Chinese Ship Locks Radar on Japanese Ship, Netizen Reactions

Japanese Defence Minister Onodera Itsunori speaks to journalists at the Ministry of Defence on February 5.

Japanese Defence Minister Onodera Itsunori speaks to journalists at the Ministry of Defence on February 5.

On January 30 a Chinese ship locked what is assumed to be a fire-control radar onto a Japanese ship in the East China sea in the vicinity of the disputed Senkaku Islands. This week, the move has been strongly condemned by the Japanese government, who have confirmed that the Chinese ship directed a radar onto the Japanese warship “Yudachi” which could possibly have been used to guide weapons to the target.

Unsurprisingly given the continuous tension between the two nations, the story has been widely reported in the international press. Below, we bring you netizen reactions to this latest incident.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Chinese Ship Locks Target onto Japanese Vessel in East China Sea – Assertion of China’s Claim to Senkaku Islands Through Intimidation?

On January 30, a Chinese Navy warship locked onto a Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force vessel with its weapon targeting radar in the East China Sea, the Ministry of Defence reported on February 5. It is believed that the radar targeted and followed the Japanese ship’s movements, with the intent to be threatening to those on board.

Onodera Itsunori, the Minister of Defence, is reported as saying on February 5: “It is an extremely alarming situation where one wrong move could have resulted in a very dangerous situation.” Territorial violations by Chinese patrol ships and aircraft have been frequent since the Japanese government’s nationalisation of the Senkaku Islands; however, this latest incident is thought it be a step up from previous menacing behaviour by the Chinese Navy.

The Japanese defence vessel JS Yuudachi, DD-103.

The Japanese defence vessel JS Yuudachi, DD-103.

According to the Ministry of Defence, at approximately 10 a.m. on January 30 in the East China Sea, the Chinese frigate Shanwei [Jiangwei] (Grade II) locked onto the Japanese patrol ship Yuudachi (based at the Sasebo military base, Nagasaki prefecture.)

Yuudachi and the Chinese ship were reported to have been 3 kilometres apart, and the Minister of Defence, Onodera said, “They were continually locked onto the Japanese ship for some time.”

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


… They treat us with contempt, like always. We need to act fast to increase the defence budget and reform the law.


Please stop the welfare payments to foreigners.
I can’t understand why we’re giving money to people who come from our enemy’s country. To the politicians and bureaucrats, please stop giving welfare payments to foreigners. Why are the politicians and bureaucrats giving our precious taxes to people of our enemies, Korea and China? Even though the taxes are rising for the Japanese people?


We need to stop all assistance and aid to the chinks immediately.


This is the same as a declaration of war!
It’s a huge problem!


If you’ve got enough money to be using it for something like that, how about doing something about that air pollution?
Or how about fixing some of those bridges? (笑)


China’s saying that Japan is eager for a war, but the truth is it’s you guys! This is seriously irresponsible!


Who gives a shit~! Sink the fuckers! The Japanese people won’t mind.


Stop screwing us around!


Don’t you dare pay even one more yen towards the ODA [Official Development Assistance programme].


China isn’t an ally anymore so just retaliate already!
Show them the strength of Japan!


These people are fucking nutjobs.

1984_The Natural(roy…)さん:

I feel sorry for the members of the Self Defence Forces and the coastal guard who are risking their lives for us.
We need to at least make provisions for war, and sooner rather than later.


If they locked onto us first, it’s only fair that we do it back!
They’re taking the piss because it’s Japan. They would never do this kind of thing to America, because America would defend itself first.
They’re lighting the smouldering embers of war…


I hope the Self Defence Forces set up a permanent residence on the Senkaku Islands soon. It’s obvious that the Chinese are going to attack at some point, regardless of what it’ll do to their relationship with Japan.


This is scary…
So they really do want to go to war with Japan…


They’re really taking the piss now! If you back down now, you’ll have serious questions to answer! Don’t brush it off!


Are you serious?
This kind of threat is really overboard.


It’s the proclamation of war from the idiot country that thinks too highly of itself.


Well, what are you going to do now? Abe administration.
You can’t back out, so what will you do?


I wonder what would have happened if they had changed the flag from the Japanese one to the American one the moment they got targeted.

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  • YourSupremeCommander

    Love the reaction of the man in the back: “zzzzZZzzzzzZZzzz”

    • besudesu

      Yeah, he’s seen it all before…

  • YourSupremeCommander

    “China isn’t an ally anymore so just retaliate already!Show them the strength of Japan!”

    LMAO, go back to finding a spot to hide behind Uncle Sam.

    • hun

      You must be forgetting that japan almost took china if it wasn’t for uncle sam stopping them. 😮

      • fsck

        you’ve obviously never read the (chinese) textbooks, it was the revolutionary brothers and sisters that threw out that Japanese. Comrads thought that was common knowledge

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, your chinese textbooks were wrong. The nationalists went to fight the japanese and the revolutionary brothers and sisters were formed by armies that didn’t fight’ but rather planned to take over and reform the chinese gov after the nationalists lost their men and women to the japanese. The nationalists did most of the fighting for China and they pretty much all died leaving the communists to overthrow the government. The cruel reality is, you owe your red China to Japan more than anything.

          Both Chinese and Japanese have been trying to rewrite the history of WW2 in schooltext books. It makes historians cringe. You want the truth, read a non-biased history book.

        • don mario

          thats fucking funny.

          • robk51666


          • don mario

            chinese troll, or braindead fool is obvious.

        • Alice S

          Well they did contribute.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Japan was not taking China, it occupied maybe what just 5% of the country? Drag it on for another 10 more years, the Japs will get their butts handed back to them.

        • BigCAD

          The entirety of the time during the Japanese occupation of Manchuria and greater China, the only thing the nationalists achieved was die and waste allied resources. The Japanese considered Chinese resistance negliable at best, operation Ichigo highlighted this.

          As to 5 percent, I think you will find the map shows about 20 percent and this being the only areas worth Japanese attention, whilst The communists cowared in the areas which received non.


          Drag it on another 10 years and the Chinese as a race would probably have been exterminated through a lack of will to fight.

          • YourSupremeCommander

            “nationalists’ – they are the cowards that got sent to Taiwan, remember this fact?

            Mao’s red army did what again? Humiliated the USA, TWICE, in Korea & Vietnam, you do know that right kid? The Japs stand ZERO chance had the war gone on for another 10 more years, ZERO. Lucky for them, Uncle Sam dropped two gifts to shut them up, otherwise they would of gotten kicked out and their own country would of become China’s biggest island provence.

          • BigCAD

            You were never taught to argue a point effectively were you?

          • YourSupremeCommander

            I am actually VERY surprised by how you attempt to counter my argument by changing the subject because you finally realizes your own points are invalid. Right?

          • BigCAD

            Post some relevant historical knowledge and I may address, it until then your original posting (“With a pea brain like yours, I am actually VERY surprised you know how to use a computer, bravo!”) and the reedited one I am replying to, reconfirm my previous posting.

            Now is this hatred for the Japanese due to self loathing as you are in fact part Japanese, or did your grandmothers during their tenure as comfort women drown their undesired offspring in a muddy irragation ditch?

          • Jahar

            You know, the US and South Korea WON, right? And China never declared war in Vietnam, so you can’t claim victory there either.

            Also, Japan never had the goal of victory. They asked about ending things, return to pre -war borders, and China said no. Had the war dragged on for 10 more years, sure, China would have won, if by won you mean had Japan retreat to pre-war borders, but the casualties would have been in the hundreds of millions (This is assuming the rest of the allies got involved, right?)

          • mike

            Not what wikipedia said. One said usa lost other usa ran away. Now if us canadians were there we woulda won like when we wiped usa when they invaded us. USA ONLY GOOD AT picking on the small guys

          • Jahar

            Some Canadians did fight. And I didn’t say the US didn’t lose. I said China didn’t win. The communists goal was to take South Korea, and they failed. The US lost in Vietnam, but China wasn’t officially involved, so they can’t take credit. Also, either you’re not Canadian or our educations system is going to shit. Your grammar sucks.

          • don mario

            you are sure china would of won? you do know japan had to be nuked 2 times before they lost right? china would of been laid to waste dude.

          • Jahar

            I was jut throwing him a bone. But seriously, even if10 Chinese died for every Japanese soldier, the Chinese would keep coming too.

          • don mario

            yea? they already retreated to chongqing.. not many cities left to run to after that.

          • Jahar

            around in circles was their plan. Japan didn’t have enough men to hold the territory. The Nationalists would rebuild troops in those territories.

          • don mario

            mao’s red army really brought it to japan in the war. they kicked their fucking ass….. when they hid up a hill…. in a province that had no japanese in it.

  • Rutim

    And now it turned out that it wasn’t the only time Chinese Navy locked the aim on Japanese naval vessels… The same happened during the last crisis over nationalization of the isles past year but that was swept under the rug by the Japanese current administartion at the time.

    Chinese went way over the line with that. If Japanese would have done the same that could end in the first real 21st century naval battle…

  • dim mak

    God, this worthless rock dispute just won’t die will it

    Both our countries know it’s not gonna come to a shooting war, even the Global Times is against it

    So quit the sabre rattling already

    • Rutim

      It’s not pointless. The argumenting could be more or less pointless. How Chinese government backs up the claim that these isles are Chinese? Because Japanese openly says it’s because of the gas fields north of those ‘rocks’.

      I don’t have Chinese Navy manuals at hand (and you also don’t) so I wouldn’t be so sure with claims that it couldn’t become a ‘shootning war’ if Japanese side had taken the same measurements towards the Chinese vessels. And it probably ended up with with a call to Tokyo from the Yudachi after the contact has been made.

      • dim mak


        China’s claims are based on the island being mentioned in some ancient text, or that it was on a map, or that it had a chinese name etc. None of those rationales are legally binding or even certain to describe the same islands in question

        Japan’s claims is that it was terra nullius, so they annexed it. Problem with that is that it’s not necessarily terra nullius just because they say so

        Potsdam and Cairo not relevant unless prior ownership is already established, which it hasn’t been

        Point being it all boils down to a bunch of extralegal cruft over some no-mans-land based on claims made when modern law didn’t apply and historical sovereignty was unclear, most likely because it’s some uninhabited rock in the middle of nowhere

        The only rational reason for any side to support their claim is purely realpolitik. I support China’s claim simply because I’m Chinese, and it’s better to have more land

        It’s just not significant enough to throw a shitfit over

        • linette lee

          Chinese and japanese should just share that island and get over with it. They both can fish there and don’t touch the island. Leave nature alone.

          • dim mak

            Funny thing, if I remember right there’s already a mutual fishing treaty in place over the islands

            People just love to fight -.-

          • Give the island to Korean, its better.

          • Kiff

            Now you’re talking sense.

        • Alex

          In Renminribao in the 50s it said that the islands were japanese. Only after they discovered natural gas that they decided to change their mind.

        • Alice S

          LOL I support Chi because my friend, who is totally successful in life, does. I didn’t know that at first. We are in New Zealand. She has a friend in Chi called N.
          N: ‘There are ppl protesting under my window.’
          My friend: ‘WHY DIDN’T YOU JOIN IN?!’
          I couldn’t adopt her stance quick enough.


    Waiting for the nutty comments from the resident schizophrenic, CLEO.

  • AnthonyLudovici

    The MDF of Japan is vastly superior to the PLAN, even without American support.

    I like Chinese culture, History, language etc, but China is isolating itself in the region. It is playing right into the State Department’s hands in their China containment strategy.

    • gangnamstyle

      americas asia pivot is going down no matter how many allies china has.

      • AnthonyLudovici

        I doubt it. Do you realize how quickly America and its allies could wipe out all of China’s naval assets?

        • Jurippe

          Naval assets don’t matter. The only thing that matters is that China has nuclear weapons and doesn’t have enough discipline in it’s military hierarchy to not use them.

          • Jahar

            They aren’t that stupid.

          • Jurippe

            They don’t have to be, just one of them.

      • BigCAD

        China has allies?

        • yeh prob russia with that try hard putin trying to be a mini stalin and north korea the fat man trying to play big man politics

      • Jahar

        To be backed up with fact, logic, and reasoning as soon as you can make some up?

  • chucky3176

    The repeated claims I keep hearing from Japanese is this:

    “Why are the politicians and bureaucrats giving our precious taxes to people of our enemies, Korea and China?”

    What money is Japan giving Korea? Korea is not receiving any money from Japan. Why do Japanese keep believing in fairy tales that they make up?

    If they hate their neighbors so much, and want to exact revenge, then stop being such idiots and start manning up for a change. Talk is cheap.

    • hun

      Is this it? i just googled it, too lazy to read.

      • chucky3176

        1998 double taxation treaty?

        Does that equate to “Japan giving money to Korea”, 2013?

        • linette lee

          The koreans are always getting money from other people. They get military support funded by usa taxpayers. money aid from japan. Money from China to feed the north koreans. Damn!……….Koreans owe other people so much money. They need to pay it back one day.

          • gangnamstyle

            why do u always take stabs at koreans and chucky, its hilarious to me , and i aint knockin ya

          • linette lee

            receiving money from foreign aid………lmao

          • ChuckRamone

            A lot of it has to do with historical circumstance. Korea is between a rock and a hard place. Money from Japan for colonialism. NK gets money from China because China supported NK in the Korean War and has an interest in the country’s continued division. The US has strategic interests in being stationed there. Korea’s an exposed wang in the middle of the sea and everyone’s trying to cover it up with their own underwear.

        • hun

          I don’t know, every time i read it i get confused.. to many big words :3

          Although i hope someone can paraphrase it for me.

          • chucky3176

            Double taxation treaty means two countries will not tax again the income or assets that have already been taxed by the other country. It’s a tax treaty, nothing to do with economic aid or loan.

  • linette lee

    …………..If you’ve got enough money to be using it for something like that, how about doing something about that air pollution?
    Or how about fixing some of those bridges? (笑)……………

    hahaha…I love this comment. Very sarcastic but true….lol.

  • linette lee

    …………….Stop screwing us around!……………

    hahaha….lol.. You wish.

  • I’m getting seriously sick of the fucking Chinese – fuck those monkeys.

    • linette lee

      You are the monkey. You monkey.

      • gangnamstyle

        i think he was refering to you when he mentioned chinese monkeys

        • linette lee

          haha…no, I am sure you look more monkey than me. You monkey.

          • gangnamstyle

            ive seen ur pic, you look like a crosseyed pig wit down syndrome

          • linette lee

            you don’t need to describe yourself to me.

          • gangnamstyle

            when was the last time you got layed linette, ill do some charity work and give you some love

          • YourSupremeCommander

            gangnamstyle is so 2012, get with the program son. And besides, LL won’t even feel your 1″ toothpick.

          • gangnamstyle

            thats not wat yo mama said

          • Kate

            And you’re hot stuff huh? At least Linette has no problem showing her face, and unless you show yours, you really have no right to call anyone out considering you could be just some homely, geeky 18 yr old wimp. One thing is for sure, your mother never taught you manners.

          • gangnamstyle

            your right my mom didnt teach me any manners because she died when i was 6 months old

          • Kate

            Well I’m sorry for your loss, I know how it feels to lose a parent (my dad died when I was 21), it sucks a lot. Look I know you have more to contribute then what you have, I enjoy reading your posts when they are insightful. Aren’t you Korean? We need more Korean POV in the forum.

        • chucky3176

          What do you think, does she look like a chimp or a macque? With a greasy pimple face like that, she should wash her face once in a while.

    • gangnamstyle

      the same chinese your government owes trillions to. get on ur knees and clean my gucci loafers white boy

    • ironmaiden

      lol look at this weaboo faggot getting all worked up when he’s not even japanese.

      • hun

        Sadly you don’t have to be a weaboo or japanese to be “sick of the fucking chinese”. To put it bluntly, Thomas is a racist and it doesn’t matter what ethnicity he is.

    • besudesu

      Thomas, you’re an idiot.

  • Fuck the chink fucks – little monkey pieces of shit that were and are better off smoking the opium. The chinks are the niggers of the world – pure shit. Their quality is as shitty as they are – fuck those rat fucks. Die.

    • besudesu

      You’re getting banned because you can’t string together a coherent sentence. Oh, and you’re a mindless racist.

  • jcyin

    1st guy on the left: arrogance
    2nd guy in the middle: indignant
    3rd guy on the right: resignation

    The first picture pretty sums up the jap way of reaction when faced with something they can’t resolve, hilarious.

  • god

    go to war beat the chinese. divide the country amongst the winners end of story. its how the country was made and its the way the country will fall

    • bluesummers

      Actually a really sensible solution. How does the phrase go….”history is determined by the victors”?

      I mean, if we get a victor here, we don’t need any crappy ancient texts or gas fields as the basis of the territorial right.

    • fsun

      Yeah, you guys better try it now, because in fifty years Japan will just be a floating nursing home.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      I didn’t know GOD was so dumb. Oh sorry, not this GOD but this god.

  • bluesummers

    China needs to cut this shit out right now or someone’s gonna get hurt.

  • ChuckRamone

    Sometimes I just have to laugh at the mean, racist, and plain idiotic stuff people say here. It’s a den of iniquity. It’s nice though to read what a lot of people are probably thinking but not saying in person. So, in that sense, trolling has a useful purpose. You can get a glimpse of people’s darker thoughts. That guy on the subway who’s innocently reading a book. When he glances over at you, he might be thinking really nasty stuff. Or he might be thinking nice things. Who knows?

  • carmouflagger

    “China isn’t an ally anymore so just retaliate already!” – Was China ever an ally? O.o
    “Show them the strength of Japan!” – Calm the fuck down kid, you’re not Hirohito and this isn’t WWII Japan, This is Modern-day-us-cock-sucking Japan 🙂

  • Chinese ships are locking radars on Japanese ships, and Russian planes entering the Japan’s airspace…

  • china simply eants to show its self as the new leader on the block really going to war with the japanese with their allies america,australia and most of europe , prob india prob south korea… really china who wolud support china maybe russia and mayb indonesia and north korea./..its just sabre rattling weve seen so much of it from that little fat man in north korea recently

  • Kenshin

    Who cares! Most rational Japanese don’t want war against China. Stupid Ishihara for starting this.

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