Japan’s Hostesses Reveal Bad Behavior Of Chinese Customers

Chinese sex tourism in Japan gets out of hand at hostess clubs

When gossip magazine News Post Seven published an article about the bad behaviour of Chinese men in Japanese hostess clubs, it quickly became the most read magazine article on Yahoo! Japan.

As tweets about the article poured in, while some reactions showed anti-Chinese sentiment, many of the tweets pointed out that this was more to do with sudden wealth than nationality, and that the men’s behaviour in the hostess clubs was reminiscent of how some Japanese tourists had behaved abroad during the bubble economy.

From News Post Seven:

Chinese Man Tells Japanese Hostess “If You Put This 10,000 Yen Note Between Your Butt Cheeks, I’ll Let You Keep It”.

Chinese sex tourism in Japan gets out of hand at hostess clubs

Recently the number of Chinese tourists who visit Japanese red-light districts and behave outrageously has increased, as has the trouble in hostess clubs. A hostess from a club in Shinjuku, Tokyo, tells us more, with a stunned expression on her face.

“An older Chinese man came to the club alone, suddenly took my hand and tried to lead me outside. When I refused, he said ‘How much?’, and took out his wallet. Though I explained to him that it wasn’t that kind of club, he just didn’t get it”.

This may be because it’s OK to take home just about any of the girls in “KTVs”, which are hostess clubs in China. Therefore, a lot of Chinese men misunderstand the situation.

Chinese men don’t care whether or not the girl is reluctant, and they’ll touch their bodies regardless. To them it’s quite reasonable to put their hands inside a hostess’ dress, touch her breasts and her lower half, or kiss her against her will. Another hostess tells us about this kind of experience.

“A group of 3 Chinese customers took up a VIP room, and scattered a lot of 10,000 yen notes on the floor. Then, they said “Get naked, and if you can pick one of these ten thousand yen notes up between your butt cheeks, you can take it home with you”. Several of the hostesses were angered by this and they left, but still the manager told us “Just try and put up with it”, so some of us stayed and participated. And of course we were glad that they paid for more than 4 bottles of Dom Perignon in the space of 2 hours.”

Apparently this is a game played by the wealthy in Chinese KTVs; however in Japan it is a nuisance. But that night, it didn’t end there. Letting their money do the talking, the men took some hostesses back to a high-class hotel in Tokyo. Then, while there they custom-ordered “nyotaimori” [eating sushi from a naked woman’s body], and banqueted on sushi and sashimi.

Comments from Twitter:

SuperWangbadan (超級王八蛋):

They’re just like the nouveau rich from the Taisho period in Japan. People that got rich back then did similar things. But what were the consequences? If you look at history, you’ll see…


They’re a race that shouldn’t be allowed out of their own country.


Go back to China!


(Some) Japanese people who went abroad never did such things, did they…?

genkitoshio (としお):

If I was a hostess, I reckon that the moment the 10,000 yen bills were dropped my ass would have split into 3.

Godhand_wk (迅雷風烈の鷹):

Nouveau rich Chinese are just getting carried away. The sun of Japan will rise again. And when it does, we’ll trample on everything you have.

gouf_MS07B_gouf (強化新型グフ):

This is a bad corner of one section of this society. It’s not just limited Chinese people!

heeroo22 (heeroo 絶賛ニート中):

Honestly. Japanese people were doing the same kind of things abroad years ago! w RT @okki_chang: Umm, this is no different from Japan during the bubble era.

okki_chang (オッキー(ちゃーん)):

Umm, this is no different from Japan during the bubble era.

totomame (totomame)

Ah, this sucks. Isn’t it precisely this that is a violation of women’s human rights?

望野 和美:

I’ll say this with no fear of being misunderstood. When Chinese people have money, no good will come of it. There are so many people who have no manners. This week, for the first time in a while, as I was arriving for work, I came out of the Matsuya exit at Ginza subway station, and !? there were old women sitting, barefoot, in a line outside the Matsuya store window. Just like when sparrows sit on electricity wires. And this was at Ginza…


I guess that porn actresses do their jobs with a certain professionalism, whereas porn actors just want to have sex. Men who go to hostess bars think in the same way.


There are the same sort of dickheads in Japan too though. A friend of mine who is a hostess makes more than 40,000,000 [$387,634] a year, so if something like this happened to her, I guess she’d just laugh at them.


People often say that Japanese people would never do this kind of thing abroad. Have they forgotten about sex tourism? It wasn’t really the current generation, though.

tdfab (Phantom):

Not sure how true this story is, but they shouldn’t let chinks into the country anyway.

9sei (kyuusei nakano):

I think this is awful, but isn’t it better than what the US troops do? (;^ω^)

abeno_osaka (さとやん( ̄∀ ̄)):

The only thing we’ve gained from idiotnomics [Abenomics] are these bastards.

kaidou_ataru (カイドウ アタル):

If they didn’t like it, they should have refused to do it, and reported it to the police.

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