Japanese Women Won’t Marry Low-Income Earners, Reveals Poll


A recent poll on online news portal MyNavi News illustrated a candid look at its users’ definitions of the types of people they do not want to marry. The poll, which was open to both men and women, was completed by 905 MyNavi users in total. The women’s portion was reposted on the popular image board Hamusoku and subsequently began trending.

The example responses from women that MyNavi posted became controversial for portraying themselves and, in effect, all women as materialistic. Perhaps the most outlandish response was one by a 69 year old who said she would not wed a man who has a low salary. Hamusoku commenters honed in on her age and the apparent absurdity of her complaint about potential husbands.

As mentioned above, there was a men’s version as well. However, very few people decided to comment on it, as this particular group of Hamusoku users were predominantly male.

From MyNavi News:

What Is It About People You Think You Wouldn’t Marry?


Even when you feel like you’ve met that special someone and you’re going to get married someday…..you’re also likely to feel anxious about your future with them as if you’ve said or done something impulsive.

Study Period: 2012/11/28 – 2012/12/10
Target Audience: MyNavi News members
Responders: 905 (according to web logins)

I Don’t Want To Marry This Kind Of Guy! Women’s Version

・’One that has a NEET for a brother. I don’t want to get wrapped up in his family’s financial troubles.’ (Age 32)

・’Low-income earners. I can’t talk to someone who doesn’t have money.’ (Age 69)

・’Someone who is picky about my cooking. Even though I’d be married to him, I’d be nitpicked every day.’ (Age 25)

・’Men who are egotistical, only talk about themselves, and aren’t interested in hearing other people’s stories.’ (Age 30)

・’Guys who just keep to themselves.’ (Age 23)

・’Ones with Oedipus complexes. I can’t handle mother’s butting in all the time anymore.’ (Age 29)

・’Narcissists. It’s such a pain to be together because they can only see themselves.’ (Age 29)

・Bad kissers. (Age 26)

・Guys that earn less than me. Money is really important. If I think about raising kids, I’ll get anxious about the future.’ (Age 25)

・’Men who litter and smoke on the street.’ (Age 34)

・’Ones without potential for the future. If a man says he wants to open up a restaurant despite not having any real experience, I don’t think I can marry him.’ (Age 34)

・’One guy scolded me for leaving my shoes strewn about my apartment. It’s awful to be with someone who is particular about every little thing.’ (Age 29)

・’I can’t be with men who want to control me.’ (Age 32)

Other than the fact that there were many women who decided they couldn’t marry someone the moment they had doubts about money or the future, there were also many women of the opinion that love runs dry when a man litters or smokes while walking. There were also a few comments about interference from mothers here and there, like: ‘I hate it when his mom is weirdly looking on me like I’m some kind of hostile threat.’ (Age 30)

Comments from Hamusoku:


‘(Age 69)’ stuck out so much that I can’t see anything else.


I give up…


Age 69 wwwwwwwwww


‘One guy scolded me for leaving my shoes strewn about my apartment. It’s awful to be with someone who is particular about every little thing.’
Seems like she had a bad upbringing.


69…..go ahead and cry (´・ω・`)


‘Someone who is picky about my cooking. Even though I’d be married to him, I’d be nitpicked every day.’

I can think of no excuse but her food must be terrible.


The one that’s 69 is a mom!?


Shut the hell up. What’s with all these condescending attitudes?


The excuses of fujyoushi that can’t find a husband.


Though there are many reasons why they wouldn’t want to marry a guy, it seems anyone will do if they’re rich?


You really ought to find out if his brother is a NEET. Their parents will try to hide his existence as much as they can.


So, in other words, they’re looking for a guy that’s rich, has freedom, has some skills, and doesn’t complain ※


69www Isn’t she a full-fledged pensioner?


Going on about money, don’t they notice that both the husband and the wife should work? How long are Japanese women going to depend on their men?

Both of my parents worked to raise my brother and I.

At the very least, they are the kind of parents who receive the gratitude from their son.


I want to believe that ’69’ is a typo.


Isn’t the 69 year old speaking as someone with experience?


Is this the meetup place for low-income NEET slobs who can’t get married?


Gotta get a job to help out my bro…


Guess I can’t get married because a lot of these fit me to a T.

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  • Um, duh?

  • linette lee

    For a woman to marry down she’s better off staying single.

    • Justin_kBANG


      • linette lee

        Because he can’t financially provide for her like the way she can provide for herself. She will have to change her life style and move down in social ranking and she will be miserable for the rest of the marriage.

        Unless she is someone like paris hilton born into a rich family and never worry about making a living and just spend her parents money all day long. Paris hilton doesn’t mind her husband is a bum with no income.
        Most working women however want their husbands to be at least equal or better in social ranking and income.

        • rollin wit 9’s

          So let me understand you correctly: You’re saying that it’s the man’s responsibility to be ‘better’ than the female. To do better economically, be smarter and make sure he is a provider. ???

          If a women can go to school, get a degree, work and earn a living the same as a man, she can not complain about earning less than her male counterparts bottom line, as she was afforded the same opportunities as the male. It’s not sports where physical ability gives the male an advantage over many females.
          Resumes, interviews, jobs and job experience are open to all willing participants. Don’t complain if you get left behind.
          my 2cents linny. what do u say?

          • linette lee

            Understand what these Japanese women are saying. They are saying they don’t want to marry men without financial security.

            This is coming from women who have jobs and income(I do believe these women work) These women don’t expect to live off from their husbands but they expect their husbands to have some kind of financial security in order for her to settle down and have kids.

            As for my own opinion, it’s very hard for working women to marry down. It will be a harder life and hard on the marriage. Many working women are not looking for rich men, they are just looking for men who’s their equal or maybe a bit better in terms of income and social ranking. Like I will not move myself to some poor country to marry to a man in the rural area making usa$2 an hour. Majority of the working women won’t do that or have kids with men like that.

          • Those women may work, but it’s not uncommon for women to resign to become a full-fledge housewife and honestly, it’s hard these days anywhere for a male’s income alone to support a household. So women need to be working almost as much as the guy. As I’ve seen some comments and articles around, more and more Japanese men would like to be with a woman who will still work after marriage. Households ain’t cheap and everything is becoming more and more expensive and men aren’t just making money like many of these demanding women think they are. As it seems, many are also tempt workers since it’s not easy to get a permanent job so… I dunno, this isn’t the 80s-90s anymore and some of these women need to wake up and learn how to contribute too. I’m sure men also want security and not feel like, in the end, all the responsibility and consequences ends up on him. Last time I checked, marriage definitely took 2 people to make it work.

            A woman would be lucky to meet a guy who have those ‘3 highs.’ Jobs ain’t easy to get and obtain… and just reading that Korean article on college tuition, wouldn’t be surprised if many Japanese males (and people globally) have crazy loans that seem impossible to pay off because it’s hard to get a job yet they went to college to have a ‘secure future.’

    • Ali

      oh my the double standards. women shouldn’t complain about their tendancies for lower wages, then.

      • linette lee

        That’s a women’s rights issue. Same job same job description same hours same pay.

    • TrickyNishidake

      I’d like to take it one step further. As men are starting to make less and less, we should actually just kill off all the low wage earners have more women compete for less men.

      That would also have the benefit of making all the unattractive women unable to breed until human beings are distilled into a race of attractive and wealthy individuals.

      • linette lee

        ……….low wage earners have more women compete for less men…………..

        But isn’t that’s what’s happening in major cities like tokyo japan? The japanese women they have demands. They work and have their own income and don’t want to marry men with no job or money. That may be the reason why such low birth rate.

        ………….unattractive women unable to breed until human beings are distilled into a race………….

        That will never happen. There is this thing called plastic surgery. Even unattractive women can get a new head and body to look like goddess.

        • Zappa Frank

          around the word i can see a lot of unattractive women married and happy, and on the same time a lot of beautiful women with high demand that end up only in a miserable life as mistress…(if lucky).. without dignity and giving up all their self-pride for a bmw. When women get old their beauty ends, what does it remain? a family or a lonely life?

          • linette lee

            Working women with high demand when marry down they are extremely miserable. Divorce rate will be high. Those women better off staying single.

            Gold diggers only care about money and not marriage. Their goal is to marry rich men or be their mistresses so they don’t have to work for life. They will use their beauty and tricks to milk the rich men all their money for condos, expensive cars, and retirement funds.

        • TrickyNishidake

          Actually, I was being serious. I agree with you. I’d just rather actually start with a culling instead of just talking about rejection.

          • Dr Sun

            From what I’ve read 1 out of every 10 Japanese women have worked in JAV , how do they marry down from that ?

    • Isn’t it the reason why some radical feminists claim that marriage is the form of prostitution?

  • god

    so thats why there are so many single mothers

  • TSDown

    “I don’t want to be married to this kind of guy!” – should be made into a reverse-harem comedy for Japanese animation. On a more serious note, studies say there is a strong correlation between a nation’s birthrate and women’s education. It seems to imply that educating men will not have the same influence. If education is the path to success and success is the measure of wealth…

    Wealth, if not linked to tangible resources and are instead tied to wages, which is created by profit and taxation, then would it not be a slow, downward spiral since, as a result of higher awareness among women, there will be less people to consume goods, purchase services and tax? Does that mean education is just another path to self-destruction?

    Or maybe Jurassic Park was right. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat man. Women inherit the earth?

  • Because every dude out there is pooping out money…. Pffft, maybe dudes don’t wanna marry low income earners either. Goes both ways.

    • hun

      basically women want a guy better than them in everything but looking at the guys perspective how attractive would that be for the guys who don’t want a dumber chick, less income, etc.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    You can say this pretty much for most women in the world.

  • Cleo

    wouldn’t having separately owned apartments with a shared wall solve many of these concerns? or is this solution too Marie Antoinette?

  • To my defense as a man I wouldn’t want to marry a high maintenance woman either.

  • Reila90

    Capitalism works even in love!

  • Relivash

    High maintenance women are usually the ones dumped first anyways. Unless they coerce you with some child they claim to be yours

  • monmon

    Okay, although it’s mostly because girls have a hard time balancing work and being a housewife and having a baby in Japan. Moms are often fired…

    So in many ways it’s concern for surviving… I live in Europe now so I don’t care so much.

  • “・Bad kissers. (Age 26)”

    I’ve seen ‘footage’ revealing Japanese to be the worst(scariest) kissers on Earth. You know exactly what I’m talking about 😉

  • TheTruth

    since most of the women nowadays just can’t accept a man for who he is, they stink anyway.

    • Hahaha

      I love your comment because it doesn’t put the half of the population living on earth in the same bag. You don’t generalize their behaviour according to the stereotyped women you can see in hollywood films. Very clever comment. Thank you.

  • Tom Londoner

    Can I ask if woman would rather have a lousy rich guy who they do not love or a nice poor guy who they love?

    • ha

      Not all the women are the same. Therefore one woman might think one thing, and another totally the contrary. Therefore one woman can not speak for all the women all over the world so if you evver encounter a woman replying with one answer, you should remember that women are also human beings with individual minds and that the 3billions women on earth don’t share the same and only brain.
      It would be like asking : Would guys rather date a really really ugly and fat but kind girl, or a super slim, tall model-ish girl who’s mean ? It gives a bad image of both men and women. Bad question.

  • Amonwolfshade

    No offense to women, but you can’t base your entire future purely on money. Money does not guarantee security. If you are truly concerned with the welfare of your family then get a job yourself and don’t even think one single bit about marrying up or down. Just be sure the man will help take care of things as well as he can. If you concern yourself with whether he is higher class or lower class then you aren’t worth his time as it is.

  • lwilliamsxx96

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  • tahir nawaz

    i am tahir nawaz from lahore. i want to marry with japnees girls. i am 26 year old.

    • What a coincidence. I just so happen to be a Japnees girl looking to marry a 26-year-old Pakistani man I’ve never met or seen before. We can get married next Tuesday at the Ahlulbayt Islamic Center in Tokyo, but it has to be after 11:30 because I have a dentist appointment.

  • DOPE

    In Japan sex for money isn’t considered cheating. That’s why they date high income jocks. They get favors out of that money too, like beauty enhancements, a leg up in academics or career etc.. Also their idea of marriage revolves around raising children, so spouses can be free to date on the side lines. It’s like having a cheese burger combo, then going out for sushi. This would also exaplain why birth rates in Japan are going down and their elderly population is rising. Demographically this is fucked up, the male vegan society is starting to go pro-robo.

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