Akihabara Cuddle Cafe Introduces ‘Ass Pillow Service’

A Japanese cuddle cafe in Akihabara

Tokyo’s Akihabara, or ‘Akiba’, is known for being a hub of otaku culture, famous for its electronic stores, game centres, and maid cafes, among other things.

A lesser-known type of cafe in Akiba is the ‘cuddle cafe’, or ‘soineya’ [literally ‘shared-sleep shop’], where lonely men, and sometimes women, can go and sleep with a partner of their choice. The experience is strictly non-sexual, more to do with human contact than sexual contact. Now one Akihabara cuddle cafe, also called ‘Soneiya’ has introduced a service where a man can rest his head on a girl’s ass for a mere 1,000 yen per minute. Netizens have their own opinions about the service, but what do you think? Bargain booty? Or rip-off rear?

From Itai News:

Specialist ‘Sleep-sharing’ Shop in Akihabara, Customers Can Sleep With Girl’s Bottom as Pillow, ‘Ass Pillow’ Service…1000 yen/minute.

A man lies on a woman's ass in a Tokyo cuddle cafe

The shop’s ‘menu’:

● Membership Fee: 3000 yen
● First time only: 40 mins, 3000 yen.

Usual Fees

20 mins, 3000 yen

40 mins, 5000 yen

60 mins, 6000 yen

120 mins, 11,000 yen

180 mins, 16,000 yen

4 hrs, 20,000 yen

5 hrs, 25,000 yen

6 hrs, 30,000 yen

10 hrs, 50,000 yen (designated girl fee service)

Designated girl fee: 1000 yen (500 yen per hour)

*There is no designated girl fee for any girl other than the one requested.

An advert from Soneiya's website.

An advert from Soneiya’s website.


Girl lies on your shoulder: 3 mins, 1000 yen

Girl pats the guy

Customer pats girl’s head, good girl, good girl: 3 mins, 1000 yen

Gaze at each other: 1 min, 1000 yen

Change clothes, one item: 1000 yen

Foot massage: 3 mins, 1000 yen

Massage girl’s feet: 3 mins, 2000 yen

Lie in girl’s lap: 3 mins, 1000 yen

Girl lies in your lap: 3 mins, 2000 yen

※ Depending on the girl not all options may be available.

Comments from 2ch.net:


So expensive


All I can say is why don’t these guys just accept things and go to a sex worker.


I wonder if they have a farting service?


Do they have a face-down version?


What about a boob pillow?


1000 yen per minute? That’s more expensive that a high-class soapland. Even rip-off bars don’t rip you off that much wwwwwwwwwww.


If you’re spending that kind of money then go to a brothel, sleep in a bed, get wanked off while kissing with tongues.


Right, I’m setting up a gay version.


Though I think I’m an idiot, I reckon I’d pay for this w


I mean, is the girl in the picture getting a wage for this? Die.


Doesn’t this involve the
fueiho? [You can see more about the fueiho law here].


So, this means that sales in this shop are 1000 yen a minute? The shop will take a cut, and if you think that there will also be times when there are no customers, then the hourly wage is at the most probably the same as hostesses in that area


Enkō is cheaper.


If you think that for 1000 yen you can caress a young girl’s ass, then it’s cheap. Just smell and caress and get your minute’s worth.


This half-way stuff is the kind of thing that develops into a crime.


Just get your girlfriend to do it for free wwwww


How much is a crotch pillow?


If you pay 720,000 yen ($8204) then will they let you stay there for 12 hours? Maybe I’ll go there now.


Designated fees, the options, and the system are exactly like the sex industry.


This is an excellent business.


It’s stupid.


Just go to an image club [a club where the sex workers will dress/act according to common male fantasies, ie nurse, schoolgirl, etc. in themed rooms]


I think that you’d be soothed more if you paid the money to a cat cafe rather than this.


If this made you horny you’d be done for.


If I was told something was 1000 yen per minute then I reckon I’d think it was way expensive, but if I think of it as being able to fondle a young girl’s ass as much as I want in one minute for 1000 yen, then it’s actually a very cheap price.

ウンピョウ(東日本):[in response to above]

Umm, I don’t think it means you can touch their asses as much as you want.


I laughed my ass off at the picture on the left, where the woman’s expression is one of obvious disgust w


If you’re lying like that you’ll be badly balanced and your neck will start to hurt. You’d have to go between her legs, and put your head along her ass crack.


Looks stinky.


One minute ass monopoly! But I guess that if you did anything sexual you’d be banned from the shop. You’d just be discontent.


If my girlfriend sold her ass in such a place I’d cry.


They can make a lot of money from this, so they’ll have high hopes for a marriage partner.


At least do it through panties or with stockings, not with pajamas!


Sicko otakus love this kind of stuff ~and then they’ll really fall hard for the girls. That’s how it goes.


What kind of level of woman do they line up to make this kind of business…


It’s cheaper to call a deriheru service to your house.


If for an additional 500 yen they’d do a farting service, then hell, I’d go every day.

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  • sam


  • Fahrenheit

    Why…Am i Not….surprised.

  • “If for an additional 500 yen they’d do a farting service, then hell, I’d go every day.”

    Please tell me that was sarcasm

    • HaakonKL

      It was 2ch, so who the hell knows.
      On 4chan, the odds would be 50/50.

  • ShihonoRyo

    Wow! Next time I go to Japan I give it a try. But a hooker is much cheaper…
    For 15 000¥ you can get laid even as a foreigner.

    • AsakuraSan

      Most hookers in Japan are Korean and Chinese, and also it’s illegal (but nobody cares). If you want a Japanese hooker you should be careful because they can blackmail you.

      • ShihonoRyo

        Don’t worry I have been many times. And I am friends with one of the owners so it’s OK.

        • Introduce your friend to me next time I need to go Japan.

          • ShihonoRyo

            It’s easy, just go to Shibuya 109, and when you stand infront of it go down the road to the left walk about 200 meters(yards) on your own around there and forth around 7-10pm till you will be approached by them. Don’t pay more than 20 000yen/hour for “full service”(sex) anything above that is a rip off. Sometimes they try to charge twice or triple the price, so don’t let yourself tricked. Knowing basic Japanese is a huge advantage. Chinese Korean, and Thai are the cheapest. Japanese usually charge twice as much 30 000yen/hour and thats sometimes without full service, so dont just take the first offer, sometimes you find more for less. 😉

          • dk2020

            Prostitution is legal in Japan? LOL first time on here I’ve heard anyone bragging that they visit hoes regularly, I’m surprised none of the expats got on you for being whoremongers LOL .. are foreigners still banned in some of these sex clubs? SMH, get in a real relationship instead of buying it, thats what these articles reflect is the problem with Japan society ..

          • ShihonoRyo

            I am not Japanese, prostitution is illegal, however it’s only prostitution if there is intercourse. So paying for a blowjob is legal for example. In many places foreigners aren’t welcome. But if you do speak Japanese, or can at least make yourself understood then your chances are better. Foreign girls (Chinese, Korean, Thai, etc.) are more likely accept foreigners. Japan has a huge menu of adult entertainment that are legal. Soaplands, Esute, Pink Salon, Deriheru, some places need membership, and you need to be Japanese to become a member. But the average hooker on the street will take anyone if you got he cash.
            People in Japan become more and more antisocial, and when a man has his needs, there isn’t much of an alternative.

          • dk2020

            Oh yeah, I’ve heard about the BJ clubs .. when I visit Japan or Korea I visit family so yeah no whores for me ..

          • ShihonoRyo

            Oh so your Asian? I think that is an advantage too. (I am caucasian) You can go shopping to Shibuya, and while your there try some more. 😉 Nobody has to know.

          • dk2020

            LOL yeah I’m Korean but I got cousins in Osaka and Yokohama .. lulz you got no shame doggy dogg but thats cool I guess haha .. if you’re not gonna patronize them places, somebody else will right? Just don’t try to turn a whore into a housewife you already know that right?

          • ShihonoRyo

            Well I am single in his prime years, and it would be a waste to not live life to the fullest. If nobody gets hurt, it should be OK. Oh and I am respectful towards the staff.

          • dk2020

            Watch out for them STD’s too I heard its going around bad in SE Asia .. with all the prostitution going on I’m surprised Korea and Japan have low numbers of people with AIDS ..

          • ShihonoRyo

            I am always protected.

      • kueenking

        What the fuk are you saying? Are these girls not Japanese? fagot!


  • Pokochim

    Typo; *soineya

  • Madesu

    I wonder if it’s only exist in Japan.
    OMG, you have to pay for just staring at each other??
    I can’t stop laughing, my bad XD

    • It’s awesome, I mean…I want to get payed for doing that too xD

  • YourSupremeCommander

    So how much for resting my head on the two meatballs on top?

  • ..Man… good pay for the girl without even having sex.

    “I think that you’d be soothed more if you paid the money to a cat cafe rather than this.”

    I would like to go to a cate café…

    • Kate

      They’re really cool, I went to a couple in Korea. I paid like 7,000 won which got me a drink and a treat for a cat and the cats are really well kept and spoiled and beautiful. I never saw so many pedigree cat breeds at once . The kitties don’t really pay much attention to anyone unless they have a cat treat for them.

      • I really live cats, so I would love to go to one at least once, just to play and mess around… but I don’t wanna abandon my baby either. But it’s cool you’ve experienced it.

    • Kate

      One of the kitties on our table ^_^

  • Brett

    More expensive than my lawyer. He at least has the decency to screw his customers.

  • “Just go to an image club [a club where the sex workers will dress/act according to common male fantasies, ie nurse, schoolgirl, etc. in themed rooms]”

    The 2ch user is right.

  • flora

    If I were in dire, DIRE need of scratch in Japan, I’d consider doing this (note: CONSIDER). The only thing I couldn’t do is the staring – I can’t stare at someone more than 5 seconds without giggling. And rubbing some random guy’s feet is just grody.

    Question: why does it cost more to rub someone else’s feet than the other way around?

    • Kate

      With as much $$$ as those girls are making, id consider doing it.

  • carmouflagger

    Man the girl in the AD looks comfortable 🙂

  • the ace of books

    Butt that’s silly! If you assk me, I think that’s fart too expensive. However, I suppose fannyone’s going to come up with such a place, it would be Japan – I’ve hard it’s a crime to tush ladies in the subway. I suppose as long as they don’t cause a rumpus, it’s fine. And if they should choose to have a drink as well … well, bottoms up!

    • Pickle

      Can’t believe I missed this funny comment of yours. That other up vote is by me.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    I have seen it all now, still laughing lol. I wonder if the gal lets one rip, are u offered a discount? On a business level, this is similar to going to a bar and having hostesses come to your table. You end up unloading cash in exchange for conversation or face.

  • maybeabanana

    Non- sexual ?….surrrrrre. Japan comes up with the most fucked up shit because they are so repressed . Girls, avoid the beans and eggs.

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