Picture Of Youths Cleaning Local Beach Goes Viral On Twitter

Japanese youths clean beach themselves, netizens impressed

Japanese netizens have expressed their admiration for two youngsters who posted a picture on Twitter to show all the rubbish they had collected from their local beach after visitors had left it in a mess. So far, their picture has gathered almost 60,000 retweets.

Many comments pointed out that while the boys might be showing off a little, this kind of trend was far better than the recent photographs of part-time staff in restaurants and convenience stores posting pictures of themselves doing stupid things at work that led to them being fired, and in some cases led to the stores being closed.

Do you think their pride and dedication to their local area is admirable? Or are they just trying to get some attention?

From Itai News:

【Twitter】Impressive Youngsters Who Gathered Up Rubbish On Beach Trend Online

ハーフネルソンスープレックス(北海道):[netizen who posted the story]

Doesn’t everyone love the beach? It’s fun, right?
But that changes when people leave it dirty. And just as everyone has a hometown, Zushi Beach is our hometown.
We won’t forgive the bastards who come to our hometown and just throw their trash there.
Please, have some manners.
This is how much we collected.

Comments from 2ch.net:




They’re upstanding young men.


Even idiots get down to it when they have to.


Their love for their hometown is remarkable.
Those shitty people who come to the seaside and leave their trash scattered there are a total nuisance.


So cool.


The number of trashy humans who dump their trash are larger by comparison.


If you look closely, they’ve even divided up all the rubbish for recycling.
They haven’t just picked up the rubbish, they’ve actually thought about what they’re going to do with it afterward.

We should look and learn.

Good deeds aren’t something you show off about.

エルボーバット(東日本):[in response to above]

Doing something good because you want to look good or stand out — that’s very welcome ^^

毒霧(dion軍):[also in response to above]

Just like we saw with that guy in the ice cream freezer cabinet [which lead to a lot of similar incidents] youngsters are easily influence by trends. When you look at a picture like this one, wouldn’t it be just amazing if there were more guys who pick up trash?


These are good idiots.


It’s really lovely to see people being proud of having done a good dead instead of a bad one.


Those guys have kind souls.


Let’s praise them some more
Come on ^ ^


They’ve done something amazing,
but they shouldn’t have taken the photo themselves with them in it being all like “how ‘about that?”!


To say “We did good! Praise us!” is so sincere, it’s great.


Cleaning up the seaside is a magnificent thing to do. But the fact that they’re boasting about shows they’re green.
Staying quiet about it is what makes you a real man.


Guess it’s a good thing they tweeted about it.
People trying to imitate them will probably start appearing.


Recently stupid Twitter is filled with criminals.
It’s important that there are guys who do stuff like this.


The mass media should spread stuff about good deeds like this ^^


This is going to create a rubbish collecting boom!

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