University Student Kills Four Adopted Cats With Crossbow

University student shoots 4 cats with crossbow

Japanese netizens are known for their love of cats. Therefore, when this story about a university student who adopted four cats just to shoot them with a crossbow surfaced on Yahoo! Japan, it quickly drew angry tweets from all corners of the web.

Netizens are extremely angry at the boy’s actions, with many noting that if he will kill a cat, he may well go on to kill other living things. Others call for him to be thrown into prison for life…

From Yahoo! Japan:

Violation of Law For Protection of Animals: Case Of Kochi University Student Who Shot And Killed Cat With A Crossbow Sent To Prosecutors

On November 11, Kochi Prefectural Police South Kochi Division sent a case in which a male first year Kochi University student (18, Kochi City) is suspected of violating the law for protection of animals to district prosecutors. The boy is suspected of adopting four cats that were being advertised online for adoption, and then killed them in his home by shooting them with a crossbow. The boy was arrested by police in July on suspicion of arson in uninhabited buildings, after an incident where there were repeated arson attacks in Kochi City during the small hours of June 30. When cat corpses were discovered at the boy’s home during the process of the police arson investigation, the boy was questioned over them.

In the details sent to prosecutors, the boy is alleged to have shot the four cats on two occasions at his home, shooting one cat the first time, and three cats the second time. The student is said to have searched online f.or cats that were up for adoption, and then collected them one after another. The boy admitted to the crime, saying “I wanted to blow off some steam”.

Aside from the repeated arson incidents in Kochi City, the boy is also being investigated for a total of five suspected arsons when he was still in high school, where he broke into a high school in Tokushima Prefecture, where he is originally from, and set fire to it.

Comments from Twitter:


Well, isn’t catching fish “animal cruelty”?
In China, dogs and cats are “food”, just like cows and pigs are…
Is it just Japan that gives dogs and cats special treatment? Where’s the line between pets and food?


Utter lack of morals.


Cruelty to cats, Kochi University student, case sent to prosecutors — the decision is too lenient. I think they should make his name public and throw him into jail. Everyone who agress with this please RT. I want to spread this online.


Brutal story ,,,(-_-;) I just pray that those little cats rest in peace. I hope that in their next life they well be bless with good owners.


This is really horrible.


Seems like just because their animals this isn’t a serious crime… but they’re alive just like us! Makes me so angry!
I suppose he’ll definitely do something like this again.
Can’t something be done about it (;_;)


So low.


I hope this bastard meets the same fate…


He should be shot and killed with a crossbow.


Psychopath (´-`)


Someone should do the same thing to this university student. Then he’d understand how painful it is, how much the cats suffered, right? What was he thinking when he was searching to adopt cats on the internet? This guy really pisses me off.

June Matt:

When I read this article, I realised that he’s got a psychopath personality. I wonder why he was left alone when he’s clearly got form.


Idiots like him are on the rise these days (# ̄З ̄)


Don’t let this guy out of jail. Keep him in prison for life. Unforgivable.

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