China Central To Japan’s Economic Future, Says Ex-Politician

kono meets Hu Jintao in china

Kono Yohei meeting Chinese President Hu Jintao

2012 saw Sino-Japanese relations take a turn for the worst with the territorial dispute over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands which prompted unofficial boycotts of Japanese goods in China. Many Japanese citizens feel very personally involved by the territorial dispute and many politicians often simply kowtow to popular opinion, but every so often a prominent public figure will stir up debate by voicing a totally different opinion.

One such figure is Kono Yohei, a former LDP Speaker of the House of Representatives who made a very explicit speech stating that he hoped 2013 would bring an improvement to Sino-Japanese relations.

It is not hard to see where Kono was coming from. China is Japan’s main trade partner by far with the total amount of Japan-China trade averaging at around US$350 billion per year since 2008, and Japanese investment in China adding up to UD$13 billion last year alone, yet Kono’s remarks prompted an outcry of thousands of netizen comments and hundreds of Tweets saying that Kono was simply selling the country to China. Yahoo! News gives some excerpts from his controversial speech.

FromYahoo! Japan:

“Japan’s Economy Has No Future If We Cut Ties with China” Says Former House of Representatives Speaker Kono Yohei

[Xinhua Japan] Kono Yohei, president of the Association for the Promotion of International Trade Japan, and a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, said that he hopped the new Japanese administration would actively strive towards taking policies to fix relations with China, in a joint new year party sponsored by his association and the China-Japan Economic Foundation on the 8th.

President Kono said that “it is truly regrettable considering all our sempai who strove to develop relations of friendship and economic cooperation between Japan and China. Relation between our two countries can’t just be split like that. More than 20,000 Japanese companies are currently expanding in China and many are cooperating with Chinese companies. Japan’s economy has no future if we cut ties with China. The current conditions are not good, but we must use all our knowledge and good sense and try to resolve this stalemate as quickly as possible.”

Moreover, he also said: “The new administration, which came to power at the end of 2012, places economic problems first and foremost, with diplomatic problems and so on coming after that. If indeed economic issues will take priority, [the administration] should recognize the importance of Sino-Japanese relations. China is Japan’s most important economic partner, and if we can’t resolve these problems, Japan’s economy will never truly be able to advance. From the bottom of my heart, I really hope that the new administration will work assertively towards taking measures to improve relations with our neighboring countries, especially China.”

Comments from Yahoo! News:




Japan has no future if we lose our national principles. We don’t need any more politicians selling out our country.


What the hell, so his amakudari [when senior civil servants retire to private sector; literally ‘descent from heaven’] was to this organisation?!


Shut up fucker!


Is we translated the Kono statement [in which then Chief Cabinet Secretary Kono apologised for the comfort women issue] into an economic loss, it would be about 100 trillion yen. If this was a decent country, he’d be in prison.


The Kono statement is the cancer of Japanese diplomacy.


A pro-Chinese traitor Diet Member has no future!!


Dude, just shut up! Don’t say Japan has no future! Keep out of it! Idiot!


Good job selling your country…


Earth-shatteringly narrow-minded (笑) The world is not made up of China, China is only one part of the international community, idiot! (笑)


Isn’t it so stupid? “Relying on China” is an outdated trends of the Japanese economy. India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia are where it’s at now. Thailand and the Philippines also look like they might come back. Bangladesh also has good human resources. People who can’t keep up with the times, however, aren’t qualified to participate in politics.


<span title="こういうことを言う輩がいるから中国がいい気になるんじゃん。もういい加減に黙っていてほしいものだ。It's because there are old guys like him around who say stuff like this that China is so full of itself. I wish he'd just shut up, I've had enough.


So that means… we’re conceding the Senkaku Islands? Why doesn’t he say Ryukyu or Okinawa while he’s at it!


You destroyed relations between Japan and Korea!


How much did the CPC bribe him?


Taro Kono! Before you go and talk big, do something about your father! [Kono Yohei is Kono Taro’s father]!


Dead men tell no tales. People from the past should not talk about important things. Don’t you understand that crazy speeches like this make the Communist Party of China feel good?


All the same, you don’t need to bend justice!


Kono is a stupid old man. We should withdraw Japanese companies from China which does not follow the world’s rules and find other countries to be friends with first.


What is the guy who messed up Japan-Korea relations going on about now about messing up China-Japan relations?

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  • guest

    so much anger, why don’t they just chill, learn some economics and sit on a sofa?

    • wafflestomp

      If there’s oil in the sofa somewhere they’ll fight over that to. China is a big bully. Look it up, they have disputes with nearly every country in asia over something.

      • carmouflagger

        And Japan doesn’t?

        • hun

          Japan isn’t even a threat anymore it can’t do anything, its not even allowed to have an army, China however..

          • guest

            Learn to google. JSDF is one of the better trained forces in the world. Their navy is stronger than that of the UK. Just because the Japanese don’t call their JSDF an “army” doesn’t mean they don’t possess the ability to mount solid assaults. Their new submarines, warships (Aegis class destroyers) are top of the line, anywhere in the world. Even during the cold war Japan acted as a proxy for the US in case of Soviet attacks.

          • Rutim

            lol, you know that destroyers with AEGIS arent’s there to send missiles on Beijing, Moscow or Seoul. That’s the a shield not a component of ‘ability to mount solid assaults’. And yeah – that would be stupid not to posess any military force when you have communist and agressive states just behind borders… You should also try to makes such comments about German, oh, and Italy, and UK and US as they made some wars in the past century.

          • guest

            lol, when did I saw AEGIS defense systems were used to send missiles on to Beijing? Reread what I wrote. I said their submarines and warships are top of the line. Their F15s are most certainly a very credible offensive platform, as are much of their other hardware, air force, navy, or otherwise. My original post states that Japan most certainly retains a strong and credible armed force, something the previous poster clearly had NO clue about.

            ‘And yeah – that would be stupid not to posess any military force when
            you have communist and agressive states just behind borders’
            Learn to spell, please. You’re just making excuses for keeping a force, again going off tangent to what the original poster wrote, which you should reread, least you suffer from reading comprehension issues.

            Your other countries point is completely invalid. This is an Asian issue between China and Japan. It’s pretty obvious that’s Japan’s America’s bitch, so this could drag the US into it, but the other countries are irrelevant to this discussion.

          • fe2525252

            well said

          • hun

            Your failure to comprehend what a defence force is makes all your posts invalid.

          • guest

            try again. you have no facts and make wild assertions, that makes u invalid. Again, why don’t u google what a defense force is, since you like throwing around terms you obviously don’t understand.

          • hun

            defense force:an organization of defenders that provides resistance against attack.

            I searched it up for you since you’re too stupid to understand. Just because they have the potential to attack doesn’t mean Japan can and will. America won’t allow it and Japan isn’t dumb enough to risk what they have now. Try again?

          • guest

            Now you admit “they have the potential to attack”, when two posts ago you said “Japan isn’t even a threat anymore it can’t do anything”. You suffer either from dementia or openly choose to ignore your own statements. There is absolutely zero consistency in what you wrote.

            You’re gonna guarantee Japan won’t attack? America thought the same right before Pearl Harbor, and that really worked out well. The only thing “America won’t allow” is for Japan to attack the United States, again. Contrary to your worthless 2 cent opinions, the United States has time and again reaffirmed it’s commitment to back Japan in any conflict. If shit hits the fan will you be the one to guarantee a peaceful Japan? No, you have no such authority. The most likely scenario, based on your worthless rants here, is that you’ll refer back to your amnesia, like you’re doing right now.

            Japan has been in economic decline for the past two decades. An entire generation of young adults who could have become entrepreneurs and designers of a new age are instead hindered by a high unemployment rate and economic stagnation without an end in sight. Instead of becoming leaders in the industries Japan has built up in the 70s and 80s, the youths of Japan see little opportunity for domestic advancement within their suffocating business culture. The Japanese Government is as powerless to stop it as they are adamant in refusing economic liberation. Go study some finance, econ, causes of war, and while you’re at it make some Japanese friends, the objective ones. One nation in decline has less to lose in case of war, and are more likely to start one.

            It’s pretty clear you lack the IQ to respond cogently and logically, hence the need to hurl profanity over a screen. I see though you’re mimicking my statements, so why don’t you just admit a guest on this blog enlightened you and move on? The Huns of the old were ignorant and now cease to exit as they were, but if that’s what you aspire to be, then no one can help you.

          • Rutim

            First of all – define the term of ‘defensive weapon’ on which you build your wild theories about Japan starting another war in Asia. In my common sense that would be an aircraft carrier or a shitload of bombers not to mention tactical missiles. But you keep posting that a JMSDF submarines are uquipped with torpedoes thus they’re ready to start a war and not protect Japanese merchant ships in case of the war. Even a knife you use everyday could can kill a man.

            You write about Pearl Harbor. Why such a peacful nation as Americans had an entire fleet of warships on Hawaii base? Probably to invade Australia…

            Oh, and your stupid talk about economical stall or decline causes wars as the nation doesn’t have anything to lose and much more to gain. I didn’t know that Roman Empire was build because people around Rome were poor (no, they weren’t) or that China in XIXth century conquered half of the Asia as the country was in shambles (no, they didn’t).

            About the decline on every field – don’t make me laugh and check out who outside of US got last year’s Nobel Prize…

          • guest

            Reread my post, Japan has very well the capacity to ignite another war, one which may drag the US into, and consequently start something extremely problematic. I’d rather hope for a peaceful solution, but that’s another thing.

            How much do you know about military science and technology? Your “common sense” says that would be an “aircraft carrier”? Check out hyuga helicopter “destroyers”. The displacement and capabilities of these vessels would be designated offensive in any other military, except Japan’s. And that’s just one piece of the puzzle.

            You missed the point completely on Pearl Harbor. Americans at the time did not say their military was defensive in nature. Japanese today claim JSDF are.

            Long periods of economic decline and stagnation are most certainly a cause for wars. Read up on WWII. Even the Romans built their empires so as to improve the economy and the well being of their people, not because they enjoy plundering nearby nomads and emptying their treasury.

            Japan has been and will, for the foreseeable future be in economic recession. This is a fact that I shouldn’t need to educate you on. You’re talking about Nobel prize which is a different topic altogether. Having said that, Nobel prizes are typically awarded decades later after the accomplishments have been widely recognized to have a tremendous positive effect on societies, something the Japanese have pioneered in the 70s and 80s, again stated in my previous post. Japanese of that generation created lots of value and innovated greatly, especially in technology, kudos to them. That has not been true as of late, and the business culture of Japan (yes, business culture, note how I didn’t use culture), along with the economy, is most certainly to blame.

            Based on your comments I can tell you have zero insight regarding how businesses and deals are done in Japan, or Asia in general, and the differences between East and Western business cultures. Better read up on that too, or better yet, make some Japanese friends at GS.

          • Rutim

            Unfortunately, for your information, Japan won’t start another because, read Article 9 (you’ll see how Japan is allowed to improve it’s military power by using 1% of budget at best) Japan will be condemned by the whole world an no one, not even US in that scenario, won’t come to help. At best the US would send their ships to evacuate the troops from the isles.

            About Hyuga class DDH’s. Those two big warships are too small to to accomodate anything bigger than they posses onboard right now. You’re writing about the new 22,000 tons DDH? I read analysis about how those could be equipped with VTOL aircraft. I would say that’s possible in case of war but not probable. The training of the pilots using US aircraft (bought by Japan by the way) would take too long and the war could be over before the training could be completed.

            And Japan DOESN’T POSSES land-atacking ability. But yes it’s discussed as in case North Korea would send missiles over Tokyo Japan won’t be even able to annihilate North Korean launchers…

            US probably allowed Japan to posses those ships as Chinese are now entering Pacific Ocean. They became the second main force with offensive capabilities (now it’s more on paper rather than in reality) in the region after US. US reduces it’s money spent on Navy and demands more active role from South Korea and Japan in keeping balanced force in East Asia. That’s all (South Korean navy is also getting stronger recently like it never were in the past and in case of conflict in the region they’ll be Japan’s alliants – they already even started joint exercises last year).

            You’re right about economical crisis and wars history. But don’t get elated with Nazist’s who started the war to repay their credits and much more than you could imagine, for ideological reasons.

            Japan is already in a slump and can’t boost their economy with military spendings like it’s usualy the case that a country in a slump provokes wars. They’re most developed country in the region and the history teaches that the poorer attacks wealthier to get money. Not the other way around. The more developed country could invade others because of it’s technical advanced weapons but it’s impossible right now in the region (might be the case if they would like to invade Palau, not China).

            Actually, Romans did that to empty the nomad’s treasuries as the people in Italy were relieved from taxes in IIIrd century BC after taking over Dalmatia and Greece. That was greed.

            Bussiness deals between Japanese in Japan are made the Japanese way. With others – on equal rights. Everything’s same when you’d like to make big money (that’s what you’re talking about, right?).

          • guest

            lol, the first constructive critique I’ve seen here.

            Japan has been pushing for a constitution change for quite some time now, with boosts in spending, export of weaponry, building/purchasing of new hardware, etc. Even with the training and platforms they have today, the JSDF constitute more than a match for the Chinese or South Koreans, which begs the question, why do they need to boost their forces?

            Any fighting over the islands will be limited, but even a limited war will have serious repercussions when you’re dealing with the second and third largest economies in the world, with a very strong possibility of drawing in the largest. The JSDF helo carriers are sufficient for escalating the conflict for such a scenario. JSDF is for defense in name only, like I said, their hardware is top notch and certainly not limited to defense purposes only.

            Japan does have the capacity to carry out land attacks. As recent as Oct JSDF scheduled an exercise with the United States Marines for a simulated recapture of enemy fortifications on islands, but called it off the last minute, due to political pressure. It is well within the JSDF’s abilities to do so.

            The poorer state does not attack the richer to get money. Bandits do, countries don’t. Rich countries have the resources to wage war, but not always the motivation, that comes if you want to prevent a rising power from overtaking you, among other reasons. Poor countries don’t ignite war even if they want to, they don’t have the economy. ex: Germany did not attack her neighbors in WWII because they wanted money, quite the contrary, Germany was the first to exit the economic depression and leveraged her strength and other’s weakness to attack. Britain and France appeased the Germans before WWII not because they wanted to, but because they didn’t have the resources/means to refuse Hitler.

            Moreover, Japan is developed but has a bleak future, China’s future is more rosy but will include lots of tumbles. If you want to prevent a rising superpower, strike while they trip, not after they’re towering over you.

            I reread my post and I admit that part about Romans seemed ambiguous. My original point was that Romans don’t attack others so they can empty their own coffers. It wasn’t uncommon for Romans to sack and plunder the fortune of their enemies after the war.

            My point about Japanese business culture is that it’s suffocating and draconian by nature. This somewhat applies to Korea and China as well, but less so. It is not a meritocratic culture and still plagued by pleasantries which demote efficiency and stifles innovation. Bonuses are small relative to the top tier jobs in the US, and the smart ones are not motivated to invent and think outside the box. The various employment laws in Japan makes it impossible to fire the useless workers, and hence, quagmires result from over-bloated and inefficient giants that were once competitive becoming ever more dull with the culling of young entrepreneurial spirit. The worst is that none of this is changing. Japan has not shown a lot of signs that it even wishes to do so, and their youth don’t see much of a way out.

          • hun

            “Now you admit “they have the potential to attack”, when two posts ago you said “Japan isn’t even a threat anymore it can’t do anything”. You suffer either from dementia or openly choose to ignore your own statements. There is absolutely zero consistency in what you wrote. ”

            They have the potential to attack but cannot and will not thus NOT A THREAT. You really couldn’t link those two together? Increasing age population, decreasing birthrates,economic declines, no army and many more yet for some reason the damn japs will start another war again right?

            “You’re gonna guarantee Japan won’t attack? America thought the same right before Pearl Harbor, and that really worked out well. The only thing “America won’t allow” is for Japan to attack the United States, again. Contrary to your worthless 2 cent opinions, the United States hastime and again reaffirmed it’s commitment to back Japan in any conflict. If shit hits the fan will you be the one to guarantee a peaceful Japan? No, you have no such authority. The most likely scenario, based on your worthless rants here, is that you’ll refer back to your amnesia, like you’re doing right now.”

            Read the constitution of Japan. Maybe you’ll understand why they cant/wont.

            “Japan has been in economic decline for the past two decades. An entire generation of young adults who could have become entrepreneurs and designers of a new age are instead hindered by a high unemployment rate and economic stagnation without an end in sight. Instead of becoming leaders in the industries Japan has built up in the 70s and 80s, the youths of Japan see little opportunity for domestic advancementwithin their suffocating business culture. The Japanese Government is as powerless to stop it as they are adamant in refusing economic liberation. Go study some finance, econ, causes of war, and while you’reat it make some Japanese friends, the objective ones. One nation in decline has less to lose in case of war, and are more likely to start one.”

            Yup the japanese are going to start a war with china and south korea, rape and kill everyone, steal their resources while becoming a global industry once more.

            “It’s pretty clear you lack the IQ to respond cogently and logically,
            hence the need to hurl profanity over a screen. I see though you’re mimicking my statements, so why don’t you just admit a guest on this blog enlightened you and move on? The Huns of the old were ignorant and now cease to exit as they were, but if that’s what you aspire to be, then no one can help you.”

            Yes i’m not smart but you lack common sense. You didn’t really provide anything that would prove this new east asian war you keep going on about. Everyone’s a guest on this site so i don’t get your point about being a “guest” is it to boost your ego? So you saw my name as “hun” and you automatically think that im a huns worshipper, brilliant. Maybe just maybe Hun is actually my name? Let me assume things from your name too, you’re a guest because you’re afraid to be known on this site. Did i get that right?

          • guest

            You certainly have an interesting way of defining “threats”. Japan has been opening attempting to reform the constitution for years now, with hardware platforms much more powerful than her neighbors, and some of the best training in the world, but you don’t see that it’s a threat to peace. Which country was it that brought this issue into the headlines? It wasn’t China.

            Aging population and low birth rates have zero bearing on an immediate, low scale conflict over a couple of rocks in the Pacific. The fact that you even brought it up shows you have no idea how military planning is conducted.

            You keep bringing up a constitution which is susceptible to change, with many elements in the Japanese government openly attempting to do so. It means shit, and more importantly, a couple of words are not going to put bullets back into the barrel once the trigger is pulled.

            If you want to put words in my mouth quote me on it, don’t insert your deluded statements about raping and killing Chinese and S. Koreans. You don’t seem to get that large scale wars between regional powers is unlikely to occur, but that even a small scale conflict will result in strongly negative ramifications. Japan is in economic decline, but it won’t be Afghanistan or Iraq. Any conflict will be waged quickly and swiftly. The outcome decisive. You just don’t get that, since you know nothing of what goes on inside war rooms.

            Reread my post. You like to throw around words like “War” and “Army”, when you have not known either. I have. I know the bellicose war mongers online you assume me to be have never tasted true terror, an impending feeling of misery that pictures and words can never capture. But unlike you I also see shades of grey between conflicts. You clearly can’t distinguish between terms, preferring to stick your head in the sand, like a hun.

            I don’t care what your name is. Your title is merely a way to identify your posts with. Hun describes you perfectly, because you are ignorant to the obvious. All your claims of a peaceful Japan without an army cannot be a threat BS are clearly false, but you will never admit it, as if you control Abe and the Diet.

            As another shining example of your failure to thinking logically, I used guest as it was the first time I posted on this blog, not expecting so many of the regulars here so blind to reason. If you bothered reading it, I was not advocating for any type of armed conflict, far from it. Follow up posts using guest properly identifies myself as the original poster of the first comment, which you enjoy derailing so much. You post a 3 letter word and claim that’s your name? What are you? Mongolian? No, I didn’t think so, you have a first and last name, but you didn’t use that did you?

            You claim to have common sense, but you don’t exhibit much of it. You openly troll and taunt others behind a screen, thinking you understand war, but never actually witnessing a battlefield or the horrors that ensue. You don’t know what real fear is, but you think showing a BS 3 letter word over the internet is a badge of courage. It’s sad that so many I know served in honor with the belief that people like you will be able to lead a better life from their sacrifices.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        China is a big bully? Did it invade much of asia, killed and raped millions all over like the bastard japs back in the 1930’s? You know anything about anything?

        • Rutim

          They didn’t have an occasion lately. But on the span of ceturies… I don’t know. I think that there might be a slight advantage on Chinese side.

        • Believe it or not, world history actually predates the 1930s.

          • YourSupremeCommander

            Name one place china has invaded? And don’t be saying Tibet like a brainwashed westerner. CNN and Fox News lowers your IQ, if you don’t know this already.

          • China’s entire history is one of territorial expansion, subsuming and “Sinicizing” the original inhabitants. At its origins, “China” was limited to the mid-upper eastern region below Manchuria (far north of modern-day southern China in the east and far east of modern-day western China in the north). I’m not talking about the Tibetans; I’m talking about the Xiongnu nomadic peoples to the north, the Yue peoples who inhabited the region around Guangdong long before Chinese people ever step foot there (and in the Vietnamese’ case, were pushed southward to Vietnam, although they’re lucky to still exist as an independent people), and even the original Austronesian inhabitants of Formosa, long before Chinese people ever stepped foot on that island.

            So quit whining about “CNN and Fox News” like a brainwashed anti-Westerner. No one on either of those networks would have a fucking clue what I’m talking about.

            And TV news networks don’t lower your IQ—iodine deficiency does.

            Perhaps you should consider adding a little iodine to your diet.

          • guest

            listen drone, China was the first East Asian Nation to even form the notion of a nation and civilization. Vietnamese didn’t have a concept of nation, or script until the early Chinese moved South. Mongolians didn’t even have a script until they conquered Asia, much less a civilization or “country”. The earliest records of these people were also recorded by China, just like the Japanese. The definition of a country changes borders constantly, this is true not just for China, but all other countries as well. Russia for example, hardly exited 1000 years ago, and much of the territory they control now were formerly “controlled” by Mongol tribes, so you see how it works now?

            Refrain from your sugar imbued soda drinks and think for a second before you post. I know you’re hypercharged from all the caffeine you drink, but stop regurgitating the “facts” you read on hate forums, it’ll do the world some good.

          • Funny how you’re able to produce such a long list of excuses for imperialism. But somehow I’d suspect you’d think the Japanese’ rationalization that they were Asia’s first modern country with a modern economy, modern military, and modern science didn’t excuse them from conquering the “uncivilized barbarians” that were perfectly fair game for China.

            Sugar and caffeine? That’s pretty funny, and not just because I consume zero of either. I appreciate your attempt to try to create a parallel diet-based insult analogous to my iodine line. Points for effort, even though you probably made it to one of the least-appropriate individuals in the entire developed world.

          • guest

            China didn’t go around murdering millions of people in preemptive strikes in the 20th century. Japan had an extreme racist attitude and many still do, which makes it a problem here, in the 21st century. You like to makes cases for modern Japan, while overlooking recent history. Why don’t you examine the history of Asia as a whole, and tell us how many people Japan murdered versus the in the past 100 years compared to other civilizations?

            Look drone, I understand you’d like to consider yourself an academic because you’ve taken one undergrad course in a third tier college, but please, learn to think critically before you post, and you might actually come up with a few logical points. I applaud you for trying, but had you taken basic introductory courses in game theory and mathematics you’d be much more enlightened. People slaughtering one another was the norm 1000 years ago, you only have to look at your very own western “civilization” that existed before middle ages to know that. Slaughtering people en masse in the twentieth century, when civilizations are supposedly more humane and civilized, is inexcusable, as in case of Japan. Your failure to account for time, context, history and perspective proves you myopic understanding of Asian history, as well as a holistic approach to general problem solving.

            o and btw, thanks for biting. your shallow insult on iodine deficiency was completely irrelevant to topic, and I used a sarcastic example to show you how pathetically lame and uncalled for it was when you used it on someone else. Funny how you had the gall to call me out on something u started, i guess they don’t teach self critique either at third tier colleges.

          • ‘People slaughtering one another was the norm 1000 years ago’

            You think slaughtering one another wasn’t the norm during WORLD WAR II? Wherein occurred the HOLODOMOR and the HOLOCAUST?

            Oh, boy—I could stop here if I wanted to!

            But in the interest of fun, I’ll go on:

            Japan didn’t go around murdering millions of people prior to the 20th century. China had an extreme racist attitude and many still do, which makes it a problem here, in the 21st century, since China isn’t legally and constitutionally obligated to staunch pacifism like Japan is. You like to makes cases for 20th-century China, while overlooking prior history, not to mention appalling domestic 20th-century history.

            P.S.–As a proud gaucho, I must point out that UCSB is no third-tier university—its full-time faculty has included seven Nobel Prize laureates (all in fields of science), including five still currently on staff, as well as an additional alumni Nobel laureate (again, in a field of science). Meanwhile, the entire country of China, with all its 1.3 billion people, has accumulated a whopping total of four science Nobel Prize laureates.

            So if UCSB is a third-tier university, what tier country does that make China? 🙂

          • guest

            LOL, are you ignorant by choice or ignorant without choice? Yes, in WWII Japan and Germany both slaughtered millions, is that what you aspire to be?

            I get it, you really are a drone, one who can’t think critically at all and can only by default copy and paste other’s comments and make basic edits. How sad, again you’ve failed miserably to demonstrate any semblance of sentience. First you rehash translated notes from ancient Chinese texts written eons ago, and now you rehash my comments. You fail to acknowledge your blatant shortcomings.

            Your comment about rankings is lame, because the intelligent Americans outside California would not choose to go to Santa Barbara while the intelligent people in California will make at least UCLA. Your attempt to draw upon past successes in your Alma Mater fails to connect to reality, as it’s obvious you will never win anything remotely close to a nobel. UCSB is still third tier, and may move further down, depending on whether or not California will be able to funnel public money into its college system and sustain research grants. So far, they’re struggling.

            I’m not Chinese, but I find it funny how you assume that I am or care whatever “tier” China is in. Regardless, the original topic was China and Japan, the islands and Japanese reactions. I find it sad how you can’t find anything constructive to say and instead waiver off course and poke China whenever you can, resorting to the “1.3 billion people can’t do” talk, which again has been rehashed since time immemorial. This shows yet again your lack of critical thinking and innovation, stealing what other made. Typical drone. If you can refute another’s point with logic and reason, there can be no constructive critique. You fail on orders of magnitude, which is why you’d like to think Santa Barbara is so awesome, since that’s the best you’ll ever do.

          • I’m a sucker for trying to reform stupid, so on goes the noble quest:

            1. The point was that cruelty wasn’t unique to Japan during WWII. It was one of the darkest moments of modern human history, and it necessitates a PROFOUND historical ignorance to believe that the atrocities were limited to merely Germany and Japan. Russia has yet to apologize for the Holodomor (which was MAGNITUDES worse than Japan’s presence in China on a per-capita basis), so why aren’t you bitching about Russia on RussiaSLAM?

            No, seriously. Answer that question.

            2. I never assumed you’re Chinese. It’s obvious that you aren’t. But it *is* obvious that you have an exceptional grudge against modern-day Japanese that manifests in a knee-jerk defense mechanism in favor of China. Incidentally, I *am* half-Chinese, but of course I don’t expect you to believe that. And in the rare event that you *do* decide to believe that, I can already foresee your “self-hating” ad hominem attack. *Yawn*. How predictable trolls are.

            3. I find it sad how you can’t find anything constructive to say and
            instead waiver off course and poke my education whenever you can, resorting to the ad hominem attack, which again has been rehashed since time immemorial. This shows yet again your lack of critical thinking and innovation. Typical drone. If you can’t refute another’s point with logic and reason, there can be no constructive critique. You fail on orders of magnitude, which is why you’d like to think a university with seven Nobel science laureates is third-tier while a country with four Nobel science laureates isn’t, since you see what you want to see and stick your fingers in your ears to avoid the cognitive dissonance.

            4. Having said that, you lack the intellectual capacity to appreciate the rhetorical purpose of analogy, which is why you think my use of juxtaposing your own words within the framework of my own arguments weakens rather than strengthens the credibility of my position. If you could rehash my own words to express your own argument as a means of illuminating hypocrisy on my part, I would be utterly impressed. I won’t be holding my breath, though.

            On a side note, the chancellor of UCSB is Chinese. Does that bump it up into second-tier status? Oh please enlighten me, connoisseur of academia!

            And I find it funny that you’re so intent on belittling my university when the Academic Ranking of World Universities (one of the three most influential and widely observed international university rankings, backed by none other than the Chinese government that you so dearly love) ranked it 34th worldwide in 2012. So who’s wrong—you, or the Chinese? Maybe you should tell the thousands of Chinese students at my university that they made a mistake in coming here.

            Then again, UCSB was only ranked a paltry 35th worldwide by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (also one of the three most influential and widely observed international university rankings, based in Britain), which means that out of the THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of universities in the world, there are a whopping *thirty-four* better than UCSB. Oh, how demoralizing! 🙁

            Lastly, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that you think referring to Sima Qian’s Shiji—one of the most widely respected and celebrated Chinese historical texts in the entire Chinese ancient literary canon, as well as the precursor to ALL serious modern Chinese historiography—reflects a “blatant shortcoming”. Well gee, if only I could talk out of my ass and provide zero specific authoritative examples, like you—maybe THEN I’d have some credibility!

          • guest

            I see you tried hard to improve, but cursing and grunting isn’t gonna help your sentence structure, or your lack of logic. If hurling insults over the web is the best you can do, you’re even more of a fail than I previous thought. But you like it that way don’t you?

            I don’t care if you’re half Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Anything, but I’m sure you’ll fit right in with the Chinese stereotype, since the only thing you can do even remotely competently is copying and pasting my posts, making minor adjustment to make you appear more erudite. The sad part is how you profess to be half Chinese, as if by blood right you gain insight that other are unaware of, as if by blood you can’t be subjective in matters you clearly understand nothing about. Your hypocrisy, lack of intelligence, neediness, vulgarity and incoherence is hung on this blog for all to see. Whether or not you “self-hate” is your problem, presumably under a very long list.

            On education, Chinese, like most people anywhere else, want nothing be the best for their children. It’s also a very steep investment which anyone would want to recoup returns on, the more handsome the better. I have mentored/interviewed many top graduate students and undergrads alike fresh out of Stanford/Berkeley/UCLA/Cal Tech, some were brilliant, others not so much. In none of the above schools has any student ever spoken highly of yours, and yes, they are more successful than you can possibly hope to be, given your present state of delusional grandeur. I won’t even get into East Coast Ivys.

            The sooner you admit you can’t make the cut the better.
            The fact that you seek my approval by listing online rankings proves your inferiority complex. Everyone looks at those from time to time, but in no school will you find counselors in charge showing off their online title. You feel the need to attach yourself to something you perceive to be great, when in reality your myopic and misplaced sense on a subjective ranking proves your inferiority. Do you ever see Harvard students showing off rankings? Do you see Stanford running infomercials? Do you know anyone that attends top-tier schools? Or do these things appear to you in your delusional fantasies?

            Regurgitating notes from 101 courses online, out of context and out of scope will only humiliate you further. If you’ve taken an English 101 course, as opposed to Ancient Chinese, you might actually learn how to quote people properly, using the words they wrote, not your own rabid rants filled with profanity.

          • I tried to reform stupid, and I failed. My apologies to you.

            Though, in my defense, your problem isn’t stupidity per se so much as arrogance and elitism. There are seven billion people in the world, and in your insecure pettiness you think only the few thousand who make it into the East Coast Ivys are worth anything. God am I glad I’m not you: To be filled with such hate and no other talent than to be able to compile a scathing sequence of empty personal attacks. What a remarkable feat! Forget historical examples and authoritatively-sourced statistics—snarky pseudo-psychology is a far more compelling argument! [See that? That was sarcasm—I learned that in English 101!]

            I gave specific, uncontroversially legitimate facts that utterly no one denies (Xiongnu, Baiyue, Taiwanese aborigines, the Holodomor), and you had a go at playing Maury. I apologize—I thought we were discussing Chinese history, but evidently you’re more interested in discussing me. Flattering, undoubtedly, but disturbing and creepy.

          • Lillian

            I see that Matt-san, the Irvine-based “half-Chinese” but “Japanese nationalist in spirit” is at it again. You know, the pseudo-intellectual who engages in personal attacks all day long, attacks China and SK all day long, & copies and pastes [meaning, plagiarizes] from Wikipedia whatever he needs to “prove” his pro-Japanese viewpoint. I really hope that in your English 101 class, you didn’t plagiarize Wikipedia as much as you do now, and I certainly hope you didn’t copy and paste from Wikipedia for your research papers.

          • dk2020

            *eats popcorn* man yall cray .. this is just as bad as the netizens lols..

          • You really are hilarious. I copied and posted those incidences of Japanese apologies to prove that they existed at a MASSIVE abundance that far exceeded in quantity the merely two or three instances that you (or whoever) attempted to reduce them to. I did not do it to impress you with my literary talents, and it was fully obvious to any non-retarded ape that they were copied and pasted. That was the POINT, you nimrod. And doing it ONCE doesn’t make me a “plagiarizer” any more than going fishing once makes you a fisherman.

            By the way, I’ve said nothing “Japanese nationalist in spirit”. It doesn’t take a Japanese nationalist to be aware of China’s territorial expansion over the duration of its existence. Any educated Chinese person is well aware that Chinese people did not indigenously sprout from the south, the far north, or Formosa, let alone the west. They teach this is Chinese SCHOOLS, for God’s sakes. Perhaps it would behoove you to attend one for a few years.

            On an end note, apparently people have the need to attack me anonymously. I must say I’m thoroughly flattered. Then again, there’s probably a good reason why you sad individuals don’t show your faces.

          • Lillian

            You do plagiarize from Wikipedia all the time. It’s like guest said – you’re some kind of drone machine. Copy and paste, copy and paste. Oh someone criticizes your precious Japan, copy and paste “list of Wikipedia Japanese apologies.” You don’t even want to do the work of typing anymore. BTW, your only “source” of information is Wikipedia, which anyone can edit at any time and put in false information. Are you serious? Wikipedia as your primary and only “evidence” is laughable. As I said before, you are a pretentious pseudo-intellectual. What kind of intellectual makes comments like “nimrod” and “retard?” Are you sure you aren’t a Japanese nationalist hikikimori netouyu? I have also seen you say several times you are unbiased, and that’s why you can talk about Japan/China/SK relations with more authority and credibility. Sweetie, just NO. You are EXTREMELY biased in favor of Japan. Just get it straight – you have NO more credibility than anyone else posting here, and you’re just as biased as everyone else. Consider becoming one of the uyoku dantai in Japan. You would just excel at it.

          • I’m not going to waste any more time on someone who’s clearly fucking retarded. Not sure why I bothered in the first place.[1]

            [1] ^ U.S. National Archives and Records Administration: Matt Tells Lillian to F*** Off and Get a Life. January 16, 2013.

          • Rutim

            Sir, if you’d like to discuss the history of China go somewhere else. If you’d like to make China ‘the Jesus Christ of the nations’ this isn’t the best place to do that I suppose. And that’s not the best moment to make those statements as China is now getting aggressive with it’s armed forces like it never was in the recent history…

          • guest

            getting scared are we? Don’t worry, I’m not here to stir up hate or anger, only to show where and why your understanding of the issue is flawed and inconsistent.

            Learn to quote people correctly, it’s obvious you suffer from reading problems, as I have never said China was (to use your quote) “the Jesus Christ of the nations”, nor is that my belief.

            It is in the interest of both countries, China and Japan, to act constructively and solve problems that this world so desperately needs solutions for. Having said that, the Japanese were the ones that nationalized the islands (which brought the issue to the front pages to begin with), the Japanese that are planning to hike their defense budgets and boost their military, the Japanese that are sending half a squadron of top-of-the-line F15s to tail a Chinese maritime patrol plane, etc. China’s actions have actually been relatively mild. Analyze both sides of the story before you exercise judgement.

          • Rutim

            Japan can’t boost their defense (military) budget because… look at Article 9. Read and come again.

          • guest

            Believe it or not, world history actually predates 1971, which is when the US transferred “administration” of something it doesn’t own over to Japan.

          • When the fuck did I even MENTION Diaoyu?

          • guest

            Glad you’re referring to the islands in their proper name =)
            Now quote me on where I said you mentioned it.
            Stop swearing, or is that something people commonly do at UC Santa Barbara?

          • 24 minutes ago:
            “Now quote me on where I said you mentioned it.”

            14 hours ago:
            “Believe it or not, world history actually predates 1971, which is when the US transferred “administration” of something it doesn’t own over to Japan.”

            Not too sharp, are ya?

            P.S.–I don’t take any serious stock in names.

            A Takeshima by any other name would be just as insignificant.

            (That’s Shakespeare, boy.)

        • hun

          Uh yes.. i don’t think you know china’s history at all. You know China’s current size isn’t what it used to be? It practically doubled in size, tell me how that happens. Also they made nearly all countries near them vassal states and made other cultures assimilate into their culture, is that not a bully? Mao Zedong even killed millions of his own people. Even looking at it today, it still is a big bully(recent is tibet).

          • sam

            Very simple, the manchus invasion of china 200-300 years ago, taken over china. Use china power and resources to conquer Tibet, xinjiang, mongol. and make other nation vassal state.Also China did’t force nations to assimiate our culture, they done it them self.

          • hun

            Look before the time of manchus also and china didn’t force nations to assimilate? that’s laughable.

          • sam

            Before the manchus are the mongols. Who invasion of china Taken over and attacked all the nation around china.

          • guest

            lol, and what do u know about Asia’s history? you know Japan’s size prior to the meiji restoration? of course not. u know Okinawa wasn’t even part of Japan? u know Diaoyu Islands were certainly not part of Japan? so “looking at it today”, as you like to call it, how could Japan not be a “big bully” and exercise control over Okinawa?

          • hun

            wtf? i was replying to YourSuprememCommander’s:”China is a big bully? Did it invade much of asia, killed and raped
            millions all over like the bastard japs back in the 1930’s? You know
            anything about anything?” stating that he was wrong and china did do all those things in the past and then you reply to me about japan’s history wtf again.

        • elizabeth

          This sounds like a woman bringing past skeletons in the closet whenever she is having a tiff with her husband/boyfriend.

      • linette lee

        China gov’t is a big bully only to the chinese.

      • guest

        lol, u look it up, China has the most borders with countries in the world, tied with Russia. Most of them, by far, has been settled through peaceful means, often with concessions on the Chinese side. The only countries China still has “issues” with are India and Japan, both of which run numerous border disputes with all their neighbors.

      • EightNineBall

        Waffle, you don’t even live in Asia, do you? Instead, you’re posting a lot of provocative nonsense in the comfort of your Canadian home. Whether you are actually Canadian or not is a different matter. How this bullying business affects you, the mind wonders. Every country has some dirt, or you didn’t know that too?

        The point is both these countries need to sit down and through discussion and concessions, work towards not making the entire Asian region a battleground. These countries getting along is what’s best for themselves and the world.

  • elizabeth

    Sometimes it’s not the leaders but the people who are an obstacle to peaceful diplomatic relations and a better living environment. Somehow, it’s easier for the people to be influenced by activists more than the leaders they elected. It’s the curse of the underdog.

  • fahrenheit

    Not that this is an observation specific to this thread but more generally throughout the various posts on Japancrush – I’ve observed an unsettling and rather creepy nationalism and superiority complex amongst the Japanese commenters.

    If you look at Chinacrush, with all it’s various crazy stories of injustice or corruption, the comments by the Chinese themselves are usually far more sobering / self aware and self critical than a foreigners comments could ever hope to be. Which I think is no small thing and I respect them for that.

    But here… god forbid anyone dare says a bad thing about Japan…

    • fe625252


    • besudesu

      Well on East Asian political articles that’s certainly true. And even within Japan people are commenting on this. Part of the problem is the number of sites that allow commenting of course, and even then comments are only enabled for certain articles. Still, if you look at the articles concerning domestic incidents — like the recent one about a boy who committed suicide over corporal punishment at school — then there is certainly a lot of criticism about the state of Japan today. I think that because China is so big and diverse, perhaps the Chinese are more adept at looking inward when problems arise; my impression of Japan is that it is increasingly frightened to look at its own reflection in the mirror.

      • Hokit

        “My impression of Japan is that it is increasingly frightened to look at its own reflection in the mirror”

        Agreed. As the saying goes, the first step to solving a problem is admitting there is one. You’d think with such alarming developments, such as the near-bankrupt state of major firms and the gigantic public debt, that people would be spurred into action. Instead, officials have been dragging their feet and their reaction seems to be of willful ignorance – not acknowledging the full extent of the problems while paying lip service to those who are worried by issuing bandages (e.g. handing out incentives) rather than resolving problems (e.g. implementing reforms).

        I’ve also considered conservatism and an unwillingness to deviate from the norm as significant hurdles that are holding Japan back. It’s tough to move away from something you’re familiar with and given an emphasises on conformity, it’s not hard to see why Japan has been in a state of limbo for almost 3 decades (and counting). Those in power won’t commit to painful-but-necessary measures and I suppose the cosy relationship between big business and government is a barricade that’s too strong for anyone to overcome. There may have been sincere attempts at reform, but the will to overcome the hurdles isn’t enough, hence there being plenty of talk but almost no action.

        And this is frustrating because Japan has major competitive advantages, such as the propensity for making sacrifices and a strong work ethic, yet its leaders have been taking those strengths for granted. The inadequate response to the Fukushima tragedy and the DPJ’s disasterous performance in recent elections are just recent examples of where the public’s traditional tolerance for officials who are corrupt and/or unable to deliver is eroding. There’s only so much unemployment and “lost decades” people can take.

        So given how things are currently turning out, I don’t see Japan getting back on its feet soon. The “lost decades” could stretch out much longer before people are fed up enough to do something meaningful. Hopefully though that doesn’t mean resorting to extremist measures, such as the Restoration Party’s strong performance at the general elections. History has shown that embracing globalism (Meiji),
        rather than shunning it (Tokugawa), is a foundation of Japan’s
        economic success. Kono Yohei is savvy enough to recognise this as the need to work well with trading partners outweigh self-righteous indignation, whether it’s called for or not.

        • linette lee

          I give you two thumbs up for having the guts to speak the truth and acknowledging the problems. Every nation has its own internal problems. If their people don’t recognize it then there is no hope for improvement and to change to a better country.

    • I take it you don’t read koreaBang…

    • Reila90

      The Japanese value self-conscious very lot. Japanese can be very nice in front of you merely because an obligatory of etiquette as their mask. While Chinese are indifferent. They don’t care saying bad things in front of you if they really hate you. But they’ll love you if they really really like you.

      • linette lee

        That is true about Chinese. Chinese people are very rude in front of you and behind you no matter as long as they hate you. They talk shxt about you in front and behind your back. lol…

        • dk2020

          so chinese are worse than koreans for being nosy, judgmental, and arrogant is what you’re saying? thats why I dont hang out with that many chinese .. I can’t stand people who gossip and talk shit ..

          • rob

            Wow. Way to generalize. Also, nice passive-aggressive jab at the Chinese. I’m Chinese myself and I don’t know what you Koreans have against us.

          • linette lee

            The koreans blame Chinese and Japanese on everything.
            I don’t know why. It’s their south korea culture. They feel they can never be wrong. It’s always the Japanese and chinese’s fault. That the Chinese and Japanese are out to get them. They are very strange. They have middle child syndrome. hahaha lol.

          • Sillian

            If I remember correctly, dk was quite friendly to you and any other Asians in general at first but it seems he got influenced by all this bs arguing here. I def put more blame on chucky for starting shit unnecessarily but the way you responded to him also completed a circle. And no, things don’t revolve around the Chinese or Japanese. Some commentators here have a vested interest in inter-Asian matters for sure.

          • linette lee

            I wasn’t that hostile with dk. He started it with that kpop shxt because I didn’t like it. I enjoy western and chinese music more. He is just childish and ignorant.

          • Sillian

            I don’t really know exactly how it went wrong but I believe you guys can get along. dk sometimes says some things I don’t quite understand but he’s def not an uptight guy. Everyone should chillax for heaven’s sake! x)

          • dk2020

            I don’t blame anybody for anything bai chi, stop making assumptions about me because thats when u make an ass out yaself .. there’s a white boy who likes Asian girls in kBang you should talk to Linette yall should hook up so maybe u both stop whining .. I notice u never go on kBang and all you do is talk shit abt Koreans on jC and Cs … smh ..

          • dk2020

            No, I’m actually going off what Linette is saying in her post above mine (and it was only a jab at her) I actually know lots of chill ABC’s in MPK and Rowland that don’t gossip like Linette do .. so I do got problems with fobs who think they are better than other people just because they are Chinese ..

          • swatson_45

            im a white dude whos dated many asian girls and from my experience the chinese families were much more accepting of me, even if they’d prefer their daughter be with an asian. the koreans were very arrogant and even talked down on me in front of my face, with racist remarks, even. this happened more than once, mind you. i still don’t hold anything against the koreans, but im just gonna put that out there if you’re gonna generalise the chinese like that. in my experience, they’re much better people

          • hjohn5929

            load of rubbish

          • linette lee

            When did I say that? Koreans are known to smoke up like a chimney. Throw cigarette butts on the street everywhere. Loud and rowdy when in a group. Kpop absessed all day long. Tons of make up BB creme men or women. thats why I dont hang out with that many koreans……..duh.

          • dk2020

            I don’t do any of that but smoke reefer like a chimney .. and I can tell you stories where Chinese are just as obnoxious .. so goes the endless vicious cycle of ignorance and hatred .. once you learn to respect and appreciate Korean culture than I will show you the same but say some more stupid shit and I’ll be on your head Hongky!

          • Gweilo

            Hey, I’m neither Korean nor Chinese but I’ve lived in China for a while, and to hear Chinese people say this is funny as hell. Chinese people not only throw garbage all over the streets, but they also defecate and urinate on streets. Big hacking horks and loogies are everywhere and it happens every second. And if you want to talk about being loud, I don’t think there is anything in the world as noisy as a group of Chinese men and women screaming at each other (which is normal way of speaking for them). I mean, come on.. pot calling the kettle black or what??lol. BB creme and makeup sounds good, compared to Chinese fashion with those funny looking T shirts that covers the shoulder area, but completely exposing the fat bellies… yuck.

          • Gweilo

            Maybe this fashion wouldn’t be as ridiculous looking if the women wore it, but it’s the men who does it. Man, that’s seriously f*cking horrible to see.

          • Sillian

            Lol…why do you even say bs like that? dude, cut linette some slack!

      • Hokit

        Thank you for your oh-so intelligent attempt at dissecting the complexities of Japanese and Chinese culture in just five short sentences. Why, you could even be a Noble laureate once you’ve shared your amazing research skills with sociologists and statisticians!

    • dim mak

      Bad comparison

      This isn’t a crazy story of injustice or corruption.

      If there was a story about a Chinese politician talking about making
      nice with Japan right now, the comments would be pretty angry too

      Domestic problem = self criticism, foreign relation problem = offensive criticism
      That’s just how nationalism works with Asians

      • EnglishComprehensionGuru

        You clearly didn’t read the first sentence…

  • chucky3176

    A simple comment by a government official saying he hopes the relationship between the two countries will repair itself, for the sake of Japan (which is really the truth, since Japan can’t survive with China, while China can survive without Japan), is turned into “he’s a traitor”. I’m surprised the Japanese commentators are not claiming the Mr Kono is really a Chinese disguised a Japanese, selling out Japan. That’s a comment theme amongst Japanese regards to Koreans. Anyway, the fall out for Japan is that they lost a heck of a lot of business in China, and guess who profited from that the most, picking up all those lost Japanese businesses? Japanese are living in another planet, they think they’re the top dog in Asia. Ishihara Shintaro even said recently that Japan is the only non-white civilized country because Japanese people are inherently and genetically superior. He got a big clap and rising ovation in Japan, over that one.

    • 山本一茶

      Japanese live in Earth.not a dogs.

      • Guest

        (which is really the truth, since Japan can’t survive with China, while China can survive without Japan)

        What is the evidence?

      • Justin_kBANG

        leave 山本一茶 alone

    • Rutim

      As always thanks for you insightful study on the matter including Korean resentment towards Japanese in it. Magnificent work of art.

      > Anyway, the fall out for Japan is that they lost a heck of a lot of
      business in China, and guess who profited from that the most, picking up
      all those lost Japanese businesses?

      Umm… Koreans? Russians? Americans? Reptilians? That’s the only part of your research which still needs more study I think.

      • hjohn5929

        Uh, what?

    • Butsu

      “He got a big clap and rising ovation in Japan, over that one.”

      UUgh, no he didn’t…You ought to really come out from that bubble of yours chucky boy.

  • Mr. Ed

    LOL Japanese commentators are so delusional it’s not even funny. The Chinese people hate Japan. The Korean people hate Japan. And if they think countries like the Philippines will be any kinder to them after what they did in WWII, they’re kidding themselves. But instead of realizing their faults and trying to promote peaceful co-existence they’re determined to fight the rest of Asia alone. I really hope they sever relations with all those countries like they keep talking about. That would sink what’s left of their lame duck economy into the ocean.

    • Rutim

      Yes, the ASEAN countries are much more friendly towards Japan than *those two* and that’s where Japanese business will be aiming for the next few decades. And take some pils. Seriously. I’m sure you won’t make any money in your life with such a narrow minded theories.

      • Reila90

        I admit ASEAN are more patient and less aggressive into that matter. But it’s different story if they know Japan always view themselves as innocent and did nothing wrong. Especially, the censorship history on textbook.

        • Rutim

          That’s probably caused by the fact that Japan didn’t do much to the people living in SE Asia. It’s as simple as that. Korea and China likes to whine about that also erasing the stories which they had made to their own people just after the WWII. In the end there wasn’t anything to censor in the Japanese textbooks regarding the occupation (that was like wahat – 2, 3 years at maximum) and buying resentment to those people who wanted rather to be ruled by the Asians (if they could not become independent states yet) than atrocious white men from Europe who shed a whole Mekong of blood throught years of colonialism…

          • Reila90

            Because what actually happen in China & Korea, they only perpetuate to hate Japan in their media & education. You can’t talk for human rights & justice if it’s benefiting your personal grudge & jingoism. Clearly China & Korea are pretty bad at handle this too.

  • henryezra

    I don’t know what to comment. I have some Japanese friends of course they are my Christian friends probably just a minority. They don’t share the same hate and ultra nationalistic view. But Japanese netizen on several blogs commented very harshly and it was a shame and pitiful.

  • Cleo

    Would we even notice if Japan boycotted Chinese everything? Would they remove most of their cultural heritage in order to genuinely be boycotting?

    I would love it if Japanese boycotted us and gave us the cold shoulder but they won’t let us go. They won’t just STOP.

  • Reila90

    China’s growth on number of middle class are staggering. While U.S economy day by day become less influential in global market. Japan needs China’s market than anyone else. Saying like they don’t need China is like avoiding 1 million Dollars laying on the street.

    • wafflestomp

      Actually, China’s middle class is shrinking, and the middle class can’t afford houses anymore inside of populated cities.

      • linette lee

        OMG, You know nothing about inside China. You are so ignorant. The chinese inside China are getting richer by the minute. They are getting more and more demanding and materialistic.

        • Butsu

          Actually Linette my Chinese friends said the same as wafflestomp. While it goes better for a lot of people, the people who get nothing are rising at a higher rate.

          • Reila90

            That’s not true. Statistic proves truth. You can’t rely on just random person saying nonsense things like that lol.

          • Butsu

            Yeah I might live in Japan, but I’m still a student, and 90% of students at my school are all chinese. In fact, I have more Chinese friends than Japanese. There’s not only one who says this, we have a fair amount of discussions in class and I got to know a lot through the eyes of actual Chinese people. Sure, not as straight up as factual precentages, but there’s two sides to every story.

            Like my friends from Shanghai talked about that the Goverment try to shrug beggars and people that lives on 200 RMB a month away by demolishing old houses etc. They showed me pictures too, some places just looks like favelas. (I’m not surprised though, China is still a developing country in many ways).

            And Linette, I know about materialistic Chinese, have a lot of girls with LV bags and the latest expensive clothes strutting around school,

          • EightNineBall

            Your friends are not wrong. The income gap is a serious problem in China that isn’t going away anytime soon. For reference there’s Chinasmack, which also mentions the forced relocations and unauthorized tearing down of houses. There is an emphasis on rural China (which are the favelas you are talking about) and “urban villages”. This is nothing new and rest assured, most people are aware of this, Chinese and foreigners alike. It’s nothing to gloat about.

            Reila’s original contention was that China’s middle class is growing, which is an undeniable fact. Wafflestomp either didn’t know about this or is just in denial. Let’s just see him for what he is.

          • linette lee

            Why don’t you go on weibo and see for yourself. All you have to do is go on chinese websites like weibo and baidu which are the equivalent of google, msn, or yahoo. They are used by billions of chinese inside and outside China around the globe. You will see what’s going on inside China. Like what’s the latest news. What they like to watch on their TV programs, their films, their fashions, the China economy, the gov’t….etc…

            And trust me, more and more Chinese inside China are extremely materialistic and getting more rich more demanding.

            Of course you still have hundred millions poor chinese people in the rural areas. The china gov’t really need to do something about them and help them.

          • dk2020

            commie internet is filtered .. why isn’t there twitter or facebook in china?

          • linette lee

            China have their own versions of twitter or facebook like blogs or webpage. They have their own versions of google like weibo. You think China will let their people spend money making the western companies like google billionaires? China wants their own people to use their own companies like baidu. Also it allowed china gov’t to monitor and have controlled.

            What dose south Korea have that’s similar to google? Don’t you have your own version? Your gov’t can’t make their own instead of copying and plagiarizing the western countries all the time?

          • Sillian

            I don’t expect you to know but Korea has their own version of pretty much every major thing on the internet and they can use anything from foreign countries as well.

          • linette lee

            So what’s their equivalent of google?

          • Sillian

            Naver is the most used search engine in Korea.


          • dk2020

            theres still censorship and thats what still make you communist .. no freedom of speech ..

          • linette lee

            oh be quiet. You guys don’t have 100% freedom neither. Your gov’t own you and tell you when to live or died. Send you men to fight North korea. It’s not voluntary enlistment. How you like that? China don’t have this.

          • linette lee

            No men should be drafted involuntary. War is not cool.

            I mean I understand every nation need a strong army to defend the country. It would be nice if they do it voluntary and not mandatory.

          • chucky3176

            This is absolutely true. Have a look at the stats that proves this, the Gini Index which measures the income inequality.


            As you can see, China ranks 27th in the world in terms of the spread between rich and poor. This is atrocious if you take into consideration the fact that most of the top unequal countries in the ranking table are Third World African and Latin American countries. I would guess the ones who are getting rich in China are the corrupt government and their cronies, while the majority of the workers are being left behind in the dust.

          • dk2020

            the divide between rich and poor is huge in china .. sooner or later the peasants will revolt .. I’m sure most of China is still in poverty just like India .. the population is too huge and the privileged is very few ..

          • linette lee

            China right now have 400 plus 500 millions living in the urban areas big cities like shanghai and Guangzhou. With many billionaires the extremely rich and majority are middle class. They estimate by 2030 China will reach 1 billion urban population.


            China needs to lift their poverty in the rural areas and control population. They also need to be more sensitive and sympathetic when dealing with the 50 plus minority groups which makes up like 10% of china’s population. All this is a big challenge for china.

      • Reila90

        LOL that’s only your opinion. Fact says different.

      • EightNineBall

        China has a growing middle class which is quite impressive considering many countries have a shrinking middle class such as Germany, Lebanon and America.

        Now what you are talking about is income disparity, which is an entirely different matter.

        You should take extra care to keep your flap shut and understand what you are talking about before trying to correct someone else.

  • Schmole

    Not to harp on the writer – but it should be “hoped”, not “hopped”. I know it’s a “Grammar Nazi”-like response, but I love this site to bits and just want to see small errors ironed out ^_^

  • Cleo

    “India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia are where it’s at now. Thailand and the Philippines also look like they might come back. Bangladesh also has good human resources.”

    too late to turn back now, Japan!

    I fell into a burning ring of fireI went down, down, down and the flames went higherAnd it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fireThe ring of fire


  • keith

    let fight don’t just talk and see who’ll win

  • dim mak

    China’s little neighbors need to pay respects to the empire to survive, no escaping it
    It’s just the truth, and these out of touch nationalists should wake up
    I would welcome their nationalism as long as it isn’t used to fight amongst Asians

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