Anti-Korean Protesters Arrested In Tokyo, Netouyo Outraged

Zaitokukai, also known as the Citizens Against Special Privilege of Zainichi, is a far-right anti-foreigner group devoted to “eliminating the privilege” of Zainichi Koreans in Japan, although their activities more often characterised as acts of racism and hate speech. Zaitokukai’s frequent demonstrations are at the forefront of the discriminatory movements against Zainichi throughout Japan.

On June 16, the group made news when several prominent members of the group were arrested on charges of assault after one of their usual protests got out of hand. Although the media seems to be wary of explicitly naming the opposing group that showed up to counter-protest Zaitokukai’s demonstration, many believe it was the Shitback Crew, an anti-Racist group that has since posted video footage of the incident online.

Although some might find the footage of counter-protestors shouting “Racists go home!” at the Zaitokukai protesters inspiring, the netouyo have unsurprisingly come out in full force in support of the Zaitokukai members. Many commenters are taking issue with the media coverage of the incident, saying that the article is biased for releasing the name of the leader of Zaitokukai but not the counter-protesters.

What do you think? Is the media unfairly influencing the way this story is spread, or are they merely showing legitimate concern for the safety of an already marginalized minority?

From Yahoo! Japan:

Eight Zaitokukai Chairmen Arrested, Suspected of Assault at Shinjuku Anti-Foreign Demonstration – Tokyo Police

After a hate speech demonstration in the Shin-Okubo area of Tokyo calling for the expulsion of Koreans living in Japan resulted in conflict between demonstrators and an opposing group on June 16, Shinjuku police arrested leader Takada Makoto (alias Sakurai Makoto, 41, of the Hirai district of Edogawa ward in Tokyo) of the Citizens Against Special Privilege of Zainichi (also known as Zaitokukai) on suspicion of assault. In total, eight men and women were caught red-handed by Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

According to Shinjuku police, at around 3 pm on June 16 a demonstration called “The Shinokubo Sakurada Festival” was scheduled to take place around Shinjuku’s Ookubo station, but before it could start, there was a conflict with members of an opposing group near the station around 2 pm. Four people from the demonstrating group, including Takada, and four people from the opposing group, including photographer Okubo Kenji (48, of the Miyasaka district in Setagaya ward), were arrested. No one involved in the demonstration was injured.

Takeda was arrested on the charge that he allegedly grabbed the collar of the self-styled manager of the opposing group (male, 46) and spat on him on Shinjuku street a little after 2. Takada has denied the charge.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


They’re releasing the name of the Zaitokukai leader and treating him as a suspect, but they’re not releasing the name of the person from the Shitback Crew who was also arrested for fighting. It’s completely clear that they’re intentionally hiding them. You can totally tell from the name Sei Yoshiaki anyone can completely tell that he’s Zainichi, so they’re not releasing it because they’re concerned. I understand how unfair the mass media’s reporting is. It’s cowardice to be concerned about even those who have been arrested. The mass media can’t help being called traitors, because it’s true.


Shin-Okubo is not Korean territory! Go back to your country right now.


The Japanese government should abolish Zainichi privileges and ban legal aliases ASAP.


This article seems to be biased towards an online community for Korean current affairs. To the last, Zaitokukai’s purpose is to forbid the special privileges of Zainichi, and they don’t have anti-foreign or hate speech goals.


From the bottom of my heart, I hate Koreans!!


They’ve intentionally made it hard to understand, but there where four people from Zaitokukai arrested, and four people from the opposing Zainichi left-wing group, right? The title obscures this and makes it look like eight members of Zaitokukai were arrested.


We can’t allow the oppression of freedom of expression. I think Zaitokukai’s assertions are extremely correct.


It’s a biased article, isn’t it? Typical shit news. It can’t be helped that they try to make Zaitokukai look bad, Korean garbage media.

月島 花(wor…)さん:

The Shitback Crew, a group of South Korean naturalized citizens, came to interfere in their army of Mercedes-Benzes, but why couldn’t they be arrested? It was probably an attempted murder. Is not being arrested even after attempting murder becoming a Zainichi special privilege?


Calm down. They can’t do anything more than arrest him for something like this. Let’s enforce justice without using violence. In the name of proving that Japanese history isn’t wrong, too.


Both sides were arrested, and both parties in the fight will be punished together, but the biased article’s headline strongly indicates that “Zaitokukai” is bad.


It seems like the Zainichi think this is the downfall of the Zaitokukai, but it’s no joke. Whenever there’s an unfair arrest, our unity becomes stronger, and moreover the anger towards the Zainichi just increases. Even so, Sakurai is a pen name so they gave out his real name, but the Zainichi who were arrested were probably using common names, so why don’t they give out their Korean names? It’s weird!


We absolutely can’t allow hate speech by Koreans toward the Japanese. Comfort women? Lies! Invasion? Morons who don’t feel gratitude for being “merged” and “modernized” during the colonial period can shut the hell up! We can’t forgive the Koreans who extort money and insult our ancestors’ dreams of peace in Asia.


Even if you get pissed off, please stop the behaving just like the Koreans.


Have you thought about why only the Koreans are the targets of demonstrations, even though Japan has a lot of foreigners? Zainichi & Netouyo?


That street lined with Hangul signs is somehow really creepy.


It’s the media’s fault that anti-Korean people like this are increasing! Korea is waging a negative campaign around the world against Japan, but on TV you just see news biased towards Korea, so they’re raising their voices. It’s what the Turkish people are fighting for now.


They get a perfect score for shadiness for not giving the name of the opposing group. w The mass media’s approach to reporting is incredible. w Give the names of the bastards on the opposing side, too! w They’re probably common names, but ww Well, Zaitokukai is inconsequential, but the mass media’s garbage is really coming out, huh? ww


The sense of balance of the correspondent writing this article is dubious. He didn’t give out the names of eight people arrested from “Zaitokukai.” The internet community doesn’t encourage biased reporting, so you should quit it already. That’s also a reason to collect an unbiased evaluation of Zaitokukai’s activities in a place like this.


If it was a demonstration against Koreans stealing our Buddha statues and unfairly receiving livelihood protection payments, then I’d like to support it. Asahi and Mainichi report excessively about it. I think Japanese companies should think twice about taking out ads there.

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  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    “…they don’t have anti-foreign or hate speech goals.”

    Next guy says “From the bottom of my heart, I hate Koreans!!”

    This is one of those cases where the situation is so laughably bad you have nothing to say about it. Like watching an Uwe Boll film.

    • chucky3176

      Japan is a funny country like that. Denials after denials when the evidences are there squarely for everyone to see. They will try to some how convince you that what you’re seeing, is not really what you’re seeing because there are logical Japanese explanation for everything.

      • KMF

        With such spineless attitudes towards reality, it’s no surprise their suicide rate is so high. Sooner or later your lies and excuses are going to catch up with you, and more you run away screaming in denial, harder it’s going to be.

        But of course, they don’t have the balls to face up to them. If they did, they wouldn’t be japanese.

        • fck

          the suicide rate of korea is much higher than that of japan.

          • KMF

            what the hell does korea have to do anything? How pathetic can you japs get squealing ‘korea’ for anything?

            koreans are at least much more likely to face their shit in a straight up manner. You japs are some really pathetic. Why don’t you keep complaining about ‘koreans’ and show everyone what an embarrassing cowards you are when koreans don’t even make up 2% of your population?

          • Rutim

            You brought up suicide rate and then got owned and the same could be said about Koreans.

            > koreans are at least much more likely to face their shit in a straight up manner. You japs are some really pathetic.

            Yeah, they showed it in Ulsan after they got owned in a game just yesterday throwing bottles on Iranian team and staff… Koreans should never bring anything about good manners.

          • KMF

            LOL how pathetic. When was I even defending koreans or partial to koreans in particular? I got no problem with them, quid pro quo. You pathetically wish whenever someone criticize japan they MUST be either a korean sympathizer or chinese.

            At least they weren’t the ones running around like 12 year olds who got their first period when a nuclear reactor is about to go into meltdown. You sound like a kid trying to make excuses by saying someone completely unrelated is worse (if only in your own excuse making fantasies).

            ‘got owned’. What a joke. Only if you are obsessed enough to watch their every move desperate to grasp little straws to bitch like you just showed us 🙂

          • Rutim

            They’re training the likes of you in contuining the rants over on Intrenet? Or that’s your natural ability?

          • KMF

            lol pathetic.

          • shinyrainbowwithunicornshit

            Dude…chill man…every country has the same problem…everyone hates there neighbors(unless you get knocked up by them…if you know what I mean;))….USA/Mexico, France/England, Japan/China, Spain/Portugal, Scotland/England, Poland/Germany, Turkey/Greece, Russia/Poland, France/USA, Ireland/England, Spain/England, Italy/Croatia, Greece/Macedonia, Greece/Albania, France/Italy, Japan/Korea, Korea/China, Paraguay/Bolivia, Argentina/Brazil, USA/Canada, Israel/Lebanon (all arab countries), India/Pakistan…it’s called being human…and we are haters at everything….

            I hate you man, let’s be gay together:)

          • Allison

            No wishing necessary. No other nation, other than Korea, is so pathetic that they salivate at their mouths waiting in anticipation for a chance to disparage Japan. Only Koreans..

          • Allison

            Gooks talking about manners is the Marquis de Sade lecturing others about child abuse. LOL

          • fck

            nobody care about korea except some part of internet.

            only resentment I can feel from your comment….
            this is the reason why many japanese don’t like chinese and korean..
            anyway, before we are exterminated , we must prepare to survive.

          • KMF

            Including you since you brought out ‘korea’ from no where when no one was even remotely discussing koreans. You are really pathetic.

          • fck

            kill yourself.

          • KMF

            BWAHAHAHAHAHA this jap bitch you wish I was a korean. I got no problem with them at least they own up where it counts.

          • fck

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          • KMF

            LOL dumbass jap go bitch at 2ch and have a circle jerk with your pathetic kind.

          • fck

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            fuck off!

          • besudesu

            I don’t know why you’re being so hostile, but if you continue with this kind, I’ll have no choice but to moderate you.

          • KMF

            No need. Why moderate a good entertainment?

          • besudesu

            I find it boring. And I get offended when people fill up threads just by trying out new swear words. I favour ingenuity in all things.

          • KMF

            Garbage english is to be expected from a jap. So is the impotent and helpless bitching as shown above.

            Either way, if you are looking for ingenuity running a blog site on japs is not the place to look for that….lol

          • fck

            please delete all my post.
            this is my last comment.
            comfort women are nothing but dirty prostitute.
            who would apologize to dirty disgusting rapist fucking inferior korean or chink for the atrocities that happened 70 years ago?

          • KMF

            No apologies for any japanese bitches raped by foreigners and US military. They are nothing but dirty filthy prostitutes, just like all japs!

            Properly apologize if you want to make an exit. Just like any pathetic jap, you want your comments gone and all the stupid comments erased. Just like a child trying to hide his piss-stained bed sheets.

          • besudesu

            Don’t think that you’re home and dry…you’re also trolling and being offensive. It’s not necessary to write blindly racist things. I’ll give you both the benefit of the doubt this time, in the hope that you’ll actually both use your brains to debate something, instead of just snapping at each other like small dogs.

          • KMF

            lol now this is some laugh riot. Who the fuck asked you to crawl over here and mouth off in other people’s conversations? You got some attitude and mouth like a bitchy teen playing at a moderator. Being a mod on a website giving you pathetic ideas about what you can say?

            Don’t just jump into other people’s conversations if you have nothing else to add. You are a moderator, nothing more. So moderate, not stick your nose in and run your mouth with funny delusions about acting out of your place.

          • besudesu

            Actually I run the entire site. I’m the editor. And I’m going to ban you.

          • KMF

            Good luck with that 🙂

            With some cute act of playing at being a princess at something, I doubt anyone would be willing to listen to you unless you flail around that ban.

            Comments are for commentators, not some girl with half-baked attitude and no idea of what she should say.

          • besudesu

            Thanks for your well wishes.

          • FOLB

            How amusing. You should stick with your writing instead of bitching and moaning at others or trying to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.

            Why don’t you keep at writing the articles and let the comments sort themselves out? Better to not speak and thought of a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Your attitude at approaching by bitching and moaning along is not very inspiring.

          • besudesu

            “Speak the thought of a fool”
            Can I quote you on that?

          • $58126190

            “Speak AND thought of a fool”

            Read. Quote Lincoln, girly 🙂

          • HaakonKL
          • Sillian

            I think it is completely justified to be tough on these trolls. Please do not let them take advantage of your leniency and spoil the site.

          • Rutim

            You don’t even know what’s written on the pic above the article… So just stfu.

          • Sillian

            What the hell are you talking about? What about the pic above the article? I’m talking about these swearing ‘Guests’. Have you gone crazy?

          • Alice S

            I’m glad all those Japs were raped.

          • besudesu

            Listen, there is nothing wrong with having strong opinions on these things — we all do. But to simply write offensive things will not get your point across any better. I understand that English may not be your first language, and that’s fine, I know it’s difficult to express yourself. Try to contribute something to the debate though.

          • Allison

            Besu, trying to reason rationally with gooks is like trying to teach a chimp calculus. Good luck.

          • steve his58

            go die already

          • fe52 fewa52

            i’d gladly cut your windpipe in two and let you choke to death on your own blood. Shithead.

          • fck

            ok I will never come again.
            KMF is more hostile toward the japanese.

          • KMF

            If somebody is not hostile towards such idiotic behavior, that would be a bigger problem.

            Grow a fuckin spine and mature a little. There’s no wonder why you are the laughing stock of the world and you have to bitch and moan just to be noticed a little.

          • Guest

            Moderate? Stop trying to be like Obama, FAGGOT!

          • Allison

            Surprised that you are surprised at his behavior. Par for the course when it comes to Korean trolls. When they have no argument left, all they do is scream and spew profanity and words like “jap” or “chink”. That’s the typical Korean way of debate.

          • KMF

            HAHAHAHAHA learn some proper english before squealing like a whore in heat. Your women suck our cocks and get much better stuffed. Keep talking and show everyone what a lame loser japs are.

            Fuck off jap bitch!

          • Alice S

            Fuck of Jap bitch!

          • Allison

            Gooks really love to use the words “cock” and whore” when they argue. speaks volumes about their culture and manners.

          • fe52 fewa52

            die painfully retard.

          • steve his58


          • Joseph Lopez

            You keep referring to the Japanese as “japs” and you say so many offensive things about them.

            You’re just as stupid as the netouyos

          • Obozo_the_Clown

            Jap, Jap, JAP! We’re gonna have to slap the dirty little JAP! =D


          • Allison

            What do you expect from gooks? They curse America as well too but they spend their entire salary to get surgery to carve up their flat pancake sized faces to look more like the white people they despise.

          • Alice S

            Japs are very weird. They can’t stop lying.

          • Allison

            For the record, gooks love to flock to any news story on the internet that even remotely mentions Japan. For them, staying up all night prowling and waiting for a Japan-related news story to come up is like a masturbatory release of joy for them. Making bigoted anti-Japanese comments brings gook trolls even more orgasmic pleasure than beating their own milimeter sized gook dicks.

    • Leon

      That is nothing compared to what happens in Europe every day.

      Racist Attack in Barcelona Subway

      Caught on camera: racist abuse girl & smash bus window

      I have nothing against South Koreans, but why only the Koreans are the targets of demonstrations, even though Japan has a lot of foreigners??????

      • chucky3176

        Read the Japanese comments, they tell you why.

      • steve his58

        umiru bolno

      • In reality, there are varying levels of discrimination against many different minorities in Japan. I suspect that the focus on Koreans is at least partly due to there being simply a larger population of Zainichi Koreans than other minorities.

      • besudesu

        As Julia said, discrimination is not limited to zainichi Koreans. But you’re right, it’s like any country. I think that Japan is so “ethnically homogenous” (of course, it’s not, but it thinks it is) that minority groups are very easy to target. Zainichi Koreans in particular, because they’re almost an invisible minority, and most racism toward them focuses on the masking of their “difference” (which is somehow seen as dishonest), and historical issues (which don’t really leave any room for the fact that zainichi youth are for the most part culturally more Japanese than anything else). Racism toward foreigners from other non-East Asian countries tends to be devoid of these issues, and focuses more on physical differences.

      • wut

        japan has less foreigners than s.korea has

    • KMF

      If you read some things these japs say, you get this distinct feeling you are talking to a mouthy 5 year old autistic brat. They are only convincing to other autistic and insecure fools, and only in their own heads.

      With attitudes like these, korean and chinese anger is actually understandable. Japan is in no position to claim any kind of moral principle. What makes it all the more amusing is how they think they can try to play themselves off as if they are the pillar of pacifist morality. If you look at some of the media they pour out that preaches about ‘pacifism’, it’s actually what makes them look better, not about the really hard questions. They have some pathetic issues with measuring up to the world and are up to their necks with impotent desperation and frustration.

      It’s just like Gen. MacArthur said about the japanese: “Japan is a nation of 12 year olds”.

      He was being generous.

      • Zebra

        I love how you talk about how stupid they are for being hateful and making stupid generalizations… while doing the same thing and using a slur like ‘Japs’. If they’re the pot, you’re the coal.

        • Allison

          The word “double standard” and the word “logical” don’t exist in the gook vocabulary unfortunately.

    • nqk123

      Prejudice and hate crime continues to rise everywhere (nations). It not just Japan/Korea. I think the economy is a major cause of what happening.

  • Zappa Frank

    i wonder how some guys were really think about united state of asia.. Seems like Israelians and Palestinians, but at least they have some reasons..

  • ChuckRamone

    “It’s the media’s fault that anti-Korean people like this are
    increasing! Korea is waging a negative campaign around the world against
    Japan, but on TV you just see news biased towards Korea, so they’re
    raising their voices. It’s what the Turkish people are fighting for now.”

    The Turkish people are fighting for Japanese media to be less biased in favor of Koreans? I didn’t know the Turks felt so strongly about this.

    • Sillian

      It seems they are referring to the completely unrelated anti-government protests in Istanbul.

      • ChuckRamone

        I figured that’s what the person meant, it’s just kinda non sequitur and worded very poorly, even in Japanese.

    • KMF

      Japs actually think the world revolves around their thinking so much they have the stupidity to think they understand what the Turkish people are fighting for. Fuckin laugh riot.

      When they get proven wrong with reality, they squeal about ‘world is out to get us because we are too smart, pure, and brave’ or some equally pathetic shit.

      It’s like watching a drowning kid trying to grasp at straws, only even the straws try to swim and drown far away from the idiot.

      • Alice S

        I observed this… Japs think they are princes & princesses.

  • Guest

    Fuck Japan

    • Joe


    • Rutim

      Why mainly those who hate Japan are reading websites about Japan in English? Could somebody explain this phenomenon? Because as I’m not interested in fashion or something like that I don’t go to sites about that and write something like ‘fuck fashion’ or ‘fuck confectionery’…

      • chucky3176

        Then what are you doing in Koreabang?

        • KMF

          lol vintage chucky.

        • Rutim

          I posted there 5 times in 2 years or something like that 😉 But seriously – it’s hard for gyopo’s like you to hang out with Japanese and Chinese in real life and then write such stuff like ‘Fuck Japan’ on your keyboard?

          • chucky3176

            I wrote “fuck Japan”? Where?? You post at Kbang all the time, you got some memory issues there.

          • Rutim

            google says I posted there 4 times 😉 That’s a rather strange definition of ‘all the time’. And I posted it there because I found a link on JCrush. I don’t even know if there are any sites about Korea reporting daily news. But just typing your nickname in google gives me tons of links and most of them from the sites about Japan or articles about it…

            Still, you’re a fine example of that phenomenon for sure.

          • KMF

            You sound pretty defensive. Chucky hit you in the soft spot again? 😉

          • Rutim

            No, actually, it looks like 70% of those talking about Japan on the Internet are Gyopo’s or Chinese living abroad, 10% are foreigners who had ever seen Japan and are cool about Japan, another 10% are those who weren’t so happy, 5% are foreigners without any standpoint and 1% are Nissei’s/Japanese. This site is a perfect example to illustrate that.

          • KMF

            And you have no place to complain about anything. If you don’t like what is being said, leave. The fact that japanese are having their shit spill over to where it doesn’t belong alone is more justification for our input then your bitching and moaning about ‘complaining’.

            Also, this is a foreign-owned website in regards to problems in japan that spill over to other places. The only one that doesn’t belong here is you, with your obvious lack of experience.

            Watching you is like watching a chimp smearing shit over his face then complaining others are criticizing you for being unhygienic.

          • Rutim
          • KMF

            That’s some weak shit lol

            I can easily take anything from you better than you can from anyone since you live with your head in the clouds. Check yourself for once in your narrow-eyed life.

          • Sillian

            He’s just being defensive or passive aggressive at most. Why so harsh? Watch your language.

          • KMF

            Watch your self too 🙂

          • chucky3176

            Nope. He seems to bring out a lot of issues pertaining to Koreans, from the viewpoint of Japanese internet which are obssessive with finding dirt on Koreans. They literally spend 24X7 digging for dirt on Koreans on the net, and post them online as proof positive that Koreans are cockroach animals. Another example: Rutim also brings out the Iran-Korea soccer match. Go over to 2ch and they’re having a field day bashing Koreans over this one, in a celebratory Japanese mood.

          • Alice S

            Crazy Japs.

          • Sillian

            It depends. I’ve seen some sites where English-speaking Japanese nationalists are very active. If you count youtube, they reign. The moment I think to myself ‘ah netouyo may use this against Koreans’ it’s already uploaded on youtube with walls of comments by them. They run like monitoring teams.

          • Allison

            That’s true. On any given Japan-themed forum or webboard, Korean trolls make up the largest percentage of commenters. They seemed to be obsessed with Japan and spewing their filth and stupidity for th entire world to see. Even though they make up fake accounts and post anonymously under “guest” to hide the fact that they are Korean, its obvious that they seem to be obsessed with Japan…like some weird stalker stalking a girl that rejected him. What a perfect description for the Korean mentality.

          • nitrostat

            are you making up statistics ?… where are you getting these percentages from?

      • KMF

        No one actually gives that much two shit about japan as you do – it’s just a matter of inconvenience that needs to be addressed since japs obviously can’t take care of their own business much less keep their noses out of other people’s as demonstrated by this article.

        Some naive pro-jap claptrap spouting fool would never understand what’s inherently wrong with things that are being said.

      • ChuckRamone

        Those are terrible analogies. This is a website about news relating to Japan and Japan’s relationship with other countries. That’s important stuff. Confectionery and fashion are pretty trivial things.

    • Alice S

      Fuck Japs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    good. arrest all of those on both sides who part take in stupid protests like that and those who use violence. its only 40+ year olds who have have the phobia of the globally advancing Korea and the people who think Japan as an entire nation is impeding on Korea’s advancements who even argue about stupid shit like this.

    • Alice S

      Ves a la merda japonès!

  • Flora

    I see Yahoo! is where the extreme right go to play in Japan as well. I stopped reading the comments section on Yahoo! articles long ago – at first, I kept getting into too many arguments but, after awhile, the things being said just began to make me lose faith in humanity. I walked away rather than waste my breath (and logic).

    Fortunately, these wackadoodles are in the minority in both countries; unfortunately, they’re a loud minority.

    • Paul M

      My theory is that right wing nationalists lack the mental capacity to do certain tasks. Yahoo is set as their default homepage and they don’t have the intellectual ability to find other web pages.

      • This is BY FAR the best explanation for this phenomenon that I have ever heard.

    • saph

      It’s funny because in my country (France) when you go to the Yahoo page, you only see racist comments on the news. They might be a majority on Yahoo, but fortunately they are a minority in the country. I guess dumb racist people just like Yahoo :p

  • These guys deserve to be arrested,

    Shin Okubo is not only a “Korea Town”, it’s also a normal Japanese district. People do business there. People live their daily lives there.

    Since Japan likes to talk about “Harmony”, then they should arrest these fucks for disrupting the peace of Shin Okubo. Just because it’s filled with Zainichi Koreans doesn’t mean it’s bad.

  • someguy


    Netouyo are truly a bunch of disgusting swines.

  • terriblemovie

    Jesus Christ. Do these people even have the tiniest shred of empathy? They make skinheads look reasonable. What kind of fantasy world do they live in where they believe they are the victims?

    I realized long ago that the Japanese net was brainwashed but not to this degree.

    From the bottom of my heart: Screw you Japan.

    • Guest

      Cmon, the Shitback crew is an absolutely awesome name for a gang. Gotta give the Japanese a little credit.

      • KMF

        It actually sounds like some elementary school kid’s name for a gang.

        I would have called your comment sarcasm but listening to mentally challenged japanese makes you wonder if others could be as pathetic as they are.

      • Full pseudo-English name: Shit-Back-That-Racist crew. 🙂

    • Alice S

      Screw Japs!

      • gold

        You do realize that this racist group is a minority, right? I don’t know which country you are from, but if it is completely free of racist/nazis/fascists, then I want to go and live there.

    • weiyuan

      Empathy is an emotion. Ethnic identity comes first. Nationalism for all people around the world.

      • Nationalism is a lie promulgated by the state to consolidate power.

    • reds

      It’s a minority you are talking about. Don’t generalize or you’ll look as retarded as them…

  • Butsu

    Guess it’ll look like Europe soon enough then, anti-facists and right wingers duking it out, ruining public property and just making the lives of everyone else miserable.

  • Brett

    The Shitback Crew. Hah

    • Their full English name is the Shit-Back-That-Racist crew. Awesome group of people doing awesome things, but maybe need to hire a translator 🙂

  • Jim

    The best way to handle this, is to rise above and best them by showing these kinds of people that we are better than them.

    To the Japanese netizens who say hurtful things about Korea, I love you all, I am not mad, and you guys certainly do not represent Japan at all.
    I hope in the future, we can work out all our differences, and become strong allies and brother countries.

    I believe in peace, and I think the best way to counter hate is with love.

    I love Japan and the Japanese people.

    From your Korean friend, Jim.

    • KMF


      sarcasm. rare quality when discussing japs.

      • Allison

        Or gooks for that matter.

    • Obozo_the_Clown

      You sound like a hippie FAGGOT!

      Japan & Korea will NEVER be at peace with each other.

      Wake the fuck up, HIPPIE!

      • Brett

        You sound like a true intellectual.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Part of me is glad I’ve never really had to MEET meet these people. I’ve had drunken drivebys with racial slurs slung at me before, elementary school snotheads with insults dribbling down their shirts along with their mucus, and maybe a racist joke from an Asian friend once in a while. Never any REAL adult situation.

    The other part of me wants to see one in real time, to see how people react, and if no one does then to see how people react to me reacting. I want to see people push back and then be able to think about it all day, see if there’s hope for society or whether it’s all going downhill.

    • chucky3176

      It’s funny what Chinese did to Japanese businesses in China, with all the destruction and protest marches against Japanese. Yet, Japanese are too scared to retaliate against the Chinese. So what do they do? They pick on the weakest, the most vulnerable, and the most hated – the Zainichi Koreans in Japan, their former WWII slaves. Cowards that Japanese are, they can never stand up to those who the Japanese think are stronger.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        … I can never really tell what side you’re on sometimes.

        But I think I get what you mean. It probably is really unfair sometimes for the ethnic Korean citizens living in Japan, and to be honest I’m a little surprised by the blatant anti-Korean comments from the Japanese netizens. I always thought that the Japanese social commentary was the politest out of the 3 (China, Korea, and Japan)….

        • chucky3176

          Thanks to sites like this, the word is finally getting out on Japan. And I’m doing my best as well.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            It might be true for the small portion of racist people portrayed in this article, and they probably are the real-deal racist (that I’d like to verbally spar with.), but I’m afraid people might see this and start thinking ALL Japanese people are horrible horrible people :/

            If anything, it fixed my positive discrimination of thinking all Japanese people were super polite people. (I looked this up a while ago and turns out there’s positive and negative discrimination o_O)

          • why would you want to verbally spar with the real-deal racist? it is like arguing with a wall. They are too stubborn to change and you are just wasting your time and energy without any results, and you are left with anger and frustration. It is better to take action. If dealing with real racist is what youre looking for.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            I’m actually quite good at getting under the skin of people like these.

            I can’t really say I get _through_ to them, but at least I can say I can get a rise out of them, and not just the typical “OH THIS IS WHAT I SAY AND THEREFORE THAT’S ALL THERE IS TO IT.”

          • bluesummers

            No. Your first mistake was wasting even a second on people like him.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            I try not to think of it as “waste”, since I like to hope/think that things do change.

          • bluesummers

            You’re too idealistic, but it’s whatever.

        • chucky3176

          On the contrary, out of the three, I would say Japan is the worst by far, only because their opinions are all same, very few dissentions, if any. For instance, if you see 5000 posts on Yahoo Japan that Koreans are cockroaches that need to be exterminated, 4000 of them will agree, and maybe 100 would object. Their external politeness not withstanding. But Japan’s internet habits kind of mirrors their political parties.

          Korea on the other hand is a lively thriving and debating society with opinions ranging from vastly differing positions – completely polarized, divided, yet strangely it feels better than what Japan has to offer.

          • bluesummers

            S. Korean netizens are just as racist as the Japanese and the Chinese.
            The door of racism swings both ways and by all intents and purposes you’re contributing to the problem.

          • chucky3176

            “S. Korean netizens are just as racist as the Japanese and the Chinese.”

            Now that wasn’t really my point was it?

          • bluesummers

            I know better than to get into a lengthy dialogue with you but I just want you to know that racists are never taken seriously because they never consider both sides of the picture.

          • Allison

            “S. Korean netizens are just as racist as the Japanese and the Chinese.”

            No way…Korean trolls are by far 2000000 times more racist than any of the trolls from Japan or China.

          • besudesu

            Sock puppetry contravenes the rules of our comments section. Please see the FAQ for more information.

          • Rutim

            > On the contrary, out of the three, I would say Japan is the worst by far, only because their opinions are all same, very few dissentions, if any. For instance, if you see 5000 posts on Yahoo Japan that Koreans are cockroaches that need to be exterminated, 4000 of them will agree, and maybe 100 would object. Their external politeness not withstanding. But Japan’s internet habits kind of mirrors their political parties.

            chucky, I don’t know where you’re taking data and how many multiple accounts you have to plus this kind of rants… Surely, you can’t take it as you don’t any Japanese, haven’t been there and don’t know language…

            > Korea on the other hand is a lively thriving and debating society with opinions ranging from vastly differing positions – completely polarized, divided, yet strangely it feels better than what Japan has to offer.

            I don’t know where to start laughing 😀 Stop it, you’re too funny 😉 Koreans are the last country in the Asia when it comes to talk about good manners.

          • chucky3176

            What has “manners” got to do with debating cultures on the internet? I think Japanese have far more serious worries like the nuclear spill to debate on, yet here they are, more angry at ethnic Koreans supposedly pushing Kpop culture on Japan, rather then being angry at the neglectful lying incompetent Japanese government which has basically made Japan irradiated beyond repair. Where are all the demonstrations against Japanese government’s mishandling of the nuclear disaster? Oh that’s right, they’re too busy protesting in Tokyo and Osaka, against K-pop. pfffttt… The laugh’s on you.

          • KMF

            They only bitch and moan against whatever they think they can take on. As soon as any real threat presents itself and nails them to the door, they squeal like school girls and play the victim.

            Such insipid cowardice. Such spineless attitude.

          • steve his58


          • KMF

            Show us where that big bad korean touched you.

          • KMF

            He means that, while koreans are by no means better than japs when it comes to manners, at least they are straight forward and have the semblance of guts to tackle some issues with energy and backbone. Some japs are too narrow-eyed to understand this shit, just like you.

          • Rutim

            lol, if throwing stuff and burning flags are your ‘backbone’ it tells everything about…

          • FOLB

            You forgot raping jap women and making up at least 30% of senior yakuza membership, essentially becoming a state within a powerless state that is japan. Just so you know, many of the founding fathers of modern yakuza after ww2 were koreans and ethnic koreans.

            lol trying to defend the undefendable/

          • Rutim

            [email protected] to post after ban 😉

          • FOLB

            [email protected] trying.

            Who gives a fuck about you hiding behind a mod because you can’t back up your own shit? You need a mod to validate your weak claims?


          • Allison

            LOL. Gooks love to eat the flags of nations which they hate.

          • Allison

            “Korea on the other hand is a lively thriving and debating society with
            opinions ranging from vastly differing positions – completely polarized,
            divided, yet strangely it feels better than what Japan has to offer.”

            PUHHAHAHAHAHA!! Funniest thing I have ever seen in my life.

            Yeah, tell that to that SNU professor who received death threats for stating that he thinks that Dokdo may in fact not be Korean.

  • WhatIsThisEven

    Don’t they have these kind of people in every country? I’m guessing it’s probably the older generation as usual.
    I live in a city where there’s A LOT of foreign exchange students and everyone’s pretty cool and open minded. Hell, there’s even a bunch of japanese students in the korean language club I go to.
    There’s old racist farts in EVERY country as well as their children who are brainwashed by them. It doesn’t represent the country. Especially the younger generation which will be their future anyways.
    Japancrush, chinasmack & koreabang, I’ve noticed that the only people that usually visit those site are those that hate said country. You should see the comments on chinasmack. Ouch. Don’t judge them for their hate whenyyou’re doing the same. ._.

    • chucky3176

      No. If you look at the anti Korean demonstrations in Tokyo and Osaka, it’s mostly the young – in their 30’s, 40’s, and 20’s, from all walks of Japanese life, both male and female. Even schoolgirls scream calling for massacre of Koreans in Japan. Look up at their hate march videos on youtube.

      • WhatIsThisEven

        Yeah. But like I said.. every country is the same. :I
        I’ve seen little kids spitting hateful words asking for death to all “fags”. Children of bigots also grow into bigots and live as bigots. Maybe the percentage of those who hate korea in japan might be a little bigger but I definitely don’t think it should represent the whole. Those who have hate in their hearts are quick to make sure they spread it to the world. But those who don’t have that hatred are usually more content staying passive and letting the others make fools of themselves.

    • I’d like to think the comments we get on the site are similar to the comments you see on Yahoo! Japan articles like this one — the negativity is not representative of the population (in this case, of japanCRUSH readers) as a whole, but merely one very loud segment of a much more diverse demographic.

  • viri

    Come on, korea and japan are the same, both asians, why they fight? -.-

    • David Johnathan

      True. The only difference between island chinese and peninsula chinese is that island ones have manga and anime and thus gain support from weaboos from all over the world.

  • Isaac

    monkey see monkey do

  • Shadowwork

    Very difficult situation with a long history. Excuse my foreign perspective: Japan has freedom of speech which should be protected at all costs. However, there are many ethnic Koreans who have assimilated, and are basically Japanese. They contribute to society. They did not choose from whom to be born. Japan also wishes to be a global power and invite foreign business into its country. Behavior like this makes it unappealing for foreign businesses and will weaken Japan in the end. Besides….you all come from the same people. We all come from the same people.

  • Hamilton Chung

    fck the Japs!Remember Hiroshima Bitches?! ALL JAPS ARE DIRTY! Japs are still trying to take S.Korea Island “Dokdo” By the way Great loss to Italy 4-3 confederations cup in brasil lol

    • MeCampbell30

      I grade you’re trolling a D-. Study harder next time.

    • Alice S

      Newsflash! Newsflash! Descendants of A bombed Japs are mistaken about the Dokdo Islands!

  • Hamilton Chung


  • Hamilton Chung

    fck them japs!

  • Agniel

    “…stop acting like Koreans”

    That’s funny (in both senses of the word). These idiots are Japanese, so how they act is how the Japanese act. Yet they should stop acting like Koreans? LOL

    • Isaac

      No, no, no.

      Acting like Japanese is hiding under the gutters and peeping through women’s skirts.

  • HelloWorld

    The zaitokukai would be an equivalent of the modern kkk or those ignorant evangelical churches that burn the koran and discriminate against gays. Every country has racists but it doesn’t represent the whole nation.

    yahoo!Japan and 2chan is a Mecca for trollers, racists, outcasts and anti-social people of Japan. Normal people usually use mixi/facebook/twitter.

    In general Japanese people are indifferent to South Korea. They are apathetic towards the territorial disputes dokdo/takeshima. Japanese people don’t hate Koreans and they never come up in normal conversations.

    I don’t know about you guys but all these emotional, irrational comments I see here (comments in the articles and on comments from japancrush/koreabang/chinasmack ) disgust me. You should not read these articles if you can’t remain objective and rational. It will only spread hate and corrupt your mind eventually turning you into people like the zaitokukai.

    I find it ironic that we are criticizing racism and even condescending towards people who make racist remarks yet, we ourselves make those very racist comments and generalization of people of a nation here. The “we are better then them because we are against racism”, “Us and them” mindset is very dangerous.

    people like the zaitokukai/kkk will always exist if we keep making generalizations and we don’t think about our how we convey our thoughts and think about our wording. It may cause misunderstandings spreading more hate and racism.

    • Sillian

      You know, ignorant generalizations based on ignorant comments based on ignorant generalizations based on….imo…wasteful bad blood can be greatly avoided simply by not being lazy with more specific words.

  • Alakhai

    everyone who believes they are a leftist independent group is a complete dumbfuck

    Korea is the American disease who’s killing you, Japan.
    And you even have koreans in the yakuza.

    • Alice S

      I wish Koreans would kill all Japs & North K would A bomb Japs!

  • Pingback: Demos, hate speech and a large question mark | Japologism - Unapologetic apologism()

  • Marcus Muller

    “We absolutely can’t allow hate speech by Koreans toward the Japanese.Comfort women? Lies! Invasion? Morons who don’t feel gratitude for being “merged” and “modernized” during the colonial period can shut the hell up! We can’t forgive the Koreans who extort money and insult our ancestors’ dreams of peace in Asia.”

    The majority of the Japanese view of their part in WWII.. Sad isn’t it?

    • JohnnySmith0

      It is not exactly the majority view but it is pretty prevalent.

  • JohnnySmith0

    What’s worse than them are the comments below.

  • JohnnySmith0

    Some clarifications on the “Shitback Crew”:

    There are actually only about a dozen Shitback Crew members. The few hundred people that show up as counter-protesters are ordinary people who simply gathered up via Twitter. It’s very much a grass-roots movement. At first only a few Shitback Crew members decided to show up at these protests, acting like mini-Yakuzas to intimidate them into quitting. Then feeling encouraged, I guess more and more people joined up.

    Their understanding of “racism”, like the general understanding of the rest of the population, is still pretty shallow. It doesn’t have the sophisticated and philosophical meaning that naturally evolved over a long period in the West. Japan is not known for people engaging in debates and philosophy. Their “racism” is still pretty much restricted to countering the very obvious anti-Korean sentiments in Japan.

    There are a few politicians who are following this movement, and one politician, Yoshita Arifu, is sort of connected with the Shitback Crew. Just recently, 152 lawyers decided to file legal actions against some of the members of the Zaitokukai. I’m not sure whether this will eventually evolve into a full-blown political movement, but I’m hoping that it does.

    • weiyuan

      Why? There is no justification for multiculturalism. It’s shit in every country that has it. Only dumb westerners support it due to “empathy” or some other emotional crap.

      The Japs are perfectly justified in resisting outsiders, so would the Koreans if they did the same in their country.

      • JohnnySmith0

        And there is no justification for racism. Case closed.

        And “resisting outsiders” is an ideology. Actually it’s completely manufactured by the authority in order to more easily control the population.

  • KamenTeacher

    They all look like Chinese or Taiwanese descent living in Japan…. Bunch street bums… This reminds me bunch Taiwanese girls dressed up in Kyoto walking around taking pictures. They all look stupid….. Bunch Chinese/Taiwanese rejects acting Japanese!!!!!!!! At least Koreans have dignity…. I admire Koreans………..

  • KamenTeacher

    If you dislike Koreans. You should go eat yourself………….

  • Korea

    Fat guy ( Anti-Korea) leader looks like total Chinese dish washer.

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