China Urges Japan ‘Stop Scrambling Jets Against Chinese Planes’

China urges Japan to stop scrambling jets against Chinese planes

Last week the Japanese Ministry of Self-Defense revealed that over half of the total jets scrambled between July and September were scrambled against Chinese planes.

Now, China’s Ministry of National Defense has called for Japan to stop this practice, calling it an “erroneous method”.

But netizens overwhelmingly support the decision to scramble jets against Chinese planes, arguing that this only happens when Chinese planes encroach on Japanese airspace.

From Reuters:

China Requests Japan Stop Scrambling Self-Defense Force Jets

[Beijing October 30, Reuters] On October 30, China requested that Japan stop scrambling its Self-Defense Force planes against Chinese planes. A spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defense made the comments at a press conference.

According to an announcement made by Japan’s Ministry of Defense this month, Self-Defense Force places were scrambled against Chinese planes 103 times between July and September 2014. It was revealed that this comprised more than half of the total number of scrambles.

The spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defense stated that “This inevitably causes aviation safety issues between China and Japan. We therefore request that Japan stops its erroneous methods”.

Comments from


Are they stupid?


And whose fault is it we’re scrambling jets?


What’s he going on about…




Are they wrong in the head?


Aren’t they the ones in the wrong for coming so close to Japan that jets are scrambled?


I wonder if they realize what the cause of it is.


You lot need to stop coming close to Japan first w
These mentalists are really scary w


Idiots. How many hundreds of times in a year do you think you violate Japanese airspace?


What the hell is China talking about?
Is it really that stupid a country?


Typical CHINA, I really can’t understand what they’re saying.


Criminal: “The police should stop patrols”.


If China wasn’t doing anything then we wouldn’t have to scramble jets.


Umm, it’s because you lot come flying at us that we have no choice but to scramble.
Anyway you’d be bombing and invading us if we overlooked it.


Chinese people say the funniest things w


So would you prefer ground-to-air missiles?


OK then, you stop coming into our Air Defense Identification Zone.


What’s the problem?
Trying to save on fuel costs?


So does this mean…
…that it’s effective?


Hold up, so you’re telling us to stop defending ourselves w
This is just way too stupid, it’s not even worth talking about.

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