Girl Stabs And Kills Man Who Attempted To Rape Her

girl stabs rapist in tokyo after he attacked her while she was jogging

The extraordinary story of a girl who managed to overcome a man attempting to rape her at knife-point has been one of the most talked about stories on the Japanese internet today.

After grabbing the knife and stabbing her attacker, the girl ran to fetch help, but the man, who has not been identified, later died in hospital.

But did the girl act in legitimate self-defense?

From Yahoo! Japan:

Man Who Attacked Girl Dies After She Resisted By Stabbing Him With The Knife He Threatened Her With — Tokyo

At just past 10pm on October 3, a girl in her teens asked a passerby for help on the roadside at Horinouchi in Adachi Ward, Tokyo, saying “I was attacked by a man I don’t know, so I stabbed him and escaped”. A policeman from the Nishi Arai division of the metropolitan police who attended after the man called 110 [emergency number in Japan] discovered a man nearby who was unconscious and losing a large amount of blood from his thigh area. The man was confirmed dead upon his arrival at hospital.

The girl explained: “I seized the opportunity to take the knife from him, stabbed him in the thigh, and escaped”. The police are considering the possibility that this constituted legitimate self defense, and are investigating the series of events in detail.

According to police, when the girl was jogging along the path beside the Arakawa River, a man she had never met suddenly thrust a knife towards her, kissed her, and touched her body. The man then placed the knife on the ground, so the girl was able to take it. She stabbed the man in the thigh and went to get help from a man who was passing nearby.

The identity of the man is not known; however, he appeared to be in his fifties, and was wearing a hat and dark-rimmed glasses. While the police are hurrying to identify the man, they are in line to prosecute that the man died while attempting rape.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


If it’s true then it’s legitimate self defense.


Well she stabbed him in the thigh and not in the chest, so it’s hardly excessive.
Who’d stab someone in the thigh if they wanted to kill them?


If it’s as the article says, then no matter what this would have traumatized the girl.


I think it’s reasonable that this is acknowledged as legitimate self-defense, but I’m worried that she’s going to get PTSD from the memory of the time she was attacked.( ̄◇ ̄;)


She was the victim, and she stabbed him in the thigh, which isn’t a vital spot, so isn’t this within the bounds of self-defense?
When police marksmen shoot, they aim for the leg.
If you shoot someone in the head it’s shooting to kill, but in the thigh it’s self-defence.
You can’t anticipate that someone will die from blood loss if you stab them in the thigh, plus if she hadn’t stabbed him she’d have been raped, so if she’s found guilty over this then Japanese law is fucked up.


If he really did attack the girl, then the fact that she retaliated and he was the one who got stabbed means he deserved it. He should have lived and paid for his crime, but ultimately he brought on his death himself, and he doesn’t have the right to hold a grudge against anyone.
For the man, that’s the end of it, but when they discover his identity, if he has a family and parents then I feel sorry for them. There was no more shameful, bothersome a way to die than this.


The girl ended up stabbing him at the last moment when she thought she’d be stabbed, so no matter how you think about it, it’s self-defense.


Lowest way to die.


Even if
she had had used excessive force,
it’s better than her having these horrible memories of being raped.


Those bastards who attack people with knives are habitual criminals, right?
Didn’t he put the knife down because he’d done this time after time and grown complacent?
Seems like this guy’s got form.

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  • vonskippy

    She stabbed him in the thigh – probably just bad aim from being rushed, next time I’m sure she’ll cut the rapist balls off like she wanted.

  • master chief

    good riddance. rape is bad. let this be a warning to all out there

  • bumfromkorea

    But did the girl act in legitimate self-defense?

    Fucking A, she did! What a traumatic event for the girl, but serious kudos for offing the fucker and getting away safely.

  • Rei Yu Tian

    I despise rapists, they’re lower than murderers in my book.

    She probably stabbed him in the upper thigh near the groin and hit the femoral artery, dude probably bled out in a matter of minutes.

    Regardless, good riddance of this scumbag.

    • Ami

      I will never understand why people say “rapists are worse than murderers”. They’re both horrible deplorable things but why compare them? Rape is terrible, traumatic thing for the victim but murder a victim can’t even come back from. People can be raped and murdered too anyways.

      • Rei Yu Tian

        it’s most often rape first and then murder afterwards, although there have been cases in which the victim was murdered first and then sexed up by the murderer afterwards. Necrophilia, ehhh…

        Regarding your point, I can’t quite explain it, it’s just a personal view, as I said ‘In my book”,

        Well, the best way I can put it is, you can kill a person unintentionally, but you can never rape a person unintentionally.

        Let me know what you think.

        • Guest

          Of course you can rape unintentionally – a girl (or boy) says she is of age of consent (17 in Ireland, 14 in Spain until recently etc.) and it turns out s/he was lying and you’re guilty of statutory rape. We only just recently brought in an honest belief defence to rape.

          Or…as intercourse is regarded as a continuing action, if your partner says stop (thereby withdrawing consent) and you continue for one second longer then it is legally classed as rape. Maybe you didn’t hear him or her? Or thought s/he was kidding? One act of intercourse is all it takes for rape to occur.

          These are just some of the situations where consent is mistakenly believed to be granted and situations where consent cannot be legally granted (not known to the “rapist”). And there is no intention on the part of the “rapist” to commit rape. Since rape is not a crime that is dependent on the intentions of the perpetrator but rather on whether consent exists and was legally granted.

          At least, that is how Irish criminal law deals with the crime of rape.

          • Duh

            You are way too much on the rapists’ side.

          • Guest

            ” Since rape is not a crime that is dependent on the intentions of the perpetrator ” excuse you

        • Alex 355

          FYI murder is always intentional. I think you’re talking about manslaughter.

          • Rei Yu Tian

            You got it right Alex 🙂

      • The Enlightened One

        It’s a male thing. Like( the good ones)we failed to protect the girl from having her innocence/goodness stolen by this disgusting filth.

        Even in prison, if they find out you are a rapist… oh man…

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I see some comments about her aiming for the leg which meant it was self-defense.

    Heck! If she had aimed for his face or chest I would still call it self-defense! She had quite the self-control to ONLY stab the leg!

    • David

      Amen to that!!

    • bumfromkorea

      She was probably panicking and was just stabbing wherever she could reach him. But yes, I agree 100% that it would be self defense if she went for the face or the chest. A teenage girl vs a 50 years old guy who just tried to rape her? There is enough of a reasonable threat established for her to take deadly action.

      Of course, I’m totally speaking from the American perspective. But I find it difficult to think that Japan’s law isn’t any different on this subject.

    • The Enlightened One

      Shouldn’t even be a question of self defence from the authorities. Society tries to teach women to fight back and not be such innocent defenceless lambs. I agree! So when something like this happens… we should praise her and respect her actions… not condemn it at all.

      Rapists need to think twice and realize women won’t put up with that shit anymore and are NOT defenceless. Rapists are cowards… they won’t dare risk it when they think this could be the result.

  • Mighty曹

    Had she stabbed him in his balls would that constitute ‘self defense’?

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Attempting to rape a teenage girl? Yes, it would be self-defense.

  • Claude

    It must be a scarring experience for a teenager to take a life. At the end of the day she’s going to be damaged. As if the attempted rape or rape isn’t damaging enough.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Good on her.

  • Mop

    Wow, really? Attempted rape with a weapon? Fuck him. GG.

  • Winterbitten

    From the posts it seems that most people are under the impression that a knife on the thigh isn’t a big deal. However, for some reason I’ve always been under the impression that getting cut on the thigh is very dangerous because of a large artery being present (at least on the inside). With that in mind, and the general mindset that it’s not a big deal, I imagine it being easy to bleed out while walking to get help

    Am I wrong?

    • Rei Yu Tian

      No you are absolutely right, the inner thigh houses the femoral artery, it is one of the major arteries of the human body. You bleed out in a matter of minutes if you don’t control the bleeding.

    • Remember that episode of Game of Thrones.

  • harvz

    Surprised netziens didn’t blame you know who for this

  • Gaia

    what a shame she didn’t stab him in the chest too. Make sure the scum stays dead.

  • FMN

    Clearly self-defense, the guy is a loser. No sympathy here

  • Meh

    Donate his blood to other rapists waiting trial. Read them their crimes then kill them too. This could actually work in communist nations quick and effective.

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