Empress Of Japan’s Pop Culture Knowledge Impresses Netizens

The Empress of Japan visits an art exhibition in Roppongi Hills.

The Empress of Japan visits an art exhibition in Roppongi Hills.

Netizens reacted with surprise and delight when they discovered that Empress Michiko of Japan is not so different from them after all.

On August 20, the Empress visited an art exhibition in Roppongi Hills, and mentioned that she knew who the virtual idol vocaloid star, Hatsune Miku was. News of the Empress’ familiarity with Japanese pop-culture spread like wildfire around the internet, with most netizens responding extremely positively to the fact that their 78-year old Empress is in touch with recent trends.

From MSN Sankei:

Empress Visits “LOVE Exhibition” at Roppongi Hills Mori Art Museum

The Empress of Japan visited the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills on August 20, viewing the “LOVE Exhibition: The Figure of Love Seen Through Art” which celebrates the 10th anniversary of Roppongi Hills and the gallery itself.

The exhibition houses around 200 pieces that go beyond genres, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs and so on, and includes works by Japanese and foreign artists. The empress enthusiastically viewed pieces by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who is known for her polka-dot motif, as well as paintings by Dali. There was also an exhibition about the virtual idol “Hatsune Miku”, and at one point the Empress said, “Ah, I suppose this is Miku-chan, isn’t it?”

The "virtual idol" Hatsune Miku.

The “virtual idol” Hatsune Miku.

Comments from Twitter:


This is so lovely.


So Hatsune Miku is already recognised by the royal family…before long she’ll be asked to a garden party.


Wow, the Empress even knows about Miku (;゜ロ゜)


This article like proof that the Emperor and the Empress are really conversant with the culture of our nation ♪
The royal family is this country’s most valuable asset!!!!!!!!


How can I put this…indeed there shall be a veritable explosion of affinity for the royal family.


She’s known by the Empress, so the day must be approaching when Hatsune Miku will get citizen’s rights.


This is so amazing. The very fact that the Empress even went to see the exhibition…


The Empress is so sweet ♡ Kind of makes me feel all warm and fluffy (*´艸`*)


She has class…and calling Hatsune Miku “Miku-chan” is just lovely.

Comments from 2ch.net:


The Empress rocks!


She knows Hatsune Miku!?
I’m so surprised at that.


Wow, she really has a good breadth of knowledge.


I want the Empress to refer to me as “chan” [NB “~Chan” is a suffix added to a name to make it sound cute and familiar; often added to children’s names, as well as close friends/boyfriends/girlfriends etc]


This was the very moment that Imperial Miku was born.


So she even knows about stuff like that, huh?
I wonder where she gets information about these things from.
Guess it’s from TV and newspapers.


I guess she gets various bits of information about stuff like this from her grandchildren w


Concert at the Budokan → World debut → Recongition by the Empress.
Miku’s really going up in the world.


The royal family are always learning about whatever garners the interests of the people.


Looks like the Empress just got a whole new group of fans w


For the Empress to call you by name is like getting an invisible medal.


Ah, Miku’s fame will mean she is going to gradually become distant from us…

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  • Well, the Queen of England watches Doctor Who just like everyone else in Britain.

    Royalties aren’t as out-of-touch as we think.

  • Ana Belen Ruiz

    even the not-so- weeaboos in my country know Miku…why shouldn’t the royalty of her own country?

  • vonskippy

    Too bad the empress didn’t have a useful skill – like cleaning up radioactive water spills.

    • y.m.

      Even if she did, its not her job to do so.

      • vonskippy

        So protecting the people of her homeland is NOT the job of the Empress? What exactly is her job – besides wasting Japan’s money?

        • phrozen

          She is just a figurehead, just like the queen of England. The person who has the power to do that is the prime minister/president.

          • Serpico

            Queene ofr England is a Head of State. So she has a lot of power, I would say.

          • darkeegan

            it wasn’t a good comparison. The queen has magisterial powers, whereas the Emperor has none. He exists solely as a symbol for the country. He gets a nice house, and the same kind of silly press attention, but none of the actual responsibility. This is part of the treaty that was signed at the end of WWII.

          • Paul M

            Which she can only use with consent of Parliament. The last monarch who tried to rule without Parliament ended up losing his head.

        • y.m.

          Of course its not, the imperial family have no power in politics. Their job is simply to be the symbol of japan, like a figurehead.

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