Anger As Teens Report Old Man Wearing Schoolgirl Uniform

old man who hangs around Tokyo in schoolgirl uniform questioned by police

Some high-schoolers who had their photo taken with an old man who likes to dress up in “sailor-fuku”, the standard school uniform for Japanese girls, uploaded the photographs onto Twitter, but then reported the old man to the police.

This sort of SNS behaviour has become common in Japan over the last year or so, where young people upload their pranks to gain online attention.

While the boys were successful in making their pictures of the old man trend, netizen responses to the story are overwhelmingly supportive of the cosplaying ojisan, who is well known in Tokyo, and many comments condemn the boys for reporting the old man and using him to get attention.

From Itai News:

[Pictures]”Sailor-fuku Ojisan” Who Hangs Around Tokyo Reported To Police And Interrogated

1 名前: ときめきメモリアル(庭):[OP]

photographs of old man in school uniform uploaded to Twitter

Caption reads: “Met a messed up dude! (笑)

photographs of old man in school uniform uploaded to Twitter

photographs of old man in school uniform uploaded to Twitter

Caption reads: “Did the right thing and reported him”.

Comments from


Oh this old guy? w
This is the famous schoolgirl uniform old guy w


This is unforgivable!!!


Has he done something wrong?


What’s his crime? Huh?


Why did he have to get reported?


Is this discrimination against men wearing skirts?


What’s the problem?
Is it a crime for a man to wear a schoolgirl uniform?
You trying to say it’s indecent because he’s in a skirt?
If that’s the case, then the entire nation of Scotland is perverse.


This old guy is well known, and he’s accepted, so it’s pretty malicious to report him knowing all that.

ラダームーンサルト(やわらか銀行):[in response to above]

I wanna chase the guy who uploaded it down.
Impossible, right?


Hah, he’s already locked his account www
[personal information omitted]


What’s wrong with a man wearing a schoolgirl uniform?
And why has the guy who reported him locked his account?


He’s just wearing the clothes he likes, he’s done nothing wrong.


Wonder if he’d have been reported if he was wearing a sailor’s uniform….


It’s the famous old guy in a schoolgirl uniform.
Don’t be calling the police on him for nothing.


Right now I feel like I’ve come across a the first little fucker in a while who I’d like to give a good beating to.
As far as I’m concerned, this has pissed me off waaaay more than those little brats who fuck around in their part time jobs.


This old man was made the sacrifice just for laughs…
So frightening w


They’re hugging him, I don’t get why they reported him…
If he hadn’t been wearing any clothes he’d have been reported immediately though.


It’s not the police but the bastard who reported him who doesn’t understand our culture.


Ain’t no law to say that an old guy can’t wear a schoolgirl’s uniform.
So shut up, pricks.


So it’s ok to just upload the photos like that?
Isn’t this the same as what that woman did when she made those shop staff kneel down and uploaded their photo on Twitter?
This old man should sue.


Come on, kids would have been frightened to see him.
They did the right thing by reporting him.


Reporting him was an awful thing to do!
Don’t use an old man and the police as your playthings!

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  • Rutim

    Those few who reported that man are pure idiots. Parents should be proud.

  • Butsu

    As long as he is not throwing his schlong around what’s the harm. These Japanese guys who reported him are top level retards.

  • yuriko

    “If that’s the case, then the entire nation of Scotland is perverse”
    I have to admit, I laughed a bit much at this one.

    • Ruaraidh

      If that’d been in Scotland the old man would have been reeking of whisky and packing a knife in his sock. I’d like to see those little shits smiling and doing the v sign with for a photo with a proper Scottish bodach.

      • David

        My wedding (yes my kilt is of my family tartan). I wore one everyday for over a decade.

        • Logan

          How much was your wife?

          • David

            What an asshole you are. My wife has a masters degree in computer engineering and is smarter then your dumbass will ever be. Go fuck yourself loser.

          • Claude

            You look like your living a dream David. Congrats!

          • David

            Yea, and it only took me 50 years to get here. lol Seriously, as I am sure you (and most of the normal people here know) life is what you make of it. Everybody has problems and all you can do is try to make good choices and be happy with them. I do not know who this gentleman is (although he seems quite famous in Tokyo, I have not lived in Japan in 25 years) but it seems like he is happy doing what he is doing. He smiles and is pleasant with the kids and even poses with them. I would rather have him as a neighbor then many people I have met who dress “normal” all the time.

          • whuddyasack

            Nice comeback. Some people are just low.

          • Claude

            Another mid-twentieth century male. Stop dragging the rest of us down.

        • Ruaraidh

          Specific family tartans are a recent invention. You should just wear whatever tartan you like the look of. Also I have to know, what possible reason did you have to wear a kilt so much?

          • David

            Yes, I am aware of the recent (relatively) designation of family names to a particular tartan. However, for most people 150-200 years is still a significant amount of time (even compared to area tartans which were devised from the local plants used in dyes and go back 500+ years) and for Scottish families (my mother is from there) we prefer wearing a tartan that our family has a history with. I would never attend a Highland Games (let alone compete for my clan) wearing the tartan of another family. As for why? The same reason most people wear any sort of clothes. I liked it very much. A kilt is one of the most comfortable items of clothing a man can wear. Cool in summer and warm in winter depending on the weight of the wool used and the type of hose worn (obviously since I wore one everyday I have several). I only stopped wearing it when I went back to college and then started to teach (too distracting for students).

          • Ruaraidh

            Mas e do thoil e… Innis dhomh tuilleadh mu dheidhinn an roghainnan aig teaghlaichean Alba.

        • linette lee

          You are Scottish from UK right? Your wife is Japanese? You two look lovely. 🙂

          • David

            I am American Linette. My mother was Scottish (father Italian,so that just makes me a mutt), I belong to our clan society of North America so I did many events with our clan until I came to China. My wife is from Thailand but has lived in America for the last 16 years (and thank you, she certainly makes the two of us look better than me by myself).

          • Truth

            Heil David. Your wife looks delicious. Does she have a younger sister? Treat her well my kilt-wearing comrade.

          • Max K

            Linette, are you a light skinned Black or of Chinese descent? I couldn’t tell by the photo you had as your avatar a while back. Just Curious.

  • Sam

    There is a nice short doco on him by vice 🙂

  • Ruaraidh

    What a bunch of pricks, going up and wrapping their arms around him then saying he’s ‘messed up’. This reminds me of the kind of people who start fights and then call the police when they lose one.

    • Max K

      Personally, I cannot draw a parallel between those two….To me they come across more like smiley-faced backstabbers and/or semi-sociopathic attention seekers, not vindictive losers.

  • Marcus Muller

    This is FUNNY AS FUCK!
    When I’m old I look forward to doing this shit! Props to the old troll!

  • Yaminah Jamison

    He just wanna be kawaii… nothing wrong with it ^^

  • Claude

    Nothing wrong with self expression. Life in Japan where the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

  • bang2tang

    This guy is pretty famous in Japan
    This is his interview with Vice, I like his personality.

  • John Snow

    I have met this guy, he is awesome. I would so beat these little runts up. Just wants a few seconds of fame then backed out by locking their tweeter account for not being able to handle the heat. I hate people who ruins other people good time just for the sake of it.

    edit: I just noticed that the guy in the last picture is the same guy who tries to kiss the old dude, in the second picture. His parents must be proud indeed. Tried to kiss an old man in a school uniform then got denied. To take revenge he goes and report the old guy to the police.

    reminds me of a story in the US, where some kids were bored so they went out to shoot someone. Doing stupid shit without thinking of consiquences. And the poor kid they killed was a University student on a grant to study abroad from Australia. RIP

  • Leonore

    Pffftt.. only cowards. They locked their account. I bet if people recognize them in the street they will beat them up. Poor guy. I hope no harm comes from this and he continues with his hobby.

    • tomoe723

      hell yeah.. imma punch them in the face if ever i come across one of those

  • Ian Worthington

    I think that is actually Osaka, shinsaibashi/namba area. The police tshirts say ‘大坂’ too I think

  • Kiwi

    Hilarious old guy XD

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