Customers Queue For 7 Hours To Try Backward Roller Coaster

Waiting times for the new backward-facing roller coaster at USJ have been up to 7 hours.

Waiting times for the new backward-facing roller coaster at USJ have been up to 7 hours.

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is a theme park located in Osaka, famous for using cutting-edge technology in its new rides, many of which are based on films produced by Universal Studios.

The latest attraction at the park, which is popular with tourists from all over Asia, is the backward-facing roller coaster. The new ride has been so successful, that queueing times have reached seven hours.

Some netizens think it’s worth the wait, others think it’s about time that USJ introduced a reservation system, to do away with these outlandish queues altogether.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Longest Queue in Roller Coaster History for Backwards Roller Coaster at Universal Studios Japan

On March 15, to mark the opening of the spring event at Universal Studios Japan, the backwards roller coaster ‘Hollywood Dream: The Ride Universal Studios Japan (Konohana-ku in Osaka city) was opened to the general public. As soon as the ride was unveiled, a queue formed that was reportedly 440 minutes long, but in reality was more than seven hours long. Even this morning at 11am, the wait for the ride was 450 minutes.

On the ride you are hurtled up to the attraction’s highest peak of 43 metres then down the steepest slope of 60°, as you are thrown up into the sky you experience a sense of weightlessness. The roller coaster’s tagline is an ‘Extreme exhilaration and stimulation’ riding experience, and as the thrills and excitement of the ride increase, the colour of the train transforms from a light purple to red and gold. The back of the ride is fitted with LEDs, that once in motion make it quite clear that it’s a brand-new roller coaster.

From early this morning, Universal Studios Japan will plan to close for a period of time to allow for a queue to form for the ride.

Comments from Twitter:


It, it seems tough m(- -)m

アンディまるに Andy Malni:

( ゚Д゚ノノ☆ There’s so many patient people〜For Andy that would be impossible〜


As always it seems that if you don’t just stand and wait in line for a ride at USJ, you can’t go on it right?


Even if this a normal ride, it’s freaking scary (;o;)


I can’t comprehend how they waited for seven hours…




So they entered the park at 9am and started queuing straight away, to then get on the ride at 4pm? Well, I can’t say it without sounding conceited, but it’s kinda like an unreserved seat Tokyo Dome’s roller coaster.

すま あんこ:

Hollywood Dream, 7 hours’ wait (゚Д゚)(゚Д゚)
I’d go at quieter time…


(゚ー゚*)。oO(So the queuing customers can’t spend money while they’re waiting? If that’s good business, I’m lost…..)


They have determination(´д`)

海堂 淳:

Have they considered selling tickets that only allow for admission on this ride?…


What the hell is this (笑)


They’ve got determination…


They’re so strong-minded! There’s no way I could queue for 7 hours(´・ω・`) Wonder if I can go on the 5th?


They really waited all that time, I don’t get it ( ´Д`)=3


Absolutely no way I could queue for 7 hours…


Coming from someone who is awful with roller coasters, I don’t understand at all the people who pay money to wait 7 hours and want to scare themselves.

岩渕 吉光:

I wanna ride on this ♪ ヾ(o´ ω`o)ノ ♪


Nope, impossible.


Over 7 hours…(@_@;)


7 hours! Would be better to have a reservation system w



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