Anger As Teens Report Old Man Wearing Schoolgirl Uniform

old man who hangs around Tokyo in schoolgirl uniform questioned by police

Some high-schoolers who had their photo taken with an old man who likes to dress up in “sailor-fuku”, the standard school uniform for Japanese girls, uploaded the photographs onto Twitter, but then reported the old man to the police.

This sort of SNS behaviour has become common in Japan over the last year or so, where young people upload their pranks to gain online attention.

While the boys were successful in making their pictures of the old man trend, netizen responses to the story are overwhelmingly supportive of the cosplaying ojisan, who is well known in Tokyo, and many comments condemn the boys for reporting the old man and using him to get attention.

From Itai News:

[Pictures]”Sailor-fuku Ojisan” Who Hangs Around Tokyo Reported To Police And Interrogated

1 名前: ときめきメモリアル(庭):[OP]

photographs of old man in school uniform uploaded to Twitter

Caption reads: “Met a messed up dude! (笑)

photographs of old man in school uniform uploaded to Twitter

photographs of old man in school uniform uploaded to Twitter

Caption reads: “Did the right thing and reported him”.

Comments from


Oh this old guy? w
This is the famous schoolgirl uniform old guy w


This is unforgivable!!!


Has he done something wrong?


What’s his crime? Huh?


Why did he have to get reported?


Is this discrimination against men wearing skirts?


What’s the problem?
Is it a crime for a man to wear a schoolgirl uniform?
You trying to say it’s indecent because he’s in a skirt?
If that’s the case, then the entire nation of Scotland is perverse.


This old guy is well known, and he’s accepted, so it’s pretty malicious to report him knowing all that.

ラダームーンサルト(やわらか銀行):[in response to above]

I wanna chase the guy who uploaded it down.
Impossible, right?


Hah, he’s already locked his account www
[personal information omitted]


What’s wrong with a man wearing a schoolgirl uniform?
And why has the guy who reported him locked his account?


He’s just wearing the clothes he likes, he’s done nothing wrong.


Wonder if he’d have been reported if he was wearing a sailor’s uniform….


It’s the famous old guy in a schoolgirl uniform.
Don’t be calling the police on him for nothing.


Right now I feel like I’ve come across a the first little fucker in a while who I’d like to give a good beating to.
As far as I’m concerned, this has pissed me off waaaay more than those little brats who fuck around in their part time jobs.


This old man was made the sacrifice just for laughs…
So frightening w


They’re hugging him, I don’t get why they reported him…
If he hadn’t been wearing any clothes he’d have been reported immediately though.


It’s not the police but the bastard who reported him who doesn’t understand our culture.


Ain’t no law to say that an old guy can’t wear a schoolgirl’s uniform.
So shut up, pricks.


So it’s ok to just upload the photos like that?
Isn’t this the same as what that woman did when she made those shop staff kneel down and uploaded their photo on Twitter?
This old man should sue.


Come on, kids would have been frightened to see him.
They did the right thing by reporting him.


Reporting him was an awful thing to do!
Don’t use an old man and the police as your playthings!

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