Japanese Schoolgirl Arrested For Radish-Related Robbery

Japanese schoolgirl arrested for breaking into an elementary school, as well as stealing 100 daikon.

As our regular readers will know, japanCRUSH loves a good daikon-related story. And so do Japanese netizens.

Last December, a girl in the third grade of middle-school, who is just fourteen years old, got into some trouble, for which she has just been arrested.

Although she also broke into an elementary school and kindergarten, netizens are more concerned with the fact that she also stole 100 daikon radishes, and then lay them out on the road to watch cars running over them.

While some commenters think the girl is a budding experimentalist, others were highly critical of a child wasting food.

What do you think? Was she doing it for teenage kicks? Or do her parents need to take responsibility for her bratty behaviour?

From News 24:

3rd Year Middle-School Girl Arrested in Suzuka City On Suspicion Of Theft

On April 22, police arrested a schoolgirl (14) in the third year of middle-school at a a public middle-school on suspicion of theft and damage to property in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, in relation to an incident in the city in December last year, where windows had been broken in an elementary school, and daikon radishes had been stolen from a private home. According to the police investigation, between 5pm on December 6 and 7:30pm on December 7, the schoolgirl, along with two high school boys who were her friends, is said to have smashed windows to break into an elementary school and kindergarten within Suzuka city and stolen trophies and blue flashing lights, as well as stealing 100 daikon that were hung on a block wall of a private home in Wakamastu, also in Suzuka. The girl had lined up several of the stolen daikon radishes on the road, and had enjoyed listening to the sound made when cars ran over the daikon and the looking at the way they changed shape. She admitted responsibility, saying, “I just did it for kicks”.

Comments from 2ch.net:


A moment of silence for those daikon…


A study in rheology, surely?


I thought, ah, come on, it’s only a daikon but then it turned out to be 100 of them wwwwwwwww
And what’s more she broke windows and stole stuff wwwwwwwww


Schoolgirl: “These daikon are the people…and the cars that run over them are the state, society. Do you understand?”
Schoolboy: “Yes”.


What the hell was she gonna do with trophies from a kindergarten?


I wondered if this wasn’t a school girl who was into science and who loved experiments, but then she was probably just a yanki (´・ω・`)


Hmm, a healthy and intelligent curiosity.


Another splendid crime.


Give her a few years and I wonder if she’ll be enjoying watching how the shape of men’s “radishes” change..


There are so many more fun things to do than that…

Comments from Twitter:


What was stolen was daikon, trophies, and then blue flashing lights — what a mysterious combination. Kinda feels like that’s no ordinary girl.

M Suzuki:

But daikon are so delicious when they’re boiled down with some pork…has she never cooked that?


If you only look at the title of the article, it seems like it could be some really avant-guard art.


Yes, yes, castration, castration, penis envy, penis envy.

[email protected]職場内ニート:

This is the kind of seriously worrying level where before you think “Oh she’s just an idiot” you wonder whether she had some kind of issue.


The thefts are bad, but DON’T WASTE FOOD! The parents of this fool need to take responsibility and discipline her!


So was the daikon I saw fallen on the road a while back this?


So this girl nicked 100 daikon~? I’ve actually been out in the fields gathering daikon before, and I can tell you that to pull up a few tens of them and carry them is pretty difficult.


At first I thought “what the fuck is this about” but when I thought about it more, I realised that there were probably loads of “little shits” like this back in the day, too.

Sir Oakum.A.Amott:

I reckon this girl probably isn’t bad to the bone. I want her to start over again.

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