Woman Leaves Baby To Drown In Bath While She Surfs Internet

A child in Aichi prefecture almost drowns after his mother leaves him in a bathtub to use the internet.

A woman who left her 10-month old baby to drown in a bathtub while she used the internet has come under strong criticism from Japanese netizens.

The woman, who was in a male acquaintance’s apartment at the time of the accident, said that she was “glued to the internet” and had just left the child there. The child is in a critical condition in hospital.

Netizens agree that there was no excuse for the woman’s actions, and many can’t imagine why she would have left such a young child alone in the first place.

From Yomiuri Shimbun:

Son Of Woman Who Was “Glued To The Internet” In Critical Condition After Almost Drowning In Bath

At around 1:07am on October 9, there was a 119 call made by an unemployed woman (24), from an apartment block in Ishikicho, Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, saying “My child has drowned in the bath”.

When a member of the fire service rushed to the scene, the woman’s eldest son (a baby of 10 months old) was drowning in the bathtub. The child was taken to hospital, but remains unconscious in a critical condition.

In an announcement made by the Kariya division of the prefectural police, after the woman had bathed her son, she left him in the bath tub and went out of the bathroom. The plug had been pulled out of the tub, but when the boy was discovered a toy had blocked the plughole leaving around 30cm of water, and the child was floating face down in it. The woman said “I was glued to the internet”, and police are investigating circumstances at the time of the incident.

The incident occurred at the apartment of a male acquaintance of the woman, but at the time only the woman and her son were there.

Comments from Twitter:


How is that even possible…to do such a thing. To leave a baby who is still only 10 months old in the bathroom and go online.


First of all, it’s impossible to leave a child that young in the bathroom on their own!


I just don’t get why she left a child that age on its own!


Even if there is only 5cm of water in the tub a child can have an accident. RT @bananamusi

めろっしー 陰陽座名古屋一般参戦確定:

No matter which way you look at it, there’s something wrong with the kid’s mother.


It’s crazy to leave a 10 month-old newborn alone and go out of the room. This must have been planned.


If the child remains in a coma for a long time, then he’ll probably end up with some kind of physical disability. Or at the very worst, he have died. Couldn’t this sad accident have been avoided?


Ah, this is such a pity…RT @io302: Guess she chose the internet over the child.




I just can’t believe that after bathing the child she just left him there, and said she was glued to the internet.


You just don’t take your eyes off a ten month old RT @_dieppe: Why would a mother do this?


This is really fucked up. At least take the kid out of the bath. I mean, did she just intend to leave him there?


What the hell was she thinking?


Damn, I thought it was a child but it was a baby! And what’s more, she bathed him at 1am??,,,1am, that’s like the middle of the night…


Unbelievable. Awful.


For women like her, who push prams along as they look at their smartphones, makes you wonder which is more important.

Runner Macha:

Nah, come on, there are lies in there somewhere. Like the kid was still in the bath tub when the fireman arrived and stuff. I think this is just an attempted murder.

Takeharu Tsukuda:

They should tie up this mother’s arms and legs and let her drown.
And the person supposed to be watching her should just mess around online while she’s drowning.
How would she like it?
How’d she like being in a coma? I want her to learn the hard way.


OMG, I’ve got no kids, but even I know that much [that you shouldn’t leave a baby alone in the bath] (´・_・`)

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