Man Arrested For Hiding In Gutter To Peep Up Women’s Skirts

A Kobe man has been arrested for what Facebook users see as a unique and somewhat ingenious crime.

Hirai Yasuomi (26), was reported to police after someone discovered him lying face-up in a street gutter so that he was able to look up the skirts of women passing by.

While most people point out that what he did is certainly perverted and deserves punishment, netizens also praised his enthusiasm and ability to put his dastardly plans into action.

From MSN Sankei:

Look Up…Man Arrested For Lurking In Street Gutter And Looking Up Women’s Skirts, Kobe

Man crawls through street gutter to look up women's skirts

Man Crawls Tens Of Metres As He Lurks In Street Gutter To Peep Up Women’s Skirts From His “Premium Seat”

On June 6 Hyogo Prefecture police arrested Hirai Yasuomi (26), a company employee from Fukaekitamachi, Higashinada ward, Kobe, on suspicion of violating the Prefectural Nuisance Prevention Bylaw (Groping), for having concealed himself in a street gutter to peep up women’s skirts. Hirai accepts the charge.

Put Your Efforts In Another Direction…Crawls Along For Tens Of Metres At A Depth Of 50cm

On June 5 at around 10:10am, the suspect crept into the street gutter on a road in Morikitamachi, also in Higashinada ward, and says he was peeping up the skirts of women passing by. The scene of the crime was on the road to Konan Women’s University, and the width of the street gutter there is around 35cm, with a depth of 50cm. Hirai broke in to the gutter from a sewer outlet that links with a nearby river, crawled along for tens of metres, lay on his back, and peeped through the holes in the metal drain cover.

A woman reported it after noticing that she could see someone’s eyes through the holes. When a member of the prefectural police force rushed to the scene, the man had already escaped; however, Hirai emerged as a suspect because police had previously received information that he had been acting suspiciously at a street gutter close to the scene of the crime.

Comments from Facebook:

大森 康弘:

This happened right by our house (^_^;)
Total perv (笑)
One month ago, I saw this guy get questioned by police at the same street gutter.
The young guy suddenly got up and was like “I dropped some money down there so I went to pick it up”. Reoffender (笑)

みやけ けんじ:

I know this is impudent but I so laughed (^^;;
It’s just amazing…
They’re so tenacious now, huh?
Still, I bet the person who found him had a fright..
I mean, at worst it might have been a ghost…( ゚д゚)
Plus I was glad they added a picture.
Just seems like the journalist was going for laughs too (笑)


Like something from a Hayami Jun manga [Hayami Jun is an ero-guro manga artist].

下里 義之:

This guy is amazing.
Couldn’t he have put that enthusiasm into something else?
I laughed, but he might have had cigarette stubs thrown at him and stuff w

Tsuyoshi Uchida:

Jackass w

鶴貝 泰生:

Man… just amazing in so many ways.
He should have been a ninja or a guerrilla fighter.

倉田 昌彦:

The fact that you thought of that is just magnificent. What’s more, I guess I admire your ability to put it into practice?? Is it really so enjoyable to do something like that, I wonder???

山口 宗久:

“26 year-old Mr. Hirai, it’s just too painful…idiot!”

飯盛 崇:

The guy they arrested is definitely a wierdo, but isn’t the title of this article blasphemous to Sakamoto Kyu? And the illustration is just going too far. But still, the person who found him in there is amazing.

久恵 崇史:

His enthusiasm is just amazing w. Pretty misdirected enthusiasm, though w

Makoto Aoyama:

Bloody eager beaver (笑)

Michinori Kadokura:

Seems like this is something that happened really close to my house…It’s complicated, because I walk down this road every morning with my kids, and on the way to work. By the way, with a body like mine I definitely could not get into that gutter, so there’s no way I’ll be suspected as the criminal, right ~(笑)

大達 一賢:

I’ve seen characters do this kind of stuff in manga, but I never thought that these people actually existed in reality.
Couldn’t he have put his enthusiasm into something else…?

皆本 秀明:

This is an awful incident, but I did laugh. And for that, I am truly sorry.
Not all people from Kansai are like this, though.

内藤 徹:

Come on mate, put this labour and perseverance into something else! ( *・ω・)ノ
I hate closed spaces, so I could never do this!(つД`)ノシ

山田 太朗:

I guess he liked looking at knickers?
But it’s pretty amazing that he’d go this far.

長島 裕樹:

There’s a lot of geniuses in this world. Look and learn, Mirrorman Uekusa.

林 剛正:

The idea and the dynamism.
Splendid, actually….

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  • ricardo248

    damn if he just talked to a woman and don’t be so creepy and dates her then he could have more fun then just laying in the gutter watching underwear-_- epic fail

    • carmouflagger

      Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

  • Jurippe

    Maybe he forgot they have internet in Japan.

  • MeCampbell30

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH! What?! lol. Oh man.

  • Reila90

    Samurai culture country at its best.

  • Roihu

    Now, how in his right mind did he EVER think this was a good idea?

  • terriblemovie

    Only in Japan

    • peter

      I agree what asocials bastard

      • Pickle

        Yeah but its humorous fodder for us.

  • ChuckRamone

    No mention of what else he was doing while in the gutter.

    • sean_sean21

      Actually he was trying to take a nap.

  • Mighty

    Life in the gutter. Sigh….

  • Yaminah Jamison

    …why not look at porn? t’s more or less cleaner and less difficult.

    • verbatim

      I guess because most AV in Japan is censored and he wanted uncensored version.

      • Yaminah Jamison

        Of seeing panties? It’s unlikely he’ll see many females going commando.

        • verbatim

          U never know. We are talking about Japan right.

  • Anonymous

    Seems this guy really had his mind in the gutter.

  • cb4242

    Talk about getting your head out of the gutter.

  • arrrr! lookin for yee treasure in all t’wrong hole!

  • YouAreSilly

    The gutter press are all over this. Apparently, the experience left the women feeling drained.

    • Pickle

      Your last line was clever very original/unique compared to the other commentters here.

  • Quentin

    He should get his mind out of the gutter

  • Butsu

    This is some next level peeping.

  • wafflestomp

    I don’t think the view is all that good. Women walk by too fast to get a good peep

    • Pickle

      Why do you say that? Do you have any experience on the matter? Kidding. But this guy did think outside of the box enough to actually do this.

      • wafflestomp

        Well I bet the moment passes very quick. I doubt it’s about actually seeing the underwear (you can watch vidoes) it is more about the control/power/violation of the women. It gives him a rush.

  • Pickle

    Maybe he should have installed a camera then either sold the video clips online or streamed it live.
    Sounds bad but they have worse in their porn.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    … when he went to do this, why didn’t he just wear sunglasses?

    Speaking of which. This guy certainly is a special type ….
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    of a connois-sewer.


  • KKKorean

    samurai commit seppeku over these descendents

    • Anon12

      “If only they Saw their descendents”

  • markus peg

    hilarious… the lengths one would go to for a quick one second peek at a passing girls undies..

    too bad Kobe doesn’t have many kilt waring Scottish people around, that would have stopped him.

  • louis_v1234

    KAMIKAZIPILOT in action.

  • vincent_t

    no surprised. This is a ninja country anyway.

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    HAHAHA i love Japan

  • Doc Dic

    This is too normal and easy for Japanese… They want more challenge.

  • only in Jap

    This is normal too.

  • Monkeekong

    how did he get caught?

  • Willie Nailer

    Someone should tell him there is free porn on the internet.

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  • HaakonKL

    In another era, he might have been a feared ninja.

  • don mario

    why didnt he just hide a camera down there?

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  • Kanna-Chan

    I would have pretended not to see him, purchased a can of hot coffee and then poured it down the gutter right on his head.

  • SeoulKoreaPeninsula

    Japs do all kinds of shit get under woman pussy.

    • klown

      30000 Korean prostitutes living in Japan, they must like it.

      • SeoulKoreaPeninsula

        Only Japs pay for sex. LMAO.

  • UrbanKorea1UK1

    Like I said many times. Be careful Japanese tourist with camera in Korea.

  • What if he was waiting for the perfect moment for some kancho? :

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