Japanese Women Won’t Marry Low-Income Earners, Reveals Poll


A recent poll on online news portal MyNavi News illustrated a candid look at its users’ definitions of the types of people they do not want to marry. The poll, which was open to both men and women, was completed by 905 MyNavi users in total. The women’s portion was reposted on the popular image board Hamusoku and subsequently began trending.

The example responses from women that MyNavi posted became controversial for portraying themselves and, in effect, all women as materialistic. Perhaps the most outlandish response was one by a 69 year old who said she would not wed a man who has a low salary. Hamusoku commenters honed in on her age and the apparent absurdity of her complaint about potential husbands.

As mentioned above, there was a men’s version as well. However, very few people decided to comment on it, as this particular group of Hamusoku users were predominantly male.

From MyNavi News:

What Is It About People You Think You Wouldn’t Marry?


Even when you feel like you’ve met that special someone and you’re going to get married someday…..you’re also likely to feel anxious about your future with them as if you’ve said or done something impulsive.

Study Period: 2012/11/28 – 2012/12/10
Target Audience: MyNavi News members
Responders: 905 (according to web logins)

I Don’t Want To Marry This Kind Of Guy! Women’s Version

・’One that has a NEET for a brother. I don’t want to get wrapped up in his family’s financial troubles.’ (Age 32)

・’Low-income earners. I can’t talk to someone who doesn’t have money.’ (Age 69)

・’Someone who is picky about my cooking. Even though I’d be married to him, I’d be nitpicked every day.’ (Age 25)

・’Men who are egotistical, only talk about themselves, and aren’t interested in hearing other people’s stories.’ (Age 30)

・’Guys who just keep to themselves.’ (Age 23)

・’Ones with Oedipus complexes. I can’t handle mother’s butting in all the time anymore.’ (Age 29)

・’Narcissists. It’s such a pain to be together because they can only see themselves.’ (Age 29)

・Bad kissers. (Age 26)

・Guys that earn less than me. Money is really important. If I think about raising kids, I’ll get anxious about the future.’ (Age 25)

・’Men who litter and smoke on the street.’ (Age 34)

・’Ones without potential for the future. If a man says he wants to open up a restaurant despite not having any real experience, I don’t think I can marry him.’ (Age 34)

・’One guy scolded me for leaving my shoes strewn about my apartment. It’s awful to be with someone who is particular about every little thing.’ (Age 29)

・’I can’t be with men who want to control me.’ (Age 32)

Other than the fact that there were many women who decided they couldn’t marry someone the moment they had doubts about money or the future, there were also many women of the opinion that love runs dry when a man litters or smokes while walking. There were also a few comments about interference from mothers here and there, like: ‘I hate it when his mom is weirdly looking on me like I’m some kind of hostile threat.’ (Age 30)

Comments from Hamusoku:


‘(Age 69)’ stuck out so much that I can’t see anything else.


I give up…


Age 69 wwwwwwwwww


‘One guy scolded me for leaving my shoes strewn about my apartment. It’s awful to be with someone who is particular about every little thing.’
Seems like she had a bad upbringing.


69…..go ahead and cry (´・ω・`)


‘Someone who is picky about my cooking. Even though I’d be married to him, I’d be nitpicked every day.’

I can think of no excuse but her food must be terrible.


The one that’s 69 is a mom!?


Shut the hell up. What’s with all these condescending attitudes?


The excuses of fujyoushi that can’t find a husband.


Though there are many reasons why they wouldn’t want to marry a guy, it seems anyone will do if they’re rich?


You really ought to find out if his brother is a NEET. Their parents will try to hide his existence as much as they can.


So, in other words, they’re looking for a guy that’s rich, has freedom, has some skills, and doesn’t complain ※


69www Isn’t she a full-fledged pensioner?


Going on about money, don’t they notice that both the husband and the wife should work? How long are Japanese women going to depend on their men?

Both of my parents worked to raise my brother and I.

At the very least, they are the kind of parents who receive the gratitude from their son.


I want to believe that ’69’ is a typo.


Isn’t the 69 year old speaking as someone with experience?


Is this the meetup place for low-income NEET slobs who can’t get married?


Gotta get a job to help out my bro…


Guess I can’t get married because a lot of these fit me to a T.

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