Unique Snowmen Appear On Twitter During Heavy Snow in Japan


Japan has recently seen some heavy snowfall, so the Twitter compilation site Togetter.com has made a collection of the coolest snowmen in Japan, as tweeted by netizens. There are eighteen in total, and not a conventional one among them.

Below, you can find an article about the snowmen, and beneath that, the original Togetter compilation. Which snowman is your favourite?

From ITmedia.cp.jp:

Gachapin and a Giant Squid, Unique Snowmen Appear during Heavy Snow in Tokyo Region

Some People Even Tried To Recreate Scenes From ‘Girls und Panzer’ With a Model Tank in the Snow.

On January 14 when heavy snow fell in the Tokyo region, this had various influences, such as disrupting public transportation, and so on. But amidst all that, people who found enjoyment in the snow from the unique snowmen who appeared here and there have been posting online.

A netizen called Gachapin and friend Mukk made a snowman, there was a giant squid snow sculpture that was talked about because of an NHK special, as well as the snowman family from Animal Crossing, all posted on Twitter. I compiled these various creations on Togetter.

There were even people who had tried to recreate episodes 8 and 9 of the anime Girls und Panzer, putting a model of a tank in the snow and taking photographs of it. Photographs of this are compiled on Togetter under the title ‘The Snow Piled Up “Against Pravda!”‘

And then, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, children played inside the school grounds, and even people skiing appeared; you could even see some making a Landform map of the Tokyo Institute of Technology as a joke.

From Togetter.com:

Unique Snowmen That Appeared in the Heavy Snow


I made a snowman yesterday! Look, look ー (o≧∇≦)o http://t.co/JA009EVa


In Tokyo, a giant squid made of snow is on display. Those who would like to see the real thing, please search through Tokyo — it’s much easier than searching for a giant squid in the deep seas. How long will it be on display? Maybe until it melts, maybe until some brats destroy it. So come soon!


(via:YUKO_Kyuchan)Outside some apartments on the way from Nezu station to Tokyo University of the Arts, there was this snowman…http://t.co/cf3R9hQg


michiko99 :
For some reason people have been waiting for it, so I made a snowman this year too. There’s no reason why they should be snowmen anymore http://t.co/jw66HLYD


‘Joseph Joestar’ ‘Zudodododo’ ‘We’re trapped. Break out!’ ‘Everything’s white!’ ‘Diooooooooooo! The snow! Until it stops! We won’t stop ploughing!’ ‘So much snoooooooooow!’ From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episode 15, ‘Snow Ploughing’ http://t.co/D0hn3Ali


I made the coolest snowman ever!


(The colours are faded somewhat by the pitiful reality of a fully-grown adult having made a snowman alone outside until this time, and the fact that my nose won’t stop running, will someone please shoot me immediately)


I thought that I’d reached the age where it was no longer acceptable to make a normal snowman, so I made a girlfriend http://t.co/Q9kTsegz


And then I made a ‘tachikoma’ from ‘Ghost in the Shell’ [a famous manga]〜Late at night, alone ヽ(;▽;)ノI was a bit suspiciousヽ(;▽;)ノYippee☆Ψ(8(∴)8)Ψ http://t.co/fFkmBDvq


Snowman complete! We did it! http://t.co/svDTsIy1


【I tried making one】I tried to make the snowman family from Animal Crossing from real snow! So cute! #とびだせどうぶつの森 [Fly Animal crossing!] #ぶつ森 [Anicross] #どうぶつの森 [Animal Crossing] http://t.co/cdjU6sjD


A car got stuck in snow on a slight hill. (;´д`) It was kind of slipping downwards, too, scary((((;゜Д゜))) But after I saw that, there was a Chopper snowman ♡ (笑) http://t.co/q5Ywz1HX


My father’s snowman outside Tsukumo Ex [an electronics store in Akihabara(^ ^) #akiba http://t.co/lp6qcObH


I was rushing so it’s a bit blurred, but my snowman! Visitors and the cast made them in various places too http://t.co/aYjLu9wa


Taken from Mediterranean Harbour in Tokyo Disneyland . Lots of snowmen characters welcoming us(*^_^*) Even on a snowy day, it’s fun to walk around finding surprises like this, just what I expect from Disney! http://t.co/sWxZzDD2


My Miffy snowman is complete!!Cute, right! I tried pretty hard to get it done (*´x`*) huff, puff,puff//by Mikapon. http://t.co/rDPF4Q2U


It was snowing this morning, so I went outside and what did I see wwwwwwwww http://t.co/gsQwXWqY


Who did this! Someone made a huge snow-shit outside the Tokyo Institute of Technology(笑)

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