96.4% Of Korean Students Say Japan Should Apologise For Past

A survey of Korean high school students reveals that 96.4% have a bleak view of future relations with Japan.

This week, an article by the Chinese media outlet Xinhua discussing a survey among Korean high school students revealed that the teenagers have a bleak view of future relations with Japan due to current tensions between the two nations.

When the article appeared in Japanese and was reposted on Yahoo! Japan, it quickly drew thousands of comments from netizens, many of whom share a dismal appraisal of relations with their Korean counterparts.

From Xinhua.jp:

Korea Survey: Relations With Japan As Seen By Korean High School Students “Has Bleak Prospects” and “Japan Should Apologise For Past Wrongdoings”

According to a survey report published on March 28 by the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union, 95.5% of Korean high school students thought that the diplomatic conflict over historical issues between Japan and Korea would continue.

74.3% of high school students, who were the object of the survey responded that “The conflict would continue to a certain extent” and 21.2% replied that “Relations between both nations are wavering due to the diplomatic conflict”.

Furthermore, 79.6% responded that “There are a lot of problems surrounding relations between the two countries”. There were numerous responses that said due to many historical issues such as “The territorial dispute over Dokdo (Japanese name: Takeshima)”, and “The forced prostitution of military comfort women in Korea during the era of WW2”, “The prospects for relations between the two nations is bleak”.

96.4% of respondents demonstrated that they thought “The Japanese government should apologise to Korea for past wrongdoings”.

On the question sheet, one high school student wrote: “As important nations in East Asia, Korea and Japan should co-operate with each other. However, if neither nation settles what happened in the past, then trouble between the victims and the aggressors will continue”.

The Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union carried out the survey for the first time this month in 334 high schools in Korea. When the results of this survey were compared with the results of a survey of 960 elementary and middle schools in 2002, it was understood that the number of students who thought that “the diplomatic conflict between Japan and Korea would continue” and that “Japan should apologise to Korea” had increased.

The Korean government opposed a middle-school textbook which Japan announced had been officially certified on March 26, when it became known that the textbook stated that Dokdo had been unilaterally occupied by Korea. Dokdo is an island of which has an area of around 0.18m^2 and is located in the eastern maritime region of the Korean peninsula. North Korea, South Korea, and Japan, all assert territorial rights to the island.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


It’s Korea that should apologise for its wrongdoings toward Japan in the present!


Absolutely no need for Japan to apologise! Quit your fucking extortion and lies. Actually, we demand an apology from Korea for stealing the Buddhist statue and Takeshima!


Takeshima is Japanese territory! Japan, quickly cut off your diplomatic ties with Korea!


Tsushima is Japanese territory!
Stop fucking around, Korea!
You are our greatest enemy!


Pricks (grr) It’s the fucking Koreans who shouldn’t avert their eyes from the truth! Well, who cares about the South Koreans anyway — we don’t need them!


We’ve apologised so many times, and we’ve already settled what happened in the past……
I think that insofar as they don’t even attempt to accept this, then it’s fine if we cut off diplomatic ties once more.


Until they have the correct education in the peninsula, then I don’t suppose there’ll ever be an improvement in relations.


Japan-Korea treaty, article concerning agreement of claim rights.

Both contracting states acknowledge that issues relating to the claim rights of both nations, and the assets of the people of those nations, as well as their rights and profits, including that which is stipulated in article 4 (a) of the peace treaty with Japan which was signed in San Francisco on September 8, 1951, are completely and finally resolved.

These are all of the claim rights of both one contracting state and the people of said state, and the other contracting state and the people of said state, and it will be taken that no further claims may be made regarding issues whose grounds originated prior to this day.

Nothing further.

So, as it says in the article of the treaty, further claims themselves are in violation of the treaty, dickheads.


Toku-A countries tell lies like breathing.


Return the statue of Buddha immediately.


Koreans have an historical education that is completely fabricated, so the way people think about things in Japan and Korea is not the same. As for Japan, we can say that breaking off diplomatic relations with Korea would be of most benefit to Japan as a nation.


Young people have just been completely brainwashed by historical facts ridden with lies. You fucking bastards have a country that is already bankrupt. But it’s pissing us off now, so please stop your blackmail and extortion.


If you want brighter prospects, then isn’t it better to just sever diplomatic ties? If you do that, it would be great. We Japanese don’t really give a fuck, but I wonder if you lot, who are secretly obsessed with Japan could actually do it? (笑)


You were taught about the past, right? And it was all fabricated. How about what your fellow countrymen are doing before your very eyes, right now? Have you ever thought about why you’re hated so much throughout the world?


I wonder what Japanese high school students think? Particularly the girls…

Forcefully brainwashed by Korea, don’t you girls think that those big-jawed guys are the coolest? They’re just rapists. Didn’t they teach you that in school, either?


Understand the treaty on basic relations well. People of Korea.


I wonder why it’s the young people who are more anti-Japanese. And I wonder if KPOP really is that stupid.


And what are the past wrongdoings that we have to apologise for? You lot are sickening, so don’t look over here.


Koreans need to think about how bad their own behaviour is.

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  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    So, it’s safe to say the Japanese reply is ‘no’ then.

    • Elf Queen

      Not even one comment saying,yeah maybe we should and work together in the future.So sad.:-(

      • Moniisek

        Don’t forget what we have is 2nd hand info. I don’t know if you can downvote comments on Yahoo or flag them as on youtube but I can imagine some crazy netouyu doing just that. (yeh and don’t bother saying that I’m defending japan ’cause that would be ridiculous)

  • YourSupremeCommander

    The REAL question is: if Japan and Korea start a war, who do you think USA will back, ah tough one heh?

    • they will remain neutral while secretly sell weapons to both sides. More profitable, yes?

      • markus peg

        As sick as it sounds, that’s probably right.
        How much money did the USA make from WW2…

        • the other guy

          Not to sound all “conspiracy-theorist” but the some banks in the US did laundry money for the Nazis. Even a famous one where W.Bush, father used to work.

          Rockefeller’s oil company sold chemicals to the German army and the Coca-cola sponsored the Hitler Youth.

          If you don’t believe it, you can always look it up! 😉

          • that is interesting.. business, like love, is blind…

          • the other guy


      • linette lee

        “hey will remain neutral while secretly sell weapons to both sides. More profitable,”

        hahaha….lol I think so too.

    • It won’t happen, never ever, unless military alliance between “the U.S. and South Korea” and the U.S. and Japan” is teared up. And the military alliance will not break until DPRK, China and Russia neutralize the threat for the U.S., South Korea and Japan.

    • Alice S

      All Korean-Americans lobby to support Korea!

  • the other guy

    What scares me the most is not the apologizing issue, but the fact that Japanese people do not seem to be ready to acknowledge their past.

    • Comebackkid13

      One of the reasons old Abe and Taro have a lot of support now.

    • Aryan Buddha

      Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican for Genocide.

      More than 50,000 Indian children were tortured, raped, sodomized and killed in the residential Christians schools across Canada. http://itccs.org/2013/02/25/guilty/

      Torture, Orgies and Incest: Biggest Vatican Scandals http://www.pakalertpress.com/2013/03/20/orgies-incest-more-biggest-vatican-scandals/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29

      The American government should apologise to North Korea, Iraq, Libya, Japan and South America for past wrongdoings.

      US War Crimes in Sinchon – Shocking Images – Torture, Rape, Mass Genocide. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm9DmRaQulc

      US War Crimes in Vietnam – Torture, Rape, Mass Genocide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaoNRbKw8-c

      US War Crimes in Japan – Nuclear genocide against civilians. http://www.fogonazos.es/2007/02/hiroshima-pictures-they-didnt-want-us_05.html

      Operation Condor in South America – Torture and mass genocide. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Condor

      Also, the British government should apologise to China for Opium Wars and the theft of historical treasures (Gold) of China. http://www.bearcanada.com/china/jewishmonopoly.html

      • the other guy

        Once again, it is not about apologizing it is about accepting the past not hide from it, so I do not understand how it is that you believe you are making a counter argument to my statement.

        Note that I do agree with you on the fact that the West has been responsible for some of the most horrifying crimes against humanity, but bringing them up here sort of feels like trying to divert attention from the main issue…

        • Your bar for acceptance is vague and idiotic. Suddenly an entire country full of people must meet your emotional criteria for forgiveness?

        • HelloWorld

          Actually he is saying be consistent with your argument.

          Criticize everyone not just one country for personal reasons.The issue of why you are only criticizing them IS the main issue here.

          Because to be honest, no body cares about what a country did in their past. It does not affect them in their daily lives. It is those who committed the wrongs that should be punished, not their descendants. Pretending to understand what happened in the past and apologizing half halfheartedly is the worst thing you can do and is an insult to the actual victims. Accepting apologies in place of them is even more dickish. It is just masturbation.

          In the end we are all just individual people and criticizing them on how individuals react to these situations implies that they must feel guilty for what their predecessors did which is BS.

          There are, nationalists, and righteous people like you who free-ride on your nations accomplishments to feel better about your own short comings as an individual. It is why you feel offended when your country is offended. You vent your frustration of your personal life out against your “enemy”, which does not exist in reality. They do not care for your existence.

          Your comment ,”Japanese people do not seem to be ready to acknowledge their past.” generalizing a country of 127,650,000 people is an example.

          You generalize that the all Japanese people feel this way. These comments come from 2 chan, the largest trolling site on the internet. If you read the title of some of the article on the site, you would understand. It is like getting factual information from the onion or uncyclopedia. It is purposely written for humor, or to piss people off, get reactions and upvotes.

          My question is why are you imposing this on their descendants when they are entitled to their own opinions.

          Must all white people now have to feel guilty for slavery?
          Must all Germans now have to feel guilty for the Jews?
          We should prevent atrocities but we ourselves do not have to feel guilt or blame for it.

          The guilt and blame should be placed on the actual aggressors and apologies and compensation should be given to the actual victims. It is just masturbation doing otherwise.

          “Accepting the past” does not mean we all have to feel the same way about the past. You say it like the past is one constant thing. We humans are incapable of knowing the past unless we experience it for ourselves and even then we are not able to fully understand it. We can only speculate in hindsight on what might have happened. History is simply a speculation, a version of the world and with new information believed to be “factual”, history changes all the time. People are entitled to believe any version they want. It does not make you any better believing one version over the other. Creating conflict and getting mad over speculations is the
          most illogical thing you can do when you yourself have not experienced it or fully understand it.

          I took the time to write this for you because I don’t want you to waste your life getting mad an venting over speculations like the others on this website.

          Even with good intentions, It is when we feel we have to impose ideas that we create conflict where there doesn’t have to be any, and times of war, when we could simply choose to overlook these differences and bring peace.

          I like China, Japan, and Korea.
          I hope one day, they can settle their differences.
          But right now, I feel like all of their arguments are coming from BS mountain.

      • Alice S

        US does not need to apologize for Occ of Japp. That has made everything more fair. They need to have a history of being occupied too. And even less for the nuclear bombs. That is for Pearl Harbour and everything else they did to the Allies & Secondary Partners. If the nukes were not done then it would mean Americans suffered more than Japps in the Pacific Theatre.

        • namooosah .

          Well then how about Iraq, Afghanistan?
          Oh no, pardon me
          they are fighting for liberty and to end”terrorism” by causing more terror …

    • asfd

      ditto. it’s like they ignore history altogether. japan needs to get out of the gutter with their denial about past war crimes.

      • Kanji yamato

        “Always respect ‘your
        ad infinitum motherland and fatherland called the twin dragon called Nippon.’ Neither
        heresy nor word wars about face or facing Japan is a high treason against the ruling
        family punishable by the Japanese Imperial Government accompanying all family
        and relatives even as collaborators of one’s small mistake through the six
        process of Imperial court of Justice. For the post-human paradise of 144,000
        transhumans are as important as one wrong one kill policy. And Japanese immortals
        are more valuable than sub-human gaijins like chinese, britons and americans
        (feel shame gaijins) who always does nothing but plagiarize the Originators and
        who doesn’t know how to behave in front of their Japanese Superiors. Nihon X is
        scarier than nuclear war for forever it is.” – まいけるともよとリュシフェル

    • Sorry, but you’re full of shit. Nobody goes around saying the american people should apologize for iraq, or vietnam, or what have you. We say “bush was an idiot” or “nixon was a fucking crook.”

      Going further, no one asks the German people to apologize either. We say Hitler was the most evil, sick, bastard of a man that ever lived.

      All the sick bastards from japan who ordered those deeds were executed for war crimes. Criminals don’t apologize – they are punished – in this case, executed.

      Not only that, but there is an entire wikipedia article dedicated all to the official apologies of Japan for the atrocities of WWII and before.

      Not to mention that was over 60 years ago. Why should the current generation care? If that’s the case white children in america would still be apologizing to minorities for lynching. It’s fucked up, but what one individual does is on his own conscience.

      • Hugh Janus IV

        The only japanophile apologist otaku around here that’s full of shit is yourself. The level of ignorance you consistently display in regards to these issues is astounding. Your reasoning to support your position is juvenile and it’s clear that you lack the depth and capability to understand the reality of the situation. Just cause you live in Japan and constantly fap to hentai doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about when it comes to historical issues. I mean the fact that you actually bring up Nazi Germany as an example that supports your position is really all we need to know about you. LOL

      • Seung-yeon

        Oh yea, and all the sick bastards are now put in a shrine in central Tokyo to be commemorated.

    • Alice S

      I am not Japp. I am a New Zealander. If I were Japp I would not do anything hateful towards anyone.

    • Kanji yamato

      “Senkaku Islands as ‘Sharp Gallant
      nexus’ of Japanese immortals from dimension no. 145,000. Through sometimes invisible
      disposal, Void energy, EMP shockwave, Nuclearにんじゃ, 5,000 mm laser artilleries
      and… at any given cue.” – まいけるともよとリュシフェル

    • Kanji yamato

      ado about nothing swallowable as 4 corner Japanization.” – – Dr. Kanji Yamato

  • Comebackkid13

    Expel all Zainichi! These guys can link almost any problem in Japan to Korea

    • Pokohan

      I havent had any problem with zainichi while i was living in osaka.
      Or are they problematic in Okubo in Tokyo?

      • Butsu

        No they’re not. Some run in the Yakuza, rubbing the netuyos in the right spot, so they can blame zainichi on all the crime in Japan.

        • Comebackkid13

          What the above said. Yakuza and entertainment.

    • Alice S

      You are racist. EXPELL ALL FUCKING JAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comebackkid13

        Obviously, sarcasm is a art unbeknownst to you.

        Cheers for the miss, though.

  • Feylin

    It’s amazing how Japan is ignorant of it’s own past.

    Japan has a culture that encourages not teaching their past wrong doings and it’s going to hurt their international relations.

    • cb4242

      As if Japan cares about what the rest of the world thinks. They don’t care and why, because it goes back to what you said, they are NOT taught in the schools about the brutality that they wrought upon their neighbors and the US, a lot has been edited out or highly glossed over, there is no such thing as argue or debate classes in Japan, just listen and be quiet. So teachers are never challenged. Because of the one-sided educational system Japanese see themselves as victims. It’s wrong, sad, but because of this educational indoctrination, it’s totally understandable as to why the Japanese won’t deeply acknowledge, accept or apologize for their past crimes.

      • Kanji yamato

        “Surrender all to
        Japan as well as your life’s salvation and be spared. If you don’t believe
        this, look at what the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did to the world you
        live in now, you see the Rising Sun Flag everywhere and how we electrocute your
        brains 24/7. We reiterate it again that the ‘Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident was
        a great honor to Japan for all the Japanese right there are very well alive holding
        the higher courts in other dimension now. Now feel their Hohoemi no Bakudan
        through these’ – Nihon
        X — Zero point five milli volts are confusion, 1 milli volt is a surprise
        light and void, 2 milli volts are double light and void, 3 milli volts are DNA
        turtle slow deformity, 4 milli volts are depressive nervousness, 5 milli volts
        are eye lens quick havoc, 6 milli volts equals to nervous and brain stroke, 7
        milli volts are cardiac arrest, 8 milli volts are DNA vanishing, 9 milli volts
        are human soul or Higgs boson smelt. Great multitudes called enemies of Nippon
        through six sequential processes as 1) Public humiliation 2) Public torture 3)
        Public gallows 4) Public guillotine 5) Whole human salad (Nihon sweet
        dinakdakan) 6) Altar fires for atheist Molechszz by matrix movies like virtual
        reality chair contro. As named by atheist jesuits, hi-tech hell. Gaijins, beware of many
        Us.” – まいけるともよとリュシフェル

    • Aryan Buddha

      It’s amazing how Westerners is ignorant of it’s own past.

      Western countries has a culture that encourages not teaching their past wrong doings and it’s going to hurt their international relations.

      • Guest

        that’s a really childish arguments “but others did something wrong too!!!1”. It really doesnt make it any better

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Westerners aren’t ignorant. There is a lot of history of wrongdoings and bloodshed that most don’t know them all because they kind of take a sideline to the bug stuff like slavery and segregation….and the Wounded Knee massacre…and the Long March………and the…..Trail of Tears……and um….well you get my meaning.

        While on the subject of Native American abuse, have the Japanese every apologized for their mistreatment of Navajo code talkers?

        • They never apologized for driving a kamikazi plane into the USS St. Loius while my grandfather was on it, killing several of his shipmates and burning my grandfathers legs so badly he had to wear braces on his legs for the rest of his life. But hey, that’s war.

          get over it. Grandpa did so i’m sure you can manage.

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            Point missed completely. I’m referring to the person talking about how the West needs to be aware of their own war crimes, when in fact we are. Also I’m showing how easy the table can be turned.

      • the other guy

        “Western countries has a culture that encourages not teaching their past
        wrong doings and it’s going to hurt their international relations.”

        I would have to disagree with you, even thou I am not strictly speaking a “Westerner” per se, you should know that man of the West’s most fierce critics are other Westerners … Almost every decent university in the West has a Colonial & Post-colonial studies where they they teach all about the excesses of European powers during the “Age of Discoveries”

        The Catholic church & the Vatican has to my belief the biggest amount of critics and opponents in the World. Countless books have been written about it.

        The same can be said about European war crimes during the last Century and all of it was made possible because people decided to look forward instead of looking back. Can you say the same about Japan?



  • Pokohan

    Wow, you are really fast to translate.

  • Brett

    First of all, who gives a shit what some mindless, snot-nosed, high schoolers think. They have been spoon-fed an education full of half-truths and misdirection since elementary school. Not many have ever traveled to Japan, met a Japanese person, or know anything about the real world.

    Also, THIS WAS A CHINESE NEWS REPORT! Do I need to shout? Of course this report serves some sort of PRC rubbish propaganda.

    The funny thing is, like all the Koreans who got angry that YouTube commenters called Gangnam style a good JPOP song, Japanese are just getting trolled hard core.

    • Agreed. Like China, Korea uses Japan’s past as a distraction from its own problems. When I was in Korea, kids will say outright that Japanese people are evil, the worst, etc. but none of them know anything beyond what their grandparents told them.

      There are still many very conservative Japanese who are usually older. However, like the comments indicate, many of the younger Japanese are fed up with being demonized. There have been apologies, but they are never enough. And none of the current generation actually have anything to do with the war, but they feel as though they are forced to carry this negative image by the rest of the world.

      • Brett

        The thing is, I can sympathize with the Koreans on some issues. Yes, Japan has apologized, but there have been some statements made by top officials that have taken away the credibility of those apologies. The position that “comfort women proudly chose” to be whores and victims of countless rapes is one. The fact that monuments still stand erected to internationally recognized war criminals is another.

        The point here is that Chinese media published this story to make the Japanese angry and stir up nationalism… Both worked.

        • davey

          An intelligent reply. Thank you.

      • the other guy

        “There are still many very conservative Japanese who are usually older.
        However, like the comments indicate, many of the younger Japanese are
        fed up with being demonized”

        I completely understand your point, but what I do not understand is why Japanese people choose to look the other way and ignore their past, only because it is shameful and painful to look at.

        This is not a new Idea, but I certainly subscribe to the notion that Japanese should own to their past deeds, instead they are to erasing and revising those embarrassing moments out of their textbooks .

        I know it is not a original comment, but still; Look at Germany today! Germany is a proud country that chose to acknowledge their past deeds!

        In way of conclusion I would like you to bare with me and imagine for a while; What if Germans denied the Holocaust like the Japanese Deny the “Rape of Nanjing” ? What if Nuremberg Trial never existed? What if Angela Merkel chose to honor War Criminals on yearly bases?

        Again, it is not apologies that matter, what does matter is that history seems to have the bad habit of repeating itself.

        • Butsu

          “Japanese Deny the “Rape of Nanjing” ?”
          Nice generalization there bro

          And am I alone in thinking that some (not all) politicans keep visiting Yasukuni Shrine because of other relatives? I mean there are over 2mil men, women and children enshrined there. Just a thought.

          • it seems like a memorial for the dead… is not there a story behind the meaning of Yasukuni Shrine about a god, I dont quite remember… to ask the Japanese to stop visiting the shrine completely is too much given that the shrine is part of Japanese culture and belief. The problem may be that people think of Yasukuni Shrine as memorial for the war criminal rather than memorial for all who died on behalf of Japan, where those war criminal only made up of a small percentage in comparison to all the names enshrined there.

          • the other guy

            “Nice generalization there bro”

            True, I admit that was a generalization and I apologize for that, but still it is not unheard of for Japanese scholars & politicians to deny the act almost casually. Instead if some one denies the Holocaust in the West it is immediately labeled as a extremest or a radical and intermediately looses all credibility.

            “And am I alone in thinking that some (not all) politicans keep visiting
            Yasukuni Shrine because of other relatives? I mean there are over 2mil men, women and children enshrined there. Just a thought.”

            Right, but when you are a public figure you have to bear the consequences of your actions at all times and think what kind of message it is that you are sending. You can not choose when to be a public citizen and when to be a private one, there is no pause button.

        • The Japanese people are quite polarized when it comes to political views (think republicans vs. democrats). While many people are well aware of Japanese war crimes, the many conservative Japanese in power are the more outspoken ones. As Butsu states, Yasakuni Shrine is not a shrine for only war criminals. But I am aware that many Japanese understand the implications of the prime minister visiting the shrine and are against it.

          The sad reality is that many of the younger Japanese share our perspectives, but are powerless to speak out. Power is in the hands of the older generation who are still trying to live in Japan’s heyday. As a result, the current generation is stuck paying for Japan’s past mistakes. They take the blame from the outside for war crimes and take the blame from their elders for the economy :/

      • yolo

        i disagree with that. whats the point of their apologies if they keep going back and discredit everything they say? for instance, why do they teach in their high schools that comfort women were paid prostitutes? that rape of nanking never happened? that they never colonized korea but liberated them? if i had to give you an example, this would be like the Germans apologizing to the jews for the crimes they commited but saying that there never was any concentration camps, gas chambers and mass grave yards.

        would you blame the koreans and chinese for being pissed now? I also understand that the current generation of younger japanese citizens have nothing to do with this, but lets face it, its their govt fault for misleading them and that revisionist history crap is really putting a wedge in these countries friendship. time for japan to man up, and make history right!!

        • I think all three sides use this “wedge” to their advantage. The fear and anger keeps money within their economies, specifically in the hands of the wealthy.

          • yolo

            right on the dot brother… it takes two to tanga as they say.. I believe that the japanese should do a sincere apology, the koreans and chinese should just let it go of the past cuz shit you can’t change history but you can change your future … and stop using this wedge to fight amongst each other… after all aren’t we all asian?

      • Alice S

        Taught? Everyone else comes to the same conclusion anyhow whether they like it/not.

      • Kanji yamato

        “Surrender all to
        Japan as well as your life’s salvation and be spared. If you don’t believe
        this, look at what the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did to the world you
        live in now, you see the Rising Sun Flag everywhere and how we electrocute your
        brains 24/7. We reiterate it again that the ‘Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident was
        a great honor to Japan for all the Japanese right there are very well alive holding
        the higher courts in other dimension now. Now feel their Hohoemi no Bakudan
        through these’ – Nihon
        X — Zero point five milli volts are confusion, 1 milli volt is a surprise
        light and void, 2 milli volts are double light and void, 3 milli volts are DNA
        turtle slow deformity, 4 milli volts are depressive nervousness, 5 milli volts
        are eye lens quick havoc, 6 milli volts equals to nervous and brain stroke, 7
        milli volts are cardiac arrest, 8 milli volts are DNA vanishing, 9 milli volts
        are human soul or Higgs boson smelt. Great multitudes called enemies of Nippon
        through six sequential processes as 1) Public humiliation 2) Public torture 3)
        Public gallows 4) Public guillotine 5) Whole human salad (Nihon sweet
        dinakdakan) 6) Altar fires for atheist Molechszz by matrix movies like virtual
        reality chair contro. As named by atheist jesuits, hi-tech hell. Gaijins, beware of many
        Us.” – まいけるともよとリュシフェル

    • RaphaeI

      hurr durr it was a chinese conspiracy!

  • Butsu

    I’ve wondered for some time, what kind of apology would satisfy the Koreans? And under what terms? Then, if that’s fullfilled, how will it change or affect their lives?

    • Nja, something like Willy Brandt done? That was couraging and honest! But that may be to late..

      • Rutim

        lol, ask German teenager what their gran or great grandfather did during the war. It will turn out that all they did was building bridges in Russia and giving poor Russian kids sweets 🙂 Not to mention the magical Nazi-tribe which made their way from Moon to Germany in 30ties and magically came back in 1945 🙂 There can’t be more whitwashed nation than Germany in the world right now.

        • Alexst

          I don’t know where you heard that from. But my grandfathers both were fighting in the war, one got to a prison camp in France, the other one was in Russia. And they didn’t tell any stories about it.
          History is not what the grandfathers tell, but what people actually believe.

    • basicx

      A sincere apology that shows Japan is truly repentant and willing to educate their current generation. This apology would obviously need actions to prove their sincerity. Just compare Germany and Japan. It is like night and day with the way they have each approached this situation. For example, there are tons of memorials and museums in Germany yet not a single one in Japan.

      • Butsu

        Ugh, there are monuments for korean slaves in Hiroshima for example. It’s written in front of it that they were brought to Japan by force, forced to work for the Japanese Imperial Army, there’s probably a lot more. I guess you’ve never been to Japan.

        And I’m not buying the “educate their current generation” really either. It will not affect Korea as a nation nor the Korean people in anyway. Japanese people hating/being racist to Koreans will neither increase nor decrease, and Koreans hating/being racist to Japanese will stay the same as well. It’s pointless in my opinion.

        Or do you mean educate them as in know of their history? Contrary to popular belief on the net, they do learn of their war crimes during world war 2 (comfort women still being an issue), and there is one notable History book being white washed out of over 50 books (iirc). And it personally rubs me the wrong way everytime China and Korea calls out Japan on their history books. They are (as far as I know), just as bad themselves.

        In the long run, I think an apology would change nothing. The people who hate the other nation’s people or goverment will find something else to hate about. This “problem” goes both ways, and always will go both ways. No side is better than the other.

        • This. Israeli Jews, particularly the ultra-religious Orthodoxy, still use “German” as an epithet. Sure, Germany has bended over backwards to apologize for their war crimes, yet hurt feelings won’t disappear so easily. Even if Japan apologized even harder, I doubt it’ll change anything.

        • basicx

          Please tell me all of the (nationally funded) memorials or museums. If that Hiroshima memorial is your best example then you’re only validating my point. That memorial is dedicated for Korean slave labourers who died in the atomic bomb. That hardly represents the severity and entire spectrum of Japanese atrocities. The fact that Japan does not have anything comparable to German Holocaust or American slavery museums says to me that they are apathetic and not willing to own up to their past.

          By educating, not only should the current generation of Japanese know past history but understand that it was wrong. The lack of a sincere apology and any actions in general shows that the war crimes are accepted in Japan, and will continue to be accepted if more crimes are committed in the future.

          You also seem to be suspending your moral compass to prove faulty logic. Japan is not exempt from responsibility for its past crimes, regardless of how much each country hates each other. The ball is in Japan’s court and it is up to them to decide which future they want.

          • Butsu

            The memorial itself might be for that, but the museum is a different matter. It’s highly critical of war in itself, and highly critical of what Japan did during the war (It is the most objective museum I have ever visited). I’m not sitting on vast knowledge of memorials, but another museum highly critical of what Japan did during the war is Osaka Peace Museum. And a museum in Nagasaki have pictures of war crimes comitted by the Japanese Imperial Army.

            I’m fairly sure Japanese youth (the most of them) reading history understand the grave nature of what Imperial Japan did, it’s in their textbooks afterall, and they do learn it, have lessons about it. But of course there will be deniers, we have Holocaust deniers in Sweden for example, the same will probably go in a lot of countries and Japan is no exception of denial, ignorant people are everywhere.

            “continue to be accepted if the crimes are ever repeated.”
            I take you don’t know that the majority of the Japanese have a very pacifistic stance towards military operations and war. While there are some politicans trying to change the constitution, so they can change to an offensive military (or w/e its called), they have of course supporters. But as of this moment, the majority have an completely different outlook on it, and would never want war again.

            Moral compass or not, a little bit of my point was that no matter what or how many apologies, and in this case no matter how many museums or memorials they have or build, it will simply not be enough. I also think todays generation in both Japan and Germany should feel some kind of responsibility for what their forefathers did.

          • basicx

            I completely disagree with your theory that apologizing won’t change anything. I’m wondering why you keep bringing up Holocaust deniers to rationalize your theory, when it is clear as day that Germany’s relations with its neighbors is so much better than Japan and its neighbors. Do you seriously believe that Germany receives the same amount of animosity and hate that Japan does? Because that is the only way your theory would even begin to work.

            The biggest difference between Germany and Japan is that Germany has done everything to earn the trust of its neighbors. Meanwhile if Japan follows your advice, and continues to try and bury it under the rug, there will never be trust between the countries and relations will never get better.

          • elizabeth

            I didn’t say apologizing wouldn’t do anything. But trying to force something force out of someone who wouldn’t give it to you certainly won’t. Many people would be much happier if they just focus on what they can control instead of what they can’t.

          • elizabeth

            Sorry, I read you wrongly, pardon my intrusion, carry on…

          • Butsu

            I don’t have any advice for Japan. I’m just arguing that an apology might not help at all, and try to point to the fact that the Japanese somehow does not show any respect or remorse towards victims or like in the above clause, their museums and monuments would withhold wrong doings made by the Imperial Army, is false. I just think it might go the Israel route if they do apologise, they still push Germany for money to this day, and asks for discounts on weapons, warships, nuke subs etc. Everyone else is fine, except Israel. Seeing how places like Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia (and other Asian countries as well) are having pretty good relations. Last year I think Philippines and Japan even had a joint military practice (iirc).

            So by all means, if Japan could try and apologise again on some term that would be better than other times Japan/some politician had apoligised, then yeah, go for it. I still think it wouldn’t change much.

    • jcyin

      Uuuh stop the fuckin pilgrims to the war crimes shrine. Stop honoring and gloating over your imperialistic empire. Outlaw any right wing movements who deny the jap massacres in Asia. Outlaw whitewashing school textbooks on jap crimes in WWII. Stop calling comfort women whores and admit they were forced into sex slaves. Outlaw any support for any jap imperial expressions or ideas. Stop trying to modify article 9 of your constitution and re-forming an offensive army. Jail and prosecute supporters of imperial japan.

      Basically become like Germany and we might forgive you.

      • Guilherme Assis

        Japan should never be like germany, the education system in germany teach their kids to hate themselves because of hitler, thanks to germany history classes that teach germans that they are monsters who deserve extermination is responsible for transforming germany into a germistan and everyone who opposes mass immigration is labeled as a nazi, a racist and a fascist, seriously I hope Japan never do anything similar to what germany is doing


    I can see both sides to this story and IMO both sides (at least online) usually act like spoiled brats. It’ll just be an eternal pissing contest. Yes numerous Japanese politicians have apologized, but then soon another Japanese politician makes a remark that discredits those apologies. Sometimes I wonder if those politicians are just real-life trolls. There needs to be a middle ground, extremism on both sides will only hurt both countries in the long run. Like it or not, the future of both countries are tied to each other, so they better learn to at least tolerate each other and preferably keep their working relationship or else they will both suffer in the future. Kind of like crabs in a bucket trying to climb their way out.

    I also think displaced national pride comes into play here as well. It’s kind of like trying to show how tough and proud you are by finding an enemy who you feel you can defeat. Anyway this story is just a broken record, no surprise at all. I’m sure there will be more stories like this in the future.

    • yolo

      bull crap… if they apologize, why isn’t it acknowledged? why is it taken out of their history books? why isn’t it being taught in their schools about japanese war atrocities? its because secretly, they truly don’t believe that it happened… its called revisionist history.. look it up


        “Why isn’t it acknowledged?” Acknowledged by who? The Koreans? The fact is there have been Japanese politicians who’ve apologized but like I said, it’s countered by the actions of other politicians. That’s why there needs to be a middle ground. Both sides need to work on it, not just one side. I know what revisionist history is, ALL countries practice it, not just Japan.

        • yolo

          yes, its true that certain individual japanese politicians have apologized. But that is not the point. the country as a whole denies and even counter refutes the claims of the war atrocities that they have committed. If they sincerely acknowledge it, why is it being left out of japanese history books, govt documents, and other important documents. how come when korean/chinese/phillipino comfort women took their case to the international court the japanese govt denied such events and they keep saying that they were paid prostitutes? also the case of rape of nanjing never happened and that they accused the chinese that the events were exaggerated? would you really consider that a “sincere” apology or are they just being tongue and cheek? btw its not all countries that practice reviosionist history, its most… fyi.. germany has seemed to own up to their past, why can’t japan?

          • yolo

            let me add on that the reason to believe that the country as a whole denies means that the majority denies them as a fact of history, and believes that the war atrocities are just a fabrication; pissing off neighboring countries


            Agree that Japan needs to do more to teach about their wartime atrocities, just like many other countries. Yes Germany teaches their students about WWI, and WWII, I’ve heard, but what about their prior colonial history (China, Africa). Do other European colonial powers teach their students the atrocities they committed during their imperial periods? Does America teach how horrible slavery was? Not really. It’s difficult to quantify how apologetic Japan is as a whole compared to other countries but you are right that the education of the youth should include more about WWII. I’m just against the double standard that many seem to impose on Japan when compared to other colonial powers. Do you think many British are apologetic over their colonial history? I’d guess the answer would be no.

          • yolo

            its not only about the teachings ( you are right that many other countries also do this) BUT my argument is about complete denial and acknowledging them as facts.. see the problem is many japanese institutions + the govt themselves have repeatedly denied that the events took place at all or skew the evidence so that it doesn’t look as bad as it did. its true that US history does not go in detail regarding slavery and colonial powers don’t go into detail, BUT at the very least… they acknowledge it and say “yes, there were slaves and they were mistreated” Japanese txt books say… ” no comfort women, just paid prostitutes that got butt hurt, and the rape of nanjing is just a quelling of an uprising when in fact it was a freaking man slaughter. do you see the difference?

            another difference between US and euro is because that there are no survivors from those time periods that can attest to the atrocities, meanwhile comfort women from ww2 are still being denied a sincere apology and are being chastised as delusional liars and that they were paid prostitutes.. its true, the British are unapologetic as well.. the bigger question is does that make them right? of course not… just because they get to do it doesn’t make it so that the Japanese could do it. why do you think there are so many Irish and Scottish people that have hate towards them.. similarily with Americans and South Africans. there are movies about the apartheid and British treatment to South Africans… the difference is even though they don’t teach it, they at least don’t deny it from their history like the Japanese do. If you don’t believe me just scroll up and read the comments… or take a trip to Japan.. I even met a student that said that the pearl harbor attack was a counter attack in defense.. WOW…


            There is a difference between say what Japanese in general acknowledge and what Americans acknowledge as their history. It’s difficult to quantify and I won’t even try. Although everyone knows slavery existed, there are some people (mainly whites) who feel that slavery is the best thing to happen to Africans since their ancestors eventually ended up with a higher standard of living than their African counterparts in modern society. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than what some Japanese believe happened in China during the war. Let’s just agree that a lot of countries (Japan included) have to owe up to their past. What I hate is what I perceive as a double standard when it comes to Japanese atrocities and other countries and their wartime behavior. Just like how Iraq was vilified in the latest Iraq War when it was the US that invaded under false pretenses. Both are examples of “the winners writing the history books”.

          • Let me add that koreans and chinese do the complete opposite of what japan does and pretend to be the biggest victims on the planet.

            Reality: the current generation haven’t suffered from Japan. The current generations PARENTS have not even suffered. The Current generation’s GRANDPARENTS and GREAT GRANDPARENTS suffered Japanese imperialism.

            See the disconnect? What atrocities has your grandfather and great grandfathers done that you haven’t yet accepted?

            Kind of a ridiculous concept.

          • So you interviewed every Japanese person and they have unanimously said they think the atrocities were cool? Interesting.

            Their apologies are “just tongue and cheek” because they aren’t up to your standards? Also interesting.

        • That’s a high bar that an entire people are responsible for what their politicians say. Wouldn’t we all be fucked?

  • Korean and Chinese say “Japanese don’t know their history. Rather, they ignore the truth. Apologize!”

    Japanese say “Brainwashed people say something again.”

    Each country expurgates history to its own convenience or teaches a doctored version thereof. Especially, victorious nations could have controlled the history.

    I have a question.

    Why does not Korean people get angry with China despite China made Korean be tributary nation for long long long period of time. Is that because Korean forget it? If so, sometime they’re gonna forget the time of colonial domination by Japan.

    I don’t want people to misunderstand that I have hostile to Korean and China. To tell the truth I have friends of Korean and he told me the history.

    • Pokochan

      You will never see the statues of Buddha again!!!

    • Erick

      Maybe because, the Chinese didn’t massacre Korean civilians under their tributary. Shocking, right?

      Also, tributary != slave nation.
      I doubt that China have that much influence on Korean kingdoms on day-to-day business. The Korean kingdom only pay tributes to join China’s trade route, which are humongous due to the Silk road and South East Asia route.

  • chucky3176

    As if the Japanese are ‘victims’. Do you want see what Japanese highschoolers say about Koreans? Have a good look at this one who calls for the mass killings of Koreans in Japan.


    • Yet you say the counter-protest by Anti-Anti-Korean Japanese who call for moderation against this hate speech is somehow insincere? Keep cherry picking and assuming ALL Japanese share netuyo opinions, just like how the netuyo assume ALL Koreans want Japan to sink into the sea.

    • Sillian

      Well, that’s just one crazy girl who was probably influenced by her far right wing dad. Brainwashing can go very far…

    • hun

      Why would you handpick a video on a situation about Japan-Korea using high school students? You know they’re on puberty right? Even i can’t look at myself in my teen years.

      There’s even cops surrounding them to prevent anything from happening(i think).

      In America we have these kinds of nationalistic protests also, you don’t even see it because *ding ding ding* it makes America look bad and even Americans hate those type of people. What makes you think the average Japanese citizens think the same as these Japanese people?

      Honestly, i can’t believe you would pick a nationalistic video like this to prove to yourself and others that every Japanese people are like them, i can’t fathom the thought process in how you came up with the plan because it’s so stupid.

  • abdul m.

    >You fucking bastards have a country that is already bankrupt.

    Wait, what? This is a Japanese person talking about Korea.

  • christian

    there was a time when I thought chinese/koreans were exaggerating about the extent to which the japanese deny their past wrongings. however with these comments about how the koreans claims of forced prostitution are fabricated, i start to see why there is still so much drama. its one thing not to apologize, but to claim that it never happened is just …wow.

  • Sillian

    “Have you ever thought about why you’re hated so much throughout the world?”

    Lol..one of the trademarked netouyo delusions.

    • besudesu

      Most netouyo know more about Korea than they do about Japan, and nothing about the rest of the world. Most have probably never left their home prefecture. So nice to see them using a bit of empirical evidence, then.

  • hun

    What does a 20 year old Japanese person have to apologize for?

    • Sillian

      They are talking about the government issues, aren’t they?

  • chucky3176

    So far most of the anti Korean protests have mostly been marches and screamings.

    But how long before Japan starts to get physically violent on ethnic Koreans in Japan?

    Old man attacked and gets beaten by Japanese.

    Japanese protestors call for rape of Korean women

    Japanese highschool girl says she hates Koreans so much, she wants to kill them all, and warns the Koreans there will be a massacre of Koreans unless they get the fuck out of Japan.

    • it appears that the group is building up to that conclusion, it is possible that there will be ethnic clash between the Japanese and the Korean in Japan or even Japanese against Japanese. But the anti right wing group also seem to be rising… I predict it will only be like the riot in Australia, Sydney between Australian and the Lebanese. After a while of small scale violence it will cool down with Japan and Korea trying to improve their relation… It cant be that they will go to war with each other…

      • chucky3176

        The video of the hate girl is going viral in Korea. And someone has translated it and spreading them on the internet. The Japanese right wing are just shooting themselves on the feet. Good job.

        Translation here.

        • mr.wiener

          Kind of scary, disgusting and cuuute at the same time.
          [hey she wasn’t admitting to the massacre of Nanjing was she? I thought that never happened?]

          • she didnt mean it, it was at the heat of the moment thing. Of course they didnt do it, never happen.

      • chucky3176

        We are just at an initial stage of a buildup, and it’s matter of time the pressure that’s building up will have to explode. I believe the next phase of this drama will look like this. There will be not just sporadic but wholesale attacks on people of Korean descent or people who are mistaken to be as one. Currently, Koreans in Japan have similar position like the Jews in Poland before World War 2. Like the Jews in Poland, ethnic Korean Zainichi are much blamed for all the problems in Japan. As the so called Abenomics fails (which it inevitably will), Japan will descend into an economic chaos which will let rise to a new class of right wingers in Japan that we have never seen before – the violent kind. Unlike some of the hate groups you see in the West, the right wing generation in Japan are not just the middle aged unemployed males, but they are multigeneration of both sexes.

        • So they need a scapegoat to sacrifice for their downfall… and further sink into their own delusion, rather than have a mirror in front to reflect and realise that they are wrong.

          what arrogant is that woman spouting? it seems that she is finding any excuse to hate for the sake of hating.

          as you wrote, it will only be a matter of time, unopposed like this. Overtime, they will have enough courage to go through with this, blind enough to believe that they are right, blind enough to believe that they are the hero of this drama.

          How will the Korean there response or protect themselves? from a few article, it seems they are passive and do not wish to antagonize the group further. It does not seem that the group will stop… The group may evolve into a terrorist group at the rate they are going…

        • Butsu

          “Currently, Koreans in Japan have similar position like the Jews in Poland before World War 2”

          All of my ‘what?’.

        • Rutim

          > Koreans in Japan have similar position like the Jews in Poland before World War 2.

          lol, you don’t knw what you’re writing about, right? What was that position if you care to elaborate???

    • besudesu

      One awkward girl (reminds me of the Oe Kenzaburo story “Seventeen” — read it if you get the chance), a small group of nationalists (universally acknowledged as being a bit mental) standing behind her, occasionally chiming in to fill the awkward silence, and about thirty policemen. I think it’s safe to say that her words are not being condoned. Most people are ignoring her. You can find examples of this anywhere in the world, Chucky. It doesn’t prove anything about Japan. That’s not to say that there hasn’t been a right-wing shift, but highlighting extremism in this way will only create more extremism.

    • besudesu

      Also, look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQeqy7Vw8dg&feature=youtu.be

      Japanese anti-racist protestors giving the nationalists the finger. Nationalists are not the only force in Japanese society, they’re just the most extreme.

  • Krypton

    The American government should apologise to North Korea, Japan, Iraq and Libya for past wrongdoings.

    US War Crimes in Sinchon

    US War Crimes in Vietnam

    US War Crimes in Japan

    The British government should apologise to China, for past wrongdoings.

    Opium Wars

  • elizabeth

    What does harping on an apology for years do except to bring more bitterness and strife when it is not given? Better to let go and move on. Forgiveness is an amazing cure for self-torture.

  • Eidolon

    Just another episode of the classic cycle of abuse afflicting East Asia.

    When asked about why they hate Korea, Japanese have little else to offer than ‘they hate us, so we hate them back.’ Yet, that is all anyone has ever needed to hate the other.

    Hostility begets hostility. Japanese actions during World War II created Korean hostility toward Japan. In the aftermath, Korean hostility triggered renewed Japanese hostility toward Korea. In time, this new Japanese hostility toward Korea fed back into the cycle, and generated further Korean hostility toward Japan. The pattern thus repeated, and repeats.

    It is fine to blame Japan for failing to properly address World War II issues. Japan was, after all, the aggressor, and all aggressors must bear the ire of their victims. But there is no solution to be found there. The Japanese are never going to bend and beg for forgiveness from what they see as a hostile nation. They are never going to return Korean hostility with humility and penitence. Thus they are never going to give the Koreans what they want.

    The same goes for the Koreans. To ‘move on’ requires the the Koreans to return Japanese hostility with forgiveness and friendship. This runs counter to the normative psychological response, which is to return hate with hate, hostility with hostility. It’s never going to work, and therefore the cycle won’t be broken.

    East Asia stumbles toward conflict. It is a time for rabble rousers and bigots, hypocrites and nationalists. They wait only for the military and political will to transform words into action, thoughts into policy.

  • Ask the politicians to say sorry…not the average civilian, then. As a young half Japanese person, I’m not going to personally say sorry about some historical atrocities that happened 40 to almost 50 years before my birth that I’m not guilty of. The best I can do is to learn about it or understand that we should never do that again.

    On the other hand, at this point, regarding the government giving an apology, it’s damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. If we don’t say sorry, they’re going to pressure us into saying sorry, but when/if we do, they’re still going to say ‘it’s too late’ or ‘it’s not enough’. You can never satisfy them whatever you do. I bet they’re still going to be complaining about this 100 years from now, either ‘They haven’t said sorry’, or ‘That sorry wasn’t sincere enough’ or some other nonsense.

    I also find it interesting that this was released around the time N. Korea wants to be aggressive. Yes, Japan’s past was ugly, and yes, the education system is to blame, but I would say N. Korea is more of an immediate issue/higher priority right now in the global scale of events.

    • the other guy

      “I also find it interesting that this was released around the time N. Korea wants to be aggressive.”

      Good point~!

    • yolo

      man.. some people just don’t get it do they? how is it an apology when you leave it out of your history books or completely deny that the events even happened? it’s not a case of damned if you do, and damned if you don’t because in reality, its never a SINCERE apology. for example, its like the Germans saying sorry to the jews but denying that there were any concentration camps, gas chambers, and mass shootings. how do you think the jews would feel now? don’t get me wrong.. I’m not trying to put you in the spot by forcing you to apologize, as I am well aware that the current generation has nothing to do with this, and yes you are correct, we should be focusing more on N. Korea right now. My point is the japanese govt system/ education system is to blame… and until they change that, you’re going to see a lot of back lash

  • DisqusUsername

    I thought it was international agreed upon that the Japanese war crimes were real

  • Mormo

    I think people are also forgetting the Right wings groups do this all the fcking time…They get in their vans and yell propaganda on a daily basis. Yes, they hate Koreans, but they hate Gaijin in general. They hate white people and black people just as much as they hate Koreans. They’re hypocritical assholes. Everyone learns to ignore them. You can’t really “deal” with them or get rid of them because they like to use Yakuza to get their work done. The Right wings are dumbasses and they’re not the real problem. The complete denile of everything that happened is the issue. I’m surprised that all the comments go back to “give our shit back” or “you’re all liars”…

    Also people talking about the West and the Vatican; that has nothing to do with this. We’re talking about Japan right now. Despite what you think, we are educated about what happened and what people’s ancestors did. No one is denying anything…Everybody knows about all the fcked up things America and Europe did to get where they are today.

  • Actually, i’ll leave you with this:

    Look up the Japanese Communist Party. They are fairly large for a third party and have a lot of support. Far from communists, they are the only socially left wing party in japan. They openly admit the atrocities and own up to them, as many Japanese people do. They know their history and accept it.

    They are currently fighting to keep the county’s current anti-war constitution to prevent a repeat of history. They can’t get much support now because koreans and chinese are constantly demonizing all Japanese for the actions of a few idiotic conservative politicians.

    The demonizing leads to polarization, making young people sick of being the wiping boys for things they didn’t do, and for thoughts that aren’t theirs. This leads them right into the conservatives hands – the same way that any attack from the outside usually does.

  • Good lord, this comment section is filled with “they’re only fringe minorities” excuse for the Japanese right wing nutjobs.

    Well those “fringe minorities” are now the PRIME MINISTER (got the office TWICE, no less), MAYOR of a MAJOR, MAJOR CITY (including the CAPITAL until 2012 when Ishihara moved on to a greener pasture in the Diet), and a FULL QUARTER OF THE LEGISLATIVE BODY.

    For crying out loud, Tenno Heika Banzai apologists. It’s called a REPRESENTATIVE democracy for a reason. When Japanese constituents vote and elect these nutjobs, they are choosing those nutjobs to REPRESENT what they believe.

    • john mayan

      >For crying out loud, Tenno Heika Banzai


  • The Germans took responsibility for the actions of their leaders in World War II, and what happened? The world forgave, and Germany was rehabilitated.

    The British and Irish were willing to forgive and talk without conditions. The result? A peace agreement in Northern Ireland that works, the only violence now committed by criminal gangs.

    In South Africa, a truth commission made those in the Apartheid regime admit their roles and accept responsibility. The result? A country that became a democracy where – unlike Zimbabwe – did not descend into anti-white violence by the black majority.

    Japan needs to come clean, to admit its mistakes and write textbooks that tell the truth of what happened. Admission and forgiveness make for good neighbors and allies. Japan desperately needs a country like South Korea to be its ally, and not just economically.

  • Pingback: groups demand the removal of statues to japanese collaborators - koreaBANG()

  • Kanji yamato

    “Surrender all to
    Japan as well as your life’s salvation and be spared. If you don’t believe
    this, look at what the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did to the world you
    live in now, you see the Rising Sun Flag everywhere and how we electrocute your
    brains 24/7. We reiterate it again that the ‘Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident was
    a great honor to Japan for all the Japanese right there are very well alive holding
    the higher courts in other dimension now. Now feel their Hohoemi no Bakudan
    through these’ – Nihon
    X — Zero point five milli volts are confusion, 1 milli volt is a surprise
    light and void, 2 milli volts are double light and void, 3 milli volts are DNA
    turtle slow deformity, 4 milli volts are depressive nervousness, 5 milli volts
    are eye lens quick havoc, 6 milli volts equals to nervous and brain stroke, 7
    milli volts are cardiac arrest, 8 milli volts are DNA vanishing, 9 milli volts
    are human soul or Higgs boson smelt. Great multitudes called enemies of Nippon
    through six sequential processes as 1) Public humiliation 2) Public torture 3)
    Public gallows 4) Public guillotine 5) Whole human salad (Nihon sweet
    dinakdakan) 6) Altar fires for atheist Molechszz by matrix movies like virtual
    reality chair contro. As named by atheist jesuits, hi-tech hell. Gaijins, beware of many
    Us.” – まいけるともよとリュシフェル

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