Man Arrested For Grabbing Schoolgirl’s Breasts On Train

Man grabs high school girl's breasts while on the train

Public groping incidents in Japan have been a considerable problem, and despite strategies such as “women-only carriages” to combat crimes of this nature, they continue to occur. Just a few months ago, we reported on the story of a JR company executive who committed suicide over a groping incident, as well as the tongue-in-cheek suggestion of a female celebrity, who had been groped on the way to work, that Japan introduce “women-only sidewalks”.

Now, has highlighted an incident reported in local news where a young man has been arrested for grabbing a schoolgirl’s breasts on the train, under the pretense that the train was “shaking” and she was in “danger”…

From Itai News:

Man Arrested For Shouting On Train “Danger, The Train Is Shaking!” And Grabbing High School Student’s Breasts With Both Hands

Hannan Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Touching High School Girl’s Breasts

On April 30, Wakayama West police force arrested Kotakane Yutaka (21), an employee of Hannan City Council, Osaka Prefecture, in violation of the “Osaka Prefecture Byelaw For Prevention Of Violent Hooliganism That Causes Significant Public Nuisance” for having touched a high school girl’s breasts.

According to the police, while onboard the Nankai Line Limited Express “Sazan No. 45” train which left Namba Station at 7:10pm and arrived at Wakayama City Station at 8:10pm, the man is accused of saying “Danger, the train is shaking!” and touching the breasts of a high school girl from Osaka Prefecture who attends a private high school in the prefecture.

Kotakane is said to have asked the girl “Which high school are you from? Give me your e-mail address!” while the girl was standing in the connecting corridor between the fourth and fifth carriages with her friend, and then groped her. Since Kotakane had then followed the victim when she left the connecting corridor with her friend, they reported the incident to the train’s conductor (36).

Kotakane denies the allegations, saying that “I did talk to them, but I did not sexually harass them”.

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Comments from Itai News:


Is this a comedy sketch or something?


This is like something from a manga.


Hmm, so there was this trick, too.


Damn, and it would have been forgiven if he was the main character of a manga…


I bet this bastard thought that after caressing some tits he’d arrive at the station and get away with it.


Must have been dangerous because the girl’s breasts were shaking.


So was it the train that was shaking about, or the boobs?


I, with my gentlemanly heart, have been damaged by this story.


I’d have had to point out that she was shaking her tits at me and that she should be arrested.


Thing is, jiggling breasts are a dangerous weapon. I think that his conduct was quite ethical.


So he saved her from a dangerous situation and he was the one who was arrested?


He was going to lose it.
It was dangerous.


If you’re not a lucky pervert, you’re gonna get arrested dude.


Damn, so we can’t get away with this one any more?


And this one is the way the handsome guys do it.


If he’d been handsome, she’d have said “This guy was concerned about the safety of my breasts!” And no more would have been said.


It’s just like an Osaka guy to even be trying out his comedy sketches on the train!


He can caress tits for as long as he likes if he pays for it! 
Why did he ruin the his life for it?


I think that if all the leather straps on the train were actually tits, then we’d all be happy.

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