Netizen Photos of Aogashima, Japan’s Least Populated Village

Aogashima, a volcanic island that is home to Japan's least populated village.

Aogashima, a volcanic island that is home to Japan’s least populated village.

When we think of Tokyo, we often think of a crowded metropolis, home of the latest trends; a city brimming with technology and innovation. But not many people realise that the least populated village in Japan, an island called Aogashima, is also technically part of Tokyo.

Netizens have recently reposted photographs of the remote island, and are amazed that such a place still exists in modern Japan.


The Least Populated Village in Japan: Twelve Pictures of Aogashima, An Island That Seems Like A Fantasy

In April of 2010, the village of Aogashima had a population of 165 people. The least populated village in Japan is so distinctive because it is an island made from a composite volcano, which are rare throughout the world.

The shape of the island, which is a small mountain in the volcanic vent, seems like it might even have been designed by someone.

There are no direct flights from the mainland, but there are boats, planes and helicopters via Hachijo-jima, and you can reach the island from the capital in the short time of just over two hours.

There are several places you can stay that have internet access, as well as campsites, and now I kind of want to go sightseeing there.













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So do helicopters stop by there from Hachijo-jima? I guess it would be pretty difficult to moor boats there because of erosion of the cliffs…


Wow, they even have internet access in these remote places.


So what kind of people are the people who live here? I guess that they’re people who moved there in recent years rather than people who’ve been there for generations.


If you did something wrong in such a closed village, there’s the fear that the next day it would be gossiped about by the entire village, I that it’s the kind of island where people would be scapegoats, and that any kind of unsavory gathering would be held in secret.


This looks like the kind of place where they could try out Jurassic Park for real.


I wonder how the 165 people on the island make a living?


If you look at a map, then it’s as far from the nearest place as the distance between Tokyo and Osaka. I wonder if people get lonely living in a place like that.


It’s got an amazing fantasy quality about it. It doesn’t lose out to Mont St. Michel, that’s for sure.


I wonder if they have any convenience stores there?


I’m pretty concerned about the salaries of the mayor and the councillors.


I wonder if Amazon have free delivery there too? I mean, it’s technically in Tokyo…


If you ordered something on Rakuten, I wonder when it would arrive?


It’s an island rich in many things.


I wonder if they have things like hospitals and noodle restaurants.


I’ve decided to go there for my summer holiday.


Wow, so there are still places like this left in Japan?


Japan has some really cool islands. We should treat them as precious.

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  • gorgeous!

  • PixelPulse

    Extremely beautiful and now on my list of places to go.

  • linette lee

    wow.. fantasy island. So beautiful. Is that a volcano?


      Geeez Linette, the caption under the first photo says it’s a volcanic island. I’d love to take a vacation there with you someday 🙂

      • linette lee

        it may explode and fire us back to USA. You never been to Japan? What kind of Japanese are you? lol. 😉 Can you understand Japanese? If you do I will go with you and have you as my tour guide.


          I’ve only been to Japan once for a few days. I’m fluent in all the Japanese I need to know when I go there. Words like “good morning” “goodbye”, “delicious”, “excuse me”. Other than that I don’t know anything. But it’s okay I was usually able to find someone who speaks English. Yes, I’m a fake Japanese person, it’s my big shame, I don’t even like Japanese girls, what a shame. But shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, okay. I can be your tour guide, although I’ll be just as lost as you are.

        • Butsu

          Just be sure not to enter an airplane with him and you should be fine.


            LMAO, good one.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Talk about a getaway. This is it!


    Cool, would love to visit, but would hate to live there.

  • Anonymepelle

    So this is one of those topics that everyone is going to have the same opinion on regardless, so instead of commenting on the Island I’m going to provide this little bit of useless information: did you know that the word “bed” looks like a bed? Now you do!

    • bluesummers

      “shark” looks like a shark.

    • AlexSt


    • John Snow

      the word “dumb” looks like some of the people here.

  • Ray

    FF7 Knights of the round.

  • bluesummers

    I see some docks. Looks like you have to drive around the edge of the cliffs and then enter a tunnel to get into the island.
    I’d turn this thing into a secret lair or somewhere to launch my nukes from if I was an evil dictator.

    • bluesummers

      Kim Jong Un, if you’re reading this and you actually take over this island for your secret lair, just know that I’m a great ‘number two’

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Dr. Evil has already put a deposit on it, sorry.

  • Japan have a few interesting island, gunkanjima is one, I wonder if they allowed visitors there. There is also one island where the people there were used as part of a study because they live near volcanic area but i remember it only vaguely, people there have to wear gas mask I think… If I remember ill post it.

  • markus peg

    can anyone spot the KFC?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Nope, but I saw some trees.

  • Paul M

    This is spooky. I’ve just read an article about Japanese geologists finding a huge deposit of rare earth metals near an island and so went to google maps to try and find it. I find Aogashima island instead and think ‘what a cool looking island’. Now I come browsing this website and find this article.

  • Mighty

    Looks like a nice setting for a James Bond movie.

  • In a volcanic crater like that, they won’t have to worry about rising ocean levels. That looks really peaceful, though I might not like the isolation.

    As for getting there and back, northern Canada and Alaska are full of seaplanes. Those would go over well there, if there were a barrier to protect moored planes from the ocean waves.

  • Lynda Ashlyn

    Perhaps some of the blue lake/river contain rice patties…maybe some fishing although those surrounding reefs look very rough. Coconut trees I’m sure is very useful in all Pacific Islands. They did not waste any time to drill for oil and buildup as a military installation or future research…

  • Lynda Ashlyn

    If it’s safe, water adventure…, scuba diving, snorkling, parasailing, canoeing, sailing, a glass bottom boat tour, nature cliff tours, etc… might be a good idea.

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