Korea Outraged By Japan’s ‘Takeshima Day’ Celebrations

Japan celebrates Takeshima day on February 22.

An online poster for ‘Takeshima Day’ which reads ‘Takeshima is Japanese Territory’ [right] and ‘February 22 is Takeshima Day’ [left].

The Japanese government has angered Korea over its official endorsement of ‘Takeshima Day’ (February 22), on which ceremonies were held celebrating the disputed territory of the Liancourt Rocks (‘Takeshima’ in Japanese; ‘Dokdo’ in Korea) as Japanese territory.

The Korean government reacted angrily to the news that the Japanese government would send ministerial aids to the celebrations in Shimane Prefecture, while Korean citizens took to the streets of Seoul to protest.

Netizen responses are typically dismissive of Korean anger at ‘Takeshima Day’, with many blaming it on the peculiarly Korean psychological state of Hwabyeong


Korea Anger at ‘Takeshima Day’, Government Issues Warning, Citizens Cut Hair in Protest, Reports Chinese Media

The Chinese state media outlet China Radio International reported that there had been strong voices of discontent at the fact that senior Japanese government officials had attended a ceremony to mark ‘Takeshima Day’, which was held in Japan on February 22.

The article stated that when it was conveyed that the Japanese government would send a cabinet ministerial aid to attend a ‘Takeshima Day’ ceremony, ‘the act angered Korea’.

Cho Taeyeon, press secretary at the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said at a press conference on February 22 that, ‘This is deplorable’, and warned that ‘if a central government bureaucrat attends the ceremony, then we will take appropriate measures.’

Furthermore, the article stated that ‘Even at a grassroots level, various activities had been held in Korea to call attention to the sovereignty of Dokdo’ and reported that that 323 university students who were members of the ‘Dokdo Academy’ went to Dokdo on the afternoon of February 21 and read aloud a resolution demanding the cancellation of the ceremonies in Japan, while members of the ‘Alliance of the Korean Patriotic Citizens’ Movement’ had carried out protests in Seoul on the morning of the same day, with those responsible demonstrating their conviction by shaving their heads.

Comments from Hamusoku.com:


I wish they’d have ‘Takeshima Day’ every month w


If you’re going to kick up a fuss, you’re welcome do it in your own country (*Cheesy Grin*)


It’s working, it’s working wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Chill out a bit with the protests…Don’t you realise that the more you kick up a fuss the more of a disadvantage it becomes for you?


Wow…they’re savages.


Calm down a bit


Cut your hair if you want, by all means. It’s no skin off our noses.


Why are they allowing Koreans who are going to run wild into the Japan?


Why are they making such a massive fuss about us having a Takeshima Day ceremony in Japan when Korea is actively controlling the place?


Huh? They’re Koreans, aren’t they? It’s not so surprising. They are Koreans, after all.


‘It’s the government in both Korea and China that’s bad! That doesn’t mean that the people are bad!!’ I really want to punch my old self in the face for thinking that.

Comments from Twitter:


In Japan, shaving your hair means you’re apologising_φ( ̄ー ̄ )


Shaving your hair in protest? If you’re going to protest, then go ahead and commit seppuku, stupid gooks www We should do this every month! www Are the Korean-wave otaku going to ignore this situation?


A lot of calm and collected opinions on ‘Takeshima Day’


WTF, so it’s the Koreans who are making a fuss about the Takeshima issue w


I wonder if it will end up with Japan doing this every month and then Koreans coming to Japan to fight but being denied entry!


This is exactly what they mean by Hwabyeong. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with it being a way of expressing a Korean’s love for their country.




Everyone should be aware that they’re saying Tsushima will be next.


Stop getting all fired up about things. If you don’t like it, fuck off.

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