Netizens have been outraged by her remarks, re-tweeting her comment thousands of times.

Do you think it’s acceptable for women to do their make-up on the train? Or does it show a lack of respect for fellow passengers?

From Rocket News 24:

[Scandal] Girl’s Tweet About A Pregnant Woman Gets 4,400 Re-Tweets: ‘Hope the Brat Inside Her Dies’

The tweet from a girl who was told off by a pregnant woman on a Japanese train

A female Twitter user was told off by a pregnant woman when she was doing her make-up while on the train. The girl, who was irritated by this, then wrote something extreme on Twitter: ‘Hope the brat inside her dies’.

・The comment written by the girl:
‘Was doing my make-up on the train, when this old bitch I never met told me ‘Could I ask you not to do your make-up in a public place?’, and I was like, whatever. I paid to get on this train, and I’ve got the right to do my make-up. Everyone knows that, right? I mean, go back to elementary school (笑). Hope the brat inside her dies.’

It’s true that there are some who are uncomfortable with people talking on their phone or doing their make-up while on the train, and it’s generally accepted that you just don’t do it. Even if you get angry when someone tells you off, you should think about it and stop what you’re doing, but this girl couldn’t help losing her temper.

Even if she didn’t say it directly to the woman, I think that it’s going to far to say ‘Hope the brat in her stomach dies,’ but what do you think?

Comments from Twitter:


They should take the mosaic away from her profile picture!d( ̄  ̄)


That’s Japan for you, there are loads of bastards who think like that.


Seems like she’s got the complete opposite way of thinking to me.


The parents of this girl probably have no common sense either.


She doesn’t even realise that what she’s saying is contradictory, stupid high-school girl.


Isn’t it the other way round? — she’s the one who needs to go back to elementary school. I feel sorry for the baby still in its mother’s stomach, being told ‘die you shitty brat’.


Are you stupid?

だいすけ[email protected]ボーマス:

I hope this girl stays single for the rest of her life. You’re the one who has no common sense wwww


Pregnant women also pay their money to get on the train, so they’ve got the right to complain too.


Bastards who have no manners have no rights.

Yoshio Shimada:

Amazing. Just amazing.


Are there really clueless kids like this about?


So in the end this was made up for attention? Sad…


Even if there is a girl doing her make-up on the train I don’t tend to tell them off because I just assume that they’re retarded. And looks like I’m right if they’re making comments like that and causing controversy w I saw her picture, but if she had no make up on it would be pretty dire…


So there are idiots who just say this kind of thing without caring…it’s just so sad…


This is horrible


I’d love to see where she came from. I bet her parents are weird.


This is awful. So annoyed.


The fact that she thinks she can do what she wants because she’s paying is itself strange. If you don’t have manners, don’t use the train.


Bet this girl isn’t Japanese.

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