Cab Driver Caught After Trying To Make Women Pee In His Taxi

News of a taxi driver’s unusual crime has made waves online when it was revealed that he had been giving women diuretics and then filming their faces as they desperately tried not to urinate.

He is thought to have perpetrated the same crime with over fifty women, including one incident where he gave the woman a woman in her twenties a diuretic and then drove her around on a highway for almost two hours.

Unsurprisingly, Yahoo! Japan netizens brand the driver a pervert.

From MSN Sankei:

Taxi Driver Who is Turned On by Watching Women Hold in their Pee, Gives Female Passengers Diuretics is Captured

The Osaka Kodama Police Station announced on May 7 that they have arrested a 41 year old taxi driver from Shijounawate City for assault and kidnapping, who upon forcing his female passengers to eat snacks laced with a diuretic would continuously drive around Osaka without allowing the victim to use a bathroom.

The accused taxi driver admitted to the crime, saying, “I am turned on by watching the expressions and behaviour of women who are holding in their urine, and I recorded them with a camera inside the taxi cab.”

According to the police, the suspect testified that he had been committing similar crimes since July 2012.

Discovered in the suspect’s house were a computer containing recordings of about 40 – 50 women, all victims of the same crime, as well as around 120 diuretic pills normally used for treating diseases such as high blood pressure.

At 4.40 pm on October 29 2013 the suspect made a female passenger in her twenties eat one of the laced crackers, saying that it was ‘complimentary’. To prolong the woman’s physiological need to urinate, he continuously drove around on the Hanshin Expressway and the Kinki Expressway, refusing to allow the woman to leave the taxi.

According to police, the diuretic was turned into a powder and mixed with the cream that sandwiched the two crackers together. The suspect was said to have told the woman while they were on the expressway, “If you can’t hold it in, doing it here is okay. I won’t look.”

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


What a pervert


How gross


Punish him with his own crime…(-_-#)


I think it’s a fairly serious crime that concerns human dignity.


Tell us the driver’s name!


That guy is revolting!
Give us his real name!


He’s a really perverted guy.


I wonder what the fascination is with watching other people who need to use the bathroom…


What an embarrassing guy…


This is torture for women. It can also lead to cystitis. Unforgivable!


If you were in a taxi for almost 2 hours that would cost you a fair bit, right?
Please, when this guy is being investigated, continue questioning him without letting him go to the toilet.


At a glance this kind of thing is going to be treaty as funny or weird.
But it seems that there is a considerable danger that this will lead to other sexual crimes.


Attempted lood [lewd] act [netizen makes a pun on the fact that “bladder” and “rape” are homophones in Japanese].


They should hang a placard around his neck and make him stand on the street corners. Write “I’m a pervert” on it.


Huh? Where is this taxi company from? I don’t want to use a taxi company that has such perverts working for it, I can’t! I want to tell everyone I know, so please tell me the name of the company!


In a sense I’m surprised that he succeeded in doing this with fifty people w


I want this guy to get a prison sentence.
Made her take drugs, danger of cystitis, took her onto a highway where no one could get to her, and made her pee.
That’s practically rape.


This is a new ploy for sexual assault.

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