Shock As Pregnant Woman Attacked And Robbed, Arrests Made

Pregnant woman attacked in Kanagawa

A Kanagawa street at night.

Japan is widely considered to be an extremely safe country, where robberies and attacks are fairly rare. Therefore, when such incidents do occur, they tend to make the news, attracting comments of shock from netizens.

This recent article, which tells of a violent robbery in which a pregnant woman was punched and kicked in Kanagawa Prefecture, drew the attention of 2ch netizens, all of whom can hardly believe that such attacks occur in Japan.

From MSN Sankei:

Pregnant Woman Pleads “I’ll give you the money” While Punched And Kicked During Robbery, Mother, Son, And Two Others Arrested — Kanagawa Prefecture

On December 5, the Juvenile Investigation Bureau of Kanagawa Prefectural police announced that a woman (41), who is a restaurant employee from Ayase, Kanagawa, and three boys from Ebina, Kanagawa who are all aged 17 and one of whom is the woman’s second eldest son, were arrested on suspicion of violent robbery and causing injury for having planned a robbery which involved attacking a pregnant woman. All of the suspects have admitted to the charges.

The grounds for the arrest were that late at night on July 30, they punched a self-employed woman (34) in the face as she walking home along a road in Kamigo, Ebina, causing serious injuries, including a traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, and stole a bag containing around 100,000 [aprpox. $982] yen in cash.

According to the police, the woman planned the attack with the three boys in order to pay off a debt. The attack was carried out by the three boys. The woman took them in her car, and warned them “don’t go too far. Don’t get caught”.

The victim was pregnant, and pleaded with them “Please don’t hit me, I’ll give you the money”, but after they had punched her in the face they subjected her to flying kicks, leaving her seriously injured and temporarily unconscious. The baby is said to be unharmed.

Comments from


So frightening.


I can’t believe there are such awful stories around…


Isn’t this a robbery and attempted murder?

イス攻撃(関西・北陸) :

I’m glad the baby was ok.
How about making their names public?


Give us their names!


Amazing. It’s unthinkable that these things are happening in the same country that I live in.


The death sentence’ll do for those scum.


Nowadays it’s dangerous to walk alone at night in Japan.


If the parents are scum, the kids’ll be scum.
They’ll just go and do the same thing again.


I’m speechless.
Will the mother be alright?


To the pregnant lady — it’s alright if you get them back twice as much for what they did to you.


If they’re just after the money, then they could have just gathered around her and threatened her — it would have been enough.
Why the hell were they punching and doing flying kicks on a pregnant woman/
This makes me cry.


Yeah, if they just wanted the money they wouldn’t have gone that far.
Those were some sadistic little fuckers, I reckon.
Little perverts who get more turned on the more that their victim is in pain and frightened.


I’m glad that the baby inside her was alright, it’s a blessing in disguise.
The mother must have protected it with her life. She did her best.


They didn’t target an old guy who looked like he had some money, but a pregnant woman.


You’re not human if you face a pregnant woman and then kick her.
These are not creatures who deserve to live as humans.

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