Girl Dates Man Who Killed Her Boyfriend, Netizens Outraged

A car drifting.

A car drifting.

In late March, a man was killed when he was the passenger in a car that was drifting in a city just outside Tokyo. Yesterday, the news was announced that the man who was driving the car at the time had been arrested by Metropolitan Police under suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

But when Japanese netizens did some SNS detective work, they discovered that the man who was being held responsible for the death had started dating the girlfriend of the deceased — because he announced it on his mixi profile page. Naturally, netizens were outraged.

Below is the original article, as well as the material re-posted from the suspect’s mixi page, as it appeared on the blog Itai News.


Man Dies in Drifting Accident, Man Arrested

Suspect Esaki Shingo (22) is arrested by police.

Suspect Esaki Shingo (22) is arrested by police.

Metropolitan police have arrested an unemployed man who was driving a car when he killed his male passenger last month in Higashimurayama, Tokyo. The driver caused an accident through dangerous driving such as meandering, and crashing into a wall.

The man arrested on suspicion of causing death through reckless driving was identified as Esaki Shingo (20), unemployed, from Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture. According to the police, on March 24 the car Esaki was driving along the Shinoume-Kaido road in Onta-cho, Higashimurayama City swerved onto the opposite side of the road, and crashed into the wall of a building, and he is suspected of causing the death of Kudo Ryuta (22), who was riding in the passenger seat of the car.

After suddenly accelerating the car, Esaki purposely steered erratically, causing the car to meander, and during police investigations he admitted that “I liked drifting. I lost control and swerved to the side”.

From Itai News:

The mixi page of the man accused of death by dangerous driving.

The suspect’s mixi page.

NO. 3333 (23) (Last login: 3 days ago)
Name: Esaki Shingo
“My entire life I will never forget what happened on March 24, 2013.
Thank you so much for respecting me and loving me in so many ways.
Well, we finally spoke about it properly, and decided that both of us would do our best to live for Ryuta, too.
As I live paying for my crime for a long time to come, I promise I will make the woman who was so precious to Ryuta happy, and look after her. My meeting her was a connection given to us by Ryuta.
It was fate. I also swear that until the day I die I’m going to live in the lifelong hope that one day I might even be able to have the kind of relationship with Ryuta’s family that we can smile and talk together”.

(Girlfriend) Xno Maya, dating since April 2, 2013 ~
Favourite quote: I don’t know how many women I’ve been in love with, but the only woman I’ve loved is you.
Favourite quote: People betray you. The only things that won’t betray you are yourself and money.
Favourite quote: Give it your all — it won’t kill you.

Comments from


Premeditated murder, eh…?


I wonder if he thought that you don’t serve a sentence when you kill someone.


Is this guy an idiot? w. I mean…he murdered someone.
The arrest is delicious because he conveniently got the girl.


He’s taking it so lightly, having killed someone.


So the worst possible encounter was the start of a fateful romance♪


For both the guy and the girl, the only word I can think of is “scum”. Honestly, they’re such scum that it makes me want to puke.


When it comes to this, I wonder whether he doesn’t have some grave insult to his brain. For the sake of the advancement of medicine, they should dissect this fucker without anesthetic.


Isn’t it more natural to think that the girl was cheating and one guy was disposed of.


It’s amazing that he doesn’t even look back at the past. I bet he doesn’t even remember bad things that happened a long time ago. In a sense that’s terrifying.


This kind of human being really see everyone except themselves like non-player characters in a video game. You guys should watch out, too.


The three of them are fucking idiots, no?


The way girls are, she probably just thinks “Ah, my life is like a cell phone novel, how lovely!


He doesn’t seem to have even the slightest sense of guilt. There must be some psychological abnormality in his brain.

Comments from Twitter:




Unbelievable. I just don’t get this at all.


I just don’t get the woman’s mindset at all, was she cheating on her boyfriend with this guy before her boyfriend died???


What the hell? I feel so sorry for the boyfriend who died. They’re the lowest of the low (>_<)


Unthinkable. What a bitch.


The criminal’s life is over, but so is the girl’s. I guess I’m the same generation as these two…scary…


It’s ambiguous as to whether it’s a murder or an accident, but this is awful.


Isn’t it possible that a woman who immediately goes out with the guy who killed her boyfriend after he died was an accomplice? I mean, if you’re drifting do it in an open, safe place…


Honestly, I really want this to turn out to be a hoax. Please. I can’t believe that these people fall within the bounds of “human”.

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