Man With Knife Tries To Rob Store, Leaves When Clerk Asks Why

A man tries to rob a convenience store but runs off after clerk's comeback, Ibaraki, Japan

A hapless criminal attempted to rob a convenience store in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, by threatening the clerk with a knife, but he was unprepared for the response he received.

The story trended online as netizens admired the clerk’s attitude and poked fun at the flustered would-be robber.

Yomiuri Shimbun

Man With Knife Says “Hand Over The Money” But Backs Off When Store Clerk Asks “Why?”

At around 11:35pm on May 19, a man thrust a knife towards a part-time male store clerk (36), and threatened him, saying “Hand over the money!” at a convenience store in Iitomicho, Mito City.

When the clerk replied “Why?”, the man left the store without taking anything. Neither the store clerk nor a male customer, also present, were injured. The Mito division of the Ibaraki Prefectural Police are investigating the incident as an attempted robbery.

According to an announcement by the police, the man looked to be approximately 30 years old, and around 170 cm tall [approx. 5ft 6in]. He hid his face with sunglasses and a white mask, and wore a black parka with the hood up.

Comments from Twitter:


Good job backing off w, knife guy.


Respect (*_*) I’d never say that straight off, I mean, I wouldn’t be able to.


If someone said “Why” to me in that particular accent they have up in Ibaraki, I’d just burst out laughing!


I laughed out loud at this (笑)


> WHY <
 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y ̄


In a sense, was a brilliant way of dealing with it !! (((✿ฺ≧▽≦)ノ彡☆


Shouldn’t the convenience store clerks from all over Japan be putting this in their handbooks?


If you don’t understand, ask!…I mean, that’s the best method of learning ww


Why the hell did he leave after that? www I’m glad it ended in just an attempted robbery though w


If you’re going to rob someone, you have to practice properly, prepare a list of potential questions and answers beforehand, so that you can answer any questions quickly and definitively. Such are the basics of robbery. If you can’t do that, getting a job is going to be pretty difficult.


Great story ( ̄▽ ̄)

森末 吉彦:

I guess the criminal got flustered when his plan went awry and he didn’t know what to do.

Comments from


Hilarious ww


Comedy sketch www


I guess the criminal didn’t have a comeback for that w


It’s because the accent in Ibaraki convenience stores is so awful.


Why? (with innocent eyes)


Part-time male store clerk (36) ← This.


Working part-time in a convenience store at 36.
He must be so scary, dude has nothing to lose.


Clerk: “That’ll be 105 yen. A 10,000 yen note, thank you.
Customer: “Gimme the change”
Clerk: “Why?”


I guess that the robber had never ever expected that kind of response and panicked w


Me: “I love you. Please go out with me.”
Woman: “Why?”
Ah, I just remembered a baaad experience.


Store clerks these days are just fearless.


Wonder if the guy will come back when he thinks of something to answer back with.

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