Scandal As Top Figure Skater Has Child Out Of Wedlock

Figure skater shocks Japanese society by having child out of wedlock

Shotgun weddings are remarkably common in Japan.

This is because “fatherless children” not registered on the father’s koseki (i.e. the national household registration system) sometimes suffer the consequences as far off in life as university admissions or job hunting. Many women would therefore rather put up with a bad marriage and divorce than harm their children’s chances or face the shame of single motherhood.

It’s therefore pretty rare for a Japanese woman to actively defend their rights as a single mother, let alone be proud of it and continue working all the while, but this is exactly what Ando Miki, one of the top figure skaters recently shocked Japanese sport fans by doing. On top of all this, she’s still drilling for the winter Olympics next year…

From Sports Navi:

Miki Ando Gave Birth Out Of Wedlock In April — “I Chose The Child’s Life Over Skating”

Ando Miki competing in a figure skating championship

It was recently revealed that figure skater Ando Miki (25), a the former queen of the figure skating world championships, gave birth to a girl in April. She appeared on a VRT interview for Asahi Television’s “News Station” on July 1 and announced that “I decided that I wanted to have a kid as a single woman, gave birth without complications to a baby girl in April and became a mother.” She is not married and would not say who the father was. She said she would only retire after the Sochi Winter Olympic season.

After the winning her second World Championship in 2011, Ando broke off ties with her Nikolai Morozov as her coach. She said she was not participating in last October’s year’s Grand Prix season because she no longer had a coach and felt unprepared and resigned from her job at Toyota Motors on the 1st of January this year. Her last public appearance was last last November, however, and re-appeared at an ice show on the June 1 after almost 9 months. She showed off her jumps for the first time this year at an ice show on the 29th of June.

In her interview, she did not comment on whether she had been in a relationship with Morozov. She was already carrying the child when creating the short program for the Sochi Winder Olympics and said that “How can I put this… I knew I was pregnant, and because I didn’t want to have doubts until the end, the answer seemed to be to say goodbye [have an abortion]. Everyone was against it at first, but I then decide to choose the child’s life over skating. I came to that conclusion as an independent woman.” Then, in April, she gave birth to her first child, a little girl weighting 3,350 grams.

Furthermore, she announced that she will retire after her last season and said that “I want to live as an independent woman”.

To the very end, Ando did not reveal details about the child’s father. She only just revealed this May that she has started living with fellow pro-skater Nanri Yasuharu. Ando is also scheduled to skate along with Suzuki Akiko for two weeks form the 14th in the “2013 Tokyo Prince Ice World Show” (opening on the 12th in at the Tokyo DyDO Drinco Ice Arena).

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


There are some idiots who praise her for “having such an impressive life”, but that’s no reason to want to get pregnant out of wedlock without revealing the father’s name.


Such a slut


If you have an abortion, a day will come when you’ll regret it.
If you keep the child, a day will come when you will think you made the right choice.
No doubts there.
Congratulations. Good luck!


Single mothers seem pretty impressive but are they really?


She discovered she was pregnant right after cutting her ties with her coach Morozov. Seems like it’s Morozov.


Can’t be helped that a female athlete will be criticized. That’s the price of fame.
I feel that that guy who just watched by as she flung herself into the fire is an asshole though.
I guy like that can’t protect either his wife or his child from the start.


That’s not cheerful news. It will sell more though on a news program than if it were published in a weekly magazine though.


What would I do if my own daughter did that? I hate to think.


Feels like the guy did not accept to marry her. It’s pathetic that she only managed half a confession.


I don’t know why this has become an inspiring story. Both as a woman and as an athlete, she’s a slut.

Comments from Twitter Japan:


Seems Miki Ando was not expecting to get pregnant. On the internet, there are a lot of people warning to “freaking use contraception if you’re a pro!” but maybe she was indeed using contraception. Contraception fails sometimes. But then they would probably say “well, as a pro, she should have taken even more care with contraception!”

2chまとめサイトのまとめ ‏さん:

Morozov’s “splendid history” wwwwwwwwwwww

菊池雅志 ‏さん:

A rough search gives the impression that there is hardly “anyone judging” Miki Ando but there there are loads of people saying “people who are judging her are strange!”… lol


It surprised me that she has a child outside of wedlock, but it surprised me even more that he baby’s name would be “Sunflower”.

田端 信太郎 さん:

Seems that there was an interview with Ando Miki in Vogue. I remember her saying in Vogue that “You become gradually more beautiful when you become a mother”.

あるくガム さん:

For real! Miki Ando’s given birth!?

[email protected] in the darkさん:

Miki Ando’s kid is like a real Mamma Mia


Miki Ando is an unmarried mother? I don’t really know the circumstances, but good luck!

▂▅▇█▓▒░(’ω’)░▒▓█▇▅▂ さん:

You’ll only hear it here, but I’m the father of Ando Miki’s child….

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  • Loulou

    All the slut-shaming in the comments… I’m the daughter of a single mother and it makes me very angry that they would think that my mother is a slut. Who are they to judge the choices of the others ? I know that it’s a culture difference, but still, they are jerks.
    Anyways, when it comes to the women’s rights (morally speaking), Japan is worse than American, even with the anti-abortion laws wave currently happening in the good ol’ ‘murica. Japan is way more judgemental and waht-will-the-other-say mindset. I don’t like to praise my country, but when it comes to family, divorce and shit, France is actually quite good compared to other developped countries.

    • Jahar

      Did you read comments on another website? I only saw 2 that commented that she was a slut.

      • Jurippe

        You do realize to slut shame you don’t need the word “slut” to do it right? Do you know the difference between slut shaming and just calling someone a slut?

      • PixelPulse

        But the comments they chose to show has high upvotes, so many people seem to agree with those two comments.

    • Jay K.

      daddy issues, giggity!<–Quagmire

  • master chief

    poor child. hope she doesnt get bullied when she gets older for not having a daddy

    • John Snow

      at some point or another in her life it will come up. What I hope is that she has the strength to over come it. I am adopted and its a rough start but what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger.

      These internet freaks needs an attitude adjustment.

  • Ruri

    Man women get judge for having an abortion and the get judge for keeping the child, just no freaking winning with people and how the hell does havingnanchild make her a slut she didn’t say that she didn’t know who the father is she just said that she wouldn’t reavel it.

  • Punk Princess

    How fuckin low. she has a child out of wedlock and she’s a slut? Now lets compare to the girls who just sleep around,get pregnant and abort so they continue to do it. Thats sad. Japan is a sad sad country when it comes to single mothers. It takes two to make a baby asses.

    • Jahar

      Did you even read the comments? Only two commented that she is a slut. You’re the ass. Don’t judge a whole country based on the comment of one internet person there, especially when you ignored all the others. It’s racist.

      • Punk Princess

        I guess you cant read neither because it was more than one person. Fuck off. And how am i racist when my life revolves around japan and i have friends of every race? Hell, i just may know more about japan than you do. Troll better dude,troll better.

        • Jahar

          it was 2 people but my edit didn’t stick. you are racist because you are judging the people in a country of 150000000 based on the comments of 2 people in this post. You can say your world revolves around Japan, but that doesn’t mean your judgments aren’t overly general. Now I’ve never asked a japanese person if they think single moms are whores, but, based on what I’ve seen today, 10% do. you seem to think they are representative of the majority.

          • ChuckRamone

            Judging by your comment history, you’re willing to give Japan the benefit of the doubt but not to its neighbors in Asia.

          • Jahar

            First of all, my only comment here was that she seemed to be lumping everyone in with the 2 or 3 negative comments here. Second, which countries have I not given the benefit of the doubt? China? I’ve given China and Chinese society a million chances. Korea? I have few bad things to say about Korea. Who else?

          • yondae

            China? Japan did some good peacekeeping in Nanjing back in the day. Korea? Didn’t y’all help that peninsula a hundred years ago by annexing them?

          • Jahar

            Ya’ll? Who are you talking to? I haven’t been alive for 100 years and Canadians had nothing to do with that.

        • chris

          so just because you have friends of every race, you cant make racist remarks or have racist views?

          • Punk Princess

            Ummmmmmmmmm,that’ll be stupid now wouldnt it? Get the fuck off my comments.

      • cb4242

        Jahar, You probably don’t know this, but for it’s size, Japan has one of the highest abortion rights of any other 1st world nation, I am not generalizing the entire country, but it is a serious problem that NO one wants to touch. I came from the states originally and when I came here in the Spring of 1999, the pill was illegal in Japan. Doctors were saying it causes cancer and women should never use it. Why is that? Because the pill means empowerment and that means women have full control over their bodies, and men don’t like that. So the medical industry portrayed the pill as the “Great Satan.” But there is a reason behind that as well. Japan has a child shortage problem, aging population and women are opting out of having children early. Women have more access to travel and they want to see the world. Why would ANY woman, slave and study their butts off, get a job, retire at 30, being told to have kids and at 33, they are considered old, useless, not to mention they have to do everything for the husband and when the husbands parents get older, the wives are responsible for taking care of them, many women here witness their mothers doing that and they think to themselves, Hell, naw! I applaud this girl for standing up to this rigid society that thinks that other people’s business is their business. The girl is beholden to NO ONE, but herself, if she wants to be single, fine, if and when she wants to get married, again, fine. I just hope slowly people will come to grips that marriage is NOT for everyone. We all should live our life the way we want to live it.

        • Jahar

          You said lots of things, but, none of it has anything to do with people calling her a slut for having a child out of wedlock. Good work.

          • cb4242

            Are you thick? The whole point of this discussion was about the woman being a single mom or not. As for people calling her a slut, going back to what I was saying doesn’t mean Jack. She seems like a strong woman and she will handle it fine. I already eluded to the point.

          • Jahar

            Are you thick? I don’t give a fuck what “the point of the discussion” was. I was pointing out what I saw to be an over-generalization. And I also don’t give a fuck what you think about single moms. I never once stated my opinion on that subject.

          • cb4242

            Ok, so now because you at a loss of words and can’t properly articulate your thoughts, you choose to engage in Ad hominem attacks. I see. Whether if it’s an overgeneralization or not. If people call her a slut, so be it. She doesn’t have to pay them any mind. Case solved. Now take a chill pill, life is NOT that bad, Jahar. 🙂

          • Jahar

            I’m not at a loss for words, I’m addressing the point I was addressing, and pointing out that to you, since you didn’t seem aware of that. As for “attacks”, you are the one who started with “are you thick”. And why do you think life is bad?

          • cb4242

            You were the one that started cursing! No need for that. Of course, I was aware, I was also interjecting a point as well. “Bad” What do you mean, I think, life is bad?

      • Sillian

        “Only two commented that she is a slut”

        The second comment got 23,000 up votes. Ofc I agree that internet comments are often hardly representative of the public opinion.

    • Lucky

      Marry with a little bitch and sustain a bastard child? This a perfect task for small Japanese penis take on. Buddhist ethics is a bitch!

      • BIG

        Small penis and small brains are a consequence of mongoloid genetic problems from Fucked shima. Jap, Chink, faggots, losers. Fuck fucked shima!

    • Amina

      LOL your slut-shaming for “girls who just sleep around ” is disgusting. I know that what Japanese people think of single mothers is totally sexist but you can’t destroy a sexist argument by using a sexist argument.

      • Punk Princess

        But…………..i didnt call them sluts,now did i? And there are actual girls that sleep around and believe theres no consequences to it. Thats what i was pointing out. IDK how im being sexist since im a girl myself. But ok.

        • Golbinnom

          lol girls can be sexist too

      • v

        I get how “slut-shaming” is an argument against victim-blaming in cases of rape, and over-aggressive opposition to sluts is probably sign that something is not right with you, but slut is a personality type, and not everyone has to like them.

    • chris

      and how many single mothers in Japan do you know??? and how many Japanese people’s opinions about them have you listened to???

      please, if you have no first hand experience on this matter, shut the fuck up. my friend has 3 sons and is divorced. people are supportive. what are you trying to say???

      • Punk Princess

        WTF????? Did you even read dude? You shut the fuck up.

        • chris

          you’re generalizing and making assumptions about an entire nation based on a topic you have no real experience in. shut up you bigoted twat

          • BeetFarmer

            Are you serious? That seems to be the only thing that people DO on this site. But you feel the need to single her out?

            Whose the twat now…

    • Little Sunflower

      And you guys should talk…as should anyone else….Keep your nasty comments to yourself……

  • Paul M

    Seems like some people’s heads are firmly rooted in the 19th century. I would imagine that parents in a bitter, stale and loveless marriage would be more harmful to the development of their children that a single parent would. I will probably never know who my father is and I’m quite glad as he’s obviously an odious little shit for doing what he did to my mother.

    • Ruaraidh

      It’s probably a generational thing. My 21 year old cousin had a baby a few months ago, and when I found out from gran she was pregnant her main concern seemed to be that she was not married to her boyfriend, whereas all I could think was ‘what the fuck, she’s only 21 and she’s having a baby.

      • Paul M

        Definitely something I would expect people from the older generations to say. Them and extremely religious people.

  • Butsu

    Seeing how Japan still has this cultural thing that you’ll need to marry before getting children. I’d say that Japan needs more girls with balls like this woman. Not only single mothers (or dads) though, but more people should get babies out of wedlock together aswell. I think one of the many factors of low child birth in Japan has to do with this actually.

    • Guest

      “Girls” (or women, I don’t know when you have a child maybe you can be considered as an adult) don’t have balls. They have ovaries. That’s what some men lack of. Ovaries.

    • hun

      “Seeing how Japan still has this cultural thing that you’ll need to marry before getting children.”

      I think the term you’re looking for is a stigma of unmarried mothers but this whole marry before children thing is world wide, not just only japan. It just makes sense to have a stable relationship/family before having children, parents to raise kids more comfortably. It has nothing to do with japanese culture.

      “I’d say that Japan needs more girls with balls like this woman.”

      You know how hard it is for a single mother to raise a child all by herself let alone in japan? She’s a former queen of skating world championships so i’m pretty sure she has the cash to support herself and the child but if you look at the viewpoint of other normal single mothers you’d realize a lot of them aren’t as successful as you think they could be.

      “but more people should get babies out of wedlock together aswell”

      If you want an unreliable partner to help you raise your kid sure..

      “I think one of the many factors of low child birth in Japan has to do with this actually.”

      Maybe, but i would put it very low on the scale for the cause of japanese low child birth.

      • Butsu

        Here in Scandinavia marriage has nothing at all to do with children. Maybe that’s why I have these opinions. It has no relation at all, and people simply don’t care.

        • ganghun26

          You are different from us, as an asian, I understand well why those netizens reacted like that. We have different culture, butsu san.

          • Butsu

            As I’ve lived in Japan I’m very aware of that. What I wanted to get at with my inital post was that maybe people in asia (or at least Japan) need to become a little bit more ‘lax’ on this part of the culture. There’s also couples that blow so much money on the wedding that when they have enough to raise a child it’s already “too late”.

            Furthermore, as I stated above, maybe it’s a big deal in a lot of countries in the world but far from everywhere. Being married or not has nothing to do with a “stable relationship” that’s pure bogus. With the balls comment I didn’t mean that single mothers with no income should go and recklessly get children they can’t support. But I really think that there’s probably a lot of OLs that want children but for example still want to focus on their career, they do have the recourses and money to raise a child but not the balls to do it because it might “look bad” in the eyes of others.

        • chris

          you cant compare Scandinavia with the rest of the world. i lived in Denmark for a year. Scandinavia has equality in all spectrums of society because of their utopian, socialist views that works well. how many other regions of the world are like that?

  • wafflestomp

    Just abort the damn thing and keep skating. What a waste.

    • mr.wiener

      Choice is a bitch.

      • Yaminah Jamison barks too much too ._.

    • Jahar

      or have a kid and who the fuck cares.

  • Geo

    Why accuse the mom? If anything, fuck the asshole who knocked her up and not take responsibility.

    • Yaminah Jamison

      Well both (at least as it seems) consented to sex so it’s not like one should be exclusively accused than the other…

    • Thor

      It takes two to tango, you know.

  • Jurippe

    The twitter comments seem a lot less judgemental than Yahoo!. I wonder….

    • Flora

      Everyone knows Yahoo! is a conservative/troll stronghold – that’s the main reason why I stopped reading their comment section. I just thought that was only in America, though. Apparently that’s true with Yahoo! sites globally.

    • nqk123

      yahoo is full of conservative. on every articles, there will always be some trolls demonizing Obama/democrat/liberal. even article about weather.

  • Jahar

    Honestly, I say support Japanese single moms! gotta keep the population up somehow.

    • Gangsta with Soap

      I know a few of them here in Tokyo, they are incredibly strong willed people. All are working professionals. One is the owner of a modeling agency, another is a hair stylist another is the owner of a chain of nail salons… Full respect for these women.

  • Flora

    As the child of a single mother, I applaud thee.

    Quite frankly, I don’t see what everyone’s bitching about; evidently, generations having been raised in cold, loveless homes are coming out far more emotionally damaged than those who were so-called “outcasts”. (No one wants to get married, cheating is practically the norm, love is how much your husband makes/how pretty your wife is, etc etc.)

    But all’s fair in the name of shushing the neighbors, eh?

    • markus peg

      The thing i find the hardest to accept it that it may tarnish the child’s future at school or work… this is crazy, its unrelated and shouldn’t even be known..

      quote ““fatherless children” not registered on the father’s koseki
      (i.e. the national household registration system) sometimes suffer the
      consequences as far off in life as university admissions or job hunting.”

      Why cant a single parent have a koseki? It sounds like a big flaw in the system to me… forcing women to find a man for this reason alone..
      its sickening.

  • asianjunk

    Every woman has the right to decide how to live her life, she is free to choose her path as everyone else who were born as a human being, not as a penis or a vagina. fuck you machos machistas de mierda, y mujeres machistas tambien!

  • DongDong

    I’m really full of admiration for those women who chose to make such choice in countries where the social sanctions is so bad. Keep it up girls, your kids and your wedding are none of their business!

  • markus peg

    I think its quite a feat, not only is she going to be a single mother she is famous and in a culture that finds this behavior shameful.

    Amazing, woman I wish her luck and hope she stays strong she is a beacon of light to others in the same situation.
    I don’t agree with having a baby out of wedlock but I accept that it happens and it shouldn’t be looked down on, she should be supported for caring about her child.
    It’s better than getting an abortion, that’s the easy way out. We all know what can happen if we have sex and must be responsible for a actions and not reply on science to clean up our messy mistakes that in the end may well just be the thing you needed in your life..(responsibility)

    • Flora

      Abortions isn’t science cleaning up my mistakes – it’s taking care of an erasable problem. If I don’t want kids, I’m not having them.

      And you suffer from the misfortune of buying into the trope that kids make you responsible. Life and a good personality makes you responsible – if you’re missing one of those, the LAST thing you need is a child. Shoving responsibility on an unready/unwilling parent just makes them resentful, and a resentful parent is an abusive one. I’ve seen it time & time again.

      • markus peg

        Flora, i’m saying its more admirable that she is going to have the baby (especially in that culture) rather than her other easier option of having an abortion. I do understand abortion in certain circumstances, however, it is much better to just try and avoid getting pregnant in the first place, condoms and so on… abortion is a last resort and not something that should be relied apon
        i think the more abortions you have the worse it is for your body (i dont know if there is science behind my train of thought backing me up or not) but i think its unhealthy to keep doing that as well as the morning after pill, it just doesn’t sound healthy to me to take that too often

        Also i said “may well be the thing needed” (May or may not it can go either way) you have seen it go badly and i have seen it turn slobs into hardworking caring parents.

        It is also the mans responsibility, tho as the baby isn’t in their body it can be harder to get them to follow through. When men want to have sex they forget about logic and consequence. They need to be reminded.

        • “the more abortions you have the worse it is for your body (i dont know if there is science behind my train of thought backing me up or not)”

          No, there is no scientific evidence in favor of your claim.

          • markus peg

            how about taking the one night after pill again and again?
            Their is always a low risk of something going wrong during an abortion though, that i do know…

  • Alan Tuttle

    The people who are calling this woman a slut are probably pro-abortion advocates. Every woman like Ando-san who choose life over convenience is an enemy to the cause for so-called woman’s rights or women’s health. The women who keep having abortions are the sluts of this world. Women’s rights…. Riiiiiiight. “Health” translates to “convenience” or “freedom” for these lefties.

  • mattman_183

    Since when are we looking to Japan for advice on the right way to have children? They are terrible at it.

  • linette lee

    I like her. I watched her skate on TV. She is good. Let her be. Why insulting her calling her slut? All these articles on Japan crush make it seems like Japanese women don’t want to get marry because lack of financial security from the the Japanese men. Majority of women will get marry if they know they will be taken care of by their husbands.

  • asdf

    proud of her!

  • anon

    Oh gosh, in Japan it’s quite difficult to be of single mother status:( I hope the best for her, it’s admirable of her to choose to give birth to her baby over her career.

  • baby21

    I agree completely with punk princess. That takes a lot of courage to sit behind the safety of your computer screens and call somebody a “slut”. Had this been a male skater who got somebody pregnant i dare say this probably would even be a topic of concern. People have sex. Shes 25 years old for crying out loud. And far be it anyone’s obligation to publicly state such distasteful garbage about somebody they don’t even know!! As far as I’m concerned: People’s rude and harmful statements made without remorse or understanding are FAR worse than the fact that she had a baby out of wedlock. Who are YOU PEOPLE to judge?? Unless you you live the life of a saint, keep your mouths shut and your tiny minds quiet.

  • topcommenter

    Um, Am I the only one who sees absolutely nothing wrong with financially well off women having kids out of wedlock??

    I mean really, it’s the broke ones on foodstamps and sucking the government dry you ought to worry about.

    Throughout history the only reason women married men was because they couldn’t do certain things, in some cultures they could not pass their citizenship unto their children, they could not own property, they could not work or did not earn enough from working in unqualified jobs etc, so really the only reason to get married to men is for financial purposes, basic rights and keeping up with the Jones’ because it’s “frowned upon” otherwise.

    In family oriented cultures like Japan especially where grandparents and
    other members of the family are involved in raising children and they
    are not necessarily the strict nuclear model, can ANYONE tell me what reason there really is for any woman who makes a good living to be married especially if that man cannot meet or exceed her financially??

  • Little Sunflower

    My Miki is an Angel .. but I am so sorry she got Snaked by the Devil himself..The ” “M” man….She will carry on and be strong..She is still young and has a full life ahead of her without that Devil of a Man…Good Bless her for being so loving…XOXO

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