Anger As Workers Told: ‘Sleep On Office Floor During Typhoon’


Typhoon Wipha hit Japan on Wednesday, bringing record rainfall, power outages, and 17 deaths.

Naturally, this had an effect on businesses, with many employees not being able to get to work due to transport disruptions or other problems caused by the extreme weather.

But one company apparently had a perfect strategy to avoid all this — getting the employees to stay in the office overnight, sleeping on cardboard on the floor.

When an employee from the unidentified company tweeted about the situation, even uploading a picture of a room decked out with a layer of cardboard, it soon went viral, with many netizens calling the unidentified company a “black company”, a term used to describe companies that exploit their workers.

From Itai News

Company: “There’s Going To Be A Typhoon Tomorrow, So Stay Here Tonight” → Company Employee Flips Out


Boss tries to get workers to sleep on cardboard in office overnight so they're not late during typhoon

Boss tries to get workers to sleep on cardboard in office overnight so they're not late during typhoon

Just finished work for today. Temporary sleeping place (cardboard) prepared because boss said “Tomorrow there’s a typhoon, and it’ll paralyse the transport network. It’s getting a lot of coverage, and we’re forewarned, so if you’re late tomorrow, you’ll be writing a letter of apology. If possible, stay here at the company tonight.” What a load of bull. I wish the company would go bust (grrr)

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Though they’re indoors, I bet it would get bloody freezing in there wwwwwwww


Umm, I’m kinda envious that they get to have a sleepover though?

キチンシンク(WiMAX):[in response to above]

What, are they all in kindergarten?


Hah, it’s like an evacuation centre w


Damn, can’t do any pillow-fights in there, can you! (really pissed)


Huh? There aren’t even any blankets?


Why the hell did you join a company like that?


It’s your own fault for joining a black company


If it were just for a day, I’d be pretty excited!


Looks like it’d be fun! Everyone could sing together, tell ghost stories, play games…


If you sleep on a layer of cardboard, you’re going to be in pain the next day.


I’m sure there are swarms of guys who’d like to work, even for a company like that, so how about quitting?


This would definitely piss me off — I’d go home.


Hasn’t any one identified the company yet? (・∀・ )っ/凵⌒☆チンチン


Nah, come on, let’s not identify the company w
Because after it’s been exposed, all that will happen is that the person who made this tweet will get the sack, and there’ll be no damage to the company whatsoever.


Quit ASAP.


The company are treating them as one level up from homeless people ( They have a roof over their heads.


Well, surely this is sufficient for slaves?


We can’t just say flat out that this is a black company.
For example, I know there’s a typhoon, but this might be the kind of business where they just have to get the job done that they’ve been appointed to do.
Don’t know whether or not this is the case for that company.


Japan really is just full of black companies.
If this was happening abroad, they’d know that some natural disaster like a typhoon was coming, and they’d have the day off www


Ah, what the hell, this is an even lower standard than an evacuation centre.
Usually, it seems that at around lunchtime they’d be booking out a hotel for people to get to work the next day!

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