Chinese Student Saves Japanese Boy From Drowning In River

The Yodo River following Typhoon No. 18.

The Yodo River following Typhoon No. 18.

Netizens have praised a young Chinese man for his bravery after he dived into the Yodo River in Osaka to save a 9-year old elementary school student who had fallen into the water while trying to retrieve his camera’s memory card.

The man, due to begin a PhD at a Japanese university, has been praised by commenters on Yahoo! Japan, who are not usually known for their kindness when it comes to their East Asian neighbours. Many thank him for saving the child’s life, while others go further still by apologising for Japan’s past actions in China…

Boy Saved By Quick-Acting Chinese Exchange Student After Falling Into River — Osaka

At around 5pm on September 16, a young boy (9) in the 4th year of elementary school — from Tatsuki, Osaka — fell into the Yodo River, near the elevated tracks of the JR Tokaido line at Toyosaki, Kita ward, Osaka. The Yodo River was swollen due to Typhoon No.18, and the boy was swallowed up by the river and carried for 350 metres underwater; however Yan Zun (26), a Chinese exchange student who was passing by, jumped into the river and saved him. Both were rushed to hospital, but Yan only had some minor scratches, while the young boy had no serious injuries.

According to the Oyodo division of the Osaka prefectural police force, Yan said “I simply thought ‘I have to save him'”. The police stated that “If the boy hadn’t been saved at that point, then his life would have been in danger”.

Police said that the boy had gone to take photos of the railway with two of his friends who were in middle school, and when he tried to pick up the camera’s SD memory card, which had fallen into the river, from his position on a slope, he slipped and tumbled into the water. Yan saw the boy in the water about 15 metres from the riverbank, and jumped in to save him.

Yan had come to Japan ready to begin his PhD research at Osaka City University next spring.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


This young man deserves to be commended for his bravery.


Although I am from the Kansai region, please allow me to thank you as a citizen of Japan.
Thank you so much, xie xie!
And I apologise for the atrocious things Japan has done in the past.
I am deeply sorry.


Thank you.
It would be good if there were a lot of Chinese people who were like you.


Ah, that’s a great story T_T


Regardless of his nationality, he is a magnificent human being.


Would I have actually moved to do something in the end, if I had encountered this situation?
I bow my head to this. Bravo.


The Osaka police should issue a letter of thanks to this exchange student, for saving someone’s life.


When someone deserves praise, they should be praised readily and wholeheartedly, regardless of national politics.
That is the true culture of Japan.
Let’s say a huge thank you to this Chinese exchange student


Thank you


Dear God,
I pray that all the Chinese people in the world will become as good as him.


Boy did good.


When it comes to saving someone’s life, there are no national boundaries.
The actions of this young man, a Chinese exchange student, should be praised as a matter of course.


Doesn’t matter if you’re Japanese or Chinese, there are always good people and bad people.


Even if you think you would, when it comes to the crunch this is not something you could do easily.
He is wonderful, regardless of nationality. Thank you.


An amazing man…


I thank you for your courageous actions.
Learn all you can, and become one of those people who can make a bright future for China, unlike now.


He should be commended. Osaka prefectural police need to make the arrangements for this. He’s a splendid Chinese person. Please take your mindset back to China, and spread it.


Thank you!
You’re amazing!


There are wonderful Chinese people out there.

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