PSY’s “Gentleman” Trends on Twitter Japan, Netizen Responses

Japanese netizens responds to PSY's new video.

PSY’s latest video, “Gentleman”, has already racked up a considerable number of hits since its release on April 13. His previous hit, Gangnam Style, achieved global popularity, and while it was also extremely popular in Japan, the huge hit count on YouTube also attracted some criticisms as to whether or not the ever-increasing hit count was genuine.

However, tweets surrounding PSY’s new release show none of the familiar anti-Korean netouyo sentiment, and ranks the video as the most popular video from various social networking sites in Japan. Japanese netizens love the new video, enjoyed the song, and fully support PSY’s latest attempt at creating a YouTube sensation. Furthermore, many were happy to see sexy songstress Son Ga-In from South Korean girlband Brown Eyed Girls’.

From YouTube:

Comments from Twitter:


This is all I’ve been watching recently! He’s using Brown Eyed Girl’s (B.E.G) “cheeky dance”, and Ga-In from B.E.G. is in the video too! She’s so cute…I mean hot!♡


Dude is wearing sirwal pants… I wonder if I should go for this too…

くま 한쿰아:

I mean, she’s in it so it’s fine, but but PSY has totally nicked that dance from B.E.G.!(;一_一)


I’ve been watching this every day~! Let’s all raise the view count together~(^^)@IBGDRGN: Gotta watch again!! Be gentleman!! @psy_oppa


The number of views that video has is no mean feat ww


PSY’s –who did Oppa Gangnam style –new music video has been released! How can he have 159,595,386 views in the four days since it’s been released!


To me he just looks like Zagiyama [a Japanese comedian]…anyway, the dance is so cool.


I reckon I like this even more than Gangnam Style!

The other day my mother was watching TV, and she was like, “That guy imitating Tamori [Japanese comedian famous for always wearing rounded sunglasses] is really popular these days~” and I thought that too!


What the hell (゚◇゚)PSY is out of this world!( ̄∇ ̄)


Ga-In is in PSY’s new video! And what’s more the high-point is B.E.G.’s “cheeky dance”!(*´▽`*) Love it!


PSY is the shit


So funny!


Isn’t this music video pretty much the same as the stuff they do in the variety programmes on Japanese TV?? Nah, actually, it’s not the same stuff, but the way they get laughs is the same.


I don’t have a problem with the “kicking over road signs” stuff, but I wasn’t convinced at all by the fact that there a lot of the kind of scenes where he’s “getting big laughs for being a bully”. I mean, I just feel like the song is great but the music video is holding it back. Especially when the last one was the video that made everyone around the world rock out to it.


Jane-toru-men [mimicking PSYs’s pronunciation of “gentleman”] w

Kento Asagai:

PSY’s new video. The last part where the group are dancing, and the dance itself, is amazing, and it’s kind of like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.


Wahhh! Finally!! I just saw this for the first time ww. And is that Ga-In? Sexyーヽ(*´▽)ノ♪ I mean, it made me wonder if is this following from Gangnam Style like a series?ww

Kaechonʚ♡ɞ‏ :

Ahh~~I want to see PSY live again! I wonder if they’ll do a YG family concert


As usual, all the girls in this guy’s video are hotties.


If you dance to this while you’re having a shower, you can really feel that you’re a gentleman all over again!


PSY’s “Gentleman” video is great!


What the hell is this awful video.

Mikio Tsuchiya:

Ha, 24 hours after its release it had a record 18,900,000 views! PSY’s new song broke the record for the number of views on its first day! Until then it the record had been “Beauty And A Beat” by Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj!! And now it’s PSY.


Vulgar stuff makes you laugh, but actually it’s a pretty good song, isn’t it? I was surprised to find that it featured Ga-In from Brown Eyed Girls.


Looks like both the song and the video were conceptualized by an elementary school student.

Hiroki Ogura:

It’s way more fun to listen to and watch music from America and South Korea. Japanese entertainment is booooooooring.

FunkyB2 おうが からくり:

What a funny old man.


I know a girl who walked home from the station doing this dance!

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