Japanese Government Responds to North Korean Nuclear Test

North Korea celebrates its third nuclear test. The banner reads: "Warm Congratulations on the Success of the Third Subterranean Nuclear Test".

North Korea celebrates its third nuclear test. The banner reads: “Warm Congratulations on the Success of the Third Subterranean Nuclear Test”.

On the the 12th of February, North Korea carried out another nuclear test in defiance of U.N. resolutions. In Japan, which would be one of the countries in the direct line of fire, the news was especially shocking.

So here are some reactions: first, the government’s reaction described by Reuters, then extracts from the heated debate from Twitter.

From Reuters:

Possibility Of North Korean Nuclear Weapons Test, Prime Minister Abe Says: “We Will Respond By Any Means”

[Tokyo, 12th, Reuters] The government concluded that the earthquake with an epicenter in North Korea observed just before noon on the 12th almost certainly occurred after a nuclear weapons test. An emergency response committee was established in the Prime Minister’s Official Residence to deal with information on the nuclear test by North Korea, and the government is working to establish all the facts as quickly as possible.

From 12:45 am onwards, Prime Minister Shinzō Abe took part in the Security Council of Japan’s intelligence gathering and analysis, instructing the council to respond using any means available to resolve the many pending issues, including specific sanctions.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the earthquake occurred on the morning of February 12 at 11:57:50. The epicentre was located at latitude 41.2, longitude 129.3, with a depth of 0 kilometres, and a magnitude of 5.2.

In an interview on the afternoon of February 12, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide said: “We observed a seismic wave which was probably not caused by a natural earthquake. Based on what we’ve observed in the past, we think it is probable that it was caused by North Korean testing of nuclear weapons”.

On receiving the earthquake report, the government urgently summoned the heads of all ministries affected by the events and reorganized the Information Communication Committee in charge of contacts with North Korea into an emergency response committee to deal with the North Korean nuclear weapons test. Furthermore, a Security Council of Japan meeting was opened at 12:45am to discuss the government’s response.

The location of the most recent test. [Source:BBC

The location of the most recent test. [Source:BBC]

Prime Minister Abe instructed the Security Council to 1) pledge to thoroughly gather and analyse information on trends in North Korea, 2) attempt to reinforce monitoring and cooperation with other countries to verify whether there were radioactive traces of radioactive material following the nuclear tests, 3) respond, with the aid of the international community, using any means available to resolve the many pending issues including specific sanctions against North Korea, and 4) pledge to assure the safety and peace of mind of Japanese citizens by being prepared for any unexpected events.

A United Nations Security Council anonymous diplomatic source stated that “we received a report from Korea (through the United States) that there was indeed a nuclear test”. South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported that the South Korean government had received notice that it was highly probable that a nuclear test had been carried out by North Korea on February 12, and that as the nation which chairs United Nations Security Council meetings in February, South Korea summoned an emergency Security Council meeting at 12:40 GMT (11 pm Japan time).

Quoting a South Korean authority, Yonhap News also reported that North Korea had announced its plans to carry out nuclear testing to the Chinese and American governments on February 11. In an interview a little after 1:30pm on February 12, Chief Cabinet Minister Suga also clearly stated that they had received a report from the United States on February 11, saying that North Korea would conduct another nuclear test before long.

Along with the United States and South Korea, Chief Cabinet Minister Suga has not yet officially confirmed that there was a nuclear bomb test, but he has indicated that official confirmation will not take more than a few days.

Comments from Twitter:


Yea, I think the US will send some aerial bombs soon. RT @ryoko174: even though you said on one hand “I’m against nuclear energy as well as nuclear bomb tests”, what about [when you said] “nuclear weapons are not as dangerous as nuclear energy” “radioactivity does not escape form underground nuclear bomb tests”….

山田のぶゆき ‏さん:

I shudder at the thought! The number of “living-room right-wingers” who ignore the general state of the world and are only afraid of North Korea’s nuclear capacity won’t stop growing, and the hawkish public opinion of #Prime Minister Abe and his wingman Ishihara is growing strength.

愛国ゆい ‏さん:

May cannibalism break out in the hell of hunger which is North Korea! 「 #Parents boil their kids in a pot  」

北斗七星 ‏さん:

The North Korea nuclear bomb test definitely caused way too much of an uproar when there was not even any concrete evidence behind the information.

雪之丞 ‏さん:

Does information on North Korea affect TV rating? In the newspaper and on TV, the news about the North Korea bomb test is all the same. It’s probably natural to blame them on because they broke U.N. ordinances, but a simple test is not a reason to suddenly start a war.

ta.ta. さん:

I’m thinking I might keep my daughter home from nursery school tomorrow.

じゅーだす ‏さん:

Let’s urgently kill the anti-Japan left-wingers hiding under the cover of #anti-nuclear and erase all traces of them before the enthusiasm from the #North Korea nuclear bomb test cools down.

だいすけギア ‏さん:

It’s like Secretary-General of the LDP Ishiba said. North Korea should be designated what America calls a “state that sponsors terrorism” again.

音猫 ‏さん:

Did they scramble together fighter jets from Ibaraki Air Base when they measured radiation in the air?


The leaders’ course of action is important. Things like placing armament before addressing their own citizens’ food issues. But you meet the same type of people who rashly act any which way in all countries though…

八卦仙人@越南国亀仙人 ‏さん:

I think it’s nice somehow though that a small weak nation tries so hard and goes without food so that they can develop their nuclear technology. The fact that they are trying to strongly resist American Imperialism and other big powers is almost like looking at the Japan of old.

もぺ ‏さん:

Putting the tatemae [façade] aside, in the modern day where anti-communism is no longer necessary, I wonder why America and the international community are playing with fire like this [lit. ‘treading on the tiger’s tail’; tora no o wo fumu], when they don’t really care how many North Korean are killed by other North Koreans through bad government, so long as they don’t come out of the northern part of the peninsula which has no resources and is isolated from the international community.

もぺ ‏さん:

When North Korea is able to make nuclear warhead missiles, they’ll be able to bomb the United States = when they become able to start a war, it will be horrible for Japan which will become a war zone

もぺ ‏さん:

The reliability of the Chinese Communist party which can’t control it’s private army or it’s satellite states is really bad

田畑益弘 ‏さん:

The North was just carrying out a standard test, but by carrying it out despite ignoring General Secretary Xi Jinpin’s requests, they laid bare how powerless China actually is. We unquestionably can’t allow military dictatorships with no self-imposed limits which “can’t manage nuclear”.

たけしまーけっと(伊瀬) ‏さん:

We’ve had enough, I think Japan should just join with other countries and assail North Korea from all four sides.

ホッケー少年 さん:

Isn’t now more than ever the time for Anti-Nuclear groups to get to work?

田畑益弘 ‏さん:

Who far does the North feel like recklessly? Until they go down the path of destruction.

へから夫人 ‏さん:

What are the government’s opinions on whether it is safe to let our kids out or not???? This is what I wanna know….

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  • Justin_kBANG

    Who far does the North feel like recklessly? Until they go down the path of destruction. <– this 2nd last comment is off Mika :p

  • TSDown

    Oh my god, not North Korea! We are all doomed! Who knows what crazy things the North Koreans are up to. Perhaps they are trying to turn people into zombies so there will be more food to distribute. Wait – maybe they are trying to blow up the center of the earth and take everyone with them! We cannot allow that to happen!

    Let us stop them by sending in drones in the middle of the night. Have you seen North Korea at night from space? There is only one tiny area with actual light in the entire country! They are just screaming to be hit with something!

    We must act now! I mean, it’s not like we can sanction or starve them any more than they already are even if they did launch a nuclear missile. I’m sure every member of the U.N. are just itching to get in there!

    For freedom! For justice!

    • YourSupremeCommander

      “We must act now!” – LOL, you go first tough guy.

      • carmouflagger


      • Hongwu Emperor

        heh ;D

    • Brett

      I don’t think anyone realized that you were being satirical… At least, I hope that was a joke. I’ll upvote this.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Sure, yeah… north korea will transform people into zombies… whats next? rap* some major ass with a massive gundam-style robot of Kim jong un over NY?

  • hun

    This is why America wanted to stop communism.

    • carmouflagger

      Exactly, because only communist countries build nukes.. Fucking commies!

      • chucky3176

        Change the “communists” to North Korea and China. North Korea is just a pest. China on the other hand, is super menace to the world.


        • carmouflagger

          You seem too really hate China. Doesn’t change the fact that China is more important to the world (yes i know they don’t make porn) than your country (where ever it is you’re from) 😀

          • ChuckRamone

            China is more important to the world but the world deals with China grudgingly. No one in their right mind thinks the Chinese government is a good one.

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            Who the heck makes deals with governments anymore? It’s corporations that are the money makers. And if you look at it from a business standpoint, the Chinese business men are great. They know what they’re doing.

            Course if you look at it from any other standpoint, you’ll see them the same way you see any other company around the world: Amoral, money-grubbing leeches.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Totally agreed, mongolian!!

          • linette lee

            No one in the world should hate China except the Chinese. Chinese people are the only people should be hating China gov’t.

            I don’t know why the other non Chinese people are bxtching about china hating china. It’s not like they are the one living under china gov’t. The way china treats their own people and how corrupt it is it’s sad.

      • hun

        It’s about an impoverished country like North Korea building nukes instead of improving their economy while threatening their blood relatives on the other side when they’re the ones giving them money in the first place. Other countries makes nukes too but for a country that doesn’t even recognize international laws, it makes them very dangerous to their neighbors. Regarding nukes, imo, id rather have USA with nukes than China or NK.

        • carmouflagger

          I’m gonna sound a bit crazy now but i’m glad China (not NK, fuck NK) & Russia has those things. Lets not forget what happened when only the US had nukes.

          • hun

            Yeah, the two nukes were horrible but then again it stopped Japan’s aggression against the east/US which they could’ve done even more dmg than they already done and weakenned Germany at the same time. Of course the Japanese civilians had the short end of the stick but compared to what the Japanese military could have accomplished i think the nukes were pretty miniscule, damage wise that is. Humanitarily it was fucked up but i don’t think any us citizen today would authorize the states for nukes again, ever.

          • linette lee

            I think back then Japan didn’t surrender quick enough because they weren’t too sure what atomic bomb was. Now all countries understand the effect of abomb and the after math what it does to the environment and radiation, they are more cautious not to mess around with it.

          • linette lee

            USA is the only country to have used an atomic bomb in war. Two. I am sure USA learned its lesson and will never use it again. The world does not need nuclear weapons.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Because they created the nuke and are afraid of ‘competition’??
      tough guy move there… oooooOOOO, the earth is shaking right now lol.

  • dim mak

    >All those leftist comments

    Either way it’s nothing to worry about
    Even if they do get nukes, NK can’t saturate
    I doubt they can even launch more than 5 rockets at a time
    Which shouldn’t be a problem for Japan’s seaborne or land based interception system

    It’s when there’s a million MIRVs raining down on you, then you got a real problem

    • Rutim

      After all Japanese *might* have already made an a-boom in Korea in 1945 😉

      • carmouflagger

        So i heard.. those sneaky mofos!

    • linette lee

      Even after launching those rockets will explode in mid air and miss the targets completely. What a joke. Just like that rocket launch failure they’ve been testing.

      • chucky3176

        Or, even more funnier, their missiles take the wrong turn and splash down smack right into their loyal ally’s city, Beijing instead. North Korea, China, two of the same kind – both fucked up, no freedom, and no democracy.
        If there’s a god in this world, both of their governments would burn in hell.

        • linette lee

          yawn…I am so tired of chatting bxllshit with pussy hiding behind the computer without a photo talking like he is the man with balls. A south korean hiding behind a computer talking shxt about China all day long.

          • chucky3176

            It is true that North Korea is China’s best friend and ally. I really don’t see any difference in their lack of human decency.

          • linette lee

            and you are really that childish believing there is such thing called “friendship” between two countries? Ally??? Each country cares most about their own economy and safety. China is feeding the NK to keep them from acting crazy against the Chinese at the nk china border. The minute NK becomes a threat to China china won’t hesitate to nuke it. Most chinese on chinese internet don’t believe China has control or influence over NK. NK is crazy.

            Why your south korea gov’t don’t take military action to invade NK and take over? What are they waiting for? You folks have USA military weapons. Go ask your gov’t . lol

          • chucky3176

            And that’s why I say two of a kind, North Korea and China – both selfish cunts acting out for their own self survival at the expense of the innocent people.

            According to Chinese saying about China and North Korea, “Lips and teeth” remember? Your own government says what I’m saying.

          • jcyin

            Really… If your government had any human decency you would just remove your landmines on the DMZ and let in all the North Korean refugees. Hmm wonder why you don’t do that, lack of human decency maybe?

          • Isaac

            Yes, remove the landmines. Give the Norks more opportunity to invade. Genius. lol

          • linette lee

            That is just the risk SK has to take. Shoot a few thousands nK soidiers and let in 300,000 innocent Nk refugees running across Sk/nk border. Why not? That’s a good deal. Why? The sk gov’t is afraid of confrontation with the NK?

          • chucky3176

            Why doesn’t China allow people fleeing NK to come to South Korea without fearing arrest and deportation back to North Korea?

            What’s the problem?

            If China did this, NK will collapse in matter of months.

          • Ruaraidh

            You answered your own question. China doesn’t want North Korea to collapse. If they just turned their backs on it, the whole political system would probably collapse within a couple of months.

          • Brett

            The landmines aren’t to keep out civilians. All North Korean civilians are welcome to South Korea. Use your brain dude.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Yeah, both fucked up, just like the place YOU live in, chucky…

      • dim mak

        boys and girls
        let’s all get along

      • Hongwu Emperor

        That would not be a good thing, nuclear fallout is possible, and that could happen well over a SK city or even Seoul…

      • Hongwu Emperor

        Or Japan can experience the most huge nuclear fallout since the Americans paid a visit!!
        See whats bad about nuclear warfare? in the end there is no winner.

  • Kate

    The soldier closest to camera is cute ^_^

    • Justin_kBANG

      o kate :-p

      • Kate

        But I don’t think the date would go well

        Me “Hey you’re cute!”
        Cute NK Soldier “Die American pig!” **shoot**

        Oh well, ill just have to stick to SK men ^_^♥♥♥♥♥♥

        • chucky3176

          He’s probably a five foot two malnourished midget (about the average height of North Korean soldiers) from Chongjin. He may not even come up to your eye level.

          • Kate

            Probably, I’m only 162 cm, but with 6 inch heels I’m 177 cm, he has to be able to be the same height or taller if I wear heels or otherwise I feel manly and big. This is a cute NK soldier too 🙂 ♥♥♥ men in uniform!

          • Hongwu Emperor

            That’s some rather bias against short people xD
            People, mainly westerners say that until the norkies come and dissecate the tall foreign soldier motherf**** alive with a korean sword trolollol

            oops, we’re in 21st century so no swords right?? awwwww =[
            I’m sad now lol

    • mr.wiener

      Some people just look good in hats I guess.

  • chucky3176

    Most of the world’s press focuses on North Korea’s nuclear weapons. But the real story that the world’s press should really be focusing on, is the gross human tragedy that’s going on in North Korea. It’s another human genocide in the level of the Jewish Holocaust. But nobody seems care about the suffering North Korean people. It’s always only the nuclear issue that gets raised. It’s really sickening, really.

    • linette lee

      If China stop supplying foods and energy supply to NK, you think kim family will surrender? I can only imagine it will be worst for the NK people. The NK soldiers will use anything that’s edible as food including people. Half of the population will be in danger being eaten because of food shortage. The other half will continue to breed. Don’t you hear stories they eat people? The kim family won’t give up their power no matter what. Look at China. You think the corrupt chinese officials will step down without being forced? Some one will have to take military action and invade Nk and take down this evil regime.

      Or leave it alone and pray the next kim leader is a better person and liberate NK.
      Maybe this is a better way.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        If every story we hear we take as truth… bring back the Inquisition damn it!

        And leaving things without military action or violence can be better for BOTH koreas, unless people want Seoul becoming a pile of rubble also.

        Preserve peace by [obivously, duh!] preventing war

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