Assemblyman’s Blog Rant Against Hospital Amuses Netizens

Koizumi Mitsuo with some of his electoral campaign posters.

Koizumi Mitsuo with some of his electoral campaign posters.

Iwate Prefectural Assemblyman Koizumi Mitsuo has stood up. And he wants everyone at the Prefecture’s Central Hospital to know that he is more than just a number.

So the disgruntled assemblyman, angry at being referred to by his patient number rather than his name at a recent hospital appointment, took to his blog to release his pent-up frustration.

While the post is now steadily spreading around the internet, Koizumi’s attempts to elicit support from netizens has sadly backfired, with 2ch netizens suggesting that perhaps he should have been attending a psychiatric hospital instead…

Although the original blog post has already been deleted, a cached version still exists here, courtesy of

From Itai News:

Iwate Prefectural Assembly Representative Koizumi Mitsuo Gets Angry At Being Called By Number In A Hospital, Threatens “I’m A Bloody Customer, Don’t Fuck Around”

I Haven’t Come To Prison! Managers of Central Hospital! 2013-06-05 13:09:26

In early June, I went to the prefectural central hospital every day for more than three days, but while there I had a conflict with my duty as a representative.

“Number 241”, “Patient Number 241”, “I will call you by name. Patient Number 241, Mr. Koizumi Mitsuo”. → The moment I realised, “Eh! They’re calling me?”, the blood rushed to my head in anger. “Is this a prison?! Call me by nam What the hell is this number 241 nonsense!” I lashed out at the girl on reception.

Although I left without paying my bill, I was still seething with anger. I immediately headed to a public telephone:
“My name is Koizumi, and I have a complaint about the way I was treated by staff in the hospital. Please put me through to the hospital chief”.
I told them quite clearly that my name was Koizumi (I didn’t go so far as to tell them my job), called them, told them my purpose, and indicated the name of the person I wanted to speak to, and yet I was made to wait for more than three minutes (or what felt that way), until a male manager picked up the phone and spoke gingerly.”I asked to be put through to the hospital chief. Why am I speaking to you? Is the hospital chief trying to avoid me?” I said into the telephone again, still ablaze with anger.

But let’s go back to how I was treated in the hospital.
While three or four staff were standing behind the long, moss green counter (I’m talking about you people on the second floor reception No.10 for circulatory medicine!),
“Mr. Koizumi, your adjusted bill has been calculated. Please come forward!”
“Please come forward?” I’m one of your best bloody customers, about to pay clinical investigation bills for over 15,000 yen [approx. $150]!
They should be coming out from behind their counter, going to the patient sitting on the bench and say, “Thank you very much, Mr. Koizumi”…
I mean, even in a department store — anywhere, actually — where you’re a customer paying for something over 10,000 yen [approx $100],
do they nod towards you and call you to “Come over here to get your bill”?

To all of you who kindly read my blog, am I really wrong about this? Or do you think that the treatment of customers at the Iwate Prefecture Central Hospital is in the wrong?!

Comments from


He’s mental.


Maybe he’s stupid?


Who does he think he is? He’s a bloody servant!


What a self-important bastard.
If you don’t like being called by a number then get to a private hospital!


“To all of you who kindly read my blog, am I really wrong about this?”
You didn’t get a thing right.


Didn’t you calm down a bit while you were writing such a long post?


Yes, you are wrong about it.


I guess there was an arrogance here “I am an honourable assembly member, I am different from the plebs!”
The people who elected a guy like this ought to be ashamed.


I wonder if this will make the Iwate local news?
Unbecoming language and behaviour for a public official.


Isn’t it usually worse to be called by name?
He’s going backwards in time.


I work in a hospital, and there are loads of idiots who get angry for no reason when you call them by name.
So I never imagined that this kind of idiot would show up.
Plus, you can’t just go and complain to the chief managed for no reason.
And it’s way too much trouble dealing with someone who calls from a public phone and you can’t even get back to them.


I reckon he thought that because he’s a prefectural assemblyman it was only right that he’d get special treatment in a prefectural hospital.
If you overbearingly say that the hospital chief should come out and talk to you, and then have no remorse about not paying your bill, then the prefectural assembly is done for.


I don’t know what number he was called by, but there’s no mistake that he’s the number one idiot.


Like that thing with Ootake, huh?


Seems like he’s got some kind of problem with his brain.


Dislike. What an uptight old man….

ノルウェージャンフォレストキャット (WiMAX):

I wonder how he’s lived up to now, that he can get angry at such a thing.


He’s mistaking himself for someone important.


Fucking scum. Real scum.
But it’s only bastards like that he tend to want to become assemblymen.


I mean, he should at least understand that there are some people who don’t want to be called by name.


You’re going to the wrong hospital mate.
You should get yourself to a psychiatric hospital.

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