Batman Spotted Riding Through Chiba, Netizens Amused

Batman appears in Chiba

Netizens have been talking about the appearance of Batman on Chiba’s highways, dubbing him “Chibatman”.

The mystery man has been riding through the prefecture as the caped crusader, as onlookers snap photographs of this rare spectacle. Online reactions range from pointing out the dangers of riding in a cape to lauding the quality of the costume.


Chiba’s Batman “Chibatman” Is Too Cool Say Netizens

Batman is one of Hollwood’s most famous heroes, and you don’t get many chances to catch a glimpse of him in Japan, much less see him appear in Chiba Prefecture. Well, unless he’s done a tie-up with Disneyland, or been bought-out by them. But for some reason, Batman has apparently been spotted on the region’s highways. I immediately went to check this, and he was way cooler than I had anticipated.


This is Batman, who was spotted on Chiba’s highways. He goes by the name of “Chibatman”. Seems like soon he’ll be a new regional character, but is he going about like this for the sake of Chiba? Or is he going around like that for some film or just for cosplay? At this stage, we just don’t know.

By the way, the bike is thought to be a bike that is an imitation of the bike that is sold as the “Batpod” that appeared in the Batman film (9,000,000 yen [approx. $86522]), and when Batman is riding it, it seems to be of an extremely high quality.

Who knows, maybe if you’re in the area from now on, you might just be able to meet him.

Some Are Worried That He Might Get Arrested By The Police

Now, the thing Batman fears most is not The Joker, or even an accident — without a doubt, it’s the police. You may well talk about traffic laws, but these super-cool driving scenes would catch anyone’s eye. But of course there’s also a danger associated with lots of people taking photographs as though they’re seeing something really curious. And because of that, I doubt that the police will stay silent on the topic.

So I really do hope that Batman continues riding through Chiba, but that he also thinks about safety.

Online Reactions

・ Super cool ☆ But his cape looks difficult to ride in.

・ Amazing w When I searched online, it looks like people are calling him Chibatman.

・ He’s so cool isn’t he?

・ At one point you used to see Kamen Rider in this area too ww Don’t see him much these days though w

・ The costume is pretty bad w He looks like someone from Chiba.

・ Pretty rare to see this, so I was excited.

・ Don’t think that helmet is OK to ride in w

・ Way stupid, only words of praise for the guy ww

・ I’ve seen them selling that costume.

・ No matter what, he’s never going to be as good as the real thing.

・ Wow, there are people like him in Japan ww It’s amazing!

・ So Batman was Japanese huh?

・ Cooooooool !!!

・ Totally respect this guy.

・ He’s gonna get arrested.

(Writer: Take).

Pictures from Itai News:






Comments from


He’s way cool.
I really seriously want to see him.


Wow, this is dangerous is lots of ways.


Looks more like Batman than I though LMAO


Looks to me like he’s going to get killed if his cape gets caught up in the wheel of his bike.


Hey he’s got three tires.


How the hell does that bike even turn?


Is it possible to ride holding the handlebars like that?


Is it a trike? Maybe that’s why he doesn’t need a helmet?


So where do they sell this bike?


Amazing riding position w
I’m confident that I could ride like that for no more than ten minutes.


Yeah, if you think about it, isn’t it pretty difficult to ride like that?


Looks like it’s hot in there.


I thought it would look pretty cheap but it’s cool!


Quality is better than I expected LMAO.


I live in Chiba atm, and really want to meet you, please. Seriously.

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