Japanese Netizens Praise Chinese Netizen’s ‘2D Girlfriend’


2ch netizens have been touched by drawings from a Chinese netizen who adds his 2D girlfriend to pictures of his life.

Japanese netizens have been amazed at the pictures, which show a very different side to the way that they usually perceive their Chinese counterparts; their comments are generally full of praise at how tasteful and skillful these “moving” pictures are.

From CRI Online:

2D Girlfriend Trends Online

Hanging out with his “girlfriend” at Săng-huŏng-chék-háe̤ng, (a tourist spot in Fuzhou), she stays with him even though her “boyfriend” is buying clothes… But these pictures of a “lovers'” date published on Weibo by a manga/anime fan are not the usual kind — they are of a 2-D lover. The guy’s “lover” has been drawn in by hand, and they are so cute that they have captured the hearts of a lot of internet users, the Chinese newspaper People’s Daily reports.




Comments from 2ch.net:


She’s so white.


Surprisingly white.


These are really tasteful.


Very classy.


These are of a much higher quality than the ones by disgusting Japanese otaku.


These pictures are really well drawn, aren’t they?


Hey, she’s pretty cute.


Well, these are more sophisticated than those disgusting otaku who just put a cake in front of their computer displays every year cos that’s all they know how to do.


I like these.


Umm, looks kinda ghostly…


So Chinese otaku like these kinds of pictures too?


The ideal for Chinese guys is also a girl with black hair who’s kind and gentle huh?
Brown hair is the colour of shit. I really don’t get it.


Chinese women are pretty strong-minded so the guys fall for gentle girls.
It must be strange for fist-fights between men and women to be the norm.


Kinda feels like we could be friends with the Chinese…


It’s lovely that they seem happy.


These are kind of touching.


So he imagines the place before taking the picture and then draws her in? That’s high-level stuff.


This makes me sad.


I’m moved by how original these are.


The artistic sense here is the same as a Japanese person.
Real Chinese women are pretty much the complete opposite of this.


So they’re finally catching up with Japan?


The Chinese are starting to understand moe!
I’m looking forward to what’s to come.


It’s really great that he didn’t draw her in full colour and put in captions.


So those guys have already come this far, huh…

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  • NSA

    let the hate roll

  • Guest

    we need to kill all these fucken japs

    • chris

      you sound like a scholar!

  • fawkjapan

    japs need to stop going to filpines and thailand to molest little boys

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      People who go there to do that to little boys or girls just need to stop in general. I know it isn’t just a ‘Jap’ thing.

    • KurodaKun

      *White trash tourists need to stop going to filpines and thailand to molest little boys

  • japanese

    It is an interesting idea.
    The Chinese is an impression with many people who are good at a painting.

    • whuddyasack

      Noticed it too from some random anime about a Chinese character who was called “China” hahaha. Incredibly enough, take away all the nationalistic drivel, and the Chinese impression of the Japanese is a people of integrity, creativity, innovation, courtesy, sophistication and masters of the arts.

      It’s always interesting how both sides so opposed to each other can view the other in such similar ways. Gives meaning to the saying, “so close, yet so far”.

  • firebert5

    I was gonna say the art was really good, and then the “She’s so white!” comments came up.

    • FYIADragoon

      I think pale would have been a better translation. But that might have a negative connotation behind it, hence the use of the word white.

      • firebert5

        That may be true. I hadn’t considered that.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      I just assumed he drew her in black and white (or black and see through with bits of colours, like her eyes or her blushing or the red on the present).

  • Mighty曹

    “Kinda feels like we could be friends with the Chinese…” Paraphilia can play a diplomatic role in uniting countries of tense disputes.

    • bigmamat

      lmao good one..

      • Mighty曹

        Maybe Abe and Xi Jinping should start exchanging drawings. 😀

        • bigmamat

          People are so fucked up it’s just hilarious….

        • David

          of course THIS is the one thing Japanese would admire about China. Go figure.

    • nqk123

      all I got from this article is that there lots of lonely guy

      • bigmamat

        My thought exactly. It’s really pretty pathetic unless it’s just an art project.

      • Mighty曹

        Lonely and miserable.

      • John Snow

        Well with China 1 child policy and always wanting a male to inherit the family fortunes/name/what ever. This is where the world is at.
        For Japan, girl’s high expectations for men and not wanting to conform to the “What Japanese women should be.” as well as work and career pressure. The need for money. If you add all of that together this is the world where the idea of “love” is just and idea and lust is taken cared for by prostitution or robots.

    • whuddyasack

      Thank you for the laugh. To be fair, this isn’t the first time Japanese found common ground with their Chinese neighbors. Sometimes all that’s needed to break the ice and smash the awkward tension is a bit of oddness. Even if that oddness means indulging in some “otaku” fantasies:

      Some articles that come to mind:


      And on the Japanese side:


      Note that reading those Japanese comments make me feel that there’s bound to be Chinese feeling the same way…

      Personally, it is this light-hardheartedness and fun nature of the Japanese that often wins me over. Had it been your typical humorless, unfriendly and completely unpleasant angry White netizen, you’d be hearing harsh, furious accusations of knock-offs, stolen patents and other bullshit. It seems they can’t seem to find the joys of life, can’t understand it either. Inspite of this supposed undying, cancerous hatred between C and J, there’s no single group to which I’ve felt greater affinity towards. The more time I spend with Japanese friends, the more I realize how impossible it is not to love them lol

      • Mighty曹

        It’s amazing what a ‘common bond’ can do. Be it music, hobbies, fashion, food, etc., sharing the same interest can overcome differences or at least make them seem not so big anymore. Well, the Chinese can never get enough of Japanese AV’s. hahaha….

        • whuddyasack

          Touché. As for the Chinese infatuation with JAV, I’ve heard of it too. Some JAV star was treated like a top celebrity and the queue to see her was of EPIC proportions. Actually, I heard it wasn’t unusual that Japanese AV stars were idolized there. Kind of weird for me, though not necessarily in a good or bad way.

          • Mighty曹
          • whuddyasack

            Wow, thanks for the link. I needed that given the last 3 articles in Csmack were a tad depressing. The knife attack, followed by the missing airplane and now this:


            Admittedly, the suicide was the worst given how you could read her posts getting more and more nihilistic, that feeling of dread when you know things aren’t going well. The image of her legs dangling from such a height made me uneasy. I hate heights so I’ll never be pilot material. But I think the image of the burning bed being the last entry in her instagram was the most haunting of all. No words, just a burning bed and the belongings she had.

            It’s like one netizen said, “It’s like a HK horror movie”.

            Hope she can rest in peace and there is a better place for her.

            Your article made my day and made me lol. And also made me go WTF hahaha. That’s some big ass queue right there.

          • Mighty曹

            Yeah that was amusing to see how they whoreship an AV actress. lol

            Agreed. There were a lot of harsh words and criticism about how she went about planning out her fate but it was still a lost soul who gave up living. She must have endured such pain that ending her life was the only escape. Sigh….. Hope she finds peace and rest instead of spending the eternal life wreaking revenge on people she held responsible.

          • whuddyasack

            Rolling on the floor laughing at whoreshipping. I’ll gladly borrow that word of yours from now on hahaha.

            True. As they say, the dead should rest in peace. And stay dead, not haunt the living :-

            I peeked, then I started browsing the pictures and reading the comments and I think it was big mistake. I now know that I can’t take suicide and it’s a major issue that Asians should address.

            On a side note, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one who felt pity on her and thought it fruitless to condemn her. I was beginning to think I was the lone voice in Csmack again but yeah proven wrong. Such a tragic waste of life, hope she has a better life after death.

          • Mighty曹

            Hahahaha… feel free.

            When I die I want to make sure I leave without holding grudges on anyone. I want to have eternal rest. lol

            Yeah, it’s more tragic especially if it’s something that’s preventable. It wasn’t like an accidental death. That’s the difference I always see.

          • whuddyasack


            True. That’s what I hate most about it. This death was totally preventable. All she needed was for someone to reach out to her and genuinely love her the way she is. Sure, she has eyes only for what appears to be that one but I don’t think people tried hard enough or really valued her. 100% sure that the outcome would be different if so.

            Personally the types of deaths that disturb me most are suicide, murder, disease and accidents in descending order.

            Tragedy in it is the fact we get to see her messages and when I read them, they really are a cry for help. It starts out simple enough, but becomes more and more disturbing and heart wrenching as it progresses.

            Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Children there need to have common friendships and bonding drilled early into their lives. Ideally, they should all be accountable for each other, given love and taught to share it. They should know what it is. Huge lifestyle and cultural changes should be placed in order. While poverty is a problem, it should not be an excuse. I just wish high suicide rates would be a thing in the past for all Asian countries.

          • Mighty曹

            Yeah, I’m still shaking my head about it. I guess everyone just didn’t realize what was truly taking place or the extent of her emotional state. If anything positive to come out of this is the better awareness she has taught the social network community.

          • whuddyasack

            Indeed and a very good point.

    • Miniluv101

      Even Platon agreed that 3D was the shittiest dimension. The 2D revolution will unite the nerds of every nation!

      • Mighty曹

        For now the revolution is in the 3D printer.

  • Guest

    “So they’re finally catching up with Japan?”
    lol china will never have as many disturbing 2ch otakus as japan.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      I wouldn’t be so sure of that. China and India are believed to have more men than women in their nation, while in most other nations it is the opposite..

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      wait and see

  • Guest

    creative, though I’d hate to think what their reaction would be if this guy was a korean. “koreans are copying japan! virtual lovers are our invention!”, “koreans are plagiarizeing anime!” etc..

    • chris

      because the Chinese people dont copy goods from Japan?

      your point is pure speculation. although I am not a hentai anime freak, i believe those who like some weird anime can appreciate well-made weird anime form other parts of the world!

    • Sillian

      General otaku netizens seem easy-going actually. There are quite a few netizens who make fun of the rabid netouyo even on 2ch. Although the netouyo narrative can get very prevalent on 2ch, you can at least find some dissenting voices there. It’s just that the netouyo jump into every thread where Korea is remotely related. They often project what some Japanese are also doing or have done in the past onto Koreans. ‘Pakuri’ for example.

      Even during the mass anti-Japanese rallies that even harmed Japanese businesses in China, the netouyo seemed to find it more fun to collect dirt from Koreans as an everyday activity. Afaik, there has been no anti-Chinese rally in China Town equivalent to anti-Korean rallies that go all out in Korea Town. Koreans are much more safe and comfortable for them to toy with. The netouyo hate China but they also fear China. In 2005, some 2ch netizens were first spotted discussing in details how to turn Chinese netizens against Korea because they found it demoralizing to directly deal with Chinese netizens.

  • commander

    Japanese favorable comments indicate what steps Japan PM Abe needs to take if he want to mend fences with neighboring countries: Cultural exchanges first and immediately stop provocate statements.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      add ‘and actions.’ to the end of your comments.

  • yurah

    Some photos are missing there should be more

  • Guest

    “Chinese women are pretty strong-minded so the guys fall for gentle girls.
    It must be strange for fist-fights between men and women to be the norm.”

    uh.. what? 0_o

    • gaga

      It’s actually kinda true, one thing is for sure, Chinese women enjoy (urban ones at least) enjoy far more personal freedom and social standings than Japanese women should they choice to be.

      • Guest

        yeah i get that but like i don’t think chinese women are having fistfight with chinese men.

        • John Snow

          you have yet to seen the viral youtube vid? Well I thought it was viral…


          • bigmamat

            It’s pretty funny and girlfriend isn’t scared of the big guy at all.

  • J-Watcher

    Either Japan doesn’t have any deep concerning problems that needs discussing, or they are just so completely shallow. Man… it’s always about either anime figures or it’s the rotten Koreans/Chinese/name your foreign country. That’s about all there is that Japanese discuss? Is this a sign of nation-wide stagnation?

    • Tova Rischi

      My impression is it’s a mix of Japan’s homogeneity-caused cultural isolation/naïvetè and it’s feudal hangups (the rigidly private honor society stuff which just makes the isolation thousands of times worse) make just the few strands of similarity deeply expressive. I mean I’m speaking in huge generalizations here but I don’t think it’s something that isn’t widely acknowledged as a problem.

      This is getting a little armchair psych with national generalizations but like when you get told “they’re different” your whole life you can compartementalize away the animalistic similarities (“they like food like we like food” “they like trashing soaps we like trashy soaps”) and just emphasize the differences (“they’re poor” “they’re bad with money” “they think there might be something to communism”). But when utterly confronted by a similarity that’s “utterly” and “embarrassingly” Japanese, they can’t help but see them as “one of us” and that perspective, not the superficial nonsense per se, just blows their minds. At least for some in general situations.

  • Katsumi Shiba

    That’s a nice bathtub

  • Gerhana

    the netizens make it sound as if having a 2D girlfriend is an elite, refine taste. But then….. this might actually be a good thing. Perhaps East Asian can unite through this, by their love of a 2D lover. China is catching up now we just need to wait for Korea. I have a vision, where Chucky and Rutim converse with each other, exchanging pleasantries and describing their activities with 2D lover as a way to strengthen their bonding. Hooray!!!

    • bigmamat

      Is it me or wouldn’t an actual 3D lover be a better option? Am I just old fashioned thinking it would be more desirable to have real flesh and blood girlfriend than a virtual girlfriend? I’m I the only one that finds this pathetic?

      • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

        I don’t know. the 2D chick will never nag at you.

        • bigmamat

          Yeah but you can’t have make up sex either.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            You can’t have sex period. But for these guys, it isn’t about the sex. Besides, they’re imaginative enough, I am sure they have ways to have sex with their imagination.

          • bigmamat

            Understood been there done that myself. I get it sometimes a good imagination is all you need, but that’s only sometimes….

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            To be honest, my only insight into these otaku is through anime. I;ve never met one in real life. It seems they do want the physical contact but they also want their perfect woman on the emotional side too. Basically soemthing you will rarely find. People have many facets to them. They just want the positive sides without the negatives.

            I don’t know about you, but the wife has to nag you sometimes and you know, sometimes the husband has to nag the wife too.

          • bigmamat

            Personally I love a good disagreement now an then, it’s how you find out about each other. A little jealousy can be good too. I also don’t think it’s terribly inappropriate to enjoy looking at and appreciating the company of others outside of the relationship. A lot of people get terribly upset if their significant other admires someone else. I just can’t fault a man for admiring a pretty woman when he sees one or a woman for enjoying a conversation with an interesting man. Even if they aren’t your mate. You’re right people aren’t one dimensional.

            I also think a lot of people, even men have pretty silly expectations. Men are every bit as guilty of expecting to much as women. I also don’t believe in silly things like finding a “soul mate” and other such nonsense we’re conditioned to believe. Everybody holds back a part of themselves. Nobody ever really knows everything about you. People really do live inside themselves. Most people wouldn’t want to know everything about someone that’s just way to messy.

            People just need to learn to be kind to each other. It’s not that hard. So many people have this sick way of building their self esteem by tearing down others. I never have understood that impulse myself. I’d rather wallow in guilt and self loathing than hurt someone else just to make myself feel better. It’s always angered me to watch people hurt someone just because they can.

      • Gerhana

        youre not the only one buddy! complexity over simplicity, in a women, any day. Did you notice in these picture, the lover characteristics are portrayed as submissive and child-like? I wonder if these are the ideal characteristic for these men.

        • bigmamat

          Yeah I noticed. I also noticed a long time ago that Asian culture is full of these images. Grown women acting cute like children because being child like is equated with purity. It’s pretty creepy. It’s a wonder they don’t have more pedophiles if the message for mass consumption turns all their grown women into children for the sake of faux virginity.

          • whuddyasack

            I do agree somehow that it can be pretty creepy but remember, part of it is culture. Another part of it could be genetics and the dreaded R word. While it’s true that Asians have a more sophisticated brain and greater intelligence and arts caliber, their thought patterns also tend to be more “childlike” compared to other more ancient races.

            Strangely, and perhaps even more creepy, looking at statistics worldwide and within Asia too, it is White men and not Asians with the highest rates of pedophilia in the world. If we include MEs and SAs as Whites like we should, this rate is even more alarming. Not too long ago, I stumbled upon articles in Chinese, Japanese and Korean expat blogs where most of these male expats would disgustingly defend convicted pedophiles. What a discovery… human scum, that have no place in a civilized society. And that’s one of the reasons I’ve always looked at male English teachers with suspicion, and preferred that only female or Asian teachers to be hired.

          • bigmamat

            I’m not exactly sure what you mean by Asians having a more sophisticated brain, greater intelligence and arts caliber. I’m not sure there is any empirical evidence to back that claim at all. Find me some I’m to lazy to look. I also don’t think there is any evidence that their thought patterns are more “childlike” from a physiological standpoint either. Asians are more childlike because their culture nurtures and lauds childlike behavior in adults. I think what we see these days in neo Confucian cultures is a modern perversion of the practice. I have a great deal of disdain for Confucianism as well as the practice of many forms of religion in modern society. Hanging on to ancient social mores and religious dogma stifles progress and it’s certainly directly responsible for why women are still the most discriminated group of people on the planet.

            As for the question of pedophilia outside of the west, how can we even know when grown women in Asian countries are not free to report rape? The reason we don’t have statistics on pedophilia outside of Europe and North America is because gathering statistics on such behaviors is difficult or impossible. You have to want to know these things and the society you live in has to make a determined effort to counter this behavior. I don’t see that coming from Asian countries at all. Asian countries are still years away from the societal changes for women and children that have occurred in the west. We do know that there are hundreds of millions of young people being exploited sexually all over the world. Asian countries are huge offenders. Even with the limited statistics you do see here online people will dispute and argue the data. If turning a 13 year old girl to prostitution is not a definition of pedophilia I don’t know what would be.

          • John Snow

            well in ancient times child baring age does actually mean child baring age. Now its like 20-30 or something? That is really beside the point. I understand where you are coming from.

            Its easy to say “If turning a 13 year old girl to prostitution is not a definition of pedophilia I don’t know what would be.” because you are probably from a 1st world country. Many countries in the 3rd world country are still practicing this and is the norm. Simply because you got to do what you got to do to live. It would be a horrible life to live but some one out there is living that life.

            Reporting rape in Japan is a horrendous procedure as well. You can youtube that.

          • bigmamat

            I completely agree. Women will always do what they need to do in order to survive. I never criticize a women for the choices she makes. I also think it’s detrimental to society to keep teens in the dark about sex and reproduction. There was a time not long ago in human history when people married at very young ages. From what I’ve learned about east Asian societies they have taken this to the extreme. Even in the west an 18 year old is usually considered a legal adult.

          • David

            Ditto for Korea. Pedophilia is so under reported and incest is just straight out denied to exist. So the numbers are VERY inaccurate. Wen I asked what I should do if I suspect some abusive problem with a student at my school the teachers did not understand. When I explained it further (in graphic detail because they could not take hints) I was told that things like that did not happen in Korea so no matter what I think I see I must be wrong.

          • John Snow

            I think unless you get straight confession from the kid it would be hard to persuade anyone to follow through with your suspicion. And yes so many crimes go unreported. Or simply dismissed.

          • Gordon Gogodancer

            what an idiot you are…i won’t even bother to try and explain.

          • whuddyasack

            Nope, I’m factually correct since there are statistics and articles backing me up. Meanwhile, you are just butthurt. Another fact.

      • whuddyasack

        Nah, not just you. As a sentient being, I prefer 3D too. With a virtual girlfriend, you can never get the reassurance, company, warmth and depth of emotions that a real girl brings. A character is simply a character, the most complex of these mere caricatures to the simplest of people.

        But you know what they say about birds and feathers… though all is not lost. Sometimes, there’s “otaku” love, even if it’s international.


        Unfortunately, girl might still look too “childlike” hahaha.

        • bigmamat

          Funny you mentioned otaku. I didn’t really know what it meant exactly until yesterday when I looked it up. I’m going to drop my internet manners right now and say that for me the Japanese are the strangest fucks on the planet. All you have to do is watch a Japanese horror movie to figure that out. Then you have otaku and yaori and all manner of odd ball stuff. I’m not saying that people aren’t strange, every culture has it’s hypocrisies large and small. However, I think a lot of these odd behaviors spring up in extremely restrictive societies. When I’m done being obsessed over Korea I’m going to start learning more about Japan. It’s a challenge because the Japanese are not nearly as simple and down to earth as the Koreans. They’re some odd, complicated mother fuckers. (there I go again)

          • whuddyasack

            Oh trust me, learning about the Japanese culture and society is definitely not going to disappoint you hahaha. There’s not a single person I know who’s exposed to their way of life without been impacted in some way regardless of their race or background. Japanese culture is fascinating, it is also very VAST. Japanese pop culture, e.g. anime/manga alone is a culture within a culture and there’s probably more in it than the entire history of Estonia, Poland, Romania, New Zealand, Tahiti and Serbia combined. That’s 6 countries and I say this in a literal sense!!!

            The main challenge is unlike other Asians, there are very few Japanese netizens who frequent English speaking boards. In most Japanese themed boards for English speakers, members are almost exclusively North American and European Caucasians and there are so few Japanese users that having White expat members is actually a blessing. My experience and interactions with both is that there is definitely a huge difference between White people and Japanese in thinking; even the crazy pro-Japanese hawkish ones who sympathize with/try to imitate the Japanese nationalists. Completely different culture, race and beliefs is behind this. Fortunately, the few Japanese who are there, even on this site and others are more than helpful and a plus. Knowing someone from a region actually is the fastest way to learn about said country.

    • YellowMagic

      um… don’t think we have to wait for Korea…
      Maybe we can all be united in being forever alone…

      • Gerhana

        Thanks for that link I end up watching the whole Martian Virus episode on youtube about this man marries a pillow and laugh a few time. I think its just a phase, one day all these otaku will wake up and realise they want more than that and just sweep everything under the carpet. It just their adolescent mentality is prolonged for whatever reason…

  • dpark

    if he was korean, you know there would’ve been nothing but negative comments….

  • someguy

    If 2D moe girls become the only thing that can save China-Japan relations, then I would rather have the two countries go to war.

  • markus peg

    I like this idea of mixing photos with drawings, though i have already seen this kind of thing it is still imaginative, however, this idea can be taken further being less lonely otaku and more mainstream creativity.

  • Insomnicide

    United by the love of two dimensional females…
    Could this be the next step in bilateral diplomacy?

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      You can just see it. Abe and Jingping shaking hands as their 2D mistresses stand behind them.

  • David

    “This makes me sad.” Yea, me too, but I suspect for a completely different reason.

  • Rayna

    every thing about this is weird af

  • Kanonno

    lol all the chinese shade

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