Korean Media Reports On Video Of Anti-Korean Demos in Japan

An anti-Korean protestor in Tokyo

Recent Anti-Korean protests held in Osaka by the far right group “Zaitokukai” have caught the attention of the South Korean media, who have quite understandably expressed outrage at the protests.

Videos of right-wing protests in Japan have gathered considerable attention outside the country in the past few weeks; this video of a teenage girl yelling anti-Korean slogans, for instance, has been picked up by various media outlets throughout East Asia. However, other citizen groups have responded strongly to the behaviour of the Zaitokukai, as this video of a so-called “anti-anti-Korean protest” shows. Needless to say, it is sadly the former video and not the latter which has received most attention.

The article below discusses the South Korean response to Japanese nationalist videos uploaded online, but also explores Japanese reactions to what is seen as a dangerous form of discrimination that legal experts consider hate speech. Netizen reactions from Twitter show a range of opinions, from netouyo rhetoric to genuine sadness and dismay that such protests can take place in Japan.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Shocking Speech Made At Japanese Anti-Korea Demo Proclaims: “It’s Fine to Rape Korean Women”

Criticism has been voiced in Korea with regards to a video which showed part of a demo called “Parade to Sever Japan-Korea Relations” held on March 24 by citizen groups such as the “Citizens Association Against the Permanent Residents of Japan” [Zaitokukai]. The news was reported in several South Korean media sources on April 2.

Among the headlines reported in the South Korean media were: “Korea-Hating Japanese Far Right Organisation Says The Rape of Korean Women is Okay”, “Japanese Demonstrators Denigrate Korean Women at Anti-Korean Demo”, “Japanese Anti-Korea Organisation Gives Provocative Speech Claiming It’s Okay to Rape Korean Women”.

The South Korean media featured the shocking contents of the video filmed during anti-Korean demonstration by an extreme-right group from Japan that had spread online, in which remarks were made that insulted Korean women and which incited Osaka citizens.

In the video, tens of Japanese men and women participating in the demo can be seen carrying Japanese national flags and the “rising Sun” flags while shouting slogans such as “Sever Japan-Korea Diplomatic Relations.” Later in the video, the following speech can be seen: ‘Citizens of Osaka, when you see South Koreans and North Koreans downtown, it’s fine to rape those Korean women you throw stones at. After all, this is what was done to us, so it’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

The Korean media also presented critical comments from Japanese Internet users who could not help but express shock at the terrible speech given at the anti-Korea demonstration.

There was also criticism of the far right wing figures within Japan. On March 29th, speaking in response to the racist demonstrations that have been taking place in Tokyo and Osaka, Utsunomiya Kenji, speaking on behalf of twelve former lawyers, said: “We cannot neglect this issue any longer.” He went on to explain that an application had been made for human rights relief to the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA). While in some western countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom, there are laws that punish those who engage in actions and ‘hate speech’ directed at specific ethnic groups and organisations, it was pointed out there are not any similar provisions in Japan.
(Chief Editors: Lee Shin Hye, Yamaguchi Kouji)

Comments from Twitter:


(Chief Editors: Lee Shin Hye, Yamaguchi Kouji) ← Pay attention to this.


These reckless remarks are a forgery made by zainichi Koreans, immediately check the video thoroughly and arrest them The ones who won’t be arrested are the mass media and those who fabricated this fake demonstration. The voices in the video have probably been altered…It would be okay to rape the Korean women who gave these shocking speeches.


★’Cos Japanese people wouldn’t do this kinda thing!!


Rape Korean women?
There’s no way that Japanese people that disgusting could exist. Stop these disgusting lies.
Ah—- gross(−_−#)
Just hearing about this I think I’ll contract an STD.


This may be the news but, there’s been a large amount of cruel comments made about this. For example, this was a charade put on my zainichi (Koreans). Humanity is morally bankrupt.

海外移住組 ジャカルタ在住 反原発派:

That a country that has demonstrations like this would be invited to hold the Olympics beggars belief!


‘Korea-Hating Japanese Far Right Organisation Says “The Rape of Korean Women is Okay”’ This is an Zaitokukai anti-foreign demonstration.


How could they say such merciless things as this? Have their consciences distorted and disappeared? This turbulent darkness that is spreading in the hearts of the people and the nation makes for a fractured imaginary landscape.


It has nothing to do with them being Korean or Japanese. The Zaitokukai is a collection of the dregs of humanity.


Oi, trash, You, you fucker, you. Heap of shit = mass communications. Fucking explain why it is that you hate Koreans this much!!!!!!

日本を取り戻し隊▽若手 /安倍総理支持:

First of all, there’s a problem with Japanese law. There is a limit to individual expressions and reasons. Especially mass communication and these kind of dangerous organisations! It would be good as long they banned them from congregating.


You know…This problem, I think this is the just the surface. Don’t you think that normal Japanese people wouldn’t go as far as to say they hate others? There’s definitely something odd about this. Everyone should calmly looks at things and make a judgment.


If this is true then it’s unacceptable, but I really don’t want to continue hearing Koreans saying terrible things like, “Violating and killing Japanese people is okay”.


Are these really Japanese people saying these things? If they really are Japanese, then whatever their reasons may be, they are the shame of Japan.

kumiko sekioka #脱被曝:

The worst. RT“@fujiponxx: Are there really guys who say this sort of thing?


Kinda feel ashamed.


Absolutely no way!!! Koreans aren’t people at all!!! (`_´)gross!!! There’s no way I could think of them like that!!! Only Koreans would talk about rape!!!

Vent d’Alsace アルザスの風:

The zainichi journalist who wrote this, ShinHye Lee, is shitting lies. They reported lies about Koreans raping and serial killing in Japan using aliases, words that’d only be used when engaging with Koreans*** There aren’t any Japanese people who chose and then rape Koreans. Japanese people don’t commit rape. They’re too busy working and going on dates.


There’s no bloody way it’s okay-stupid idiot.

妃逸。★Altair Jobz★:

It’s a national disgrace that this was so boldly uploaded on to the ‘net.

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