Korean Boy Band Wear Hats With Rising Sun Flag In Video

Korean boy band VIXX cause controversy for wearing hats with the imperial Japanese flag

Korean boy-band VIXX

The Korean idol group VIXX were recently the cause of controversy in Korea according to an article posted on Yahoo! Japan, when they appeared in a video wearing hats that featured the Japanese imperial flag.

When the article appeared in Japan, it quickly became the most commented on of the day, prompting inflammatory opinions from the netouyo.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Members Of Korean Boy Band Wear Hats With Imperial Flag Logo; Management Apologizes

The members of a Korean boy band named VIXX appeared wearing hats that featured the Japanese imperial flag logo, which led to criticism throughout South Korea, and the agency representing them felt obligated to apologize publicly, several media companies have reported.

A fourteen-episode video series called “VIXX TV” in which two of the members of VIXX appear was uploaded onto the Korean internet. In one video called “Japan Edition”, two members of the band were shown wearing hats with an image of Mount Fuji printed on them, while introducing the Japanese Don Quijote stores. They claimed, among other things, that “We really wanted to come to Don Quijote” and “Don Quijote is a famous Japanese variety store where one can find a wide range of products”.

The source of the trouble was the fact that the emblem “Nippon ichi” (Japan No. 1) was written on the hats that the two were wearing. The Korean media claimed that they were wearing hats that featured a “flag associated with war crimes”.

In response to this, on July 22 the talent agency of the aforementioned group published an apology on their website, that read “In the video ‘VIXX nº14’ released last year, the group members wore hats for their performance, which caused trouble for many people. We deeply apologize for that”.

The apology continued: “The aim of the video was to create a freer means of communicating with fans, and this is a mistake that was made during the course of the band attempting to appear more accessible and relaxed during the video. We, their agency, acknowledge we caused this problem. Hereafter, we will pay closer attention and endeavor to ensure this won’t happen again”.

Apparently, on Korean websites, critical comments such as “Is history education necessary?” or “Even though they apologized in public, it’s been a disappointment”, are growing in number.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


So much overreaction it’s creepy. Aren’t they always looking for the Japanese flag?


“The source of the trouble was the fact that the emblem ‘Nippon ichi’ was written on the hats those two were wearing”…
I don’t understand at all what the problem is, the Japanese flag with the rising sun has a great design.


Whaaat? Korean celebs like the Japanese flag too? (笑)


Let’s show lots of rising sun flags all over the airport…


That pitiful nation of paranoids keeps fooling around *snicker*


Geez! You Koreans are sick.
Go to hospital and have your heads checked.


The rising sun is cool, but the emblem “Nipponichi” is the best.


You peninsular people are crazy, huh?
Can you just do us a favour and never ever get involved with Japan?
Oh, and don’t get me wrong, you’ll still have you pay off your debts…


Such a worthless country.


The fact that Korean media views this as a problem is more suspicious, isn’t it?


Korea, the land where the Sun doesn’t rise.

てっちゃん 山陽3064F(tec…)さん:

Would it have been good if it was the Asahi Shinbun flag? (笑)


That attitude of picking a fight because of the rising sun flag is disgusting.


Don’t apologize over something like this (笑).
Every last Korean is an idiot.

2013/7/23(火) 10:08bunnsi(bun…)さん:

Rupture of Japanese-Korean relations.

2013/7/23(火) 10:11JYJ(jyj…)さん:

They’re so friggin’ stupid!!


In that case, don’t come to Japan..


You assholes get angry with us although you were the ones wearing them!


You guys are a really annoying and discriminative nation. I hate Korea.
Those idols must resent being born in Korea (笑)


Can’t but laugh…wwwwww

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