Chinese IME Uses Cute Girl To Stop User Uninstalling Program

Chinese program uses cute girl to prevent users uninstalling program

The “Baidu IME” Japanese language input system, which is made by Chinese web company Baidu, has hit upon a novel idea to try to stop Japanese users from uninstalling the program.

If you try to remove the IME from your computer, a beautiful moe manga character appears, and asks you to consider continuing to use the program, shedding a few tears as a means of cementing your loyalty.

Although the program became an online talking point when it was featured on RocketNews24, 2ch netizens are unconvinced, terming the program spyware and claiming that the girl is not that cute anyway. Still, makes you wonder whether they actually went through with uninstalling it…


【Moe】When You Uninstall The Chinese-Made Japanese-Language Input “Baidu IME”, A Beautiful Young Girl Cries: “Please Point Out Where I Went Wrong”

It’s been discovered that when you attempt to uninstall the Chinese-made Japanese-language input system “Baidu IME”, a beautiful young girl appears and cries. It’s an amazing idea, that the tears of this beautiful girl can stop you from uninstalling the program.

You just can’t uninstall it, can you? (笑)

Because you feel so sorry for the beautiful girl and you’re crushing on her, it seems there are some people who say: “Aww no fair! You just can’t uninstall it, can you? (笑). “Baidu IME” is installed on this reporter’s (my) computer too, so I tried to uninstall.

Chinese IME input system cute girl Japan

“I did my best up to now, won’t you use me a little longer?”

Her style is modest but with huge tits

When I actually tried to uninstall it, the beautiful young girl really did appear! She’s a moe girl with cat ears and a slender neck, and her style is modest but with huge tits. The comment “I did my best up to now, but won’t you use me a little longer?” is displayed. The advantages of “Baidu IME”, such as “You can enter freaky faces [emoticon style that is often used on 2ch], and lots of different face emoticons” and “You can also enter ASCII art really easily” are also written.

Please point out where I went wrong

If you still choose to uninstall the program, she says humbly “Thank you so much for everything…Please point out where I went wrong”! Plus, the beautiful girl is crying, isn’t she?! Oh oh oh! When such a cute girl is crying, how on earth can you uninstall it?!

Chinese Baide IME uses cute girl to try to stop users uninstalling the program

“Please point out where I went wrong.” There is then a list of options for the user to say what they disliked about the program.

Is there only a Windows 8 version?

By the way, it appears that the version in which the beautiful girl appears is for Windows 8 only, and (it is thought) that she doesn’t appear in other versions of the program. Still, if you have Windows 7 you can still install the Windows 8 version, so those of you who want to see the beautiful girl can check it out.

Comments from


This doesn’t even make me want to install it.


Come on, this program downloads onto your computer without you knowing.




I can only see this as spyware that gets into your computer before you even know it.


If you have self-awareness, don’t download onto our computers without us knowing.


Downloads onto your computer without you knowing, then when you say you don’t want it, the girl bursts into tears. What a loser.


Chinese spies. Get rid of it.


Back in the day they had this kind of widget for the desktop.


An new sort of invasion of Japan by China, huh?


Seriously, Chinese software, it’ll hijack your computer the minute it gets the chance.


I like this kind of playfulness. Would have been great if it wasn’t Chinese-made.


I don’t think she’s all that cute, but I guess that if she actually appeared I’d hesitate…Dirty tactics.


Those who use tears are cowards.


Before crushing on her, I actually get frightened.


So this is a WW2 style honey-trap, huh?

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  • Good strategy as they are weak-willed when it comes to cartoon characters. Should’ve created a lolita character, program them to sa jiao a little, confess love, then get their credit card number. Also make sure it says “Made in Japan” because everybody knows cartoon characters have grade. Japan > America > Korea > China > the rest of the world. Oh sorry, not cartoon. anime day su naaay? ^^

  • markus peg

    A nice try by baidu.
    I agree with the comments, baidu tends to install itself without you even knowing.
    ive had tons of “baidu” files all over my computer after uninstalling it many times…

    baidu feels like spyware to me aswell. keep away…

    • Mony Xie

      Almost agree. But I think Google is doing way better than Baidu in “spying” their users. Baidu feels more like crapware to me.

  • Mighty

    They should just take it a step further and do a bit of strip teasing and whatever ‘action’ that the Japanese men crave in manga sex.

  • anonymepelle

    World of Warcraft uses the same strategy when you unsubscribe aswell.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Yeah but you don’t really see WoW sneaking itself onto your computer >_>

  • lonetrey / Dan

    If it’s spyware…. I don’t think anything would stop me from deleting it. How the hell would this strategy ever work!? It really boggles my mind…. Freaking print screen and paste into a picture file, save it and make it your wallpaper if you like the anime girl so much!

    • Jahar

      IT’s a common tactic here. trick you in the beginning, and hope you are too lazy to go through the trouble of getting angry about it, and accept whatever they are selling.

  • Baidu

    Fucking amateurs don’t know anything about the Japnese. Where is the tentacle rape?

  • Pickle

    Looking at the Chinasmack personals, you’d figure with all the at least decent looking women, there’d be an abundance of options to make them less cartoon horny for this to affect them at all. Really, there’s lots of good looking women there. Still can’t understand the herbivore, low birth rate thing too.

  • god

    actually not a bad idea. they has os-tan, browser tan. but no virus tan. its hole in the market

  • MizKiwi

    –or you can just remove the option of uninstalling it

  • aak

    Even baidu spies on people… typical china

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