Hashimoto Gets Bashed On Twitter For Comfort Women Remarks

Hashimoto Toru Twitter scandal comfort women Japan

Hashimoto Toru was recently in hot-water over his remarks about comfort women as being “necessary”, while also encouraging US troops to patronise the sex industry in Okinawa.

The Huffington Post reports that Hashimoto had admitted his remarks might have “lacked international sensitivity”, but many Japanese were extremely offended by Hashimoto’s opinions.

2ch netizens uncovered floods of angry tweets sent to Hashimoto’s Twitter account, showing that his remarks have offended his fellow country-people just as much as they offended the international community, if not more so.

From Itai News:

[Trending on Twitter] “Hashimoto Toru, Make Your Own Daughter A Sex Worker!”

Hashimoto's Twitter account

From Hashimoto Toru’s Twitter Account:

橋下徹 @t_ishin:

It is a fact of life that humans, and men in particular, need some method of relieving their sexual urges. In modern society, these urges are primarily relieved between husband and wife, or between lovers; however, depending on the period, various other methods have existed. The fact is that even in countries other than Japan, the so-called comfort women were adopted as a means of relieving unsatisfied sexual urges.

Responses to Hashimoto:


Would you even stop saying stuff like this if your own daughter became a comfort woman?


Well, now it’s clear that you behave like a gangster’s son. The sex industry is the shelter of gangsters, which you think is just as it should be.
How about sending your daughter to one of the comfort stations for US troops?


I think that Hashimoto and his supporters will offer up their daughters and wives [to be prostitutes]. Because I’m pretty sure they believe that women in one’s family are not humans, but are possessions of the “head of household”. If they’re valued as objects, then they can be handed over at his will.


Hashimoto says “Beginning with Japan, in countries where there is complete freedom of choice in employment, will you deny the sex industry, which is recognised under Japanese law?” So put your daughter as a “prostitute”. Just what we’d expect from the fucking patron saint of Tobita Shinchi.


So is this Hashimoto’s opinion?:”If there’s a war on, women gonna be forced into prostition — whatcha gonna do? Men be all doing their best and fightin’. So at least let’em fuck, it’s better than rape. That’s just how it is”. So, you know, definitely tell your daughter that ヽ(`Д´)ノ


Oi, Hashimoto Toru, you pervert cosplaying fuckwit of a mayor. If your daughter wanted to be a comfort woman, or a prostitute in Tobita red light district, would you let her become one?


First of all, put your bloody daughters out to be comfort women for the US troops in Okinawa or something! Because comfort women are so fucking necessary! And then we’ll talk (*`へ´*) Listen you cunt, if you’re not putting your daughter out to be a prostitute, then stop saying such idiotic things.


Would Hashimoto just say “Oh, go ahead honey, don’t do anything illegal” if own daughter told him she was going to become a sex worker? But I bet if his son came in and said “Oh, I’ve just popped into to a sex shop which is well within the bounds of the law” he’d be OK with that.


I think it’s best if Hashimoto makes his own daughter do it first.


If you are Mr. Hashimoto, mayor of the city of Osaka, then I suppose you might say it’s quite alright for your daughter or your wife to be a comfort woman if it was for the good of a man, for whom sex is absolutely necessary and who has so much excess energy.


Those things that Mayor Hashimoto said yesterday, particularly when I heard the stuff about [comfort women and prostitution] being a way of preventing crime, reminded me of the drama “24”.
When someone’s daughter was about to be raped, the wife came forward instead of her and said “How about me?” Does it make sense that you could be relieved because it wasn’t your daughter??? Was it really consensual for your wife???


Hashimoto just beggars belief, all day long. If his own daughter of her own “free will” chose to work in the sex industry, then would he go along with it and hand her over to the US troops?


If Hashimoto reckons that comfort women are necessary for soldiers who are tired of battle, then how about making his daughter a comfort woman for the exclusive use of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces?
Oh, magnificent daughter, she who has sex for the sake of this great nation! Go forth and have more sex! Harder!
If he saw his own daughter as a comfort woman, would he be able to say these things? Complete and utter fucking bastard.


Ah, Hashimoto (; ̄O ̄) If you’re going to go on saying these things, then send your daughters to be sex workers in Okinawa.
To the US troops whose sexual appetites are unsatisfied!!


If you make your daughter a sex worker in order to prevent crimes by the US army, then we’ll recognise you as a real politician.


Oh, please, feel free to hand over your daughter. Fed up with this “male chauvinism syndrome”. It’s got bugger all to do with something being legal or not.


I wonder what Hashimoto’s daughter, at her age, thinks of having a father like that? I’d love to hear what Hashimoto’s mother, the woman who raised him, thinks about having a son like that. And the feelings of the wife who’s had seven of Hashimoto’s children….


Mayor Hashimoto, looks like another scandal is underway because of your “outlandish remarks”…well…the point is…you should be saying all this after giving over your own wife, daughter, and depending on circumstances maybe even your son w to the Marines! Or something like that w.


Hashi-shitty! You want to campaign for your wife and daughter to be comfort women? You are the scum of humanity!


Nah, I mean, had he only told his wife and daughter, “Listen, as of tomorrow you two will be working in the sex industry, specialising in US troops, as barriers to sex crime under the Japan-U.S. Status-of-Forces Agreement”.

Comments from 2ch.net:


These people who can only judge things based on their emotions are fucked up losers.


What the fuck are these shitty tweets?
The discrimination against sex-industry girls is just awful, and they do such wonderful work too.


Nah, come on, dude is never going to make his daughter be a prostitute.
She’s fugly, it would be too scary w


I mean, prostitutes do it because they want to. Simple as.
What the hell are these tweets even talking about?


Doing something because voluntarily and being forced to do something against your will are completely different things, you incompetent fools.


Childish, disgusting bastards whose tweets are not the kinds of phrases that a person says to another human being.


I guess that these people don’t acknowledge that humans have a sexual appetite.


Hashimoto should take more care with what he says, because otherwise he’s going to be enveloped by weirdos like this.


Why does his daughter, who is not hard up for cash, have to become a prostitute?


These tweets make me sick.
It’s like they’re using his daughter to threaten him.


I hate Hashimoto, but these tweets have got it wrong.
The sex industry is a necessary evil, and that’s why the police overlook it too.
Comfort women are not the problem, they’re a way of regulating it.
Even if they were sold by their parents, for the women themselves it must have been really shocking and they were coerced into it, they didn’t give their consent.
Still, those regulating it had bought the women, and at the time, when human rights were not recognised as they are today, there was probably very little the women could do about it.


The reason that red-light districts were created in postwar Japan was as a strategy against sex crimes by US troops.


Do these people think that sex industry workers are forced into it?
Umm..I think they do it because they know they’ll earn a lot…


They’re at the same level of argument as elementary school kids.


These women do it because they want to, I mean, hostess has even entered into the ranking of what girls want to work as.

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